baby kicking

I was pregnant and I could feel the baby inside of me kicking and moving. It was my ex’s baby and he was avoiding me. I was so excited to be a mother but so scared at the same time. When I woke up I still thought I was pregnant. I had never been so relieved to be on my period before.

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I like the idea that Tsuna and Xanxus are platonic with no intentions or desires for more in that sleeping togther fic but do not tell me those two assholes wouldn't go out of their way to set themselves up in compromising positions just in time to be found by Iemitsu. Or drop increasingly outrageous fabricated details about their "love life" in an attempt to out do each other.

Look, I’m not saying Sawada “I Was Practically Raised By A Baby That Gets His Kicks Fucking With People’s Heads” Tsunayoshi decides down the line that he too, wishes to fuck with people’s heads (namely his no-good father)…

But that’s totally what he does.

And Xanxus catches on. He’s not stupid. It takes a couple of flirtatious under-the-lashes glances for him to catch on, but he does, and he immediately cracks his knuckles and decides he owes Iemitsu a lot of shit, and what better time to make up for lost shit than right now, when Tsunayoshi is so entirely willing? His soulmate is practically handing this to him, gift wrapped.

So he plays along. He lets Tsuna walk into a room partially undressed, remnants of bruises from old training spars, and pretend to scold him about leaving marks from previous activities, and how he can barely walk, he’s so sore. He plays the lecherous older lover that can’t keep his hands to himself, the territorial lover that bites and scratches and leaves Tsuna wanting for nothing after each night.

Iemitsu breaks down in tears, froths at the mouth, and entreaties Reborn of all people (the very man who raised Tsuna and is now So Very Proud) to save Tsuna. Reborn, who knows very much what is going on, plays his part and goes to Tsuna and tries to coax him away from his handsy lover. 

(In reality they go back to Tsuna’s room, snack out on ice cream and chocolates and Reborn gives Tsuna pointers for the next round of mental fuckery). 

Meanwhile Xanxus sulks and grows ‘irritated’ and keeps the ruse up until one night, he decides to throw Iemitsu for a loop and sneaks into Tsuna’s room. 

Bright and early the next morning, Iemitsu walks into Tsuna’s room to find them both naked (they’re actually wearing boxers, but Iemitsu doesn’t know that) in Tsuna’s bed, Tsuna looking tired and ravished while Xanxus looks smug, and the man dies another frothing-at-the-mouth death.

Reborn’s literally in tears at the sight, from pride and from the fact that he can’t stop laughing.

Castiel Headcanon: Being pregnant with his child

-The moment he heard a second heartbeat lingering in your stomach he beamed with joy.

-Of course this joy was also filled with fear, seeing as the baby was a Nephilim.

-Old school Cas would’ve taken the child’s life but the new him vowed to protect the both of you.

-You never having to go to the doctor for anything because he would just tune in with his angelic abilities and check how things were going.

-Both Sam and Dean being more excited than the two of you are.

-Small paint wars while painting an extra room in the bunker to become a nursery.

-Whenever you move or make a moan from kicks he studies you deeply thinking something’s wrong.

-His smile is big and bright the first time he feels the babies movement.

-After experiencing the baby kick he tunes in 24/7 to wait until the next opportunity. He even knows before it happens.

-You get chills easier than usual when out with the boys so Cas takes off his trench coat and wraps it around you. Laughing at how long the sleeves are on you.

-Everybody loving your little munchkin unconditionally.

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Headcanon for Sonny having a pregnant s/o?

I think it goes without saying that Sonny is the best with a pregnant SO, but if you want some specifics…

-Literally cannot shut up about the baby because he’s so excited. He’s the type to spill the beans before the three-month mark.

-I’ve said this before but Sonny never misses a prenatal appointment. He will rearrange his work schedule to be there if he has to.

-He has a hard time keeping his hands off of the belly, and his face lights up every time the baby kicks.

-Sonny will also talk to the baby and give a lot of belly kisses.

-But he never forgets about you. Once the feet start swelling, he’ll give you foot rubs every night.

-He satisfies all of your cravings, even if you’re dying for buffalo wings at 3 a.m.

-When you can’t bend over anymore, he helps you get your shoes on

-And most importantly, he tells you how much he loves you every day, and how he can’t wait for the baby to have you as a mother.


Her smile was radiant as Tatooine’s primary as she took his flesh hand and pressed it to the soft fullness of her belly. “He keeps kicking.”
“He?” Anakin asked mildly. “I thought you’d ordered your medical droid not to spoil the surprise.”
“Oh, I didn’t get this from the Emdee. It’s my…” Her smile went softly sly. “…motherly intuition.”
He felt a sudden pulse against his palm and laughed. “Mother intuition, huh? With a kick that hard? Definitely a girl.”

From Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, by Matthew Stover

I like beginnings because they’re so full of promise. The first page of a book, the first day of a job, the first time you buy yourself flowers, the first date with a new man, the first touch, the first kiss, the first kick of a good liquor, the first moment you hold your own baby. I like beginnings because I know there’s always more to come.

wow wouldja just look at that!!!!!! blue made a playlist !!!! how very charming and emo of him!!! looks like its a bunch of love sick trash!! amazing

boyfriend - best coast / thinkin bout you - frank ocean / do i wanna know? - hozier / youre the one that i want - angus and julia stone / i wanna be yours - arctic monkeys / fool for you - zayn / each and everyday - best coast

anyway l8r

Kicks (Blurb)

Okay but like you calling Harry in the middle of the night while he’s off somewhere because the baby is kicking non stop. “Reckon she misses her daddy, too.” And Harry is talking to her when you put the phone on your stomach asking her to “please settle down for mumma.”            


You felt as though someone else was currently in control of your stomach, which wasn’t entirely untrue. One thing was for certain: you had a very happy, healthy, active baby growing inside of you.

Tonight, she was a bit too active. You were about five months along and, lately, your baby girl had developed this habit of not letting you sleep at night because that was the time that she chose to kick at you, mercilessly.

Harry was away in Los Angeles for the week and, truthfully, you missed having him home with you. He had this nightly ritual of talking to your baby bump and his voice always seemed to calm her down. You weren’t sure how it worked, but anything that got you a good night’s sleep was okay with you.

It was now well past midnight and you were beginning to get a bit irritated. It wasn’t that you minded your daughter being active, but you were exhausted. You had spent the day with Gemma and a few other girlfriends and even the small amount of exertion was a bit overwhelming for you at this point.

You knew it was way earlier where Harry was, so you didn’t hesitate in picking up your phone and giving him a call.

“Hello, love,” came his voice on the other end, “It’s late there; everything okay?”

Your pregnancy hormones kicked in immediately at the sound of his voice and the fact that he wasn’t currently with you, and you began to tear up.

“I’m okay,” you said, quietly.

“Baby, you sound like you’re crying.”

“I just can’t sleep,” you replied, frustrated, “Your daughter won’t stop kicking me!”

Harry chuckled a bit, feeling bad that you were so frustrated, but also not being able to help feeling a bit giddy that his baby girl was still healthy and happy and safe.

“M’sorry, my love. What can I do?”

“I don’t know,” you pouted, “She always seems to settle down when you’re here.”

“Maybe she misses her daddy,” Harry suggested, his heart swelling a bit at the thought. It had been five months of knowing that he was going to be a dad, but every day still felt as brand new and exciting as the moment you had shown him the pregnancy test.

You bit your lip and paused for a moment.



“This might sound a bit silly but…do you think you could try to…talk to her? Through the phone? I don’t know if it’ll help, but maybe your voice will calm her down.”

Harry didn’t hesitate; he’d drop everything and fly home right there and then if he could. He wished he could physically be there to rest a hand on your belly, the way he did every other night, and talk to his daughter and give your tummy kisses. There’s nothing he loved more than feeling his baby girl pushing against his hand while he’s talked to her. But over the phone was the next best thing, so he would certainly do his best.

You brought the phone down to rest on your belly, unsure of where the best position was, but figuring it wouldn’t make much difference. You switched it to speaker phone and told Harry you were ready.

“Hi baby,” he said, “It’s daddy. I hear you’re giving mummy a bit of a hard time tonight. S’it because you know daddy isn’t there to give you any goodnight kisses? I really wish I was there with you both, sweetheart, but I’ll be home really soon, okay? Now, I need you to do something for me; I need you to let mummy get a good night’s sleep tonight. Will you do that for daddy?”

You smiled as you listened to the one-sided conversation, keeping your free hand on your bump and feeling your daughter continue to squirm.

“I love you so much, monkey,” he continued, “An’ I’m happy that you’re havin’ such a good time in mummy’s tummy, but you gotta let her get some sleep. I promise I’ll give you a ton of cuddles and kisses once I get home; daddy misses you and mummy so much.”

After a few minutes of this, you realized that your daughter had settled down and stopped kicking altogether.

“Harry…it worked!” you said, quietly.

You couldn’t see his face, but you could almost hear the satisfied grin in his voice.

“Told you she just missed her daddy.”