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Here’s my major Angst Appreciation Day one shot. I’m not sorry.

Warning: All of the ANGST. There’s death, kidnapping, rape, I mean, really guys…do not read if you are easily triggered.

Words: 5080 (This is my longest one shot ever)

You felt Jensen’s hand on your bare stomach and couldn’t help but smile. His hands were always warm, and always welcome on your body. But now it was different. Now, the warmth radiated with love, not only for you, but for the baby in your growing belly.

               “Good morning, Baby Ackles,” Jensen cooed when the baby kicked against his hand, “Shh … don’t wake mommy.”

               “Too late,” you said, rubbing your eyes and stretching, “Mommy’s awake.”

               Jensen smiled at you, “Good morning.”

              “Morning,” you groaned.

              “What’s wrong?”

               “Your son is squeezing my bladder,” you said, tossing the covers back so you could get out of the bed.

               Jensen chuckled, watching you get up, “He’ll be here soon and you won’t have to worry about that,” he said.

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Don't make the baby's fight each other! They just want to have a good time and cuddle and eat sweets! :(

They’ll have a tea party after the gauntlet!
The Storytelling Elicitation, a big bang theory fanfic | FanFiction
Story 1: The Swedish Crib Dispersion

A few days ago I asked for prompts, and I have received various suggestions. Thank you so much guys! I’m having fun writing these. Btw, if you are interested my inbox is still open.
This is the first one, and of course it ended in pure fluff before I could stop myself. Enjoy!


Prompt: Amy is pregnant and sheldon feel the baby kick or they are building the crib.

Amy studied the multitude of beech pieces and tiny screws currently invading her living room and coffee table. Then she looked at Sheldon, busy in disposing them.

“Are you sure it’s such a good idea to assemble the crib here? I am not sure it’s going to fit through the door. I am not sure I’m gonna fit it.” She added, resting one hand over her fast growing seven-month belly.


Her smile was radiant as Tatooine’s primary as she took his flesh hand and pressed it to the soft fullness of her belly. “He keeps kicking.”
“He?” Anakin asked mildly. “I thought you’d ordered your medical droid not to spoil the surprise.”
“Oh, I didn’t get this from the Emdee. It’s my…” Her smile went softly sly. “…motherly intuition.”
He felt a sudden pulse against his palm and laughed. “Mother intuition, huh? With a kick that hard? Definitely a girl.”

From Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, by Matthew Stover

I like beginnings because they’re so full of promise. The first page of a book, the first day of a job, the first time you buy yourself flowers, the first date with a new man, the first touch, the first kiss, the first kick of a good liquor, the first moment you hold your own baby. I like beginnings because I know there’s always more to come.

Me bc it’s confirmed that we’re never gonna see Audrey, Brooke, or Stavo ever again.

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Being pregnant with Steve Rogers' baby:

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• Without any doubt, when you discover your pregnancy, you are already married to Steve.
   - Some people around him tend to forget it, but he has been raised in the Catholic values. It means, he still believes in God, and for him, starting a family means being committed and happily married.
• Steve is speechless for a quick moment when you tell him about your pregnancy.
• However, the shock of the news swallowed, he takes you in his arms, careful to not use his super-strength and he peppers kisses all over your face.
• He chuckles, saying he is the happiest man on the planet and he gives you that smile. The same smile that made your knees go weak.
• After a long moment, he releases you from his arms in panic because he thinks he’s hurting the baby.
• Your husband immediately finds a safe house like Clint’s, but a Brooklyn inspired one. Nobody knows about your home location to protect your future family.
• The team is overly happy that a mini-avenger is on their way! Natasha is the happiest of all and she can’t hide her tears.
• Tony calls himself godfather or uncle… it depends on the days.
  - “No, Tony! My child isn’t going to wear a metal suit.”
  - “Steve, I’m obviously the uncle here, so this baby will have tons of gifts, including a suit.”
  - “I swear if you-”
  - “Y/N, your husband is threatening me.”
• He hates the morning sicknesses as much as you because he feels helpless.
• Steve spends his free days making your house safe for the baby.
• You are annoyed that you can’t go on missions for a while and you get bored easily.
• But your husband spoils you whenever he can. He just makes sure you are comfortable and happy all the time. He’s the sweetest of all.
• Steve buys every book he finds and does all the research he needs because he wants to be ready to welcome the baby.
• Sam and Bucky are always here to calm him down when he’s feeling stressed.
• Gosh, he is so adorable when he is with you. He keeps saying you are his safe haven.
• He overreacts every time he learns something new about the pregnancy.
• Steve is worried your child will have the same issues he had before the serum, but you tell him this baby will be loved and cherished, anyway.
• You cuddle all the time.
• He’s so into you, though!
• The first time you can really feel the baby kicks, you rush to his office and without a word, you place his hand on your stomach. This is a very emotional moment for both of you.
• Since then, he always asks you before rubbing your belly and listening to your baby.
• Steve confesses he is afraid of fatherhood because of his family’s story.
• You tell him that he will learn just like you and if he protects the baby as much as you, then they will never catch a cold.
• Never.
• You try to convince your husband to go on missions because that’s his duty.
• He promises you he will come back and he tries to call you every day to have some news whether they are important or unnecessary to share.
• When you’re away, Steve asks Laura for help every time your hormones drive you mad.
• - “You’re so beautiful in that dress. Let’s go for a walk in the park?”
  - “You disabled the Wi-Fi on my laptop once again, haven’t you?”
  - “Uh…?”
  - “Steve.”
  - “But it’s not healthy for anyone, doll!”
• He says he doesn’t have a preference about the gender of your baby, but he secretly wants a girl. He thinks there are too many male members of the Avengers family.
• During the last months of your pregnancy, Steve places his cup of coffee on your belly just to make you laugh.
• You think of calling your baby either Sarah if it’s a girl or James if it’s a boy.

• Steve tries to be so prepared that he’s got a whole schedule made out for the day you would go into labor. He named it: Rogers family’s D-Day.
• When you finally go to the hospital, he grips your hand harder than you are holding is.
• Even though you are completely exhausted after giving birth to your baby, your husband thinks you are the most beautiful woman in the world.
• So many tears are shed when Steve holds and looks down at the baby for the first time. His whole life he thought he’d never have his own family and now that he does, he can’t even explain how happy he is.

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