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HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY TO MY BABY!! Khaleesi turned one whole year old today! Here’s a photo set of her growing up ;3; I love her so much ❤️❤️

All likes and reblogs will be translated to birthday kisses for her

Christmas for pets is so much more fun than humans exhibit A: when u buy presents for people there’s all the stress of picking the perfect thing and spending a certain amount of money so u don’t look cheap & presenting it properly & awkwardly watching them open it while continually muttering “I have the receipt…if u don’t like it…” but w/ my rats I know that I can give them a half-empty box of tissues and some banana mash and they’ll just be like “OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE OH MAN OH MAN OH M”

Some OC clones from the 796th Star Corps:

Lieutenant Weng - Boss of the Neat Squadron. A real maximalist. (the-lone-wolffe-khaleesi‘s OC)

Captain Sword - His brother. Storm, get rid of their former Commander. Freeing the Corps from darkness. (blackhunter666‘s OC)

Cuking - From Typo Squadron. Don’t ask about his name :D (blackhunter666‘s)

Lieutenant Nuts - Leader of the Fekete Squadron. He is a rebellious one. A real fighter. (Mine)

Virus - Guardian of the broken. Works in the “lie factory” with General Kit Fisto, faking medical reports to save clone from termination. (Mine)

Viper - Virus’s brother by choice. Fekete Squadron. (Mine)

Kandosii - Ex-mechanic turned into pilot. Fekete squadron. (Mine)

Zsoldos - Haunted by Commander Dumolish’s ghost. Fekete Squadron. (Mine)

Here is a sneak peek at the design we’re working on today, “Akhal-Man”

Tasty Peach Studios will begin submitting designs to some various 24-hour shirt sites in the near future!

Due to the success of a few of our Peachy Parody shirts, but simply having no where to store them or display them at conventions, we have decided to outsource the designs.

Any designs received well, but not accepted by the sites, will probably be made available for pre-order on our website. 


@therealflurrin is so kind and a wonderful partner who made this lovely, lovely promo video for my Evans bros 2016 resbang fic titled Heavy Dirty Soul. It’s freaking fantastic, I love it, and I can’t stop thinking about it!! Flurrin is fantastic and wonderful for making this!! Please watch it and be amazed!!

I still remember taking that cake order. The lady (the pregnant lady’s friend” said, “Write on it, ‘Welcome Baby Khaleesi’. It’s spelled-”
“Oh, I know, it’s from Game of Thrones.”
“*in one of the most disgusted voices I ever heard* Yeah….. K-H-A-…”

I never felt such a strong kinship with a customer as I did with that random lady.

If your name is Castiel...

Oh no.

#I kinda want to do it :P

… I kind of did it because after a certain amount of terrible sleep my impulse control is non-existent

This is probably a trap, Castiel thought, looking at the sign.

“If your name is Castiel, stop in today for a free rose”

Winchester and Sons florist was not just part of his walk to and from work - it felt like part of his daily routine, somewhere along the level of importance as the stop to buy coffee a minute earlier. 

In the morning he passed by as the shop was still opening, and if he was running late, it would be in time to wave good morning to the taller of the brothers as he brought out buckets and trays of flowers to sit in the sun, exchanging the pleasant “hi”s of acquaintances who saw each other often enough for one word conversations and nothing more. 

If Cas made good time and got a better start, he could pass the shop as the elder brother was washing the windows and singing to himself off-tune, and that fleeting encounter could make any sort of terrible day at the office somehow bearable.

If he spotted Cas coming too soon he would stop singing before Cas could hear him clearly, but they shared an awkward smile that Cas would carry with him for the rest of the day.

Occasionally he wouldn’t be spotted at all, and he could walk right past, and catch the song that the sponge squeaked in time to on the windowpane. It always felt wrong to miss out on the smile and be mistaken for any old pedestrian, but the tunes Cas didn’t even know hung in his head and somehow everything would go right that day.

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anonymous asked:

Twin I need to talk to you about something very serious; We don't see nearly enough of your cats. We don't know anything about the small bundles of beans. And that is serious. Who is their favorite human? What is their favorite food? Where do they prefer to sleep? Who meows the most? Which one plots to take over the world? What do they look like while sleeping? WE NEED TO SEE MORE KITTIES.


CALLISTO: The Princess

Nicknames: KILL-listo, Khaleesi, Baby Girl, Puta, the White Devil, Marie

  • -Definitely the world-take over-plotter of the two
  • -Sleeps mostly on her cat tower like an elitist bitch
  • -Was once posted on 4Chan in her Artemis from Sailor Moon “cosplay” as the “Biggest Cosplay Elitist of All” and I 100% agree 
  • -She has an obsession with eating string. When she was about a year old she ate string and it got wrapped around her tongue. The vet didn’t notice and she went through weeks of pain and rapid weight loss before we took her into the vet one last time (thinking she was done-fore). The string was found and cut and she was put on fluids just hours before she would have gone into fatal sepsis. She made a full recovery, literally coming back from the brink of death… and then… PROCEEDED TO EAT MORE STRING EVERY GOODDAMN CHANCE SHE HAS
  • -Has tried to kill Valdrein in her sleep on multiple occasions by knowing large statues onto her head
  • -She used to have a single grey spot on her head. It’s completely gone now. We believe she willed it away to become perfect white cat.
  • -She “flops” over constantly, like the fainting goats. Once she “flopped” off a table.
  • -She’s a chronic purrer. She purrs loudly regardless of the situation.
  • -Loves everyone. Literally wants all the attention all the time. Is she sees you paying attention to anyone or anything she will dart in front of that thing so you’re petting her.
  • -Loves makeup. Once somehow got blush on her cheek.

PANTHER: The Big Bear

Nicknames: Poo-face, Cat-Dog, Bear-Dog, the Blob, Fattie-Pie Donuts, Sad sack

  • -sleeps on top of people or at the foot of a bed
  • -has caught 2 mice somehow
  • -Was found in a plastic bag on the side of the road with 2 other kittens. His SPCA profile photo came with a disclaimer “this cat is not as ugly as he looks in photos” because he takes VERY bad photos (hence the nickname, the blob)
  • -He once broke through reinforced glass cabinets with his head to escape the vacuum cleaner.
  • -Is literally afraid of everything
  • -Nova once stepped on his tail, and instead of meowing or running away like a normal animal he looked at his tail, looked at her, and sadly lay down and waited for her to move.
  • -We call him “Nurse Panther” because he sticks like glue to anyone who’s sick, often trying to “fix” them by laying his entire body on the place of pain. For example, if you have a sore throat you will wake up with a cat laying across your neck. If you have a headache, bam, fat cat trying to balance his fat body on your head.
  • -He loves belly rubs… and food. Definitely loves food.
  • -You can do anything to him. We sometimes just pile stuff on top of him or dress him up in hats and tiny shirts and he doesn’t care.
  • -Very gentle and patient, would trust 100% with small children