baby kasia

so i just finished reading uprooted by naomi novik in six hours straight and i’m pretty sure my eyes are bleeding or something but it’s. JUST. SO. GOOD.

  • you have a stubborn heroine who doesn’t take shit from anyone and does stuff instead of waiting around. i love agnieszka. she’s like a human-shaped ball of determination and compassion stomping around the plot and please give me more heroines like her.
  • possibly immortal wizard who’s like the personification of a century-old grumpy cat. like at the first part, you think ‘ah yes, the usual immortal antisocial unimpressed asshole’ but he tries so hard to pretend that he’s grumpy and so not impressed by agnieszka and then that he doesn’t care that much about her that it’s hilarious. like honey, stop being a total tsundere. even agnieszka can see through you.
  • and i’m so glad that agnieszka calls him out on his shit and he does realize that he’s been kind of an antisocial asshole for the past century or so.
  • female supporting character who’s the protag’s childhood best friend and i’m so glad she’s not killed off for cheap drama??? (lol my standards for literature have fallen so low) my baby kasia is so brave. she knows her whole life that she’s been raised a certain way because her mom believes she’ll be taken from her one day, and when it turns out to be agnieszka instead - let’s just say that it brings up a few issues on their relationship that gets addressed later, but their friendship becomes all the more stronger for it.
  • @ some authors: that’s how you do female friendships!!!
  • (tbh though i was half expecting that the pairing was gonna be agnieszka/kasia until THAT scene happened)
  • MAGIC. straight-laced by-the-book magic. wild magic. it’s worth reading for the descriptions on magic alone.
  • (this book gives off a darker howl’s moving castle kind of aesthetic)
  • also two people mingling their magic leads to A LOT of sexual tension at a few points.
  • and the prose. guys, THE PROSEEEEE. it gives the proper weight and mystery and atmosphere to  witches and wizards in a setting with villages, towers, and castles, and dark mysterious malevolent woods. 
  • the novel is completely standalone!! it’s like a whole trilogy already crammed into one book, but the pacing isn’t rushed at all. you get a good sense of closure and a satisfying ending 
  • but lbr, there aren’t enough post-ending fics about agnieszka, the dragon, and kasia to sustain me (i checked already)
Opowiadanie : Baby (mpreg)

Tytuł : Baby

Autorka : Kasia

Pairing : Larry Stylinson

AU – alternatywna rzeczywistość.

Ostrzeżenia : mpreg, seks dwóch mężczyzn.

Opis : Powiedz coś, bo rezygnuję z Ciebie.
Będę tym jedynym, jeśli tego zechcesz.


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