baby kamek

Save the cookies! Oh, and the kids too, if you can.

I wanna play Partners in Time again so I decided I’d just go ahead and paint something a little based on one of my favorite parts of the game. Funny how the Yoshi Island parts are some of my favorite parts in Mario RPGs.


Here me out (hear my stoned friend out)

Mario- Victor Hugo
Luigi- Marius
Peach- Cosette
Daisy- Eponine
Toad- JVJ
Toadette- Fantine
Bowser- Javert
Yoshi- Combeferre
Rosalina- Fantine
Wario- Enjolras
Bowser Jr- Jehan
Donkey Kong- Bahorel
Diddy Kong- Gavroche
Birdo- Courfeyrac
Dry Bones- Bossuet
Toadsworth- Bishop Myriel
King Boo- Joly
Phirana Plant- Musichetta
Baby Luma- Feuilly
Kamek- Montparnasse
Tatanga- Claquesous
Boom Boom- M. Thénardier
Fawful- Mme. Thénardier
Kammy Koopa- Felix Tholomyés
Koopa Kids- Patron-Minette as a whole

You have the anti-heroes, the heroes, the villains, and the supporting support characters. Sure, Bowser Jr. is a “villain” but like, only because he’s been forced to be viewed that way. 

Dammit this is beautiful