baby just hold my hand


└ Arashi’s personalities: all too evident from Hand Sumo match~ 

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 28.10.2017

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My reaction to the above two especially~~

But consider. 14-year-old Viktor packing baby Lev around the rink and showing him off to his friends.



Just Friends? (Richie Tozier x Reader)

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Request: 27, 24, and 1 with richie tozier

1.”were not just friends and you fucking know it.”

24.”You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.”

27.”If we get caught im blaming you.”

Authors note: This is the longest thing I’ve written so far, i hope you don’t mind that!!! 

It’ll be fun, he said, don’t be such a baby, i’ll be there the whole time, if you get scared just hold my hand. Richie had thought it’d be a great idea to break into the old museum in the town next to Derry. No one else wanted to go saying it was dumb and you would probably get arrested. Even Beverly didn’t want to go, saying her and Ben were going to hang out.

Richie didn’t even have to convince you to go, you would follow that boy just about anywhere. You were on board the minute that stupid idea left his lips.

The whole ride there, you were anxious, your heart pounding in your chest. What if we get caught and go to jail? What if someone tries to rob the place while were there and we get caught for it?

Walking up to the building, you could see the lights were off. You knew there would be security in there, so you’d have to be quite. You found an open window that was high off the ground and lead to the bathrooms.

“How are we supposed to get in there dipshit?” you whispered loudly, arms flailing on either side of you.

“I’ll just shove you in and i’ll climb up, it’ll be easy, alright relax.” He talked with such confidence that you actually believed him.

If we get caught i’m blaming you.” you mumbled under your breath as Richie lifted your body, you could feel his body vibrate from his laughter.

You eventually got your front half of your body through the window, leaving you legs out, trying not to fall on your face. You could hear movement behind you, assuming it was Richie moving some boxes or something to climb in after you.

“Hey Y/N, are those space pants, because your ass is out of this world.” you could practically see the smirk on his face. Before you could fully get through the window, Richie lightly tapped your butt.

“I’m going to have to ask you to move a little faster princess.”

“Fuck you Tozier” You replied as you make it inside the bathroom.

Richie soon followed you in, making your way out of the bathroom and into the main area of the museum. Your eyes were wide as you looked around, everything was so serene and quiet. You looked over at Richie, who was looking at you already, a proud smile on his face.

You grab his hand and make your way around the open area, looking at all the exhibits and things. He makes some dumb comments on some of the old looking books, and touched just about everything that had the ‘do not touch’ label.

You heard footsteps behind you, looking over your shoulder, you could see the mop of a maintenance man about 30 feet behind you. Putting your hand over Richie’s mouth, you drag him to the nearest hiding spot, which conveniently is a closet.

Your hand drops from his mouth as you try and listen for the janitor. It didn’t help that you could feel Richie’s warm breath on your face or that you could smell cigarette smoke and his cheap cologne or that this closet was so damn small you were practically pressed against his chest.

You look up at him, your nose bumping his chin, making him look at you. His face was so fucking close to you. The thought of kissing him ran through you mind as you look away from his intense gaze.

He is in deep shit when we get out of this closet, you thought. You were pissed that you almost got caught and the fact that he seemed so calm in this horrifying moment. If anyone were to open this closet door, they would see you, call the cops and have you arrested for trespassing.

You stood in the tiny closet for what felt like forever. Both of you trying not to stare at the others oh so close mouth. You press your ear against the door and listened carefully. You heard nothing. Letting out a sigh of relief you nudging Richie with your elbow. He opens the door and looks around, you wait for him to come back in or motion for you to follow him. He grabs your hand and pulls you out of the door, sprinting back into the bathroom.

“C’mon Y/N.”  Richie whispered to you, hand beckoning you to come over to him.

You both make it out of the window, your heart is beating so fast you thought you were having a heart attack, Richie on the other hand was laughing.

If looks could kill, Richie would have been dead a long time ago. Your eyes were squinted, brows furrowed as you punch his chest.

“Are you laughing right now Tozier? We could have been arrested or some shit! I can’t believe you!” You arms were crossed over your chest, your face flushed. You bit your lip, shaking your head.

You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.” His eyes were on you. No smirk or cocky smile on his face. His cheeks pink, as he walked over to you. The world fell away, it drained of all color but him.

His warm hands cupped the side of your face, his eyes moved between both of yours. Your breathing becomes heavy, as thoughts of what will happen next crossed your mind. Were friends, you though.

“Richie, were fri-”

“Don’t give me that bullshit, we’re not just friends and you fucking know it.

Before you voice your worries of what would happen next, his lips are on yours. They barely brush against yours, as if waiting for you to pull away. You don’t pull away, though, you press you mouth firmly against his and weave your fingers through his hair. He hums against your lips and smiles a bit, pulling away he looks at you with hooded eyes and a raised eyebrow.

“What were you saying about being just friends? Because i don’t think just friends would kiss like that.” You snort and push his chest with your fingers.

“Let’s go dipshit, I have homework to do.” He grabs your hand, stopping you from moving.

You look down at your hands then to his face. Confusion written all over you face.

“Y/N/N I like you, like actually genuinely like you. And if you still want to be just friends that’s cool, i’ll be fine with tha-” You cut him off with a chaste kiss.

“I like you too, Tozier.” You smile, his face going red.

He reaches for your hand and interlocks your fingers as you walk to his car.

“I think that janitor guy had headphones in, like he probably didn’t even hear us.”

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could you do a blurb on y/n's hands being so much tinier than harry's and when she tries to hold his hand it's basically holding two or three fingers, like a baby does

i wish i was on mobile so i could just put emojis here fuque

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See You Down There

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Requested: Can you do that imagine where jason and Y/N having a baby please ?


I gave you direct instructions which you have failed to fall through with. There is no excuse. You have ten seconds to fuck off.” Jason’s voice was stern, terrifyingly calm but underneath was an undying tone of anger for the man and his inability to complete a task.

I knew at that moment he wasn’t bluffing, when was the last time Jason Mccann had ever bluffed? And the trembling man before him obviously knew no better.

Or maybe he did - for he was in this situation after all as a cause of his reckless behaviour. Jason trusted the man with his shipment, directly told him to be here with his guns at seven sharp. Yet here he stood at Nine forty five with no guns and a terrified expression.

Sorry buddy, but you had this coming.

“Please Mr Mccann. You have to understand, I have a family!” 

“So do I.” Jason stated, directing his eyes over to me and my swelling belly. “That’s why when I’m told to do something, I get it done. I will not risk not coming home to them for filthy pleasures.”

“It was one time. I-I didn’t mean to!” The man pleaded.

“Last time I checked you don’t place a bunt in your mouth and smoke it on accident.” Jason spat. “That shipment was really important! My client was expecting me to deliver it hours ago but because of your ignorance, I lost an ally tonight.”

“Please Jason-” The man pleaded to which jason lifted a lip and snarled in anger as well as in warning. The man’s eyes widened, making quick to correct his error. “I mean, Mr Mccann. Don’t kill me. Don’t you have a heart!?”

Ooh. Wrong move buddy.

Suddenly, Jason’s lips twisted into an evil grin - one of menacing amusement that was somehow blank but full of meaning all at once. “A heart?” Jason questioned. “I used too.” He chuckled. “But you see, there’s a problem now. My heart was stolen by a beautiful woman who is now carrying my child. It lays in her hands.”

That’s when Jason directed his eyes over to me, a look of love but that stern professional glare shining straight through, informing me that no matter how much he loved me, he meant business. “So tell me baby girl. What do you think I should do?”

A sudden wave of pain rush through me. It was dull but still much noticeable - something I had found was a very common thing in pregnancy. Decided to ignore the flood of discomfort for this really wasn’t a good time to complain about my pregnancy, I glanced around the room finding every pair of eyes burning sternly through my head.

Jason was the first I saw, a look of patient love but professional demeanor. Then the gang members guarding the room caught my eyes next. They all looked on with stern eyes, ready to pounce at the request of my decision, but the man sat with pleading eyes, begging to be spared.

This wasn’t a decision I was appealed to make everyday, so my mind at this point was rushing with thoughts of indecisiveness and fear.

This man had a family to go home to as well as his own gang to run, but over all he did us wrong and disrespected not only our request, but Jason himself. And no one disrespects my husband and gets away with it. I know Jason was giving me the choice to make for myself but deep down, I knew he hoped I’d declare this mans death.

And who was I to upset my husband?

“Kill him.” I spat.

The man’s eyes widened in shock, head whipping from side to side in fear as two guards began approaching each side of his body. “No! No please! Please! Don’t do this!!”

The two members of Bizzle gang roughly gripped ahold of the mans shoulder’s, ripping him up rather aggressively. The man’s cries and screams echoed through the entirety of Jason’s office, who must I say had a large and satisfied grin on his face.

Slowly, Khalil and Za dragged the man away kicking and screaming, yelling profanities of all sorts over his breath. But One sentence in particular managed to catch me off guard, his words burning through me and panging me with worry. A pang that was physically felt as a second wave of pain endured me.

“I hope your and wife and child rot in hell!” and at that moment, I watched as Jason’s face visibly twisted from one of satisfaction to a firing rage.

It was no less than point 2 seconds before Jason had flung his body out of his chair, face red and burning with anger. “Bring him back here!”

And not wanting to anger the boss, Za and Khalil dragged the boy back, holding him down on the chair forcefully. Jason leaned forward, his face mere inches from the man. His once honey eyes presented black and I was honestly scared for the man myself.

Jason snarled, teeth visible as he spat his words. So harsh that they sent shivers down my spine. “You will regret ever meeting me, let alone wishing death upon my family. I may be a murderer but I am a child of god. And so god help me, if they’re going to hell then I’m going with them. Just not going anytime soon.”

Then he smiled, one to send even the strongest of men running. A psychotic, treacherous smile. “See you down there.”

And with a swift movement he had drawn his gun, clicked the safety off and pulled the trigger all before I could blink. The sound rung throughout the room and I flinched ever so slightly at the echo of the shell clattering to the ground.

The sight before me had bile rising up my throat, pooling in my mouth. The sight usually wouldn’t phase me but this pregnancy was making it hard to keep anything down. Blood splattered the room and the mans body lay lifeless on the seat, a hole of nothing in the center of his forehead with blood oozing down it.

It was all too much and I was found doubling over besides me. My breakfast was fast to exit my body, relieving the nausea’s feeling pooling in my stomach.Though Jason was quick to run over to me, a hand on my back as I began to stand straight again.

“You okay baby girl?” He questioned with a sincere tone. He was used to my constant nausea episodes and found it quite normal that I had thrown up.

But yet again, another wave of pain fell over my body, a burning cramp riding up from my stomach, extending as far as my torso reached. This one was a lot stronger than the last, and I was found once again doubling over, but this time in pain.

A groan of misery was emitted from my throat, a hand reaching up to clutch my stomach. Everyone in the room stiffened, eyeing me with worry as I stood back to lean on Jason’s shoulder.

“It hurts!” I yelled. “Jason it hurts!”

He was quick to grab a hold of my body. He lifted both my arms, wrapping each around his neck with both arms around my waist to stabilize me. His eyes held worry with a glint of fear - something you never saw Jason feeling. “What is it baby?” He frantically asked. “What’s hurting?”

It took everything in me to muster up the words “M-My stomach! It hurts!” I Groaned. “I think I’m having c-contractions.”

Jason’s eyes widened as he glanced down at my stomach. He had read the pregnency books I asked him to read after a litle begging but none the less still asked, “What does that mean?!”

That’s when It hit me, and I began announcing the words we had been waiting to hear ever since the day I  found out I was pregnant. “I think I’m going into labour!”

Just like Jason’s, everyone’s eyes largened, and I almost wanted to slap them for just staring at me while I groaned in pain.

“Well don’t just stand there, do something!”

And then everyone was off. Jason began instructing the gang to start up the car and grab my hospital bag from upstairs, a few rushing around to follow Jason’s orders while others proceeded to cancel all jason’s meetings for the rest of the day.

But Jason instead stood by me, his forehead leant against mine with his eyes closed.

“I’m scared.” I announced.

Jason licked his lips, lifting a hand to caress my face. “It’s okay baby girl. Just breath.”

“But I’m not ready.” Tears brimmed my eyes and I felt like I was about to colapse right then and there.

Jason shook his head. “Shh.” He cooed. “You’re ready. More than ready. You’re going to do great. Just think about it, in a couple of hours were going to be right back here, but this time with a beautiful baby girl.”

I chuckled. “Boy.”

“Baby, It’s a girl.”

“I think It’s a boy.”

Justin shook his head, a smile present on his face. “It’s going to be a girl. I can feel it.”

There was a few more seconds of smiles before I once again groaned in pain, lighting everyone back to the situation at hand. Jason opened his eyes, looking down at the bump then back to me with excitement. I just wanted to kiss him, hold my baby in my hands and never let go.

“Y/N.” Jason whispered.

“Yeah.” I hummed.

“Let’s go have a baby.”


Cause I’ve been there before
And you’ve been there before
But together we can be alright.
Cause when it gets dark and when it gets cold
We hold each other till we see the sunlight
So if you just
Hold my hand
Baby I promise that I’ll do
All I can
Things will get better if you just hold my hand
Nothing can come between us if you just hold,
hold my, hold, hold my, hooold, hold my hand

Protection From Your Fears

Requested by @haliannej

I hated Fun Town, I went once when I was younger, I had a bad experience and never went back. I really didn’t want to go, but Happy talked me into it, it was a family outing with the rest of the Sons.

So, here I was walking down the mid-way with Happy holding hands. His brothers were all over the place, riding rides, playing games, and eating. I was actually having a good time.

We were walking past a dunking booth, when a voice called out trying to get our attention. I looked over, and felt like throwing up, there was a clown, sitting there. 

I jumped behind Happy, burying my face in his back. “You okay baby?”

“Can we just go somewhere else please?” My hands were holding on tightly to his kutte.

I heard him chuckle. “Are you scared of clowns?” I released my hold and start to walk away. “(Y/N)!”

I could hear the clown taunting me. “I’m coming after you beautiful!” I took off running, tears were blinding my view, I could hear Happy yelling my name. I couldn’t stop running.

I felt Happy’s strong arm snake around my waist, he pulled me against his chest. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were that scared of clowns.”

I turned to face him, he reached up to wipe away my tears. Leaning in he kissed me gently. “Let’s go get something to eat. Then I’m going to win you something.”

He took my hand and led me to one of the food booths.

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anonymous asked:

Could you please possibly do the rfa+v+unknown finding out mc died during child birth(thanks in advance)

im apologize for the wait, but i made myself cry while writing it so

small amounts of blood warning?

~fem MC


  •  all he could hear was shouting
  • shouting from the other side of the door
  • he should be in that room….
  • the nurses shoved him out, told him to wait outside
  • so he waited
  • he waited and waited
  • he chewed his nails down till his fingertips bled
  • for hours he waited, stomach twisting in knots
  • his child was being born, for christ sake. he should be there 
  • “Mr. Kim?”
  • he stands up so quick a few other people in the waiting room flinch
  • “please come with me”
  • Yoosung follows the nurse, excitement coursing through his veins
  • he cant believe this, it feels like a dream
  • he’s finally starting a family with the woman he loves
  • would the baby look like him? or her? boy? or girl?
  • he could barley contain himself, walking through the halls of the hospital
  • he could see it now: MC might look a little rough when he saw her
  • but she was going to be in bed, holding their child
  • she’ll probably look like an angel…
  • his angel
  • but when he comes into MC’s room
  • she not there…
  • a nurse who was sitting on the bed stands and hands Yoosung a baby wrapped in soft pink cloth
  • he smiles at Yoosung
  • “congratulations Mr. Kim. it’s a girl”
  • he takes the baby but doesnt look at her yet
  • “where’s my wife?”
  • the nurse’s smile falls off of his face
  • “i’m very sorry, we did all we could…”
  • Yoosung feels a lump for in his throat
  • d…did all they could….?
  • “i’m afraid your wife didnt make it through childbirth”
  • no, no
  • this cant be happening
  • this isnt real
  • he drifted off in the waiting room and he’s dreaming
  • …right?
  • Yoosungs vision blurs as tears come to his eyes
  • wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up
  • Yoosung sits on the hospital bed, his daughter still in his arms
  • he looks down at her, tears streaming down his cheeks
  • she looks at him, her face expressionless
  • “are….are you real?”
  • he whispers to her
  • Yoosung places his index finger into the palm of his daughters tiny hand
  • her whole hand wrappes around his finger, squeezing it
  • “my daughter…our daughter”
  • Yoosung closes his eyes
  • his body shudders with sobs as he sits in the bed, crying with his daughter cradled in his arms
  • he opens them again
  • “funny, i’m crying more than my newborn daughter”
  • as Yoosung looks at her, he notices her eyes are the same deep hazel color as MC’s
  • she’s got her mothers eyes…
  • Yoosung feels as if someone just stabbed him in the gut
  • but he has a daughter now
  • a daughter!
  • a beautiful daughter…she’s so beautiful
  • Yoosung just lost the woman he loved the most, more than anything in the world
  • but he has someone new to love now
  • he has to stay strong, for MC
  • he wont let her down
  • “i love you so much, Ji Yeon”


  • Zen was really about to punch a doctor in the face
  • when things started getting intense while MC was giving birth, one of the nurses asked him to leave
  • “why the hell should i leave?! i’m her husband, for crying out loud! you leave!”
  • MC gripped his hand as hard as she could
  • she was screaming and begging the nurses to let him stay
  • “Zen! no! please, dont leave me Zen!”
  • Zen tried his hardest to hold onto MC but was ultimately forced out of the     room, his wife slipping out of his grasp
  • the nurses try to get him to wait in the lobby area, but he refuses
  • he’s staying put right outside the door where he can hear everything
  • they arent going to keep him out of the loop, not if he can help it
  • the voices are muffled but he can still barley make out words
  • push, pu–
  • sounds normal
  • –e’s not resp–ding
  • what, what the hell?
  • get her t- the ER
  • the ER????
  • it’s no use
  • alright, he’s sick of being on the outs
  • Zen bursts into the room
  • he finds MC on the bed, blood soaking her lower half and the bed underneath her
  • he runs to her side and grabs her hand
  • “Z….Zen…?”
  • he frantically responds, squeezing her hand more
  • “its me, Zen. im right here baby. i’m right here. just hold on, alright? just hold my hand”
  • she could barley keep her fingers wrapped around his
  • “i..i dont..”
  • “sweetheart, save your strength, alright? just keep holding my hand”
  • “i have…a name…”
  • “oh, y-you picked a name?”
  • “Zen, call our baby girl…Chaeyoung”
  • Zen smiles, tears forming in his eyes
  • “thats a beautiful name, MC”
  • “i’m…sorry…”
  • Zen leans forward and squeezes her hand again, pleading with her to hold on. telling her she doesnt have to apologize. 
  • she tells him she loves him one last time and closes her eyes
  • her hand relaxes in Zens
  • “sweetheart, no…”
  • he brings her hand to his forehead, body shaking with sobs
  • “sweetheart…no…”
  • Zen was sobbing when he heard the sound of a baby crying
  • he looked up, wiping tears away to clear his vision
  • a nurse was standing, holding his child in a pink flowery blanket
  • “i think she wants to meet her father”
  • Zen looks up, tears streaming down his face
  • sh…she…?
  • he stands and takes the baby into his arms
  • he wipes away more tears
  • “it’s nice to not have to cry alone, today…”
  • the baby stopped for a moment to look at him with her deep red eyes
  • “i knew you’d be beautiful”
  • his daughter reaches out to him, and he lets her grab onto his finger with her little hand
  • “we can do this together, Chaeyoung”


  • the drive to the hospital was rough for MC, but even still, Jaehee cant help but crack a smile every once in awhile on the way there
  • she’s been waiting for this day for years
  • its taken so much to get here
  • hundreds of dollars, more than a few nights spent crying, a long hard process involving sperm donors and what felt like thousands of doctors appointments
  • but after everything her and MC have been through
  • the day is finally here
  • the day she starts a family with her lovely, lovely wife
  • the happiest day of her life
  • Jaehee knows the yelling and pain should probably be stressing her out but she cant help but feel anything but excited
  • we’re going to have a baby…we’re finally going to have a baby
  • when her and MC got to the hospital, she was rushed away but Jaehee was left behind
  • she was honestly furious but everything was so chaotic and she didnt want to get in the way…
  • this wasnt good. why wouldnt they let her near MC?
  • why are they trying to take her away from the moment she’s been waiting for for years??
  • Jaehee sits in the waiting room, trying to hold back tears
  • soon her wait will be over
  • soon she’ll be with her love, and her newborn baby
  • soon Jaehee will be with her family
  • another half hour passes by before a nurse comes into the waiting room
  • “is Mrs. Kang here?”
  • she stands
  • “i’m Ms. Kang. how is MC? can i see her?”
  • “if you’ll join me in the hallway, miss, i have something to tell you”
  • the nurse tells Jaehee about what happened to MC while she was giving birth
  • the nurse told Jaehee that MC had passed away
  • passed away…?
  • Jaehee’s vision was instantly blurred with tears and she knelt down on the ground
  • she lifted her hands to cover her mouth as her body started to shake with sobs
  • passed away
  • she’s gone
  • her best friend
  • her shining light
  • her inspiration
  • the mother of her child….
  • gone
  • the nurse leans down
  • “when you’re ready, you can see your son, Ms. Kang. he’s a very healthy baby. i’m sorry for your loss”
  • Jaehee looks up, wiping tears away from her eyes
  • “did you say…son?”
  • Jaehee feels a warmth grow inside of her as if her shining light was returning
  • she starts to sob again, but this time she smiles, too
  • she has a son…
  • she has a family


  • he’s going to be a father
  • oh my god its really happening
  • he’s going to be a father!!
  • and his MC is going to be a mother!!
  • they mother of his child!!
  • his very own child!!
  • driving MC to the hospital, Jumin finally understands why people say the day their child was born is the happiest day of their life
  • he always thought nothing would top the day he married MC
  • but right now, he feels so excited he might explode
  • when they get to the hospital, MC is yelling in pain and Jumin just kind of says to the entire room
  • “my wife is giving birth, someone help us please”
  • him and MC are taken into a room where the baby will be delivered
  • she lays down on the bed, gripping Jumin’s hand
  • “Jumin, i dont know if i can do this”
  • oh, oh he’s read about what to do here
  • “sweetheart, you can do this. i’ll be right here the whole time cheering you on. you just push and squeeze my hand, okay?”
  • she nods up at him
  • the nurse starts telling MC to push, and Jumin feels her squeezing his hand
  • he encourages her
  • suddenly the nurses in the room start saying things he cant understand and one of them starts pushing him out
  • woah, no way
  • Jumin has never left MC before
  • he’s always kept her close
  • there was no way in hell he was going to leave her now
  • he tries to ask whats going on but the nurses just continue to urge him out
  • he tells MC not to worry and that he’ll be standing right outside the door
  • Jumin feels like he’s going to vomit
  • he can hear some muffled noises through the door
  • he can hear a baby crying through the door
  • oh my god
  • thats his baby
  • Jumin opens the door of the room
  • he sees a nurse with his baby, blood, and MC laying in her bed
  • her eyes were closed
  • she wasnt moving
  • “Sir, please wait outsid-”
  • “what…what happened in here?”
  • Jumin looks around the room, anger burning in him
  • this better not be what he thinks it is
  • this…..this cant be what he thinks it is….
  • “your wife…she didnt make it”
  • Jumin looks at MC laying on the bed, her image blurred by forming tears
  • “are you…”
  • he goes to MC’s bedside and grabs her hand
  • he whispers to her, pleading 
  • “dearest, you have to wake up. our baby is here”
  • “he’s here”
  • one of the nurses says, and hands Jumin a baby wrapped in light blue cloth
  • Jumin takes the baby in his arms, tears streaming down his face
  • he looks at his son
  • “MC, you have to wake up and see our baby boy”
  • he can barley choke out words through his sobs
  • “he’s got eyes just like yours….”
  • Jumin reaches out and brushes some hair out of MC’s face
  • “you have to wake up and pick a name with me…”
  • Jumin decides to pick a name that serves as a tribute to the person who brought him and MC together
  • a friend who helped him become the happiest he’s ever been
  • a good friend, who’s life was cut short by cruel fate
  • “welcome to the world, Jihyun”


  • “whats wrong babe? are you having another contraction?”
  • “yea…”
  • “oh my god”
  • “what??? why do you look like you’ve just seen a ghost?”
  • Seven drives 90 in a 60 mph zone on the way to the hospital and MC threatens to kill him id they get pulled over
  • a few years ago he never thought this would be possible
  • he thought he was going to spend his entire life alone, feeling meaningless, feeling hidden, feeling replaceable
  • family was a luxury he couldnt afford
  • but now he’s driving his wife to the hospital, and she’s pregnant, and she’s about to give birth and
  • oh my god???
  • today, Sevens wildest dream come true
  • he’d love to go back in time and see the look on his face if only he could tell himself “in a few years you’re going to be a dad”
  • he laughs just thinking about it
  • all your dreams come true today, Saeyoung
  • he bursts into the hospital, yelling
  • he feels like he could run a marathon
  • when MC is about to start the process, he asks her a question
  • “alright, you ready?”
  • “no”
  • “me either”
  • “lets do this”
  • MC starts yelling when its time to push and Seven gets nervous and starts yelling too and the nurses have to tell him to shut up
  • after a few minutes the nurses start urging him to leave the room
  • “Seven, its alright, you can go. we’ll be together soon”
  • “MC i cant leave you now. i wont”
  • she grabs Seven’s hand and kisses it
  • “trust me”
  • Seven reluctantly leaves
  • he should be in there, cheering MC on….
  • Seven paces in the hall
  • until after what feels like 5 hours, a nurse emerges from MC’s room
  • “Mr. Choi?”
  • “whats up? any news?”
  • “well…i’m sorry to let you know that MC didnt make it through the delivery process”
  • Seven stares at the nurse for a good few seconds, then shakes his head
  • wh-what?
  • “what?”
  • “you’re the father of a healthy baby girl, Mr. Choi, but your wife passed during childbirth. i’m very sorry for your loss”
  • Seven leans against the wall, eyes fixed on the ground as his world turns into a blur
  • “are you…are you fucking serious right now..?”
  • “i’ll give you some time”
  • the nurse goes back into the room, and Seven starts whispering to himself
  • “this cant be happening this cant be happening this can be happening”
  • with every time he repeats the phrase, Seven feels his gut twist more and more, and his body crumples to the ground
  • he suddenly repeats the phrase once with a loud voice, and pushes the wall
  • a pain runs all the way up his forearm as his fist comes into contact with the wall
  • he punches it again
  • and again
  • until the skin on his knuckles breaks
  • maybe he can never be happy
  • maybe he wasnt meant to have a good life
  • maybe he was meant to stay in the shadows forever, as someone people only knew temporarily
  • “Mr. Choi?”
  • he stands and turns to see the same nurse standing with a baby pink bundle of blanket in her arms
  • “i thought you might want to see your daughter”
  • “my-my daughter?”
  • Seven takes the bundle from the nurse and looks at his sleeping baby girl, sniffling
  • she has some brown hair
  • and a tiny little nose
  • and Seven cant help but smile, looking at her
  • “well, hello there m’lady”
  • he whispers, and wipes a tear away from his cheek
  • “you kind of look like your mom…”
  • “thats a compliment, trust me”
  • Seven takes his fingers and places it into the tiny palm of his daughters hand, letting her fingers curl around his
  • “i’m going to miss her so much but….we have each other now, right?”
  • she continues to sleep, her little mouth hanging open slightly
  • Seven giggles and wipes away another tear
  • “i’ll take that as a yes, sweetheart”


  • he is so nervous about today
  • he’s read so many books
  • and so many articles
  • but now its really happening
  • on the car ride he stars mumbling to himself
  • “breathe, V, breathe”
  • “hey, shouldnt you be trying to calm me down? i’m the one giving birth today!!”
  • V laughs a little and grabs MC’s hand
  • “you right, sweetheart. i guess i’m just really nervous”
  • “i’m nervous too, but we can do this together, just like we’ve done everything else”
  • V pulls up to a red light and quickly leans over to kiss MC on the cheek
  • “you’re right. lets do this together”
  • V grabs MC’s hands to help her out of the car, and they dont let go of each other for a second
  • that is, until V is forced to leave MC during childbirth…
  • he wasnt the type to pick a fight, but this was just too important to him
  • no more mister push over
  • he’s going to be there for the birth of his child
  • he grips MC’s hand tightly while nurses advise him to wait outside
  • “i’m not going anywhere”
  • “V…”
  • V gets on his knees and holds MC’s hand with both of his, bringing it close to his mouth
  • “sweetheart, dont strain yourself, please. theres nothing these people can do to make me leave you. not now”
  • “i’ll be…fine…”
  • he cant,he cant do this
  • how does she know? can she be sure she’ll be fine??
  • he doesnt want to lose sight of her for even a second
  • “can you trust me, Jihyun?”
  • he closes his eyes and kisses MC’s hand
  • “yes, i can trust you. i’ll see you on the other side, alright?”
  • “yes, we’ll see each other”
  • as soon as V leaves the room he feels like he’s going to vomit
  • he hates this he hates this he hates this more than anything
  • how is she doing? is she in pain? well of course she is..but is it a lot? is someone giving her their hand to squeeze? she should have someones hand to hold. it should be his. oh god.
  • why is this taking so long? is she alright?
  • oh god, dear god if you are there please let her be alright
  • okay V stop freaking out. dont do this, she’ll be fine
  • will she?
  • is she?
  • at that moment, a nurse emerges from the room
  • oh god, no
  • he pushes past her and goes into the room
  • V finds MC laying on the bed, blood covering her lower half and a lot of the bed
  • so much blood…
  • he takes one look and closes his eyes, covering his mouth
  • theres no way this is real. it cant be real. its not real not real not real not real not real not real
  • V falls to his knees beside MC’s bed
  • “my…flower…”
  • he looks up, though he can hardly see anything through the tears forming in his eyes
  • “…are you really gone?”
  • V feels a hand on his shoulder and turns to see a nurse holding a baby blue blanket
  • “Mr. Kim, its a boy”
  • V holds out his hands to receive the baby
  • the little one looks up at him, showing off his big, brown eyes
  • V laughs a little bit and rubs the babies hand in between his fingers
  • “you look just like your mother…”
  • he’s laughing because him and MC always fought over who’s eyes the baby would have
  • he would pretend that blue eyes were best, and MC would say that nothing beats a pair of dark, chocolate eyes
  • he giggles to himself again
  •  V whispers to the baby in his arms
  • “i know we’ve just met, but i hope you dont mind if i tell you i love you”
  • the baby stares blankly
  • he rubs his nose against his sons playfully, smiling
  • “i love you, i love you, i love you!!”


  • shit,SHIT
  • its really baby time
  • Saeran cant believe this is happening
  • he never would have thought in a million years that he would do something so normal as drive his pregnant wife to the hospital
  • but it doesnt feel normal
  • it feels like the most incredible, most special day of his life
  • he’s totally got this
  • he is calm, cool, and collected
  • Saeran looks at his speed and realizes he’s going 20 over the speed limit
  • totally cool and collected.. ..?..
  • dOH GOD
  • on the way inside MC tells Saeran that he’s squeezing her hand too hard
  • “sorry sorry sorry”
  • “you dont have to apologize three times, Saeran”
  • “sorry”
  • when they get to the hospital, MC is wailing in pain
  • the sound of her pain is like nails on a chalkboard for him
  • “dont worry, we’re almost there. just hang on a bit longer”
  • when the nurses see how severe MC’s pain is, they suggest Saeran stay out and wait while they deliver the baby
  • he is really about to fight
  • as soon as a nurses suggests it, him and MC both say “hell no” in unison
  • “him and i are a package deal. always have been, always will be”
  • Saeran smiles for a second at the reference to when they met, and the RFA got stuck with him and MC as a result
  • the nurses keep insisting
  • MC and Saeran keep insisting
  • long story short security gets involved
  • Saeran is forced to wait in the hall until the nurses think its a good time for him to come in
  • he can hear yelling
  • he can hear MC
  • and then suddenly
  • he cant.
  • Saeran presses his ear against the door to try and get a better listen
  • still no MC….
  • he knocks on the door as hard as he can
  • “hey, am i allowed to return to my family or what?? i wanna see my baby!”
  • a nurse comes out of the room, holding a baby in a soft, yellow blanket
  • “congratulations, Mr. Choi. its a girl”
  • Saeran tries to look past the nurse while the door closes behind him
  • “what…what about my wife?”
  • “i’m…i’m so sorry”
  • he pushes the baby toward Saeran, so Saeran takes it into his arms
  • but he doesnt look at the child
  • he stares straight ahead
  • “she’s….”
  • no, oh go no
  • this isnt happening
  • she cant be
  • he looks down for a second at the child, then takes a few step backwards to lean against the wall 
  • he slides down, sitting on the floor as the tears spill from his eyes
  • he looks straight ahead at the door
  • the door to the room MC died in
  • died….
  • is she really dead?
  • he cant imagine someone as warm and bright as MC ever dying
  • death was a cold, pale thing
  • it just wasnt right. its not right for her
  • Saeran was shaking, when a small sound stopped his train of thought
  • he looked down at his daughter
  • she had little wisps of brown hair and bright, minty eyes
  • Saeran looked at her
  • he just…looked
  • he didnt think about anything, he just looked at her
  • “you’re…you’re my daughter”
  • the baby reached out to him, so he brought his face toward her little hand
  • she clumsily touched his nose, making tiny baby noises
  • Saeran closed his eyes and smiled
  • “you’re my daughter. mine. my daughter. can you believe it?”
  • the girl reached out to him again
  • “yea, me either…”
  • he continued to talk to the baby, wiping tears away from his eyes
  • “but you know what? i really love you. i love you more than anything”
  • he closed his eyes and brought the child close to his chest
  • “dont worry, MC. i’ll take good care of our daughter”

whooo, that was a wild ride. i really hope you liked reading that

Wrong side of the tracks pt.4

Pairing: Jughead x reader, Bughead, reader x plot twist hopefully
Warnings: Swearing, light smut, issues of abandonment.

A/N: Sorry didn’t get time to edit this is wrote it straight out of work to get it up for you guys, excuse mistakes I think in irish. I really hope you guys get a little shook from this one or otherwise I’d be sad 😂 definitely more excitement in this one than the other 3 but not as much as part 5….oh the suspense. Also low key regret not calling this series “mentally cursing yourself” because honestly, mood.


3rd Person.

Once again you find yourself jumping at the realisation Jughead is behind you. “Jughead! Stop sneaking up on me! Do that one too many times on the Southside and you’ll get yourself stab for fucksake” you said as you playfully shoved him. He smiled back at you sweetly. “Sorry sorry y/n” “and for christ sake stop apologising to me!” you laughed “you’re right I’m sor…not sorry”. He smiled down to you, totally captivated by your eyes.

“So, how was your first day Kitten” he smiled once again but stopped once he saw your eyes darken. “Don’t ever call me that again.” you say bitterly. Jugheads smile faded into confusion “what? I thought it was endearing?” “there is nothing endearing about it” “Okay I’m sor….okay” he turned slightly from you and looked for the bus. You closed your eyes and regretted your words.

“Okay it’s my turn to apologise now. it’s just…its just Ryan calls me that and I’m not exactly his number one fan and he’s not mine so if you could…could not” you were expecting to be chewed out of it for some reason but then again Jughead was different and maybe he’d react softer and not push further for more answers. And he did just that.  “Oh yeah I had forgotten’s alright, really my mistake anyway…but umm how was your first day” his smile grew again and you both loved and hated him in that moment for being so understanding. If he had been horrible he would have been easier to push and shove away from getting too close.

“it was good I suppose except this weird antisocial dude in a beanie is like stalking me” you teased “oh really? Well this girl I ran into once, pardon the pun, literally showed up at my school unannounced and is now in all my classes, weirdo” and you both laughed. Jughead enjoyed the playfulness between you two but still he wondered what happened between you and Ryan. The bus came. “aren’t you going to get on” Jughead offered seeing you still fixed to the spot

“nah my uncle will bring me home”

“can your brother not drive?”

“what brother?” you looked at him all kinds of confused.

“you said today in your lie to Veronica that your brother had the same hat as me…I was just assuming the brother part of that wasn’t a lie”

“nope. No brother.”

“ahhh…and the enigma that is Y/N Y/L/N is further explored” he smiled with a wave stepping onto the bus.

The rest of December had flown by until Christmas had been and gone. Your days were spent much like your first, in the comfortable silence with Jughead while his friends rambled on.

Betty had become more cautious of you however and tried to get space between you where possible, which wasn’t easy by any means.

Jughead and you shared a lot of things in common that they did not. You two had almost every class together and were just simply naturally pulled together and every day you grew closer and closer. This drove Betty mad.

You were in fact a little shocked to learn that Jughead and Betty were a thing, which Kevin had divulged one day on the way to Geography when Jughead was sick. You thought she seemed far more into it than he did and Kevin agreed with you but in total confidence.  

When you asked Jughead about it he seemed shaken and hesitant to talk about her whereas she was ready and open to discuss him. You wondered why he hadn’t mentioned it and you had already been 1 week into your new life at Riverdale High.

She had insisted that Jughead spend the whole holiday period with herself and her family which, after careful vetting from social care, went okay enough. If a bit tedious and boring for Jughead. Betty didn’t allow Jughead to leave her side. Which drove his spirit wild. It also meant that you and Jughead didn’t see each other all holiday. Which you guessed was the idea of the set up. Betty refused to go to the Southside for reasons that Jughead couldn’t understand and you couldn’t go to Riverdale as your uncle didn’t let you unless it was for school or you were supervised. You had decided it would be better to just not see him than have 1000 questions asked about him on the way home and Jughead agreed.

It was 2 more sleeps till school started and you missed Jughead terribly.

*sms: Jug: hey Juliet, nurse off?, do you wanna go for a walk. I can protect you from all the scary things -5:56am

*sms: Y/N/N: Ha.ha Y/N. Yeah sure I’ll meet you at pops? I have your Christmas present -5:58am.

The Xx had caught you off. Maybe it was a reflex left over from texting Betty.

He had gotten to Pops first as you pulled up on your motorbike and parked under the neon red lights.  

You had only heard of this place from Jughead and had never been as you liced a little in fear of having to deal with a snappy Betty. The sun was attempting to break through the clouds as you dismounted your bike and walked to the entrance where you met Jug.

“are we going to go inside or is there some sort of a forcefield around the place that I can’t see” you laugjed “I just thought we could go for a walk and then pops? Besides it’s his son manning the place and he doesn’t like me very much, thinks I’m a waster” “oh so he’s a good judge of character” you smirk and bump into Jughead playfully.

You two continue messing about along a path in the woods. He told you more about his book and the other history of the woods before the murder.

You stopped at a cliffs edge and looked down at the cascading waterfall as the sun continued to fight and win it’s battle with the clouds. You two walked down a little bit further and then sat at the waterfront and enjoyed the sunrise.

Jughead POV

This is perfect. She is so perfect. I rustled around a little bit in my gear bag before I found her present badly wrapped in newspaper. I gave it to her and once again apologised to her for which she hit me and told me shed do that every time I apologised from now on. The sun is hitting her so perfectly. I watch as she cautiously opened the wrapping and revealed the new vintage Metallica tee and a can of pasta sauce. She burst into laughter but not in a horrible or rude way, in an appreciative, you’re an idiot, Y/N kind of way. “thank you Juggy”. Did she just call me Juggy? Are we at that point now where she can call me that…God I hope so. It was her turn to give me a present and although i hadn’t expected one I was glad I hadn’t overstepped a boundary by buying her something. It was wrapped beautifully and carefully, much nicer than mine. Idiot Jughead idiot. She must have noticed me mentally giving out to myself on seeing the wrapping as she offered “i especially love the wrapping, very Jughead Jones”. What did she mean by love…WHAT DID SHE MEAN.
I opened the package and there inside was a metallica tee and a jar of pasta sauce. I looked at her with wide eyes and she at I with a wide smile. Our laughter must have been heard throughout the woods. Idiots, we’re both idiots in the best way.

We spoke for another hour before we walked back. We decided not go to pops his time as if we stayed out longer we risked getting caught. She drove off on a bike she had said her uncles bought her for Christmas. I wonder where her parents are….

I got back to Betty’s around 7.30 am and quietly slipped in the backdoor and took off my boots. I wandered to the couch closing my eyes as I sat down on the edge. I held my new tee tight in my hand like a baby holding their blankie. Just as my head was about to touch the pillow, the light flashed on. Shit.

“So juggy..” it didn’t sound right coming from her lips after I hearing Y/N say it. No Jughead! no! You like Betty! You know, Betty, the blonde girl next door who is standing in the doorway looking like she was to bury you under the house next door.

“you left your phone after you….meeting y/n at this time are we?” she seethed.

Wow she was mad. “Umm yeah she needed to talk about some stuff”

“and what is that” she hissed pointing at the tee in my grip.

“Oh Y/Ns Christmas present to me” i stood and held it to my body modeling it hoping to lighten the mood by tenfold. It didn’t..  Betty stepped in and closed the door. She took steps towards me until we were less than arms length apart.

“she’s not your girlfriend juggy” there it is again, my name but not my name the way I hear it from Y/N. “give it to me. Now.” she practically growled. “ehhh no” i scoffed in return. Mistake. She snatched it from my tight grasp causing it’s vintage-ness to catch up with it. It was ripped down the seam at the side. “Betty! What the hell!” it was my turn to be angry. “It was an accident Juggy I swear!” she genuinely sounded sorry. She grabbed hold of me into a hug and I was victim again to her char.m. Her arms were around my shoulders and my arms around her waist. She swayed us gently calming us both down.

She kissed me so sweetly at first but soon it turned hungry and lustful. Pushing me back to the couch she was on top of me . She moved from my mouth to my neck causing a slight groan to leave my lips. God I hated how she was in control but I couldn’t flip her on the couch or we’d fall. She put a finger to her lips to be quiet as her family were still asleep upstairs.
She straddled me and pulled my shirt over my head and began to kiss down my torso. I pulled her back up to my lips wanting to have at least a small bit of control. “Ohh Juggy” she purred in my ear. “ohhh Y/N” I goaned. Shit.

3rd POV

Y/N got back to the apartment where she lived alone. Her father was tragically killed when she was younger and her mother ran far away not able to cope with life on the southside any longer. Her care had fallen to her dad’s three closest friends. More so like uncles to her now than dad’s old friends from “work”.

She opened the door of the apartment. She hummed happily as she entered but soon stopped dead in her tracks. She took her pocket knife from her jacket and stepped further into the living room. There the chair was spun around facing a glowing fire.

“Well what the fuck are you doing here Ryan”

Ryan spun slowly in the chair mimicking that of a Bond villain.

“now now Kitten, that’s no way to talk to your brother now is it?”

Teehee. Well? Let me what you think!

when i wasn’t looking (jane/kurt + eden weller fanfic + #bspromptchallenge)

project: @blindspothiatusproject 30 day gif/fanfic prompt challenge

day 13. future

series: what i never knew i always wanted

A/N: Basically all of the fics in this series are future fics so I decided to go waaaaaay into the future for this prompt. Something a little different but I really loved writing it. Hope you all like it.


when i wasn’t looking

Jane could hear them yelling before she’d even put her key in the front door. She glanced back at her two sons who were carrying their hockey bags up the driveway and then back at the front door to their house.

“Boys, why don’t you take your bags down to the basement and start your homework down there. I’ll see what’s going on…”

She opened the door and the volume of Kurt and Eden’s shouting match went way up as she stepped into the entrance.

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the involuntary all-nighter | choi minho

pairing: minho x reader

prompt: #37; “Welcome to fatherhood.”

word count: 469

genre: fluff

“Minho… I think my water just broke.” I looked at my soaking wet dress. “Fuck. Go lie down in the backseat. NOW, Y/N!” I managed to crawl into the backseat.

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anonymous asked:

I would give anything to hold Jimin's baby hands just once in my life😪

*soft gasp* Jimin’s cute tiny adorable hands are what fuel my entire life. I would be able to die in peace if i could just hold his hand once. I have super super tiny hands so I can completely understand his struggle. And I just love love love his chubby little pinky finger ;-;

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look at the pinky!!

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look at his cute lil hand clapping!

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