baby just hold my hand

Why do y'all sleep on Krisoo?


Kris is literally the only one that could do this shit to D.O. and not get socked in the stomach

get up in there baby 

“His eyes just follow Kris, wow”-My Nana

i just

always holding the smol ones hand, aw

he smiles so damn much with kris 

oop theres the hand holding again aw

“Eyes just lock right on him don’t they?”-My Nana

Just not gonna let go

Yall need to appreciate this more since we aint gonna get more

Krisoo is where it’s at


Will: Are you sure this is the right place?
Nico: Yeah, why, you scared? Here, take my hand you big baby.
Will: Me, scared? pffft- you just want to hold my hand.
Nico: So what if I do.

Somewhat aesthetic Solangelo youtube AU where Nico finds ghosts in grave yards and abandoned places and Will is the obligated camera man who follows Nico because he loves him.

So much for posting on Halloween. I swear, the only time I decided to do something in season I got sick. I’m still sick and it sucks. And when I came back I see this drama in solangelo and I’m just….. *inhales*

Don’t feel discouraged when you see people hating on the ship. Don’t let that stop you from shipping solangelo. Instead of fighting, I suggest try to ignore them and just support the ones who do ship them. Support those who writes solangelo fanfics, those who draws solangelo, those solangelo blogs, etc. Don’t stop loving solangelo. Don’t let them make you feel down. :)

Also I found out that this can’t be seen in the solangelo tag. I hope it would make you happy if you haven’t seen it yet. 

Naruto: “Why would I date a guy like him!?”, huh… Hee hee!

Ino: I thought so! I thought so! 

Sakura: Oh my… 

Shikamaru: So this is Asuma-sensei and Dad was talking about… So troublesome…