baby jt

Sometimes I think about how I literally have no culture than I got from my family and every cultural practice or touchstone I have was gained through osmosis or is second hand from people around me and it makes me so sad


omg lil babies


Baby furby component comparisons. The one on the left with the yellow board is a series 2 “Primary” furb from the WT factory. It works, but is mute and the eyes were assembled wrong (just a cosmetic problem). The one on the right with the blue board is the series 1 “Peachy” JT furby I’ve been trying to get working.

Though a little difference is to be expected, because of different manufacturing dates and factories, you can see that the JT baby has a lot of hand-added parts (the blue capacitors in the front-left and the components in the middle-right next to the daughter boards). Both of these furbs are a very strange mix of through-hole and surface-mount parts.

Interestingly enough, baby furbies use exactly the same board and cam gears as adult furbies, including the framework for them to tip back and forth.