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hi everyone!! i felt that i needed to do a follow forever since i finally changed my url for the first time ever from callahansgirardi to shouldhavebeenstaal. this url might not last a long time idk yet. i love the rangers with all my heart but the preds really stole my heart this season. as you all can see i am very upset about the fact that the rangers bought out girardi (before they even touched staal, which im still waiting for and am wondering why he’s still even here bc hes 10000 times worse than girardi but thats just my opinion) and the fact that stepan was traded for a 7th overall draft pick (that from the looks of it we wasted but idk much about this kid so for all i know he could be decent). oops im rambling away here…anyway you guys are great and keep rockin. give these awesome blogs a follow peeps if you aren’t already following each other. 

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Out Of Sight Part 3 - Auston Matthews

Originally posted by nylanderhoe

Warnings: Cursing again I think?

Word Count: 1258

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

*Auston’s POV*

 I quickly walk out of the front door of my building, instantly feeling the warm July breeze in Toronto. I start jogging two blocks down the street to Mitch’s building. Looking here first since he’s one of the only two people I have told about our relationship. He was also the first to know so Y/N has known him longer.

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