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When ThunderBlink Does Nannying

Clarisse is watching the mutant teen training going on with a twitch in her eyes and a baby in her lap. She sighs stiffly as Lorna hurls a hammer in one of the teens’ directions, turning her eyes to the gurgling baby on her lap.

“You’re mommy’s pretty badass, you know.” She watches as Aurora paws her small foot, and proceeds to stuff it into her mouth, then giggling as she topples over in Clarisse’s lap, baby drool falling from the side of her open mouth as she teethed on her foot.

“Mamamamamamam.” The baby cooes as she noms on her foot.

“I’m not your mommy, kid.”

“Mamamam!” Clarisse gives up entirely, sighing as she grabs Aurora’s foot and pulls it out of her mouth.

“That’s dirty.” The baby scrunches her chubby cheeks, and Clarisse panicks. “Oh no no no, don’t cry. Please don’t cry—” Aurora stubbornly flails, then opens her mouth to wail. “Look look here’s the pacifer! Chew on that!” She stuffs the pacifier into Aurora’s mouth just in time, and heaves a relief as the tears dissolve to happy murmurs.

“You’re doing a pretty good job here.” She’s still mad at John for not telling her about what that Dreamer lady did.

“I guess I’m good with dogs and babies.” She gives him a clipped reply, and then stands to turn away with Aurora gingerly carried in her arms.

“Yeah, uh… about that…”

“You’ve already said you’re sorry. Not your fault I’m not taking it.” She’s never that glad for a hungry baby in her arms when Aurora starts clutching and pawing at her, and she strides quickly towards Caitlin.

“Caitlin, where’s the milk bottles?”

“Oh! I thought Aurora was being breast fed.” There’s a moment of awkward silence, and she can feel John’s amused eyes boring into her back. “But they’re down there, right by that corner.” Caitlin’s adds quickly, a almost pitying looking of amusement crossing her face fleetingly.

“Great!” Clarisse strides over quickly to the empty milk bottles. “And…how am I supposed to do this?” Aurora clings to her chest, drool falling out of her mouth and over her shirt as she stares helplessly at the baby formula and milk bottle.

“Put the milk formula into the bottle, add hot water and shake it, but test and watch out for the temperature.” She nearly shrieks as John appears right behind her, flashing her a charming grin.

“Jesus! Do you have ninja skills or something?” Aurora shrieks with laughter at her apparently humourous reaction, and John frowns slightly.

“Language.” He chides just like the mother hen he is. “Here. Let me help you.” She gives him a funny look as he takes the formula and bottle out of her hands and begins making the formula milk.

She watches almost with amusement as he shakes and presses the bottle to his face, then drips the milk onto his hands to test it’s temperature.


“Great! Mind shifting over?” She nearly snaps, her left arm cradling the small baby clutching her shirt and gurgling. “Now. Ahhhh.” She can almost feel John grinning at her side as she takes the pacifer out of Aurora’s mouth. Aurora immediately scrunches her face in protest, opening her mouth to wail out a cry when—Clarisse immediately stuffs the bottle of formula into her mouth.

The baby’s look of utter surprise tickles Clarisse, before a bright smile crosses her lips as Aurora begins to suckle on the bottle, her eyes drooping half closed and fingers playing with the sides of the bottle as she chugged down the formula milk. Bright purple green lights rose around Clarisse’s body from Aurora’s tiny fingers, and reach out to snap a twirling vine around John’s wrist as the baby murmurs and claps her feet together, playing with her toes.

“She likes you. She’s happy.” John points out, and Clarisse rolls her eyes.

“Yes no shit. I’m a doggie and baby magnet, believe me.”

“Language!” John chides a little more strongly this time, watching her with something akin to tenderness.

“Okay. You’re looking at me awkward. Do I have something on my face?” John turns his face away abruptly.


“Okay then!” She turns her focus back to Aurora, cursing as she finds the baby sound asleep and the milk dribbling down her fingers from where she didn’t suckle from the bottle.

“Oh shit, that’s dirty.”

“There’s wet wipes there.” John hands her magically the wet wipes she needs and she glanced at him through the corner of her eyes as she wipes down Aurora, stirring the baby slightly from her nap. “Hoist her to your shoulder and Pat her back. That should make her burp.” She does as what he says and tries not to let the fact that Aurora curling around her shoulder affectionately has softened her slightly hardened heart just slightly.

Just. Slightly.

“You’ll make a wonderful Mary Poppins, you know.” She remarks to John, grinning at his face. “Just add a umbrella and tone down some brawne and you’ll be perfect.” She’s satisfied as she feels a small hiccup burst through Aurora’s lips, and the baby goes back to sleeping comfortably on her shoulders.

“You two look a like a couple with a baby.” She hears Lorna from a distance, and has to avoid smacking foreheads together with Aurora as the baby perks up sleepily upon hearing her mother’s voice.

“Shut up, Mistress Magnetism. Here’s your kid.” She reluctantly hands Aurora back to Lorna, who coos at her daughter’s sleepy face. “I fed her already.”

Lorna smirks at her as she holds her daughter.

“I noticed.” The raise of her eyebrows are so on point as she glances at Clarisse’s shoulder. “I take that John didn’t tell you that when babies burp they kinda throw up too?”

“What what?” Clarisse gasps in horror, turning herself round to take a look at the back of her shoulder. “Oh shit! Fuck! That is disgusting!” Lorna’s hands are firmly clasped over her daughter’s young ears as she grins.

“It can be washed off. But you’ll be smelling baby puke on your shoulders for the rest of the night.” She smirks at John this time. “Or maybe, you could ask John to help you wash up.” She wiggles her eyebrows as Clarisse growls lowly under her breath at what her friend insinuates.

“Not funny, Dane. Not funny at all!” She yells at Lorna’s hysterically laughing back, before scowling at John and stomping away towards the toilets, a grudging smile on her lips.

Perhaps, one day.

They might just make good parents after all, when they’ve gotten all their issues straightened out.


So I actually finally got down to the point where I wrote finish that ThunderBlink thing I had going on.


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