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the less i know the better. (m)

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the less i know the better.

characters; yoongi, oc - reader

genre; angst , kinda but not really smut ??

warnings; mature content, swearing, slight smut basically just some oral

The chills you had from your opened bedroom window no longer worried you as a bead of sweat broke out on your face. Your fingers were laced in the messy jet black hair of the boy who had set himself between your opened legs earlier after the victory of his football game had caused him to request a victory treat.

“Yoongi- ah, oh that feels so good” You whimpered as he used his tongue to work his magic along your slit. His index finger circled your entrance teasingly, his eyebrow quirking up as you released groans.

“You taste even better,” he replied, gazing into your eyes as he continued his work with his tongue and pointer finger. You had felt yourself slowly inching up to cloud 9 when a shrill ringing caused you both to pause. “Fuck, just ignore it” Yoongi grunted as you reached over to the end of your bed to retrieve your phone. You ignored him, reading over the name that interrupted your moment of bliss. Yoongi seemed to be curious too and peeped a look at your phone screen before scoffing, a frown settling on his face. “Tell him to fuck off Y/N, he can’t pick and choose when to talk to you.” He moved to settle himself back between your legs but you snapped them shut, sitting up to catch your breath.

“Yoongi cut it out” You mumbled, pushing him off of you, ignoring his protests. You answered before the phone sent the caller to voicemail, trying to sound as normal as possible even though your heart was racing. “Hello?”

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