baby jeffrey

Title: Baby, I’m Back! 

@isayweallgetdrunk​ requested: Omg those prompts 😱 I like187 and 188 with Negan ofc! 187: “ Already? Do I really have that much of an effect on you?” || 188: “ Mine.

Character(s): Negan and Reader
Summary: After his month-long supply run, you and Negan show each other just how much you missed one another.
Word Count: 3,504
Warning: SMUT!!!
Author’s Note: Thank you, @isayweallgetdrunk​ for requesting these prompts! I mean, 187 and 188 are definitely lines that Negan would say, I think! I hope you enjoy this smutty goodness! ;-)

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“Jeffrey and the Ragdoll” - Digital Oil Painting

“Norman convinced me. Everyone needs a furry friend to help get them through the zombie apocalypse.”

I think most people would guess JDM as a dog person, but I just couldn’t resist placing him with this sweet, long-haired Ragdoll kitty. They have such an easy-going personality and beautiful coloration.

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Facts About Dahmer’s Childhood

Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer (pictured here, left, with his younger brother David) seemed to enjoy a relatively stable, normal childhood at first glance; unlike most serial killers he was not the product of an abusive home, and Jeffrey himself said that he was “like everyone else” in his formative years.

Yet there are many disquieting red flags apparent in Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood that marked him as different from other children. Despite the piles of family photographs depicting the idyllic American dream, there was something very wrong going on behind closed doors at the Dahmer house.

- Joyce Dahmer suffered from inexplicable mental distress for most of her pregnancy with Jeffrey, and was heavily medicated on morphine and mood-stabilisers by the time she gave birth to him. She had a very difficult time adjusting to the demands of motherhood, and friends of the couple would often hear her screaming nonsense at baby Jeffrey when they came over to visit.

- When he caught Jeffrey bleaching animal bones in his own household, Lionel Dahmer was thrilled that his son was interested in something ‘scientific’, and did not discourage his fascination with dead things. Lionel even wrote out a special 'recipe’ for bleaching bones, the exact same recipe Jeffrey would later use on the corpses of his victims.

- Dahmer was described as a “shy, reserved child” by a first grade teacher, and his shyness only intensified as he got older and witnessed more marital disputes between his parents. A neighbour recalled that Jeffrey never had friends over to play, and he often saw the little boy muttering to himself in the back yard. Classmates remembered that Jeffrey rarely laughed or smiled, and that he kept a jar of dragonflies in his school bag that he called his 'friends’.

- Though it has never been verified, there are several sources that state Dahmer was molested by a neighbourhood boy when he was just a young child. If this is true, it coincides with his interest in roadkill and realisation that he was attracted to the same sex.