baby jeffrey


“ Kevin will you come to my birthday party? ”

I will if you want to

Happy birthday Jaehyun, valentine boy ♡

“Jeffrey and the Ragdoll” - Digital Oil Painting

“Norman convinced me. Everyone needs a furry friend to help get them through the zombie apocalypse.”

I think most people would guess JDM as a dog person, but I just couldn’t resist placing him with this sweet, long-haired Ragdoll kitty. They have such an easy-going personality and beautiful coloration.

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But I’m not ready to be a parent! *faints* W-what? Oh! They’re not canon? Phew! That’s a relief! ~ Spirit Roots 

Completed Crackships Babies! (NONE OF THESE ARE CANON! THEY ARE JUST FOR FUN). (Some of the mentioned blogs may have NSFW material) 

So here they are, the completed Crackship Babies. (Note: parent reference pics came from their respective owners blogs. I do not take credit for drawing those.)

I wanted to try something a little different from usual on them so, if you think they look different from my normal style, that is why.

Thank you to everyone involved and I hope you enjoy them. :)

In order from top to bottom For those who are curious, I’m also going to include what was going through my head as I created them:

Ephraim: Child of Oswald ( @nemovonsilver ) and Jeff ( @askthe-twistedking ). Requested by @chance-of-chaos. Like Oswald, he is a bit baby faced. He is also on the smaller side. He has a habit of picking on and teasing people he likes. He likes to sew, particularly making little plushies, but is easily embarrassed by them. He usually covers his embarrassment with faked confidence and cockiness.

Poison Oak: Child of the Wendigo Mare ( @greaserparty ) and Acid Poison ( @loulouvely ). Requested by @gowak. Whenever I looked at the wendigo mare, I couldn’t help but feel like she was kind of sad. I don’t know something about the eyes probably why I be an easy meal for her. I’m also not sure the direction loulouvely is going with Acid Poison’s cannibalism. Poison Oak struggles with her feelings on her cannibalism. She is usually quiet and isolates herself from others, but she is quite foul mouthed when she speaks, something she probably picked up from Acid. She intentionally doesn’t have a cutiemark because she is struggling with who she is and what she wants.

Alto Cornet: Child of Merciful Melody ( @chance-of-chaos ) and Spirit Roots (mine). Alto Cornet is very musically talented. She learned singing from Merciful Melody, trumpet from Spirit Roots, and learned piano as her own instrument. She can be quite shy, but this seems to completely disappear when she performs. She often twirls her hair around her hooves.

Endnote: Child of Airhead ( @airheadlibrary ) and Spirit Roots (mine). Endnote is very studious and well read not surprising with a librarian parent and a teacher parent. He almost always has some interesting fact or statistic to add to any conversation. He can be a bit scatterbrained from time to time, misplacing things. He likes to write research papers on almost any subject.