baby jaehyo


bbomb step up your game

I feel like a proud mother.

Block b has worked so hard and Its literally the best thing ever  is to see them get the recognition they deserve.

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The look on their faces and the excitement they have literally makes me so happy

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I’m just so proud and Happy for them. I wish but nothing but the best for my 7 dorks

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Babies On The Block Pt. 2

Get some tissues because there baby Ukwon in a draw, baby Kyung singing to us, child Minhyuk acting, baby Taeil will make you cry, child Jaehyo in the tank gave me back 5 years, child Jihoon nothing has changed by now he bigger, and child Jiho is as cute and as sassy 24 years ago like he is now.




Park Kyung:




BLOCK B REACTION To you being naughty and sassy to see how they would respond

We are sooo sorry for the long wait! ADM Kim had some problems and all his reactions are late… Please forgive us!



“Wow. Where’s the girl who I know?”


“Oh baby! Do you wanna kill me?”


“Don’t tease me if you will not finish the job baby”


“Let’s play a game sweetie”


“You’re not doing it just to make me happy, right? You don’t need to do it… really”


“Oh baby, you don’t know what you’re doing”


He doesn’t know how to respond, he be confused cuz was so sudden.


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~ADM Pandacchi


If anyone ever asks you why you stan Block B, simply show them this


In the Block B MTV match up Japan show these are just some things I noted. not sure if they mean anything xD
1. Zico was giving the mixed interviewer Joann aegyo in between shooting the interview. xD It happens in the same episode that Kyung flirts with her.

2. During the actual interview, B Bomb was staring at her really hard throughout the vid - as was Kyung, I’m not surprised.

3. During the interview baby daddy Jaehyo talked to her the most and seemed really comfortable talking to her. :)

I’ll make some screenshots, as some people (including me) like visuals better. Plus I don’t have anything else to do today (ma day off). LMFAO sorry, not sorry.