baby jaehyo

How Stardom actually got the ulzzang Ahn Jaehyo to their company

They put down a trail of tiny rubber ducks, SD cards, and a subscription to Parents magazine that lead to their front door. Once he opened the door and went inside they said tiny wild baby animals were in the room over which Jaehyo knew it had to be true because he could hear them screaming and tiny bodies hitting the walls. He just had to sign a “waiver” because they are wild and the oldest is in his teething stage. But once inside the tiny wild animals were Block B and the “waiver” was a contract.

I feel like a proud mother.

Block b has worked so hard and Its literally the best thing ever  is to see them get the recognition they deserve.

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The look on their faces and the excitement they have literally makes me so happy

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I’m just so proud and Happy for them. I wish but nothing but the best for my 7 dorks

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sometimes I'm just living life and I'm reminded of the huge nerd that is Ahn Jae Hyo

I mean look at this athletic hot celebrity flashing his evergrowing abs (..okay he’s built and strong, maybe not really athletic but)

one would never guess from just that what a huge nerd he is

He actually got into the entertainment industry because he was an ulzzang internet celeb so yeah

He is basically a huge dork who walks, talks and laughs like a retard, bites his lips, and probably would rather lazy around watching movies or listening to music or playing games than being a jock

but one would just never guess