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saudade (n.);; a deep emotional state of nostalgic and profound longing to be near again to an absent something, or someone that one loves.

*rubs my filthy reylo hands all over Star Wars* Does that bother you?

Really tho, aren’t we powerful? First we ruined porgs, then we ruined Rose, now we somehow ruined the entire Star Wars hype. Give yourself a round of applause, ladies and gentlemen.


Serendipity (2001)

You know the Greeks didn’t write obituaries. They only asked one question after a man died: “Did he have passion?”


Jon in Fury deleted scenes (1/11)


 ".. [talking about Spock’s conflict in star trek beyond]…we know that it’s his responsibility to extent the vulcan race (after what happened to vulcan) and maybe Uhura may not be the person he should be with.. but what if she is and that’s ok?  So I hope they are able to.. I hope that their journey isn’t over.“ 


I’m so glad there are still people in the fandom to share this stuff with😭💖💦 (and such kind feedback too, wow😭💦)
Heck, I had no idea this movie even existed until my friend told me about it (it never got here on dvd, cinema, or netflix, which is a shame!!) Most of all I’m super grateful for a character like Bog, a refreshingly unconventional love interest🙏😭 (and super handsome imo)
So here I am.. two years late.. but having a blast👐✨☺️


We picked up Atomic Blonde a little while back, so I watched it with my mother and my husband while she was visiting (and they are not into demonstrative appreciation of media the way we get within fandom, you know?) and on the one hand it’s a pretty good spy-flick if slower than the previews made it look and we all enjoyed it

but on the other hand, I spent most of the movie doing this in my head

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and being kind of sad that I wasn’t watching with any of you so I could do it OUT LOUD without being distracting

Radio Love Part 1//Baby Driver

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Warnings: I don’t know swearing I guess. Yeah swearing. Other than that its just some fluffyness

Notes: From the movie Baby Driver. Also if you guys want more request send em in. I’m free. Also sorry for the irregular paragraph spacing its not letting me change it. I may write a second part, who knows? And lots is spelling errors. Whoops!


I sighed and rolled my eyes at the room currently full of the next crew. Baby was seated at the end of the table and Darling, and Buddy,who had their eyes on Doc behind me, and a man named Griff. Darling and Buddy were obviously married seeing how they were treating one another and Griff was tour typical bad boy. He was covered I. tatoos that were running up and down his arm and lead into his chest. I looked over my sunglasses to Baby. His head was on the table, much like a little kids would be, and his headphones were situated into his ears. I cod tell his hand was flipping through sings on the IPod he was holding.

“BlueJay,” I turned around at the sound of my name, “introduce everyone and take it away.” Doc said sitting down and the chair on my current right. I nodded my head and looked at the board. Looked simple enough.

“Everyone Griff,” I said pointing to the man in the middle of the table, “Darling and Buddy.” I gestured over to them. Finally I pointed to the end of the table. “And your get away driver, Baby. Any questions?” I paused for two seconds “Good. Now let’s get rich.”


“That kid can fucking drive!” Buddy yelled as he walked in, Darling and Griff not far behind the tall man.

“Where’s Baby?” I asked.

“Elevator, he asked for you.” Darling told me. I walked past the three thiefs and down the hallway. I slipped my sunglasses off my face. I saw Baby resting against the wall, headphone still in his ears. He spotted me and took one of them out.

“Hey, you okay?” I asked him. I set my hand of his shoulder.

See Baby was way taller then me, 6'3’ was his height, and I was stuck at a low 5'5’. So Baby was almost a good foot taller than me.

I went and rested my hand on his cheek.

“Yeah, I’m good.” He said in a quiet voice. His head seemed to rest in my hand.

“Well one more job, then its me you and the road. We can go untill we dont have anywhere to go. If we run out of gas then we’ll have to walk the rest of the way. I promise” I told him. He made a slight smile at the comment that I always seem to make.

“Yeah, me and you. I have to go and get coffee but I’ll be back.” He whispered to me.

“Go Baby, and get me a tea please.” I asked him.

“Of course.” He said before walking into the elevator and disappeared.

I sighed. I slipped my sunglasses back on to my face and stood tall. Now I have to face those Jackasses again.


Baby came back into the room about 20 minutes later. He was carrying a drink tray with another drink in his hand. He slid all the drink in the tray to everyone around the table.

“Thanks Baby” everyone said. He walked over to the sewing machine and sat the last one down on front of me.

“Thank you Baby” I told him in a quiet voice. He nodded and went back to his music. I looked around. Darling and Buddy were currently talking quietly to thrmselves and drinking their coffee’s. Griff was leaning back in his chair stealing glances at Baby and I. Doc was counting stacks of paper and not paying attention to anything around. I pushed my sunglasses back up on my face.

“Are they retarded?” Griff asked. Baby and I didnt flinch.

“Retarded means slow were they slow?” Doc questioned him.

“No. But they, they have this thing about them.” He said. He got up and started walking over to us. “They always have sunglasses on. The boy never pulls the headphone out of his ears.” Griff said.

“Thats a stupid idea.” Did told him, not looking up fro the stack of money. Griff took a closer step. I grabbed a pen that was close by. Griff kept walking closer until he reaches the small desk table. He lent in close to Baby and took the sunglasses off his face. Griff stood for a moment before he put them on his face.

“Is he mute?” He asked.

“No” Baby spoke for himself this time.

He turned to face me and I moved forward. I was ready to lift my hand but Baby grabbed it and took the pen out of my hand. I kicked him under the table and smiled. He quickly went down to hold his leg.

“What the hell! Why the fuck did you do that?!” He yelled.

“Told you it was a stupid fucking idea wasn’t it?” Doc said.

“Just leave Baby and BlueJay alone.” Darling spoke up. Griff looked back at her. He turned back to us before walking away. Baby opened my hand and put the pen back inside if it. He gently closed it before pulling another pair of sunglasses out from his pocket and slipping them on his face.


I stood quietly in the corner. Baby was standing next to me, headphone still stuffed in his ears. Griff was blowing gum bibles in front of me. Darling and Buddy were having their own fun in the corner and Doc stood in front of everyone.

The elevator dinged and Darling and Buddy soon detached from one another and got off.

“Till next time Doc, Baby, BlueJay.” Darling said. Doc pressed a but to ng and the elevator started descending again. Griff looked a faint bubble as the elevator doors opened again.

“Thanks Doc.” He simply said getting off. Just Baby, Doc and I were left in the elevator as it went down slowly. The doors opened one more time and all three if us got off. Doc grabbed Baby’s and I bag along with his and walked over to his white Mercadices. He poked the trunk and put all three bags inside the trunk.

“ You both know I hate taking candy from babies and bluejays but, one more job. Then you both will be free as birds.” He reached in the bag and grabbed two stacks, handing us one each. “Burner.” He said. I reached in my jacket pocket and grabbed out the small cellphone. I set it in his hand and he set a new one in mine. I sighed. “I’ll call you in a few days. Be ready” he said. He closed his trunk. “Oh and Baby, I was going to give you these next time but might as well give you them now.” He pulled a pair if gloves out of his pocket. Baby grabbed them from him and looked at them. “Till next time Baby.” Doc said before getting in his car and driving off.


“Baby where are we going?” I asked as he stayed on the highway.

“I want to take you somewhere.” He said. I looked at him. Is dirty blonde hair was astray as usual and he had his headphone sitting on his lap. Weird. I looked out the window. I saw buildings passing by in a blur of light, showing how fast Baby was driving. I turned back to him. I just looked at him. He looked focused in the road. His eyes glued forward not moving and his finger tapping the steering wheel. I moved my eyes down to his jacket. The old silver and blur bomber jacket hanging in his broad shoulders. I sighed and turned back to the window.

About a half an hour of driving I just saw trees and I watched signs as they passed. I started tapping my foot against the floorboards. I sighed. The car was silent, there wasn’t a single song, note or word being passed in the car. Baby soon turned into a field and shut the car off. He stepped out of the red Subaru and I followed. Baby grabbed my hand and lead me away from the car. He stopped and looked out. He wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Listen.” He told me. I strained my ears to listen.

“I can’t hear anything Baby.” I told him. He leaned in.

“Neither can I.” He whispered in my ear. “I can’t hear the ringing.” He said quietly.

“What?” I turned to him. His hand were still situated on my waist and he held his grip there.

“Jay, I cant hear the ringing. I can’t gear it because of you.” His hand went up to my face. “Jay, your my music. I don’t need my music when I’m around you. After this, it’ll just be me, you and the road. We’ll drive until we don’t have anywhere to go.”

“If we run out if gas then we’ll walk the restof the way.” I finished for him. He smiled.

“Yeah.” He looked down at me.

“So what dies this mean Baby?” I asked him, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Baby and BlueJay are in business.”


Well that was exciting! I hope you enjoyed!