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So i leave Tumblr for a few days and this just happened...

Nick has suspended The Loud House creator and animation veteran Chris Savino over allegations over sexual harassment, resulting in shock from both loud house fans and from the animation world. As someone who has been a fan of animation since he was baby, i am both shocked and heartbroken that the creator of one of the most progressive and beloved animated show airing today, who do these horrible acts against his female co-workers. It also absolutely sickens me that this has been going on for around a decade. While i will still be supporting The Loud House, as of today i will no longer be support Mr. Savino as both a person and as a artist. My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected doing this difficult time.

Do you know what pisses me off the most about the dreaded “Autism Moms”?

Let me tell you, as an autistic adult who also was a main caregiver for an autistic boy (my brother). 

For the record:  I swear that if you use this post to say autism makes people violent and abusive, I will send 12,000 angry geese to flock in your bedroom and destroy every item that you treasure the most. AND I will eat the leftovers you had planned on eating for lunch tomorrow. Don’t you fuckin dare miss the point of this post. 

Listen up. I got a story for you.

Bit of background first.

My boy, my little hobbit, was born when I was ten years old. My mother left him alone with my grandparents and me. She legit abandoned him. 

My grandparents weren’t sure they could take him in. 
I begged. I pleaded. I asked as hard as I could to let us keep him and not give him back to my mother. 

Of course, they said yes. 

I dutifully became the protective older sister.

I would bathe him up until the week I left for college. I measured his medications and crushed them into his favorite yogurt. Blue, if you were curious.I made sure his food was perfect - french fries made just like he wanted, a chicken fry sandwich complete with his favorite McDonald’s sauce we bought in bulk.  
I went to his speech and occupational therapies several times a week, and practiced the things he learned. I went with him to his first day of school.

I even did a middle school project all about autism (which I am slightly embarrassed about, as I mentioned A$ in it ugh). I read all the autism books a 12 year old could find, and immersed myself in the Vanderbilt paperwork. I delved into the world of IEPs, visual schedules, and basic sign language.

And now, I’m still sending them resources and information on medications, papers for teachers, and going over doctor notes for him - despite being six hours away. 

(Of course, I was an undiagnosed autistic girl who also needed quiet. When I wasn’t needed to do these things, I was often in my room away from the loud television and people. I wasn’t a perfect caregiver, but I did do a lot.)

All of that to say: yeah, it wasn’t easy. But since when is raising a kid ever easy? I started looking after this boy when I was ten years old.

But here’s what infuriates me.

I read all the time about these autism moms who complain about how terrible their lives are. They say they’re afraid of being hurt and their lives are destroyed. Some even talk about killing their kids.

You know what?

Yeah, I got hurt by him or when helping him. I got bit, scratched, hit, and everything else. Usually it was just him being frustrated over lack of communicating his needs, so I was rarely angry. 
I ran after him when he went out the door straight for a lawnmower and I fell to the concrete. I grabbed him right before he ran into a street and ended up with my arm covered in blood.

I was kicked in the head and given a traumatic brain injury that requires me to now use a cane, and has caused a ton of nervous system issues. I even use a wheelchair part-time due to another condition that occurred afterwards. I’m only 20, and my health is pretty comparable to someone with congestive heart failure.

And you know what? 

I never in a million years thought about hurting my little brother.

I still don’t blame him. He was often overwhelmed, and had meltdowns. As an autistic person myself, I understood it - even if I didn’t know I was autistic at the time. (I suspected, but was too focused on other things.) 
I don’t know if I’ll ever get better health-wise, and that’s okay. I don’t know if I’ll get to run and dance again, or if there’s worse effects to come. It’s just what it is, and I’ve accepted that. 

He’s a child. It’s not his fault. He once asked me if it was, and I hugged him tight and said absolutely not. 

I say all this not to demonstrate how violent autistic people can be, but to demonstrate that I get where these autism moms are coming from.

  Again, for the record, autistic people are far more likely to be abused and assaulted. 

Remember how I said  I get where they’re coming from?

Yeah, that’s still not an excuse to be harmful toward your child. Ever.

You don’t give your babies bleach, shock them, or starve them. You don’t talk about them as if they’re literally a death sentence for you. And you sure as hell don’t want to murder your little ones. 

And if you literally want to kill your kid, if you would rather have a dead child than an autistic one, I have news for you.

You don’t deserve that child, and you better back up and understand this.

You autism moms need to stop. You need to listen. 

Your kids are going through a world that wants to “cure” them, force them into suffering so they can look “normal.” Your kids are going to spend their entire lives dealing with a world that is hostile to them. People try to assimilate us to save their own pride, at the expense of our own comfort and stability. 
Your kid is going to go through life being told that they should be literally “treated” with electroshock therapy because of their neurology. They’re going to be told that they shouldn’t reproduce. They’re going to be told that they’re not worth having space in this world. Your kid is going to grow up one day, and they’re going to hear this and internalize it. 

I know that, because that’s what I hear every day. 

You say it’s so hard to have an autistic kid?

Well, of course it is. But you know what?

Kids are hard.
They’re going to kick, hit, pinch, and everything else. Even neurotypical kids do that. I don’t know a single kid who hasn’t bit their caregiver or thrown something when grumpy. 
(I’ll say it again for those in the back: autistic kids are way way way more likely to be abused and hurt.)

When you have a kid, you sign up for this. You love that little one unconditionally, you protect them with all your heart. You give them support. You love that child even if they have a disability, especially when they have a disability.

You teach them that they are allowed to exist, that they are just as valuable and needed in this world like anyone else. We need all the neurodiversity in this world we can get. 

You teach your child that they’re not a burden. You teach them how to say no and that autonomy is often more important than compliance. You teach them that you love them, and that they will always have someone in their corner to back them up when times are tough.

I don’t care how hard you think it is raise an autistic child.

Trust me, I know full well it’s hard. Parenting is hard. It’s not easy, and it’s not always roses and fluffy kittens. That has nothing to do with having an autistic kid; that’s just a fact of life. 

The fear of getting hurt is valid. I can attest to that, and I don’t think I can downplay that. But that behavior is communication, and you have to learn how to read it. I did. You have to fight for better supports, for ways to make it easier on your kid - and by doing this, easier for you too. 

Sure, it’s hard.

But you know what? Your kid’s going to have it much harder. 

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omg you have a sister?? how cute!

YEE we’re 11 years apart but get along…..a little too well.. probably bc of our gigantic interest in cartoons lmfaoo (she binge watched bnha in 2 days can u look at my lil prodigy weeb)

BTS reaction: their child’s first word being appa


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You were all in the kitchen together; you were feeding the baby, Jin was sitting at the table, just watching. It wasn’t going too well, the little one was spitting out the food, smearing it all over the table. The baby was making an absolute mess and you were already pretty frustrated.
Suddenly, the baby also started to cry, it cried out “appa!!!” and sobbed. Jin immediately stood up and  went to take his baby into his arms. He smiled widely, looking at you.
“Did you hear? Did you hear that? He felt really happy! He looked back at the baby in his arms, who had since calmed down, only some tears still running down its face. Jin tried to feed the little one once again, and this time, it did eat.


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Babies were supposed to stop crying every few hours during night time, but for some reason, his nine month old baby was now, at point 4 o'clock, crying loudly. He hadn’t actually woken up at first, it was you who had to wake him and remind him that it was his turn.
Now he stood there, next to her little bed, grumpily. He glared at the little angel, who was still sobbing even as it looked at him.
“Alright, what do you need..?” He said in a sleepy voice, rubbing his eyes. The baby reached its tiny arms towards him, “appa, appa!” It squealed. Yoongi smiled, all tiredness suddenly washed away. As much as he wanted to go back to sleep, hearing his baby talk, and hearing “appa” be its first word made him happy, made him feel giddy. He took the baby into his arms, feeling all warm inside now, and held the little one close, rocking its body back and forth.
You found him the next morning, sleeping in a chair in the kid’s room, with the baby still in his arms.


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He was writing some stuff down, lyrics for a possible future song. The baby was sitting in between his legs, giggling at how funny Namjoon looked. Namjoon would quietly mumble the words to himself, the baby trying to repeat those words, but failing miserably. Every word of gibberish his child said made Namjoon very happy, and he found it so adorable! He decided to take a small break and put the sheet of paper on the table. He was stretching, yawning in the process, but something made him stop and freeze midway – the baby suddenly, on its own, said “appa”. Namjoon took his arms back down, to his child, hugging the baby. He called you over, so you could hear and experience your child’s first time speaking proper words as well. This special moment not only made him tear up and insanely proud, but it also gave him motivation and inspiration for his work.


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

He would be the happiest person on this planet. He was just sitting in the living room, on the couch, with his little baby in his arms, when the baby suddenly started ‘talking’. At first it was just some kind of gibberish, but then it said, mostly clearly, “Appa” And Hoseok immediately showed a big smile. With the baby still held tightly in his arms, he ran towards you, encouraging your 8 month old little sunshine to “please say it again, just once more, for mummy” He was seriously over the moon and beaming with happiness because of it.


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You were sitting with him in the living room. He was just watching TV, but you were busy with the baby, playing with it.
“Come on, say mummy, you can do it!” You tried to encourage the child, Jimin insisting that the little one was too young to talk already.
“Mu-mmy.” You kept trying, but the baby didn’t want any of that. You were about to give up when it said “Appa!” Jimin looked at you two and started laughing. He did move closer to you, to not miss any further development on this, but he thought that it was too cute and too funny that the baby had said appa instead of what you were trying to teach it.


Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

He was out grocery shopping when it happened. He picked up an item of food and leaned down, over his baby, saying in a cute voice: “Yes, let’s get this too, for mummy, hm? Mummy loves this!” He poked the baby’s nose, at which the little one giggled and said “Appa!”. At first he just stared at the baby, a bit shocked, as it had never pronounced any words clearly before, but a moment later he caught himself, and smiled lovingly at the baby. He kissed his child’s cheek, and immediately called you, to tell you about this. He even tried to play with the baby until it would repeat the word, he felt so proud in this moment.


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He was on tour, and you missed him dearly, so you decided to skype with him one day. Your baby, which was around 6 months now, leaned against your chest.
When Jungkook accepted the skype call, and saw his baby, his face immediately lit up. He made a cute, silly face at it and, in a cute voice, said “Hello!” He also greeted you, and you talked for a bit, before your baby reached out with its little arm, putting its hand on the screen, where Jungkook’s face was, and said in a weak voice “appa”. The baby started to cry, wanting to be held by Jungkook. When Jungkook saw his baby’s actions and heard it say its first word, he teared up, starting to cry as well. He missed out on so much while he was away on tour. If he wasn’t so busy, he would have had the time to be an actual dad, to hold his child, hear his child’s first word in person… but he was away and missed out on it all.

~Admin Min Holypuff my first work on this blog yeey


His little face, his shocked eyes and ohmygod his hands all protective in front of him and MY WORD his perfect eyebrows have shrunk with shock and his mouth and the line of his chin… 

THIS BOY IS INHUMANLY BEAUTIFUL the combination of Eros and uncertainty is too strong in this picture

i love him/10 wear that wedding ring with pride you sparkly angel

Rude Boy (2)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 2489

Warnings: SMUT. NSFW gifs (may have gotten carried away with those).

Summary:  You go undercover with Bucky where you need to get a flashdrive from a HYDRA agent who frequents a men’s club. Your job is to give him a lap dance, get him knocked out, and steal the flash drive. Things don’t go as planned because someone gets a little jealous and decides to, quite literally, knock the agent out.

A/N: Here ya go. Wrap it before you tap it kids.

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Part 1

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senpai and his precious kouhai ❤

overstimulation | EXO reaction

anon requested: Hello! I’ve fallen in love with this blog, and I was wondering if you could do an exo reaction to you loving overstimulation(like hardcore(ish) tied to a bed and screaming in pleasure almost fainting shit) ? If it’s too much than just kyungsoo :p I love you guys and thanks in advance!

This was hella difficult to write, idk I’m not good at making reactions, I’m sorry :,)

Kim Minseok (Xiumin)

You never explicitly told Minseok that you were into overstimulation, he found out once when you two were having sex and, after your first orgasm you kept on grinding against his naked thigh, trying to reach for something else. At first he didn’t think you were overstimulating yourself into another orgasm, but after a couple of times he understood that you were into that, so the next time you had sex (which probably was the day after) he decided to try and overstimulate you more than usual. He never thought - not even once - that that was unusual or else, rather he enjoyed extend his time in bed with you.

You’re doing so good, baby. Don’t worry, I will you go when I think it’s too much for you to handle

Kim Junmyeon (Suho)

We all know - or believe to know - that Junmyeon has the biggest daddy kink after Minseok, so I think he would be the one starting the overstimulation thing. You probably didn’t even know what overstimulation was or how much in it you were until Junmyeon decided, one night, after the longest masturbation-session to just keep on rubbing your clit and not climb quickly into the second base - aka having sex -. Since that night both you and him understood just how much you loved being overstimulated and he started not doing it just a couple of times, but there were nights where he tied you to the bed and ate you out for more than two hours consecutively.

Just stay still, my darling. You have a long night ahead with daddy hiding his face between your pretty legs

Zhang Yixing (Lay)

I’m glad we can all agree on the fact that Zhang Yixing is not innocent, so when you first tell him - jokingly - that you are into overstimulation, the first thing he does is getting to his knees and hiding under your skirt, dipping his tongue between your folds (with you having or not panties on). After the first orgasm and the second and the third, he may came out and kiss you, just to bring you into your bedroom, so he can now take you some other times, making you cum as many times as he can. At the end you would probably be more in the other world than in this, ready to faint at any moment.

Was that good, baby? Did you like it? We can still go, we have all day and I want to spend it fucking you

Byun Baekhyun

This little bastard would go head over heels after you confessed how much overstimulation made you feel good. He would literally undress you from your pajama, tie you against the bed in the morning and turn on the vibrator you bought together, leaving it against your clit and waking you up with it and your first orgasm, but he would then let it on and go to work, leaving you spread and tied on the bed for more than five hours, until he came back home from work in the afternoon, finding you still there with a big spot of wetness on the bed for how many times you came under stimulation thanks to the vibrator functioning against your clit. He would be super amused.

Aw my darling, look at you? I think you’re having too much fun here without me, should I leave again?

Kim Jongdae (Chen)

Baby Jongdae would be extremely shocked when he saw you kept on riding him even if you already came once thanks to his fingers and once thanks to his member inside of you. He wouldn’t think about you loving overstimulation at first, just some days after, when he had you grinding your womanhood over his tongue even if you already came he truly understood.

Needless to say that he even if he didn’t truly understand - because he thought tha doing it to him it felt uncomfortable - he still tried to satisfy you as much as he could. If not with his member then with his hands or mouth, keeping you on bed even for more than an hour just for the overstimulation.

Mh - Am I making you feel good? Am I doing it right? Tell me when you can’t take it anymore

Park Chanyeol

I think Chanyeol is too impatient to be actually willing to give you overstimulation, he may accept to overstimulate you for a couple of times, maybe when you both have more chill-time or you are both on the couch and he’s just lazily eating you out, but other then that he wouldn’t be too down for it. Of course if you feel the need and ask him he would be more than happy to help you feel even better, but otherwise he wouldn’t be doing it first.

Sure, baby girl. I’m here to satisfy your needs, you just need to ask

Do Kyungsoo (D.O.)

I believe Kyungsoo, in his shyness and silent manner, deep down is more similar to Baekhyun than anyone else. Since the beginning Kyungsoo knew about your kink, so you had all the time to experiment and his favourite one is surely when he has you tied up against the bed, all naked, maybe with some nipple clips, with two different vibrators on you, one against your clit and one deep inside of your core, both going at the speed he decides through a remote, because unlike Baekhyun, he would be sitting on a chair in front of your spread legs, enjoying the little show as you come so many times that at the end you’re ready to faint. He would probably have his member in hand while watching you.

You can come now, again love

Kim Jongin (Kai)

I think Jongin might be into overstimulation just as much as you are, and he would love to overstimulate you in the weirdest places, like under the table while you’re having dinner with your parents or in the kitchen while you’re cooking, forcing you to keep on doing what you’re doing and making you come countless times with his fingers and mouth. Not counting how much he loves to fuck you without stopping, even if you both came so many times and your walls couldn’t even close hard against him anymore. I feel like Jongin would be the dirtiest of all, he would love overstimulation.

Ssh, don’t make any sound, you don’t want the others to find out, do you?

Oh Sehun

Like Chanyeol, Sehun would be too eager to do everything and do it good, so he wouldn’t stop too much on your overstimulation, but unlike Yeol he would overstimulate you more during the times he knows you won’t have time to have full sex. So when you’re on the couch or running late for some dinner with his workers he would have you coming more and more times, trying to make out for the fact that he wouldn’t be able to have his member pounding into you. By the way Sehun would be super observant and attentive on everything you like and makes you feel good, never saying no.

Tell me what you want, I’ll give you everything I can and have