baby is my spirit animal


The Court of Dreams (4/?) / Cassian

First Cassian and Azriel appeared in the doorway. The High Lord’s general and Shadowsinger – and the most powerful Illyrians in history.

“Can he beat you?” – “Hand-to-hand combat? Yes. He’d have to earn it for a change, but he’d win. Cassian is the best warrior I’ve encountered in any court, any land. He leads my armies because of it.

“I’ve witnessed Cassian rip apart opponents and then puke his guts up once the carnage stopped, sometimes even mourn them.”

“I saw Cassian trudging through the mud (…) bastards are given nothing: they find their own shelter, own food. If they survive and get picked to be in a war-band, they’ll be bottom-ranking forever, but recieve their own tents and supplies. But until then he’d stay in the cold.” – “Those mountains,” Azriel added, his face hard as ice,” offer some of the harschest conditions you can imagine.”

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This piece of Cassian-meta is the most beautiful thing ever written. Thank you @highfaelucien, my dear Third, for blessing the world with this.

  • Aries ~ I am God when: I open a new world every day like a Storybook
  • Taurus - I am God when: I sink into the temple of the body, moisturize it with gel and self love, create and materialize
  • Gemini - I am God when: I fall into a trance during learning, I write and use my divine voice to inform
  • Cancer - I am God when: I have a baby fall asleep on my chest, I hold an animal, I hear my spirit guide as thought
  • Leo - I am God when: I believe I am God and create
  • Virgo - I am God when: I polish my mind and skills to apply these so to provide a service to others, to perceive the invisible mechanics of nature
  • Libra - I am God when: I am feeling connected and validated, I am radiating love to all people
  • Scorpio - I am God when: I face obliteration and destruction to arise new and emanating gold with divine wisdom
  • Sagittarius - I am God when: I breathe and let nature envelope me
  • Capricorn - I am God when: I stare up at the stars and dream of reaching my aspirations, when I recognise the labor of love
  • Aquarius - I am God when: I explore every avenue of idea and utopia, when I saturate humanity with wisdom from higher dimensions
  • Pisces - I am God when: I create, I think, I pray, I heal, I bring others home

2016.08.04  - VS Arashi [1 / 4]

Moon and the Dog Spirit

A few weeks ago, while I was sitting on my front porch, I heard faint barking, followed by an annoyed huff. I glanced over, and to my surprise there was a spirit of a dog sitting near me. He was very adorable, looking like a shiba inu mix, and after a minute of sitting, he walked up to me and tried to nudge my hand with his head in an attempt to get me to pet him. 

I laughed and made him a flower crown, and since then he’s been following me around, occasionally getting himself in trouble (read: got his head stuck in a box or trying to jump into my pool even though it seems that he cannot swim and hates water).

A few days ago, I decided that it was time to give him a name. My first idea was to name him Bark Ruffolo, but decided against it. I did consider Honey because of his fur color, but ended up going with what is obviously the best name: Potato Honeybee. When I asked him if he was okay with that name, he barked and rolled over for a belly rub, which is an obvious yes.

My husband made him a collar on the astral with a french fries print fabric, and there has never been a more stylish pupper ever.

Suga Sass Appreciation

When you start having an extisential crisis but then realize you don’t care:

When someone asks you a question but you don’t feel like answering: 

When you’re competitive: 

When someone’s being stupid: 

When something good happens: 

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When you’re antisocial: 

When someone’s being stupid part 2: 

When you need to protect your friend cause they’re a fluff: 

When you get all fired up: 

When ou know you look good: 

When someone’s being stupid part 3: 

When someone says something 100% wrong but you don’t wanna be rude: 

When someone’s being stupid part 4: 

When someone you hate thinks you’re friends: 

When random people think you care about their opinion: 


your fave is problematic: stephen dedalus
  • spent all his scholarship money super quickly thinking he could live the high life
  • falls in love on trams
  • has extensive theories about literature
  • doesn’t know whether he’s meant to say he kisses his mother or not 
  • has extreme cognitive debates on the beach
  • fears authority
  • too clever for own good
  • is basically Hamlet
  • is pretentious Irish boy with airs of grandeur