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Sebastian Stan playing table football in The Covenant

Having a baby with Tom Holland would include:

@rachel-mariah-lynn requested: I was wondering if you could do a ‘having a baby with tom holland would include’ because im unable to find that certain one anywhere.

this was fun to write but im not sure if i did a good job, i wrote this while my wifi was out at around midnight!! i hope you enjoy, all criticism is welcome this is my first time writing a piece in this format.

requests are open!! 

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  • when your cravings kick in tom rushes to make whatever you need, even if it’s pickles and peanut butter saying something along the lines of “babe ill cook whatever and if i have to look up the recipe i will.”
  • while picking out names tom obviously says, “well if it’s a boy y/n jr and if it’s a girl y/n jr! it’s the most logical thing darling”
  • when you can’t sleep because the baby keeps kicking tom stays up with you to read it a story. even if he got home from work late or has to go in early he is by your side through it all.
  • when the baby kicks for the first time the smile on his face is glowing proudly and a tear runs down his face.
  • “boy or girl me and mama will love you till the end of the world” while tom is cooking he sings horrible free styles to the baby.
  • “y/n i’m gonna be the best dad ever. not just that we’re gonna be the best parents ever”
  • painting the baby’s room a light pastel green because that suits a boy or a girl, tom thinks that it’s a good idea to paint your tummy as well just so the baby can get an idea of what his/her room will be like.
  • when shopping for baby clothes tom can’t help but grab the spider-man onesies.
  • “but please babe!” “you can have two spider-man’s running around the house”
  • when you finally give in tom has the largest smile on his face as he walks around the store, while your pushing the cart tom would wrap his arms around you tapping your belly lightly as he’d hum in your ear.
  • even if it’s 2am tom would fetch you a large fry, large iced tea, and a big mac from mcdonalds and just because he loves you so much he would go the extra mile and get an oreo mcfleury for you and a caramel sundae with extra caramel for him.
  • when your water breaks tom would first ask why you dropped your water bottle before realization hits him.
  • “oh fuck!” he’d shout “it’s really happening i’m gonna be a dad!” tom would get overly excited.
  • “tom i’m not having this baby in a bath tub call the damn ambulance for god sake” you would have to shout at him.
  • toms hands would be shaking as he dialled the three numbers. tom would try to soothe you saying thing like, “soon you will be a mother”, “they’re coming soon hold it together”, “in here with you every step of the way, y/n darling your never alone in this journey.”
  • after the child is born tom would be in the room with you secretly wondering what it is covered in before it gets washed.
  • when you’re told it’s a baby boy you and tom decided that mitchell harrison holland will be the full name of your baby boy.
  • while tom is holding him, tom and you sharing the hospital bed he would say cute things to him, “hey mitchy welcome to the world”, “this is daddy and that is mommy”, “i love you mitchy, daddy loves you.”
  • tom would look at this little boy in awe and in complete shock wondering how he and you could make something so beautiful and pure.
  • tom trying to figure out breast feeding.
  • “so he just gets to suck your nipple?”
  • when harrison comes to visit tom is overjoyed that he gets to introduce mitchell his son to his godfather harrison.
  • when it’s finally time to take mitchell home tom can’t wait to show him his room.
  • mitch is already in his spider-man onesie and tom can’t wait to wear this suit knowing that his son will be matching him.
  • when it’s late at night and the baby starts screaming you begin to get up hoping that all he’s just hungry or needs a diaper change.
  • tom also gets up telling you “no it’s okay babe i got it” or “i’ll go check on him you get some sleep love” he’ll even place a light kiss on your forehead trying to get you to lay back down.
  • after some three am bickering tom and you both get up to assist a screaming mitchell.
  • when you pick him up he continues crying but when tom takes him from your hands it immediately hushes into small sniffles.
  • tom then takes a seat in the large rocking chair that has a large comfy cushion at the bottom and one supporting the back.
  • with mitchell in his arms tom pats his lap tiredly looking at you, you go and sit on his lap, “lay down and get some sleep.”
  • you would rest your head on the arm rest of the chair that had a soft cushion and your bum would be right in toms lap as he would let his arms rest on what’s left of your small baby bump.
  • slowly you would hear toms breath begin to slow and you knew he was asleep, mitchell obviously was sound asleep and now you could be sound asleep because you knew that both of your boys were safe and sound right here with you.

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rustic wooden household items by whiskyginger

this sunday i’m showing off a trio of handmade wooden finds from michigan-based etsy shop whiskyginger. they also sell a variety of vintage items which i’ll be hitting next week sometime ;) for today though, let’s focus on these slightly rustic and super-special new, handcrafted things!! too rad


My mom’s cat had kittens and they’re sooooo cuuuteeee, they’re a week old in this pic and they try and hiss if you touch them without mom around, but all that comes out is this little KHCK sound and they jump a little bit.

Hook’Em (Harry Hook)

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For @gosusu123

Request: Hi! Could you do an imagine that Harry Hook and the reader have a newborn baby girl and the reader and the baby get kidnapped, Harry and the crew rescue them, and when they are back home the baby is sleeping on his chest and he is smiling and speaking with her?

A/N: By crew I assumed you meant the pirate crew so I went with that, if that’s not what you meant I am so sorry!

“Harry Hook, if I’ve told you once I’ve told you a million times, I am not staying in this bed! I’m a big girl I can walk and take care of myself and the baby!” You shot out at the pirate. He looked far too young to have a child, you both did. But, life has a funny way of working out. He raised his eyes to meet yours, the eyeliner lining his eyes only magnifying the mischievous twinkle in them as he paused from tying his boot.

“Kitten, I distinctly remember hearing almost the exact speech about nine months ago,” He remarked, giving you a greasy grin. He could barely duck in time to miss the book aiming for his head. He laughed and walked over, placing a kiss on your forehead. “Trust me, Lass. Ya need all the rest you can get. At least until yer - ah ladybits- are all healed up.”

“My… lady bits?” You asked, barely able to stifle your laughter. Harry wacked you with his hat before placing it on his head. “A true gentlemen never discusses such sinful things. I am a saint and shall remain one, don’t try to change me, woman,” He teased, obviously trying to impersonate Judge Claude Frollo.

“Oh go on, you mangy pirate. Stop bugging me,” You laughed, laying back on the mountain of pillows he had forced behind your back. “ Besides, Frollo would call me more than woman. He’d call me a disgrace on society for having a child out of wedlock and at such an innocent and reckless age,” You added, snickering at the thought.

Shaking his head, the pirate placed a kiss on your lips before walking over to the crib and saying goodbye to your one week old daughter, Wysteria. “Don’t let yer mummy get out of that bed alright, Princess?” He whispered softly to your sleeping daughter, placing a quick kiss on her forehead before making his way to Pirate’s Bay.

Once you heard the door shut and the whistling of the pirate slowly leave from your house, you immediately got out of bed.

“Rub-a-dub-dub, pirate baby in the tub,” You cooed, gently slipping the tiny ball of chubby adorableness into the tub. Harry would kill you if he found out you were actually doing something considering he was deadest on you staying on bedrest like a sickly child after you gave birth. But, he left you alone with no supervision, so he had no one to blame but himself for thinking you’d actually listen to him for once. 

It was the first time he left you alone in months, so you were going to go against everything he told you not to do. Including bathing your little girl. And you were enjoying your small taste of freedom. Well, until the window shattered.

“My Princess and my Queen! Yer knight with the shining hook has returned for ya!” Harry called out, stepping into the home he shared with you and your daughter. His eyebrows furrowed at the silence, hand coming to grip at the handle of his sword, “Short stuff?” He called out, using the name that guaranteed a reaction out of you.

His gaze fell to the floor as he heard the crunching of glass under his boots. He took one glance at the now broken window before bolting out of the apartment, murder in his eyes.

“Captain!” He called out as he stormed onto the boat, face a mix of panic and rage. His crewmates exchanged uneasy glances. When Harry was unhappy, everyone was unhappy.

“Harry?” Uma asked, confusion showing on her face. “I thought you were going home to check on Wysteria and Y/N?” She quizzed, pausing when she saw the look in his eyes. “What happened to them?”

“Ay, Mommy’s not being a very fun toy today,” the man with the yellowing teeth and bald spot remarked, stepping away  from your bruised form. “Not gonna respond to old Clayton, hm? Well, maybe you’ll react more if I hurt your precious little brat,” The man added with a smirk, walking to the crate Wysteria was in.

“No! Leave her alone!” You cried out, yanking against the ropes that held you to your chair. A wicked grin appeared on the man’s face, “There’s that reaction I was going for.”

He lifted the wriggling baby, placing her on the small table in front of you. “Now it’s time for some real fun.”

“Oh yeah, I love a good game. What about you, Lads?” An achingly familiar voice called out. Both you and the man whipped your head around to find the source of the voice.

“But my favorite is seein’ which eye of yers my hook is goin’ into first. You see that, that’s my speciality.”


“What’s wrong, Hook? Don’t think you’re strong enough to take me so you bring your whole crew with you?” Clayton asked, watching the group of pirates carefully.

“Well, lucky for you I brought some friends too.”

“This wouldn’ta happened if you’d stayed in bed,” Harry scolded as you were walking home later that evening, hook in your hand as Harry carried the baby.

“Hey, it’s not my fault everyone on the Isle hates you for flirting with their daughters,” You shot back. Harry stopped and stared at you for a second before laughing, “ You think that was what this was about, Lass? No no no. I hooked his son. Got’em real good too.”

You shook your head, opening the door for the pair of them, and giving Harry a swift kick to the ass as he walked by. “Ohhh feelin’ a bit frisky there, Kitten? You still have five more weeks,” He teased, throwing you a wink.

“Is it too late to make you walk the plank?” You asked, receiving a cheeky grin in return.

You took turns showering to wash off the blood and grime from that disgusting warehouse while the other would watch the baby. You walked out of the bathroom to tell Harry it was his turn, but paused just outside the door leading to the living room. You could see him lying on the couch in just his pants, eyeliner smudged, hat and hook carefully put away from the reach of your little girl.

You took some time to look at the boy you had fallen in love with, just really look at him. You had hated him once. You had seen him as nothing more than some bloodthirsty delinquent set on ruling the world someday, just like 95% of the Isle’s inhabitants. You couldn’t even hold a decent conversation with the guy until you had to pull him out of the water one night at Pirate’s bay when he jumped in after his hook, which had been knocked out of his hand by one of the drunken pirates stumbling around.

It wasn’t until he told you the story behind the hook that you were finally able to see pase the hard shell he worked so hard to engulf himself in, like some sort of cocoon. And now, as you looked at him, with your daughter sleeping on his chest, it was as if you were looking at a different side of the same coin. Sure, it looked rusted and rough to everyone else, but you knew that underneath, it was shining gold and beautiful.

“Yer mum says you can’t really understand what I’m sayin’ just yet, but I think you can. You’re a smart little lass, just like yer mum. Yer gonna be just like her, too. Just as brave and beautiful. And hardheaded. If yer mum isn’t the single most hardheaded, and stubborn woman I know,” You fought back the urge to laugh. Is he really being petty about me to our newborn?

“But she’s also determined, and strong. Tough as nails, too. Sometimes I really want to hook her. But I don’t know what I’d do without her. She reminds me of me mum somedays. They have the same spark in their eye. You’ll probably get that same spark too. Boys will be chasing after you once yer in diapers.” You smiled when he tilted his head to press his lips to her forehead before whispering ever so softly.

But if any of them are like me, and they try to take me Princess away… I’ll hook’em

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Seungcheol eating you out in the bath please

not THE Cheol smut, but still a Cheol smut 😚 hope you like it! ♥ there was a also a request for “bath smut”, which I’m now taking the freedom to join with this, since eating you out is smut. 😘 if someone still wants to read about going all the way in bath with him, your chance is when we open our requests.

You were eating dinner at the hotel restaurant when Seungcheol glanced at you, and with a small smile playing on his lips, spoke up. “So… I was thinking about having a bath tonight.”

His almost innocent tone made you giggle, and you raised your eyebrows meaningfully as you took a sip of your drink. “And you’re telling me this because?”

“I was wondering if you’d like to join me,” Seungcheol admitted bluntly, showing you a wide grin that slowly faded into a suggestive raise of his eyebrows. “We always have fun bathing, don’t we?”

You almost choked on your drink at the mention of your past baths, most of which had ended with one or both of you very sexually satisfied; whenever it was only one of you, it was fixed afterwards in bed. It wasn’t that you couldn’t bathe without doing a bit of something, it was simply that it was rather often that you were unable to keep your hands off of each other while doing so.

“I wasn’t going to say no,” you said with a small grin and moved your eyes from the candle between you two to Seungcheol’s deep brown eyes, staring right into yours. 

He gave you a smile before returning to his food, and you continued talking about more casual things, such as your common friend Jun and how he was coping with his most recent break-up as well as what food you’d be having the next day, when you would return home from your small holiday spent at a rather luxurious spa hotel. Had it not been for his parents, you probably couldn’t have afforded one.

The evening went on as per usual, with the two of you working on your assignments in your hotel room, because as much as you wanted to just relax, you had things to do, until the excitement about having a bath got the best of you.

“It’s getting late,” you said nonchalantly as you put your laptop screen down and put it away, and side-eyed Seungcheol. You could see the right corner of his mouth tug upwards.

“It is, isn’t it,” he mumbled and turned off his own laptop before putting it aside. After that, he turned to you, his hand slowly moving to rest on your thigh. “Shall we go?”

With excitement already building up inside of you, you placed your hand on top of his and leaned closer to him to kiss him by his ear. “Do you have any predictions about how it will end?”

Seungcheol chuckled darkly and squeezed your thigh, moving his hand a bit higher on it. “If all goes according to plan, with you cumming on my tongue.”

You jolted at his words as your breath hitched in your throat. Even as you spoke, all you could think about was how wonderfully close his hand was to your crotch. “Very well.”

He cupped your cheek with his free hand and brought your face away from his neck, and as soon as your eyes had locked with his, he pulled you into a hungry kiss, during which your eyes fluttered shut. You placed one hand on his shoulder and one on his thigh, trying to get some support as you replied to his kiss with just as much hunger.

It didn’t take you too long to decide that sitting next to him wasn’t enough, and soon you were climbing to Seungcheol’s lap, your fingers tangled in his hair as you desperately deepened the kiss, your hips rocking against his on their own accord. His hands were starting to slide into your pants, and it wasn’t until his fingers began tracing the crotch part of your panties that you forced yourself to detach your lips from his.

“Let’s go,” you breathed, letting out a quiet sigh when Seungcheol gave you a slow stroke with one of his fingers. His lips curved into a grin when he felt the thin fabric of your panties get a bit damp.

“Hold onto me,” he murmured and gave you a quick kiss before placing his hands snugly on your ass and standing up. You obliged readily, your ankles hooking behind Seungcheol’s lower back as soon as he stood up, your arms already around his neck.

He carried you to the bathroom of your suite, just as luxurious as everything else in the hotel. It was rather roomy, decorated with white and beige as the main colors, and the bath tub  was one that you had fallen in love with at first sight. 

The tub, too, was quite big, and very comfortable in other ways, too. The ends weren’t too upright and the edges were smooth; all in all perfect for relaxation, whether it was just soaking in the tub or doing what you were about to.

Seungcheol halted his steps when he had reached the bath tub, and before letting you down, he hummed and leaned in for a kiss. You smiled against his lips and began uncrossing your ankles, ready to get down. Once your feet were steadily on the smooth tile floor of the bathroom, Seungcheol turned to the bath tub, put the plug on and turned on the water while you undressed.

You had just pulled your shirt over your head when you felt Seungcheol’s hands on your hips and his lips pressing to your shoulder. “Get comfortable in the tub, baby.”

A playful smile spread to your lips at his words, and you turned your head a bit towards him. “Gladly.”

Tossing your shirt to the floor - you knew you wouldn’t use it until you had washed it back home anyway - you turned to face Seungcheol and wrapped your arms around his neck loosely. He rubbed his thumbs gently into your hip bones, grinning at you. “What?”

You shook your head with a smile still on your face, and leaned in to give him a quick peck on his cheek. “Nothing. Mushy stuff.”

Seungcheol snorted and gave you a kiss on your forehead. “You gotta open that up later.”

With a nod, you unwrapped your arms and, having already taken off the rest of your clothes, got settled in the tub while waiting for it to be full enough. While doing that, you had your head turned to Seungcheol, and you excitedly watched him undress. No matter how many times you had seen him undress, it always felt like foreplay of a kind; there was something very arousing to see his toned body be exposed little by little, especially when you knew you were about to have fun.

And well, some of that might’ve been because because Seungcheol knew you loved watching him, and that was why he always put on a subtle show. Not that you minded.

When he was naked, he turned to you with a lopsided grin, biting his lip a little. “That’s enough water, don’t you think?”

You looked down to see the water level, and knowing he’d get into the tub as well, you nodded. After all, you didn’t want the water to overflow - more than it would when he ate you out, anyhow.

Seungcheol got into the tub on his knees, facing you, and ran his hands up and down your legs in the water. “Are you ready?”

Letting out a content sigh when his hands reached high on your legs, you nodded. “When am I not?”

He sat fully down, crossing his legs a little, and began lifting your legs. You moved a bit higher on your end of the tub - it was good that it was as gentle as it was - and let out a yelp accompanied by a giggle when Seungcheol got your legs over his shoulders in one swift movement, chuckling afterwards.

You placed your arms on the edges of the tub and looked at Seungcheol’s hooded yet playful eyes, peeking at you from between your legs. And just like that, with his eyes locked with yours, he gave you the first, slow lick with the tip of his tongue that made you sigh in satisfaction already.

“Relax,” Seungcheol said lowly, and you hummed as you closed your eyes and tried to relax, as difficult as it was with his plump lips pressed to your pussy that was gradually starting to show signs of arousal.

He kissed your lower lips and moved up to your clit, which he spent a good while pressing gentle yet utterly amazing kisses to, each one making tingles travel up your spine. Quiet sounds left your lips, whether they were hums, sighs or almost whimpers, as you let Seungcheol do his magic.

He brought his tongue out slowly and began giving you licks, the first few ones teasing and kittenish, but it didn’t take long for him to move on to slightly longer ones that always lingered a bit longer on your clit.

“Seungcheol,” you whimpered when he took your clit lightly between his lips, only to let it go and do it again, and tightened your legs on the sides of his head a little. He chuckled and moved his hands to your breasts, squeezing them.

“I love the way my name sounds on your lips,” Seungcheol murmured, teasing your erect nipples while swirling his tongue around your clit. You whined and bit down on the inside of your lower lip, your hands starting to grip the edges of the tub rather tightly. He noticed every little reaction of yours, and each one of them turned him on. “Do you like it when I do… this?”

Right after emphasizing the last word, Seungcheol began poking your clit with his tongue so fast that it almost felt like you had a vibrator pressed against it, which was more than enough to have your back arching and a moan ripping from your throat. 

Yes,” you whined, your hips bucking against Seungcheol’s face. He grinned into you and returned to just running his tongue around your pussy, up and down as well as sideways, circling your clit as well as rubbing it. 

Seungcheol always got really into oral, so it wasn’t that surprising when you not only felt his mouth get more desperate, but also started hearing him moan quietly into you and the water splash as he was unable to keep his body still. His hands had moved from your breasts to your hips, and he was trying to pull you closer, but in vain.

But oh, how it turned you on to know that Seungcheol enjoyed eating you out that much.

With him getting that desperate, it felt like he was everywhere, and only in a good way. By then you were already soaked, swollen to the point of being extremely sensitive to everything Seungcheol was doing, and it all only made it so much better. 

Your breathing started getting more labored, your legs shakier on his shoulders and your hips more restless by his mouth, and moans started slipping through your beautifully parted lips more frequently as your orgasm approached you. Seungcheol took note of everything, and every small detail of yours added to his arousal.

Your face was contorted in pleasure, your lips were absolutely gorgeous in his eyes, you tasted absolutely fantastic, and knowing you were that close to coming only drove him further.

“I-I’m going to cum,” you whimpered, your hands balling into fists on the bath tub’s edges and your toes curling. Seungcheol hummed into you and continued eating you out, his tongue rubbing your clit in the best ways possible until you were letting out high-pitched, satisfied moans and quiet whimpers of his name as you came.

Seungcheol continued running his tongue up and down your wet slit throughout your orgasm, lapping away at your release that leaked out. You let out content sighs as you slowly began letting your back slide down the wall of the bath tub, and it didn’t take long for Seungcheol to gently let your legs down from his shoulders and lick the area around his mouth clean.

“That was fucking fantastic,” you said, slightly out of breath, and giggled quietly when Seungcheol pulled you to sit on his crossed legs. 

He smiled widely and hugged you, looking up at you with affectionate eyes. His dimples made you feel as giddy as they always did, and you found yourself poking them gently with your forefingers, which made Seungcheol laugh out loud.

“I knew it was a great idea,” he said a bit smugly and gave you a long kiss, into which you smiled.

It was impossible to ignore what was poking your crotch, though. You grinned against Seungcheol’s lips. “Is it my turn to take care of you?”

His voice was amused yet playful. "If you could, I wouldn’t mind.”

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a blurb where you and niall are making out, louis comes walking into niall's place cause he also has a key and you guys don't notice for a while until he says something?! lol. please ????

Babysitter’s Club - Part 2 

Part 1

The past weeks after your late night confession with Niall had been a strange rollercoaster of emotions.  There was a huge weight that had been lifted knowing you both felt the same way about each other.  There were no more secret glances or trying to restrain yourself every time you wanted to touch him.  When the sudden urge to run your fingers through the short dark hair behind his ears, you did it.  And nine times out of ten, you were rewarded with a soft purr and the scratchy stubble on his jaw nuzzled into your arm.  The downside to this newfound affection was the raw nerves of pushing past just being friends..  There were sweet kisses and cuddles and some wandering hands, but nothing overly physical.  You knew you were turning him on - you could feel the effects of your touches pressing on your hip or back when things started to get heated.  And you were beyond turned on - just the drag of his fingertips down your arm when he reached out to hold your hand set alight a fire in your belly.  But each time you were certain things were about to tip over the edge to the next step, Niall pulled back.  You’d questioned him one night after a particularly intense kissing session on his black couch.  When he had abruptly sat up and tossed his jumper onto the houndstooth ottoman, you’d pulled him back down and pressed your face into the warm skin on his neck.  

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Tonight, We Fall in Love

Summary: Part Two of ‘Baby Boy’ - It’s been a few months since you and Harry met, and tonight would be the perfect night to tell Harry exactly how you feel, if you could just get the words out. 

Warnings: It’s fluff. 

Requested: Yes! By a few people, thank you. I’m glad you liked it. 

The first part to this, Baby Boy, is set four months ago when Leo is about four months old and now he is eight months old. 

“Y/N and I have another date tonight, little lion.” Harry smiles as Leo splashes around in the tub, “If it wasn’t for you I probably would have never talked to her, and now we’re dating.” 

“Dada!” Leo smiles up at Harry, he only knew a few words right now, but every time he spoke it made Harry smile. He lifts the baby out of tub, wrapping him tightly in a towel. “Ms. Maria is gonna come watch you, and you’re gonna be good, right?” Harry begins to dry him off.

“Not gonna cry too much or give her a hard time so daddy can enjoy his night, right little lion?” He carries Leo to his room and begins to dress him.

His doorbell rings and Harry picks Leo up from his place on the bed, “Ms. Maria is here!” He pokes Leo’s belly, making the baby laugh.

Harry opens the door to find you standing there in a gorgeous dress and he frowns, he’s still in sweatpants. “I’m sorry I’m so early.” You smile nervously at him, “I just didn’t want to get stuck in traffic.” Harry opens the door more for you to come in and he guides you into the living room.

“It’s okay, do you mind waiting while I get dressed?” Harry asks while bouncing the baby on his hip. “Do mind holding him too?”

You nod excitedly and take Leo from his arms smiling at Harry’s retreating figure, “You’re daddy is really handsome.” You smile down at the baby in your arms. “But not nearly as handsome as you are.” You press a kiss to Leo’s cheek making him giggle.

“Bab.” Leo says as he reaches up and squishes your cheeks with his small hands, which makes you laugh. After hearing Harry refer to you as babe a few times Leo had begun to call you his own version of the word, and it always made you smile.

“What are you doing, baby?” He laughs at your face and continues to squish while repeating the word ‘bab’ to you.

“What are you doing to her, little lion?” You both look up at the sound of Harry’s voice, Leo smiles his smile of adoration and love and you giggle, me too kid, you think.

“We were just playing, right baby?” You stand up from the couch, walk to where Harry is standing and press a kiss to his cheek, “You look really nice.” He blushes and reaches for Leo and you giggle to yourself.

“You look beautiful.” Harry smiles nervously, every time the two of you were together he felt like a middle school kid with a crush again. “The babysitter should be here soon, if you don’t mind waiting.”

“Of course not!” You watch as Harry takes a seat on the couch and sit next to him reaching over to play with Leo’s hands, “I don’t mind hanging with this little guy.”

Harry’s phone vibrates as you begin to play peek a boo with Leo, and when he checks it a frown stretches across his face, “Is everything okay?” You ask quietly, stopping the game which makes Leo frown. 

He gives you an apologetic smile, “My babysitter got sick on her way here, she can’t make it.”

“Oh.” You look down at your hands and Harry takes one of them in his, “I’m sorry, Y/N, maybe we can reschedule? I can-”

“We can have a date here.” You offer with a shy smile, “Order some food, and just lounge here with Leo. I mean, if you don’t mind? I know we don’t hang out at your place a lot, but I would love to stay in tonight.”

The smile Harry gives is bright and almost a little awed, making you blush. “That sounds great.” He pulls you towards the kitchen, “What do you want to order?”

“I could go for some pasta if I’m being honest.” You smile when Harry pulls out a menu from one of his kitchen drawers. “Do you want me to hold him?” You offer when you notice Harry struggling to use the phone.

He gives you a grateful nod and let’s you take Leo from his arms then begins to dial the number. You spin around the kitchen with Leo in your arms, dancing to no music. Harry smiles to himself watching you, this is perfect, he thinks.

When you turn again and notice him staring, you smile and take Leo’s hand to wave at Harry, who waves back with an enthusiastic smile, which makes Leo call out ‘dada!” 

Harry walks over towards the two of you and presses a kiss to Leo’s cheek before beginning to explain your order to whoever was on the other end of the phone. You continue to dance around with Leo, him giggling uncontrollably at the few spins you do,  “How much is that baby in the window?” You sing softly to Leo as you dance, “The one with the curly hair.” You run a hand through the baby’s short, curly hair. 

“Food will be here in twenty or thirty minutes.” Harry speaks up, making you stop singing and nod, “How much do I owe you?”

“For the food or for my baby?” He laughs as a blush rises to your cheeks, “Because I’m not sure my baby is for sale.”

“The food.” You glare as Harry rests his phone face down on the counter and takes a seat in one of his stools. He smiles softly and shakes his head, “It’s on me, this is a date after all.” 

You shake your head, “I can pay for my meal, you shouldn’t have to-”

“Y/N. It’s fine, I’m treating you to a date.” Harry smiles at your pout, “You can cover our next order in.”

“Deal.” You smile at him before looking back down at Leo, “What time does he go to bed?”

“In about an hour,” Harry rest his chin in his hand, “and he usually stays down for the night, hasn’t woken up at three a.m in a few weeks.”

You gasp dramatically at Leo, “You’re growing up! Sleeping through the whole night!” You tickle his tummy making him laugh and swat your hand away.

Harry laughs at you, Leo giggles and you smile to yourself, If this is the life I get to live forever I wouldn’t mind, you think.

“I really like being with you two.” You smile at Harry nervously, “I mean, I know it’s only been like four months, but I love hanging out with you and Leo, at the park, at the zoo, wherever we are I just love it, you guys are amazing and watching him grow has been so cool. I really-”

“Y/N, it’s okay, take a deep breath.” Harry stands up and places a hand on your shoulder, which immediately makes you cease your words and take a deep breath. 

“I think I’m falling in love with you.” You whisper, looking down at Leo, who is completely oblivious to the meaning of what you’ve just said and is smiling happily up at you.  “Or that I already do love you, I’ve never been in a relationship and felt this way.” 

“What way?” Harry asks softly and you sigh, how do I explain it?

You shrug, not looking at him while speaking, “Like, all I wanna do is be around you and Leo. And every time you smile at me or compliment me, my stomach erupts into butterflies. Every time we kiss I can’t stop smiling, it makes me so happy. You make me so happy, talking to you just makes my day better.” 

“I feel the same way about you.” Harry tucks a piece of your hair behind your ear, “And I know Leo adores you, or else he wouldn’t be this comfortable in your arms.” he gestures to Leo, who has laid his head on your chest and is staring sleepily at you and his dad. 

You smile up at Harry, “Do you wanna put him to bed a little early? He looks tired.” Harry nods, but doesn’t take Leo from your arms, just leads you towards his bedroom. 

“Do you want me to put him to bed?” Harry asks quietly as you begin to rock Leo in your arms, once again singing softly, “Because I think you’re doing just fine.” 

You smile at him and continue singing to Leo, “How much is that baby in the window?

The one with the curly hair,

How much is that baby in the window?

I do hope that baby is for sale.” Leo is asleep by the last line of your little song and Harry is beaming at you from across the room. You place a soft kiss on Leo’s forehead before laying him down in his crib and leaving the room.

Harry leans down and presses a kiss to Leo’s forehead before following you out, “Where did you learn that song? It’s a little weird, but it’s cute.” 

“My mom used to sing it to me,” You laugh at Harry’s comment, “It’s originally about a dog, but she changed it and that’s just how I learned it.” You shrug and Harry laughs. “There’s more to it, but I don’t remember. I’m happy he fell asleep before-”

“Do you want to spend the night?” Harry asks abruptly cutting you off, “Sorry. I just- we can all have breakfast together and go to the park tomorrow or something, I would really like to spend the morning with you.” 

You nod, “That would be nice, but I don’t have clothes.” 

“You can borrow some of mine to sleep in, and my sister always leaves stuff when she visits. I’m sure I can find you something to wear tomorrow.” Harry looks at you hopefully.

“That would be great then.” You smile happily, “I would love to.” Harry smiles excitedly and leans in to give you a kiss, but is interrupted by a knock at the door, the food you had ordered earlier completely forgotten until now.

You laugh as Harry groans and grabs his wallet, “I’ll make it up to you after this pasta.”

I wanted to do a time jump because it gives me for liberty with this story. I can go back and write their first date, or go months into the future and write meeting the parents. I hope the time change didn’t end up being confusing.

Also, I actually really enjoy this idea and might continue on with it as like a series or something. And, I have another story in my requests that I’ve started and hope to get out tomorrow or Thursday. 

Thank you for reading and have a good day! 

Daddy Dallas - Cameron Dallas fluff Imagine

‘Babe trust me I understand it’s work and you have to do it but you have been going on so many buisness trips these past few months and it’s hard without you here taking care of four kids and one on the way I just don’t know how you expect me to just be okay with it “ you said to your husband Cameron. “Y/n baby I promise this trip is literally one day and I come home tomorrow night okay I will be back and this is the last buisness trip I am going on this month “ Cameron reassured you taking a seat next to you gently massaging your shoulders . 

“Mommy “ Carson your 5 year old son screamed as he entered into your room “ yes baby’ you asked letting out a soft smile at the sight of his face “Elle broke my supeman toy I told her to stay away and she wouldn’t listen “ he threw the broken toy on the bed “Carson your sister is only 1 she doesn’t understand anything yet okay I’ll tell Elle to stay out of your room okay while your play you have plenty of other action figurs to play with” you responded laying back down on the bed taking a deep sigh. ‘I’ll get Elle now ‘ Cameron offered as he left the room to grab Elle. 

You were left in the room alone for the first time in months you felt a rush of excitement for this tiny moment of relaxation. “Babe’ Cameron said as he entered the room holding Elle’s hand as she held her favorite stuffed dog “yes” you responded sitting up. ‘ I have an idea okay since you need a break you go to the spa and get a massage or whatever you want while I stay here and take care of the kids all day” Cameron said sweetly closing the door behind him so Elle couldn’t leave to bother her sibilings . 

“Really ?” You asked hopeful “yes baby go get ready and head out’ Cameron smiled giving you a sweet kiss “let me go check on them” he said letting out a slight chuckle before he picked up and Elle and was on his way to the kids. 

Cameron passed by your eldest sons room Christian he was only 8, “hey champ” Cameron said as he entered the room still holding Elle to see what Christian was up to “hey daddy “ Christian said focusing on the drawing he was trying to complete. “What you up to ?” Cameron asked seeing Christians masterpiece “just drawing” he said casually as his tounge was pressed tightly in between his lips focusing on his drawing of a dog. 

“Your doing a great job show me it when it’s all done” Cameron said as he placed a kiss on Christians head. Cameron then left the room to go to the play room where hopefully the rest of the kids were. 

“Daddy” Chase rushed to Cameron to give him a sweet hug, Chase was the second to youngest he was only three and he was exactly like Cameron. “Hey buddy” Cameron said as he placed Elle down to play with the toys in the play room. “Come on Chase you have to be batman” Carson said holding out the batman toy. 

Elle was the only girl and the youngest child she was Daddy’s little girl and surprisingly the easiest of all the babies. 

“Are you guys hungry ?” Cameron asked the kid . “Daddy I hungry” Elle said tapping Cameron’s legs “okay how about I order pizza” Cameron offered all the kids responded with excitement and agreed “okay let me go get the menu to order”.

After finishing getting ready you took a deep sigh of relief and excitement, you spotted Cameron down the hallway. “Hey” you said as you wrapped your arms around his torso “hi beatiful” he said simply “I think I’m gonna head out now before the kids see me leaving” you said letting out a slight chuckle as you let go of Cameron’s torso “go enjoy your day have fun and don’t come home early” Cameron said giving you one last kiss before you left for your day at the spa. 

Cameron went to order the pizza after spending time with the kids in the play room. 

He entered to see Carson and Chase arguing over a random action figure. “what is going on here ?” Cameron questioned as he moved closer to the arguing boys “daddy Car he took my toy’ Chase whined “its not his toy it’s mine” Carson aruged. 

“Well it’s going to be no ones toy now because you guys need to learn how to share” Cameron said as he took the action figure from Carsons hand and placed it on the high shelf. 

“Daddy I poo poo” Elle said as she looked up at Cameron concerned Cameron chuckled as he picked Elle up taking her to the changing table. 

“How does someone so tiny poop so much” Cameron said in disgusted as he wiped Elle’s bum. Elle let out a simple laugh as she continued to babble on in words no one could ever make up what they meant. 

They rest of the day was spent with Cameron breaking up arguments , changing diapers , cleaning up messes , putting kids down for naps and taking toys away. But now it was nearly bed time and he had to bathe all the kids. 

“Come on Christian , Chase and Carson its bath time go pick out your pajamas and don’t forget your underwear” Cameron said as he went to the kids bathroom to start Christians shower and run Chase and Carson’s bath. 

“No bath daddy pweas” Chase said as he pouted “no Chase you stinky” Cameron teased “I no stinky” Chase said as he smelt his underarms. “Yes you do buddy” Cameron said pretending to sniff Chases underarms “okay daddy” Chase said simply exiting the bathroom to pick out his pajamas and underwear.

Christian was the first to return with his Pajams he quickly undressed and entered the shower, Chase soon returned and following after him was Carson. Elle was outside the bathroom watching her Tv show shimmer and shine with that show on the television she wouldn’t take her eyes off the screen. 

Cameron helped Chase undress and helped Carson when he needed it. 

“Boys no splashing” Cameron said sternly as he exited the bathroom to check on Elle “daddy look shine” she said as she flashed a wide smile to Cameron “yeah” Cameron responded joyfully as he took a seat on the couch until the boys were just about done. 

“Daddy”Chase called for Cameron, Cameron quickly sprun up to enter the bathroom “look my hair” Chase giggled, Chase had formed bubble in the shape of a Mohawk on top of his head “awesome” Cameron said “Daddy I’m done”Christian said as stepped out the shower grabbing the towel off the counter to dry himself “you can go get dressed and I’ll brush your hair after Im done with your brothers” Cameron said as he was washing the soap out of Chases hair. 

Christian nodded simply starting to dress himself. Cameron pulled the boys out of the tub dressing them individually after brushing all of their hairs. 

“Alright bedtime now let’s go” Cameron said the boys quickly listens and headed to their rooms. 

Christian had his own room since he was the oldest but Carson and Chase shared a room. Cameron went to give the boys a kiss goodnight and out on Netflix for them to watch as they drifted off to a sleep. 

“Now it’s your turn little one” Cameron said taking a deep sigh as he looked at a smirking Elle. 

He picked Elle up taking her to her bedroom to pick which pajams she liked best she of course chose her shimmer and shine pajamas. He ran her bath and sat on the toilet allowing her to play for a little bit. 

“Hey” you said as you leaned in the bathroom doorway. “Oh hey” Cameron said in shock “mommy” Elle cheered in the bath tub “baby” you said with a wide smile wanting to give Elle a big hug. 

“You ready to get out ?” Cameron asked Elle and she nodded. 

Cameron dressed Elle in her pajams and placed here in her crib that was in the master bedroom with a bottle of milk. 

“So how was it ?” You asked Cameron as your removed your jewelry. “Exhausting yet amazing” Cameron said chuckling “how was the spa?” He asked taking a seat in the toilet “amazing” you said removing your shirt. 

Cameron stood up taking his shirt off as well “well I’m glad you enjoyed it , thank you” Cameron said wrapping his arms around you “thank you?” You questiond “yes thank you for being such and amazing mother to our kids and taking care of them everyday” he said giving you a sweet kiss “well it’s my job” you responded with a smile “now let’s take a shower and head to bed” you said “yes pleas” Cameron responded . 

I hope you enjoyed this imagine let me know what you think! 


Part One

‘So this is your new room.’ Derek said as he gestured around his guest room.

You looked around at the room, the one bed, nightstand, and empty closet.

‘Alright, will you help me set up the crib and everything else?’ you asked as you sat down your bags.

‘Crib? What crib?’ Derek asked.

‘The one that’s in the trunk of my car, you know the one the baby will sleep in. I also bought a diaper changing table, baby clothes, baby toys, baby toiletries, formula, bottles, baby tub, wipes galore, and a baby swing.’ you listed.

‘And you magically fit all that in your car?’ Derek asked with a arched brow.

‘Of course not, they followed me in a company van, I told them to leave it outside your door and we could do the rest.’ you explained.

‘You what?’ Derek asked.

Just then there was a knock at the door.

‘And that’ll be them.’ you said as you went to answer the door.

You thanked the two workers and gave them each a twenty dollar tip despite them telling you it was unnecessary.

Once they were done you and Derek moved everything to the guest room and got started putting the crib together.

‘Most people are sleep at eleven, in case you didn’t know.’ Derek said as you handed him the screw driver.

‘Come on we’re almost done, we can do the rest of the stuff tomorrow.’ you said as you stood up.

You went back down stairs and carefully picked up Jacob from his stroller he was sleeping in, once you were you sure he wouldn’t wake up you carried him upstairs. 

Derek was testing the crib to make sure it was nice and sturdy so it wouldn’t collapse when they sat the baby in it.

‘We good?’ you whispered.

‘I think so.’ Derek whispered.

‘Time for the ultimate test.’ you said as you slowly sat the baby down, after the crib didn’t fall apart you both sighed in relief.

‘Alright then, we’re all set for the night.’ you said.

Derek gave Jacob one last look before he said good night and exited the room.

You too got ready for bed and given how much running around you had done it didn’t take long for you to doze off.

However after only a short amount of sleep you were woken by a whine coming from the crib.

You groaned and in a half sleep haze you got up and stumbled over to the crib to sooth the crying baby.

‘Sshh sshhh little guy, what’s wrong?’ you yawned as you picked up the furry baby.

Wait…babies don’t have fur.

You shook away the sleepiness and took a good look at the baby, except it wasn’t a baby you were holding.

It was a wolf pup.

‘Oh my…um OK, wasn’t expecting that.’

The little cub let out another whine as his eyes flashed red.

anonymous asked:

this isn't so much a drabble idea but toddler alex and her mamas on vacation during a hot california summer afternoon. it just so happens that the air conditioner in their little rental beach house is crappy so they strip down. lexa and clarke in their underwear and alex in just her diaper. watching classic cartoons reruns and eating ice cream from the tub. sticky kisses and tickles and board games

-Clexa watching baby Alex devour a mini tub of ice cream and make a huge frickin mess but they’re too entranced to say anything

-Alex being incredibly proud of her chubby tummy, thinking it’s muscle like Lexa’s abs so she runs around yelling “I’m RIPPED” like she’s seen Lexa do in like Nike commercials tbh 

-It’s a private beach so they all tackle each other into the water and Alex makes a sand castle and they bury Lexa and then she and Clarke laugh and watch a crab come for Lexa while she’s stuck in the ground and screaming

-Clexa cooking and Alex “helping” making a giant mess and they’re all just dancing in the kitchen in their undies

-Watching old cartoons at night and clexa grinning and watching Alex sing along to every theme song bc she’s just so excited. 

-They play dominoes on Lexa’s abs while she’s napping 

-Clexa chasing each other around the house during a heated game of tag and they’ve never laughed so hard like,,,Lexa tickling Clarke till she’s a puddle on the floor and Alex jumping in to save her so Lexa blows raspberries on her stomach till she begs for mercy 

-Clarke and Alex making fun of Lexa’s EXTRA beauty routine and skincare routine and treating her to a facial bc she’s their girly girl 

-I love everything about this