baby in a bow tie

Imagine Soldier..

- Naming every single one of his racoons.
- He has female one called Liberty who wears a little pink bow.
- Lt. Bites has a red, white and blue bow tie.
- Liberty has babies one day and he gets all emotional and proud.
- They all have boxes lined up for beds and each are personalised with hand made signs by Soldier.

anonymous asked:

Her bows are so overpriced. A baby bow tie for $10 plus $3 in shipping?!?! That's insane. But then again she's also insane so I guess it works!

…have you been on Etsy? Because that’s about the average cost of them. Don’t like it? Don’t buy from her. I have three bows from her and I would totally buy more but not everyone in my household is about the bow life as me.