baby im a creep


And Taron, seriously, fax me.
Yeah, I will. Cheers, love.

I still cant get over the power difference of these children, I mean seriously!


Baby Gisa went full on to give his best punch and, I’m crying

IT’S LIKE KARMA DIDN’T EVEN FEEL ANYTHING! And that bitch slap, excuse me for moment, but I’m screaming over how much I love this!

"... dont be afraid, love is the way ..."

hello angel, im falling for you because thats right, my type. please dont go and baby, dont cry. you can call me monster, because im creeping in your heart babe. you make me go crazy, you know you do. i cant help it if you are the lucky one, i cant stop someone from calling the doctor because im overdosed on the scent of you and i cant resist it if you are my one and only. you slow down then you speed up, then you run. sigh. im hurt and nearly got a heart attack, when you growl at me like a wolf hunting in the dark. but my lady, once in a while, you gotta drop that, let out the beast and call me baby. stop asking me what is love, because my answer is you. let the past stay there as part of our history we share, lets try to build this artificial love we have now because what if, this tender love will grow stronger? then we should be lucky because our lady luck from heaven is on our side. you said to me “love me right” and i replied “you are my twenty four and my three-six-five” so shawty lets party till the sundown and my mama will start screaming that we head back home instead, but frankly, all i wanna do with you is to get on this black pearl and sail sail sail, gotta gotta go go find the el dorado with you. and when we finally do, trust me, it will feel better than striking the lotto.