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Every time we rehearse, we record at least five different jams that could make great songs. It’s usually just us that just jam and jam and jam, and then Anthony starts dancing round to one of the jams and tells us that that’s got to be a song, and then we think about what the next section should be like. Writing songs comes very naturally. It’s not hard at all. Like I said, we just jam and the songs come out of it. We actually come up with way more material than we would need to come up with (for an album). So then we generally just leave it up to Anthony to tell us which pieces of music he feels should be taken further into finished song form.”

- John Frusciante


“I’m very aware that something like this is only going to happen to me once in my life, there is only one job life this. Getting to tell the stories that you get to tell and travel in the Tardis and friendship, and just so many magical things. There’s nothing as whimsical as this show, I don’t think. It’s a dream. It kind of feels a bit like an adventure. So you’ve got to go with it and soak it up. Knowing one day I’ll look back at all those memories." - Jenna Coleman.


Sometimes her sleep was leaden and dreamless, and she woke from it more tired than when she had closed her eyes. Yet those were the best times, for when she dreamed, she dreamed of Father. Waking or sleeping, she saw him, saw the gold cloaks fling him down, saw Ser Ilyn striding forward, unsheathing Ice from the scabbard on his back, saw the moment… the moment when…she had wanted to look away, she had wanted to, her legs had gone out from underher and she had fallen to her knees, yet somehow she could not turn her head, and all the people were screaming and shouting, and her prince had smiled ather, he’d smiled and she’d felt safe, but only for a heartbeat, until he said those words, and her father’s legs…that was what she remembered, his legs, the way they’d jerked when Ser Ilyn…when the sword…


“The star-making machine of Hollywood has perpetuated a lie that the image is the thing, and that the thing responsible for a great actor or a great musician that’s just been continued by the music business is, they get this idea into the publics head that it is the physical image of the person and the name of the person that is responsible for the creation of what they do, and that’s not what creates it. What creates it is the imagination and the thing that makes it possible for one person to be in the right place at the right time in their life to create the things that they create has to do with a really complex structure of the mind and the soul and the nervous system and everything. All these unknown things that are taking place in the subconscious which can be just as much structured by terrible things as it can by good you know. “

- John Frusciante

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messages like this make me wanna cry!!! ily baby thank you so much for following me i’m glad i could help 😘