baby ily so much

He saved my life….and changed it..foREVer
Happy Birthday to the one and only rat head !
We love u Jimmy !
{ Portrait of Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan , Avenged Sevenfold }
[ PTS NP , black and white sketch , digital , soft painting ]

  • ily: i love you
  • ilysm: i love you so much
  • Mloemiebinfttofnkiyaaodiwtily: Magnus look on ever mission i've ever been i've never felt that type of fear not knowing if your are alive or dead i was terrified; I love you.

Sometimes her sleep was leaden and dreamless, and she woke from it more tired than when she had closed her eyes. Yet those were the best times, for when she dreamed, she dreamed of Father. Waking or sleeping, she saw him, saw the gold cloaks fling him down, saw Ser Ilyn striding forward, unsheathing Ice from the scabbard on his back, saw the moment… the moment when…she had wanted to look away, she had wanted to, her legs had gone out from underher and she had fallen to her knees, yet somehow she could not turn her head, and all the people were screaming and shouting, and her prince had smiled ather, he’d smiled and she’d felt safe, but only for a heartbeat, until he said those words, and her father’s legs…that was what she remembered, his legs, the way they’d jerked when Ser Ilyn…when the sword…


“I’m very aware that something like this is only going to happen to me once in my life, there is only one job life this. Getting to tell the stories that you get to tell and travel in the Tardis and friendship, and just so many magical things. There’s nothing as whimsical as this show, I don’t think. It’s a dream. It kind of feels a bit like an adventure. So you’ve got to go with it and soak it up. Knowing one day I’ll look back at all those memories." - Jenna Coleman.