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Annabeth, percababy, 34 :)


In the last month before her due date, Annabeth is consumed with her child’s nursery. Sally calls it nesting, and Athena calls it preparation, and Percy calls it obsession.

Whatever it is, Annabeth needs the room to be perfect.

She’s had enough nightmares about being a mother—enough sleepless nights, crying jags, existential crises worrying about her capabilities as a parent. It’s not like she’s had a normal life, a normal maternal figure. How is she supposed to do this? She’s a strategist. She leads armies, commands soldiers; she is the architect of Olympus; what does she know of building if she’s not working with marble or granite or limestone, exact lines, formulae and blueprints; what does she know of raising a child, guiding a life?

Percy goes to sleep one night, sinking into a deep, boneless sleep, mouth open, snoring loudly. Annabeth is loath to wake him. He’s been working so hard lately, and has been paying disgustingly close attention to her, and she just—she looks at him drooling on his pillow and doesn’t have the heart to shake him awake. So she struggles to push herself up out of bed. It takes a minute of balancing her weight and rocking forward, and when she gets her feet on the ground, she feels a thrill of victory.

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“To all the Sneaky Petes of the world who thought that maybe settling for mediocrity was a good idea because it was safe…don’t do it. Take a chance. Take a risk. Find that passion. Rekindle it. Fall in love all over again. It’s really worth it.”

Happy 59th Birthday, Bryan Lee Cranston (March 7, 1956)



summary: Juvia Lockser ran away three times.

pairings: siblings! jellalvia, gruvia, protective older brother jellal…




The first time, she was seven years old. Jellal was three years older than her, and at the time her phobia of the month was being eaten by a coyote, so naturally she asked her karate proficient brother to come along with her.

Jellal had been slightly bored that day, so he reluctantly agreed after she promised not to go into his room for a whole month.

They walked down the block to the Dairy Queen conveniently close to the house they were raised in. They bought matching chocolate dipped cones and let the ice cream drip down their chins in synch with the setting sun, reminiscing past escapades and counting cars that sped by.

It only took them an hour and a half to get bored and walk back home. They received a small scolding for their absence, but went to bed pumped full of chocolate nonetheless.

Those were the simpler days, and Jellal sometimes wished it would be that way once again.




The second time, Juvia was fourteen and had been denied a cell phone for what seemed like the twenty-thousandth time.

Jellal noticed her anger with dull interest, she was but a hormonal teenager who was taking the first step in the long, horrifying journey that was high school.

He hadn’t anticipated her explosion however – perhaps it was a girl thing - and she stormed out of the house with fire in her eyes and stubbornness in her shoes.

About three hours and seven Modern Warfare asswhoopings later, Jellal decided to go after her.

He found her lingering on the roof of the warehouse where they kept sleds on the winter - something they both ought to have grown out of but refused to – so it technically wasn’t running away, but she wasn’t in the house, so it sort of counted.

She had been crying, her messy eyeliner which had yet to improve was smudged across her brow bone messily and ground into her sweatshirt sleeve. He ignored her haphazardly glare and sat down next to her, brushing pine needles off of his sneakers and sighing, a telltale indication that he was ready to listen, if she was ready to tell.

“Everybody has a phone but me.” She globalized, fisting her hands and lightly punching the hollow plastic shed.

“Pretty much.” He agreed, although his phone wasn’t really anything special in the first place.

“You’re not helping,” she glared.

“I didn’t come here to help.” He rationalized, handing her something he had been holding.

She peered into her hand to examine the object he had smuggled her.

“What…is this?” she pondered, rolling the item back and forth between her palms.

“Aw, come on. You know what it is.” He baited.

“Is this a walkie-talkie?” she deadpanned, holding the object like it was an ancient fossil.

“Yup. You remember? We used to take them to the children’s museum and interfere with other people’s signals.” He reminded.

“Where’s the other one?” She asked flatly.

He held up the walkie-talkie’s twin and pocketed it once more. Juvia raised a slightly-black eyebrow.

“So you can call me, when you need to call someone else. It’s a three-way call system. Completely foolproof.” Jellal strategized.

“Foolproof, huh?” She drawled, tapping the walkie-talkie against the warehouse roof testily.

“You bet. Mom won’t know what hit her. Watch this.” He began, retrieving his walkie-talkie and turning it to channel four. “Juvia?”

To humor him, she turned hers to the same station and held it up to her ear. “Jellal?”

He cleared his throat, like he was about to deliver the state of the union address. “Guess what?”

Juvia bit back a smile. “What?”


She crackling sound of Jellal’s voice tenfold over the walkie-talkie almost fractured Juvia’s ear drum, and she hucked the ancient device at his face.

“Gross! I hate you, you crackbaby!” She pushed him in the direction of the edge of the shed, hoping that he might topple off and break a few limbs on the way down. Unfortunately, he stayed stationary, a cheesy grin plastered across his smug face.

“Let’s go home, I think dad hid a box of ice cream sandwiches in the freezer…”

“Aw, really? Neopolitan?”

“Is there any other flavor?”

“Good point. Let’s roll.”




The third, and final time Juvia ran away, Jellal was not prepared.

She was too young. Only twenty-three years old, and he’d be damned to hell and back when he finally accepted it.

“Jellal, you look angry.” Erza, Jellal’s fiancé, pressed, tugging at his arm impaciently. He had no doubt in his mind that the frown on his face was visible, and he honestly didn’t give a shit.

“Yes, well – I have every right to be!” He sputtered, folding his arms together like a jealous toddler.

It was a good thing Erza had such a tight grip on him, because he really would’ve managed to sneak that shotgun in if it wasn’t for her snooping.

“Your sister is getting marriedbehave, dammit.” She growled. He wouldn’t have heeded her if she hadn’t have looked so good in that bridesmaid dress – deep purple did so much for her it was ridiculous.

But it didn’t change the fact that his tiny, itty-bitty baby sister, was being given away to another man.

“Jellal,” Erza repeated, “You promised her you wouldn’t freak out.”

Jellal gritted his teeth. Dammit – she was right, she had even bribed him with dark chocolate M&M’s. He had eaten every last piece the night before, stressing over the fact that that bastard Gray Fullbuster would have his disgusting hands all over his sister in a matter of hours.

That asshole didn’t deserve her. Even Gray himself had admitted it – but he still asked her to marry him, and she still agreed, more than happily.

“Stop looking so grumpy and assist the groom.” Erza instructed. Right – because he was a groomsman, to his knowledge, only because Juvia had requested it. What he and Gray had was barely beyond mild tolerance, on Gray’s part. What Jellal harbored for Gray was considered to be other-worldly hatred that originated from the depths of hell itself.

Jellal watched Gray get ready, fumbling with notecards and mumbling words under his breath repetitively over, and over again. Psh. If he really loved Juvia, he would’ve memorized them weeks ago.

“Hey,” Natsu, Gray’s best friend, asked him, minutes before the ceremony began. “You ready?”

Gray nodded nervously. “I am.”

Jellal bit the inside of his mouth until it bled.

Standing up at the altar and watching his sister walk down the aisle, absolutely breathtaking and everything an older brother didn’t want in a sister, was the most bittersweet thing he’d experienced to this point in his life.

She was happy – mind blowingly, spine-crumblingly happy, and he couldn’t stop it, not with all the threats, blackmail, and shotguns a brother could conjure up to frighten away possible suitors. He had lost, and she had won.

He would argue that he had let her win though, because despite his protective instincts, what mattered most was her happiness.

Gray, save a few nervous laughs and anxious stutters, seemed just as excited. If he had been anything less, Jellal would’ve had to kill him.

He made secret eye contact with Erza throughout the wedding vows as he listened closely, reminding himself that this would be him in a matter of months. Erza must’ve been thinking the same, because she was smiling wryly like she always did whenever they were on the same page.

And suddenly, with the words of a preacher, his sister became somebody else’s.

With a hardly appropriate for church kiss, Gray swept her away to the limo, completely forgetting about the rest of the guests in the swirly haze of being newlyweds. Typical kids. At the reception, people shared speeches and stories, and Jellal swirled his glass ambiguously, Erza’s hand never leaving his shoulder and his never leaving her waist. Juvia’s smile lit up the whole room.

Later into the night, surprisingly enough, jellal managed to snag th groom, alone.

With the few minutes he had before Juvia would inevitably find him and knee him in he balls for intimidating her husband, Jellal gave Gray a friendly shove against the wall and held him there.

“Listen up,” he started, praying that Erza would only be a few minutes in the bathroom. “You got three seconds to convince me that you’ll make her happy, or I make sure you’ll have no need to wear pants any longer.”

Gray gulped before speaking. “I love her.”

It was simple, and sweet, despite what Jellal would’ve liked to believe. He released him, his shoes hitting the floor with a plop.

“Fine,” Jellal warned, “but if I find out you’re nothing but talk, so help me god-“


Juvia’s wail of protest cut off his brotherly speech.

“What did you promise me about threats?” She asked sternly.

“…Not to.”

Exactly. Did he hurt you?” She asked in a concerned voice to her spouse.

“He…heh, no. We’re all good. Brother-in-law” Gray explained, attempting to throw in a good-natured joke at the end.

“Don’t go there.” Jellal said flatly.

“Good.” Juvia nodded firmly. “Behave.” She pointed a finger at Jellal and looked around for Erza to enforce her ruling.

“Also, Gray, if you get my sister pregnant too early, I’ll strangle you to death with your own scrotum.” Jellal reminded.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Gray said with a nod.

“God, dammit Jellal, what’d I just say? C’mon, tell me-“

“I am behaving! It’s just a  word of warning!”

“Oh, shut up! You’re weirding everybody out, where in god’s name is Erza when you need her?” Juvia moaned, and like speaking of the devil, Erza surfaced from the bathroom, face unreadable.

“Erza! Thank god! Put a leash on him, will you?” Juvia begged, shoving Jellal’s arm into her hands.

“I will,” Erza said, voice whispery and very un-Erza like. “Also I’m pregnant.”

I did a family au

I Don’t Have a Reason (You x EXO Kai)

Hello! May I please request a Jongin one shot where he is a hot bad boy at school and he protects you from all the bullies. You don’t understand why he chooses to spend time with you and smile at you, and when you ask him, he confesses he likes you. Thank you!

“We’ll have the money next time, I promise.“ 

"You’d better. I don’t have any more patience for you, lady." 

You wince as your mom rubs her hands together in front of the two men, practically getting on her knees. They’d demanded payment twice this month, and there was no way you could pay what they were asking. They’d kicked out all the students at the restaurant’s busiest time, putting you even further behind. On their way out, they kick more over-turned furniture as a reminder. 

You run to your mom, grabbing her shaking hands as she stoops to pick up a roll of paper towels. 

"I’ll do it, omma.” You nudge her towards the kitchen. 

“Right. I’ll just, um, finish up there then." 

A year ago, your life was supposed to have gotten better. You and your mom had been struggling to make rent after she’s divorced your father, and it seemed like nothing was going right. That’s why it seemed like a dream when your uncle offered his restaurant to the two of you. It wasn’t much; really it was just a snack bar that served mostly students. But it was more than enough for the two of you. 

Your mom had been giddy, putting her cooking skills to work. However, when your uncle was killed a car accident just a few month ago, the truth had come spilling out. He’d had a horrible gambling habit, and had put up everything he owned, including the restaurant, into the gambling pool. He owed many people a lot of money, and now you and your mom were harassed regularly by those coming to collect. 

You wipe your hands on your apron, struggling to pull a heavy steel table back on to its legs. 

"Let me help you.” You turn to see a guy come in dressed in a loose t-shirt and jeans, shaggy chestnut hair covering his forehead. He was kind of cute, but you had learned quickly here that looks can be deceiving. You drop the table, but he pulls it up anyway. 

“What do you want?” You snap defensively. He looks at you, a little bit stunned. “I was hoping for some rice cakes. Maybe some soda. But if now is a bad time…" 

"No, I’m sorry.” You apologize, quickly heading toward the kitchen. How stupid could you be, being rude to a customer like that? After what just happened, you doubted any of the regulars would return. “It…it’s been a long day for me." 

He looks around at the mess. "I can tell." 

You seat him at the bar, sitting down his food in front of him. 

"I’m Kai. Kim Kai." 

”__________.“ You offer your name dryly. 

"Your food is good.” He meets your eyes with an expression you can’t read.

“I’m glad you like it.” He doesn’t talk much, just sitting quietly and watching the static-blurred TV on the counter playing sitcom reruns. When he finishes, he helps you pick up everything that’s been knocked over. “Here.” He offers you a handful of crumpled bills.

“It’s on the house.” You wave away his money. “Thanks for helping me with furniture." 

"Don’t mention it." 


On Monday morning, a new type of nightmare begins. You were a pretty decent student, which in any other high school would probably be a good thing. But here, it just made you a target. The school was run by bad students, and no one truly paid attention in class. You worried for your college entrance exam scores, but hey, it wasn’t like you could afford college anyway, right? 

You dump your stuff at your desk and head to the bathroom to wash up. The water had been shut off at the restaurant again, which sucked. That meant no shower, no brushed teeth, and toast for breakfast until your mom could pay the bill later this afternoon. 

"Did I say you could talk back to me?" 

"No–agh!” You stop dead in your tracks as the sound of someone crying out in the stairwell echoes in the empty hall. The sound of a punch or two–a crack. Whoa

You peer around the corner, only to see Kai standing there. Somehow you would have guessed that he would have been the one getting beaten up, but it’s actually the opposite. He hovers over Lee Yoomin, one of the school’s most notorious tormentors. Even though he was a second year, he struck fear into the hearts of first and third years alike. You’d never seen anyone challenge him, and yet here Kai was, with his foot pressed against his chest, holding him to the wall. Blood stains the drool that drips from Yoomin’s lip, and his nose is bleeding as well. 

“You answer to me now.” Kai snaps. “Don’t forget that." 

Yoomin gets to his feet, giving Kai a hard look. He doesn’t question him, though. He just grunts and walks away, holding his chin. You duck away to avoid being seen, but not fast enough. 

"Enjoy the show?” He growls, wiping his bloody knuckles on his pants. “I…I…” You struggle to come up with something that isn’t judgement. He wouldn’t hurt you too, would he? He snorts at your flustered expression, brushing past you. “Don’t worry, I’m not interested in you or your puppy dog toothbrush.” You glance down, noticing it on the floor, and your face burns with shame. It had been on sale. 

You stoop to pick it up, but Kai beats you to it, his fingertips brushing yours. “I’m not interested in you…yet." 


As the weeks pass by, Kai interferes with your life very little. It’s perfectly fine with you; there were other things to worry about. But his presence is widely known, and he rapidly climbs the ranks as the mysterious bad boy who maintains a quiet but threatening presence. You catch another guy, Oh Jikyung, spitting out broken teeth his way down from the roof and already know who’s responsible. 

On Tuesday Kai is absent from the cafeteria, and when Joo Hojin walks in with a black eye and bloody nose, you know that Kim Kai has struck again. 

“I swear, they’re going to love me when I get to the audition.” A voice carries over the crowd to you. “My cousin has been training there for a year, so the CEO already knows me!” Great. Jinny.

Gu Jinhee, better known as Jinny, was one of the meaner girls in your year. She aspired to being a singer, so she constantly walked around with a posse she called her "members” and sang in competitions. She was like a celebrity without the talent, but everyone had to admit, the looks were there. She could get away with murder and the male teachers would just shrug. 

“Move.” She tilts her head. You look up to see her hovering over you. 

“But I sit here. This isn’t even your table." 

She gives you a look of disbelief. "I want to sit here now. That means you need to get up." 

"Can’t you just sit down there?” You suggest, motioning to the end of the table. It was a long table–enough for Jinny and her friends to sit and still have plenty of seats between you. 

“No.” She shakes her head, irritated. “It seems like you need a reminder of where you stand." 

Without hesitation she leans forward and flips your tray into your lap, spilling rice, chocolate milk, seaweed soup, been spouts, and beef jjigae all over your uniform. You gasp, and her friends laugh. "Just so you know, I am everything here.” She grins. “And you…are nothing." 

You stomp out of the cafeteria, more angry than embarrassed. How were you supposed to get the stains out?! There was no way you could ask your mom to buy a new one. You head to the bathroom, only to see Kai walking toward you at the end of the hall. Your heart thumps, and you want to turn around, but he’s already seen you.

"You.” He calls, taking in your stained clothes and your expression. “Do you ever stand up for yourself?" 

Your anger turns into humiliation. You and Kai barely talked, and he thought he knew something about your life? What happned back in the cafe was nothing like this. "We don’t all solve our problems by hitting other people.” You retort icily. 

His expression darkens. “That may be true, but at least I solve them." 


A few weeks go by without incident, and Jinny probably believes that what happened in the cafeteria has shamed you into obedience. Mostly you were just trying to avoid her. What Kai had said was bothering you. So what if you didn’t solve your problems? You couldn’t solve the debt you and your mom had! You couldn’t really solve going to college either. So what could you solve?

"Baby I love you~ You~ You~ You~ Youuuuuu~" 

You twitch in irritation as Jinny flounces around the room, singing at the top of her lungs. The power had gone out last night while you were trying to study, and you hadn’t finished today’s assignment. Japanese was one of your better subjects, so you tried to do the work as completely as you could. Now if only this girl would be quiet!  Of course, she sidles up beside you, singing in your ear. She was testing you. She was waiting for a reaction. 

"Shut up!” You snap. “I’m trying to study!" 

"For what?” Jinny snorts, popping her gum in her mouth. “We all know you and your mom will be stuck paying off that trash bin you call a restaurant forever.” You gape, standing up and shoving your chair back. The other students egg you on, and Jinny laughs. 

“Aw, what are you gonna do? Fight me?" 

You squeeze your hands into fists. "Maybe." 

"Bring it on, bitch.” She grins, tying her hair back. 

You swing first, but she’s quicker. She grabs a handful of your shirt, snapping all the buttons from the neck down. You push her backwards and she stumbles over the desk, and you take the opportunity to slap her. 

“You little-!” She retaliates, punching you so hard in the jaw you see stars.


Kai steps between the two of you, eyeing you. "What are you idiots even doing?" 

"I’m defending myself.” You choke, trying not to cry. “You know, like I never do? Isn’t that what you said?" 

"I didn’t mean fight her.” He murmurs. 

Jinny lunges over and hits you again, but Kai reacts, using his arm to sweep her away. She stumbles over a chair, falling between two desks. The class goes absolutely silent. “What do you think you’re doing?” She shrieks. 

“Stopping you.” He replies calmly. “I said enough. I’ll do it again if I have to." 

"I’m telling my brother.” She spits. “He’ll kick your ass. Just wait." 

"I will.” Kai shrugs. “Come on." 

He steers you out of the classroom, down the hall, and out of the back doors to the sports fields. 

"What were you doing back there?” He scolds. “You think you can fight Gu Jinny? She’s older than you!" 

"I was just trying to protect myself!” The tears finally come, and Kai grimaces as you sob. “They make me into a joke! Sometimes I wonder why I even come here! I could just drop out!" 

"Shhh.” Kai awkwardly attempts to soothe you. He shrugs off his uniform jacket and throws it over your shoulders. 

“You shouldn’t drop out. If anyone can go to college here you can, so keep studying. And I’ll protect you, so you shouldn’t worry about that." 

You blink at him. Was he stupid? "I’ll fight my own battles, Kai." 

"And you’ll lose.” He quips. 

“Why are you putting yourself out there for me?” You argue angrily. “I don’t understand!" 

"Because until I saw you, nothing was worth it for me.” He stuffs his hands in his pockets. “I…kind of got on the wrong path in life, but you probably noticed that already. But I still have some dreams. I look at you and know that I do. I’m not the bad guy everyone makes me out to be.” The sudden admission stuns you.

“But…why me?" 

He smiles a bit. "I don’t know. I ask myself that too sometimes. Something about you just…makes me want to protect you.”

You frown. “I’m not defenseless.”

He laughs, thumping you on the forehead. “I’m not very good at this, but you’re making this so much harder than it has to be. I’m trying to tell you that I like you.”

You blink. “Me?”

“Who else?” He rolls his eyes, exasperated. “You don’t have to…like me back or anything, but as long as I’m around, nothing is going to happen to you.”


True to his word, Kim Kai sticks close by you in the following weeks. His teasing remarks have turned into compliments, and he presented you with a rare smile every now and then. Rather than being a shadow, like he usually was, he sat beside you in the cafeteria, walked you back to the cafe, and picked you up in the mornings. It was like having your own personal bodyguard…except for the fact that he blushed every time you made eye contact. 

Everyone at school seems to notice the new dynamic, and when Jinny stops by your table surrounded by a group of friends, you’re already on edge. 

“Well, isn’t this cute.” She tilts her head, mocking the two of you. Kai barely looks up in acknowledgment. “The two most rejected people at school have found each other.”

You frown. “No one asked you to notice us.”

She rolls her eyes. “So you’re feeling brave just because your new boyfriend is hanging around?” You gape at her assumption, but you barely have time to react as she reaches over and squeezes the pouch of orange juice in Kai’s hand, sending the liquid down his chin. Her friends gasp with horror. Despite the fact that Jinny made Kai out to be unpopular, his good looks and hot temper had gained popularity with the first and second year girls. 

“Don’t forget, I still owe you one, Kim Kai.” 

“And I’m still waiting.” He winks at her, and she becomes instantly flustered. Wow. Kai just had that affect on people. She hurries away, and you to turn to him in shock. “Kai!”

“What?” He murmurs, swiping at his jacket. “She got orange juice on my uniform…”

“Did you just wink at her?”

“Yeah.” He shrugs. “Why?”

You stare at him. “No reason.”

But you know the reason. Something in you was starting to like Kim Kai, and that nagging feeling? That was jealousy.


“Hey, you cannot eat out of the pot while I’m trying to cook!” 

You slap Kai’s hand away from the rice cakes you were cooking, and he frowns. “But I want some.” You chuckle. “You can have some when it’s done. Now go take these napkins over to that table, okay?” He pouts, but obeys you anyway. The two of you were watching the cafe while your mother went to go and pay a few bills. It was something she usually wouldn’t have done, but it was slow today anyway.

“Miss! Miss!”

An old man sitting in the corner flags you down urgently, and you strip off your apron, coming over. “Ahjussi, can I help you with something?” He motions out of the window. “I’ve been here lots of times.” He clears his throat nervously. “And that is something I’ve never seen before.” He points out of the window, and panic seizes your throat. “Kai!”

A group of students from your high school were headed down the road towards your cafe, armed with baseball bats and metal pipes. “Jinny must have sent them!” You squeak. Kai swears softly under his breath. “Get them out of here.” He motions to the remaining customers. “I’m going to meet them outside so they don’t come in.”

Everyone must have been told to expect a fight, because people who aren’t even involved show up, cameras ready. Luckily for Kai, a good portion of the bullies that he’d bullied into working for him show up. But it doesn’t change the fact that something was about to go down.

“Kim Kai!” Jinny’s brother stands at the front of the crowd. “I heard about you.”

“Good things, I hope.” Kai smirks playfully.

“Actually, no.” The crowd grows quiet. Uh oh. 

“Well, did you come to talk or come to fight?” Kai asks hotly. 

Jinny’s brother steps forward. “I think we all know the answer to that.”



“Hold still, Kai. You’ve got to let me get a look at it.”

“I’m fine!”

“You’re not fine. Now shut up and hold still!”

You shake your head as Kai wriggles, pouting as you tend to his swollen lip. Although Kai was an even better fighter than you could have hoped for, he still took quite a few hits. “You’re upset.” He frowns. “Don’t be. It’s not exactly the first time I’ve gotten hurt or anything, if you can’t tell.”

“I didn’t want you t get hurt for me, Kai!” You protest.

“Jinny’s brother wasn’t coming for you, he was coming for me!”

“It’s practically the same.” You mutter.

“I don’t think you understand” Kai stands suddenly, staring at you. “What part of I’m not going to let anything happen to you was unclear?”

“It was clear.” You look him in the eyes. “But…I didn’t want anything to happen to the guy I like.” There. It was all out on the table. 

“Wait…” Kai stop. “The guy you like?”

“I’m not very good at this, but you’re making this so much harder than it has to be.” You mock him, teasing. You grab his collar and pull him to you. “I’m trying to tell you that I like you too.”

He grins. “Why would you like a guy like me?” This was clearly a new situation for him.

You shrug, smiling. “I don’t have a reason. I just do.”


Scenario end~! This one is a little longer, but I hope you enjoy it! I was happy because it’s the first one I’ve done in a while that I didn’t need to break into two parts! >3< I hope the requester likes it!~Jjangpanda

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Hello :) Can you please write me a Luke imagine my name is Jasmin :) thank you xx

“Baby you light up my worlddddd like nobody elseeee,” Luke slurred to you as you walked down the street. You stifled a laugh, he was ridiculous when he was drunk. His weight was leaning on you, his body leaning heavily on yours for support. “I love you,” he said happily, leaving sloppy kisses on your cheek. “D’ya know that, baby? I love youuuuuu,” he stopped and titled your face up to his, sealing his mouth over yours. He may be drunk but he sure knew what he was doing. “Luke, Luke” you said, giggling and pulling away; people had stopped to look at the intense make-out scene and were shaking their heads in disgust. “Inside, come on.” You led him up the steps and into the apartment where he quickly fastened his mouth back to yours. “Do you love me?” he asked, his brown eyes glazing over. “Yes, of course,” you whispered, stunned by his question. “Do you want to be with me forever?” His eyes were darker now as his finger skimmed your jaw. “Y-yes,” you said nervously, unsure where this conversation was heading.”Don’t ever leave me,” you saw something you’d never seen in Luke’s eyes before: vulnerability. You ran your fingers affectionately down his cheek. “Never. Let’s get you to bed, you can barely stand.” He let you take the lead, following behind you slowly. He was so tired, why did he get this drunk? He slowly felt himself coming back down to earth. “I’m gunna be so hung over,” he moaned, sliding into bed. You had to snicker to yourself, he was right. You curled up next to him, making sure there was Tylenol and water by his side. “Sleep baby,” You said, placing a final kiss on his cheek before he drifted off.