baby i love u so much

rhodey is the cutest person i can’t believe this,,, saying “boom” when something goes his way…Dad Jokes™… being So Into Being War Machine oh my god literally every one-liner rhodey has is life-changing i can’t believe how good he is??? “welcome to the dance floor, boys. oh no, i didn’t say you could leave” “I think it’s weird. you look like two seals fighting over a grape” “you look damn good mr president but i’m gonna need that suit back” WAR MACHINE,,,COMIN AT U,,, “no, it’s your fault, I just wanted to say I’m sorry”

he adapts so quickly to ridiculous situations he’s brave and resilient and selfless and incredible and his password is WARMACHINEROX with an x all caps what a giant dork i love him @ marvel where the fuck is my war machine movie

space-space-bby  asked:

I don't know why, but I just wanted to tell you that your blog is lovely! 💕💓 Sorry if I bothered you.

OMG HONEY YOU ARE NOT BOTHERING ANYONE EVER AT ALL YOU ARE SUCH A BLESSING TO THIS WORLD. Come here my space baby, please, have some tea with me ; u ; Welcome to my blog! This is your safe space now and you are free to send me pics of your animal companions. Thank you so much for taking the time to send this! I appreciate hearing that others enjoy my blog ehe. 


Happy 23rd Birthday to Monsta X’s main vocal Yoo Kihyun


happy birthday to my one and only baby angel!! i hope you’re spending the day smiling countless times and laughing so much that your stomach hurts but in a good way i wish you happiness always. if i could give you the world, the sun, the stars, every drop of joy, love and respect, i would, and maybe i’ll get to one day. you’re the only one i hold onto when things get rough you’re my sweet escape you keep me sane you’re the rush of happiness running through my veins. you have this ability to create this atmosphere solely filled with happiness and positivity for me there’s no space to be sad whatsoever i’m honestly so thankful. and i will always be thankful to have the greatest privilege which is to love you i learned a lot of things from you that i will keep with me forever. thank you ❤

happy 24th birthday, park chanyeol • 92.11.27


Happy Birthday, Lelouch!  ♡
Make Me Choose
:: Lelouch or Suzaku - @cldstrifes 

donghyuck to mark after high school rapper:


Aries: He looks like he’s gonna murder me in my sleep 

Taurus: Stick the tip of a toothpick into his dickhole

Gemini: Mars in 3rd is wild I’m offending everyone and I can’t stop

Cancer: For fucks sake why isn’t there more toilet paper on the damn roll 

Leo: Hello 911 yes this is an emergency my ex is trying to talk to me

Virgo: What is this getting dark at 5:30 bullshit 

Libra: I love cleaning my room bc I always find 10,000 Bobby pins

Scorpio: I’m being all gross and clingy and lovey dovey how do I stop

Sagittarius: terfs are bad

Capricorn: They’re such pretty fish but they pooped so much…and then they had babies and I watched them all die painfully one by one

Aquarius: I wish my poop looked like that

Pisces: Emo anarchists whining about Oppressions they face

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