baby hurricane

Wind, gales, and Tornados

The outer bands have been causing quite a stir with sudden wind gusts, heavy rains then eerie silence. Tornados warnings left and right, here and there near by. Sleeping will be difficult tonight. I’ve been binge watching the Weather Channel keeping track of everything.

This tuxedo kitty, I’ve seen around and this kitty along with other random kitties and my late kitty would hang around my porch and backyard. I opened my door during a tornado warning ( don’t do that btw) to see the wind force and this kitty was just sitting outside wanting food. Since i would leave cat food outside (prior to storm and pet loss) it seemed all the cats had owners. This tuxedo kitty was completely alone. I managed to get ‘im inside. This kitty is so skittish, but is the sweetest thing. I would have been devasted if I found this one lifeless in the after math.

Then theres this chicken, who built her nest by my house. Completely exposed to the elements. I managed to cage her and bring her in. I honestly don’t think her babies will not make it through this storm. Mama ain’t happy though.

The wind is picking up over time as it goes on, stay safe Florida.

God bless.


We survived Hurricane Irma after it hit us directly as a category 2. The ranch had about 12"-18" of flooding, and the alpacas had to hang out on hay islands in their barns, but the water has receded and everyone is safe and sound. The goats had hardly any flooding in their pen, and are enjoying munching on fallen trees and branches. My house still doesn’t have power or internet after 10 days (hence the late posting), but we’re alive and didn’t have any structural damage to our home.


Godzilla Rulers of Earth Japanese editions, volume 3!
Fun fact: the Kiryu vs Destoroyah cover? That one is a collaboration between myself and legendary manga artist/suit actor (Baby Godzilla, Battra larva) Hurricane Ryu!!!
The rest of the line art is by me and colored by Goncalo Lopes!
Published by Phase 6, original published by @idwcomics