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I need more pillow humping in my life!!! Maybe with little!dan, phil walks in on him and makes him keep going? PLEASE

I enjoyed writing this way more than I thought I would or probably should have jfc. I added lots of little!dan activities and some oral fixation bc kinks

Phil knows it’s going to be a Little Space Sunday when he wakes to find two big, innocent, brown eyes watching him. Dan’s curled up in the blankets beside him, wearing the plain black pyjama pants he fell asleep in the night before, with one thumb in his mouth and the fingers of his other hand curled around Phil’s colourful doona. He grins around his thumb when Phil’s groggy eyes open and the older man smiles lazily back.

‘Well, hello you,’ he says, shuffling a little closer and patting his large hand over Dan’s curly brown locks. ‘How are you, little one?’

‘m’h’ng’y,’ Dan mumbles around his thumb; Phil frowns a little and wraps his fingers around Dan’s wrist.

‘What has Daddy told you about talking when something’s in your mouth,’ he says, tugging gently, and Dan’s wet thumb slides from his lips with a trail of saliva that Phil tries hard to ignore. ‘What did you say, baby?’

‘I’m hungry, Daddy,’ Dan repeats.

‘We better get you some breakfast then. How do Lucky Charms sound, hmm?’ Phil says, climbing out of the covers and walking over to the side of the bed Dan has claimed.

‘Yeah!’ Dan says, letting Phil take his hand and pull him to his feet.

‘Let’s get you dressed first though, okay?’

‘Okay, Daddy. Can I wear my Piglet clothes, pretty please?’

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All-American Boy!

Steve Grand May Make It Back To California, But You Can See Why He Is Just A California Boy!

Woof, Baby!

Is That My Shirt? (E.D) Part 2

Summary: You’re the twins assistant, and while they were in Jersey visiting their family and friends, you were back in LA handling all the business stuff. What you didn’t know was they were coming home earlier than planned, so maybe dancing around half naked in their apartment wasn’t such a great idea. Or was it?

Word Count: 1,738

Warnings: Mentions of sex. Fingering. Thigh riding. Cursing.

A/N: Here’s part 2 guys! It was only meant to be 2 parts, so this is it! Hope you guys enjoy it! Also, I started classes today. Yaay -_- …. So along with working everyday, I’ll be in classes 4 days out the week, so my schedule is a little bit hectic. I won’t be as active during the week, but I promise I’ll try to keep updating as much as I can. But as promised part 3 of Tattoo Girl should be finish by the end of this week, soooo look out for that! I love you guys <3 

* * The twins are 19 in this. * *

Ethan’s POV

“Turn around.” I whispered into her ear. 

She turned around, and slowly unfolded her arms, to placing them down by her side. She had no bra on so her breast were exposed for my eyes to see. My eyes scanned up and down her body, and it took everything in me to not push her up against that wall and do her right then and there. I’ve always been attracted to Y/N. When Kyle told Gray and I about getting a new assistant, I figured it was going to be someone way older like around their 30s or something. But when we finally met her, I was kind of glad Kyle didn’t pick some 30 year old. Y/N was beautiful. It was hard to not be attracted to her. To be honest, I think she’s attracted to me too. I mean I see the way she looks at me. She might think I don’t notice, but I do. Because I look at her the same way.

I placed my hand on the small of her back and pushed her body against mine. I crashed my lips onto her soft pink ones, stealing the breath from her lungs, and smothering her with my body and my mouth. After about a minute or two of making out, I pulled away, giving us both some breathing room, before I attacked her bare neck again. 

“Ethan… W-We shouldn’t be doing this.” she said.

She’s right we shouldn’t. She’s my assistant, and this isn’t professional, but who gives a fuck. No one has to know about this but the two of us.

“Tell me to stop.” I said, still kissing at her neck, while my hand found it’s way to her breast, and gave it a squeeze, causing a small moan to escape her lips. A light chuckled escape my mouth when I realize she still hasn’t told me to stop. 

I kissed her again, with more force then the last time. I ran my tongue across her bottom lip asking for entry, and she allowed it, snaking her arms around my neck immediately. Without breaking the kiss, and with my hands still on her waist, I guided us back over towards her bed.

I sat down on the bed, and she got on top straddling my left thigh. Her hands found the back of my head, gripping onto my hair as we were in a deep, and heated make out session. With our bodies nestled up against each other, I noticed my thigh was still between her legs, and it was getting quite warm. I felt her body shifting around on my thigh, and I realized she was wet, and she was grinding her wetness onto my thigh. I’ve never seen a girl do that before, so it was pretty hot. I felt my boxer getting a little bit tighter, and I was wearing Nike shorts, so my boner was pretty much visible. 

I squeezed her waist slightly, as she continued to gently roll her hips on my thigh. I ran my hands down her waist, and curvy hips, and rested them on her ass. Giving them a rough squeeze. She pulled away from the kiss, and nuzzled her head into my neck, letting out light moans, and leaving gently kisses on my neck occasionally. Her juices were starting to coat my thigh, and my dick strained against the fabric of my boxers. I started to caress her legs, and thighs as she was rubbing herself on me. I slowly moved my hand up her thigh, until my hand met her warm clit. I pulled the thing fabric of her lace underwear to the side, and she gasped when my thumb gazed her clit. She started to speed up her pace, and I pushed a finger in between her and my thigh, and stroked it gently up and down a few times, along her clit. She let out small moans, as her eyes were closed, and her mouth opened. I eased one finger inside of her, and she moaned out loud. 


“Grayson might hear us.” I said, causing her to nuzzle her head deeper into my neck, and nibbling at the skin. 

I felt her legs clamped around my finger, and I drew my fingers in and out. Pumping my fingers slowly but deeply into her, I savored the feeling of her slick, and silky walls around my finger. I could feel her loosening up a bit, so I decided to slip in a second finger. She bit down on my shoulder, to try to restrain another loud moan. Her hips bucked against my fingers, and I could feel her juice start to trickle down between my knuckles. You were able to hear a squishy like sound every time my fingers went in and out of her pussy. She kept letting out little whimpers and moans, that drove me absolutely wild. Taking my other free hand, I started stroking at her clit, while I continued to pump my fingers in and out of her with my other hand. She started grinding her hips harder, and faster against my thigh, wrapping her arms tight around my neck, and burying her face into my shoulder. I felt her warm breath on my skin as she tried to speak. 

“Ohh…Fuck Ethan… I’m.. I’m gonna cum…” she mumbled into my shoulder. 

“Yes Y/N. Cum. Cum on my thigh, and all over my fingers baby girl.” I said, not to loud, but loud enough so she could hear me. 

“Cum for me baby girl.”

She began humping furiously against my fingers, as an orgasm was starting to take over her body. I felt her walls clenching around my fingers as I pumped them deeper into her, curling them a bit and hitting her g spot. 

“Fu-fuck!” she moaned, as some more of her warm juices gushed down my hand, and down her clit. 

I began to slow down my pace, as I felt her stop grinding against me, and slowly slipped my wet fingers out of her. 

Reader’s POV

I was still on a high from that orgasm I just had. Holy shit, did he know who to work his fingers. Now lets see what he can do with that boner poking from under his shorts. 

This was wrong, this was so wrong. We shouldn’t be doing this, and we both know it. But we both didn’t care. It’s obvious that the both of us had always had some sexual tension towards each other, and today just so happens to be the day that we act on it.

I stood up from the bed, and grabbed his hand pulling him up with me. I slipped my hands, under his shorts, and boxer and started tugging them down. It sprang free, and poked against the skin of my bare thigh. 

God sure blessed him.

We both looked down. Ethan with a satisfied smirk on his face, when he noticed my facial expression. My eyes went wide at how long, and thick he was. 

Fuck he was huge.

He must have been almost a solid 8 inches. His dick was glistening with precum. I looked up to see Ethan’s eyes on me. His eyes were so dark, and so full of lust. I my eyes on him as I bit down on my bottom lip, and wrapped my small hand around his hard shaft, and I felt him jerk a little bit. Keeping eye contact with him, I began to slowly tug on his throbbing dick, up and down. He bit his lip, and threw his head back, revealing his veiny neck, that I accidently covered in bite marks, and small hickeys. Oops. Gripping it a little tighter, and going a little faster. The faster I went, the harder he got in my hand. 

“Ah shit.” he groaned, running both his hands in his hair, gripping at it. I can see his body start to jerk a little, letting me know he was close. I started pumping my hand around his length faster, but he grabbed my wrist and stopped me. 

“Get on the bed.” Ethan said, licking his lips.

I did as he said, and sat down on the bed. Ethan looked down at me while he was still standing in between my legs. He looked straight into my eyes, and a malicious grin plastered on his face. Just by that look I can only begin to imagine what I was in for. He lowered himself on top of me, so that his length was pressed against my most sensitive spot. He began to attack my neck with kisses, feeling bites occasionally but I didn’t mind. 

He can do whatever he wants to me at this point.

He pressed his body down against mine, and I moaned at the satisfying feeling of his hard dick pressed up against my pussy. I could feel him laughing against my neck, obviously satisfied with what he was doing to me. He pulled himself up, so he was now kneeling in between my legs. He started to take his hard length into his hand, and slapped it down on my wet slit a couple times. 

“You ready for me baby girl?” he asked, and I nodded bitting my lip.

He grabbed my legs, wrapped it around his waist and lowered himself onto me. He slowly slid his hard dick into me, and I felt myself stretch as he completely filled me. 

“Fuck, you’re so tight.”  he groaned, as he started moving into me slowly, and gently, letting me adjust to his size.

Ethan wasn’t my first, but I have to admit he is pretty big. And he’s only 19 for fuck sakes. 

“Oh my…” I tried to talk, but I couldn’t get anything out, as I felt him starting to pick up the pace a little bit, going a little deeper each time he thrust.

His thrust became harder, and faster and I couldn’t hold back the moans anymore. My dug my fingernails into Ethan’s board shoulders, and slid one hand on the back of his head pulling him down to me. His body was on mine, and you can just feel the heat radiating between us. He nibbled at my ear, as he began to thrust harder into into me. The harder and faster he thrusted the louder my moans were getting. But I knew I couldn’t be that loud because Grayson was here. 

“What’s my name?” he whispered in my ear. 

“E-Ethan…” I muttered. 

“Wrong answer!” he said, as he thrust deeper, and harder into me, causing me to whimper in both pain and pleasure. 

How was that the wrong answer? Oh I get it. Ha. He’s a kinky mother fucker. 

“What’s my name, Y/N?” he asked again. Still going harder and harder, making me feel every inch of him as he pushed himself inside of me. 

“Da…Daddy!” I said, trying not to sound so loud, but I couldn’t help it. He knew what he was doing, and every thrust felt so good. I felt myself getting closer and closer to my orgasm. 

“Fuck Y/N…you feel so good.” Ethan moaning was probably the hottest thing I’ve ever heard. Being the reason why he was moaning makes it even hotter. 

My nails were crawling at his back, and my lip was starting to bleed from biting down on it so hard trying to keep in my moans, but I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I was so close. Ethan’s lips crashed down onto mine, kissing me as he pumped his length in and out of me harder and faster.

“Don’t…Stop…Please…” I moaned.

“Cum on daddy’s dick baby.” he said, thrusting harder and harder. I could feel my legs starting to grow shaky and weak, and my stomach was starting to tighten up. I guess Ethan knew I was close because with one more deep thrust I reached my climax. Ethan quickly pulled himself out of me, and shoot his load onto my bare stomach. He clasped on the side of me, and reached down on the floor grabbing my college t-shirt and wiped his cum off my stomach. 

* * * *

“Can I be honest?” Ethan asked, as we were laying in my bed, and he had his arm draped over my naked body.

“Yeah. What is it?” I asked.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since the first day I met you.” he said, as a smirk crept up upon his lips. 

Not saying anything, I propped myself onto my elbow, and I connected my lips onto his, cuffing my free hand on one side of his face. He licked my bottom lip asking for entry, and I allowed him. Our tongues wrestled with each other, as I felt his arms on the small of my back, pulling me closer into him. Things were starting to heat back up pretty quickly, until a knock on my bedroom door, cause us to pull apart from our heated make out session.

“Yo Y/N! Were you still going to make those pancakes?” Grayson shouted from the other side of the door. 

Seriously Grayson?

“Yeah!” I shouted back, looking over at Ethan who was trying to hold back his laugh.

“Also do you know where Ethan is? He kind of disappeared.” Grayson said, but I didn’t reply I just looked at Ethan who was trying to keep himself from laughing.

I chuckled slightly, and hit his chest playfully. We both got out of bed, and as Ethan was putting on his clothes, I walked over to my dresser to find some new underwear, and a shirt. I felt someone standing behind me. Knowing he could only be Ethan I turned around. He was standing behind me shirtless with his shirt in his hand.

“I like when you wear my clothes.” he winked, and gave me a kiss on my temple before heading out the room. 


Requiescat In Pace

Godspeed To Dmitri Hvorostovsky. The Opera Community And The World In General Has Lost A Singer With A Beautifully Rich Baritone! And, Boy, Was He Gorgeous With His White Hair.

Godspeed…May Angels Lead You Into Paradise!