baby huey and the babysitters


Baby Huey and the Babysitters - Listen to Me

Putting WAY too much weight into what the first song I’m going to post in 2013 is going to be. If I wasn’t so certain I’d break it immediately, one of my resolutions would be not to be such an OCD’d, superstitious lunatic. Oh well.

Upon thorough deliberation, this is perfect. An opening track (new year :: opening track, good start) from one of my favorite albums, The Baby Huey Story:The Living Legend, by one of the great unsung talents of the Opinears home base of Chicago. Well, not totally unsung, but when you’re talking about a guy who, if his life wasn’t cut short at 26, had the talent, the charisma, and the support to be one of the biggest superstars soul music has ever produced, then yeah, sufficiently under-sung. (And not totally from Chicago either, actually from Richmond, Indiana, but again, close enough.)

And “Listen to Me”! What a perfectly titled song to open the year on our (1) music (2) blog on a (3) social media tilted blogging site. If it wasn’t so annoying to have music start playing as soon as you open a webpage (You hear me rest of the internet?! Profoundly annoying!), this would be near the top of the list of songs I would nominate.

But listen to “Listen to Me”. Listen to that voice, those wails. Listen to that guitar and those horns. Listen to those drums and the bass. I’m putting a lot of things into the universe in this new year, and a big music one is I want to get my hands, or my eyes and ears, on some live Baby Huey footage. But, until then, to kick things off, this will do fine. - MO