baby hodgins

Bones: Jack Hodgins [ENTP]


Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Hodgins is a known conspiracy theorist. In earlier seasons he holds onto these theories and connects even the wildest of things back to them, seeing only dark and negative aspects of life. The more involved he becomes in investigating murders, the more possibilities he finds, the less time he spends theorizing about the negative…the more he comes alive and exhibits the positive aspects of Ne: What will these spores tell us? What do all these seemingly unrelated things we’ve found here have in common? When he is buried alive, Hodgins figures out where they are simply by narrowing down the different possibilities. He knows how to be organized, but hates being confined to things like budgets and organizational binders. Sometimes he rambles through explanations when he gets really excited about something. When a party is cancelled due to budget cuts, he simply throws together his own party using the lab equipment. He comes up with different ways to propose to Angela until he finds one that works (well, sort of).

Introverted Thinking (Ti): One of Hodgins’ favorite pastimes is to analyze things, find data. He enjoys breaking things down and figuring out what it all means and uses his Ne to draw possibilities - seemingly out of thin air - and figure out what hit a bone or how something got caught in clothing. He can be detached and look at things objectively despite his own feelings, and will openly dispute what he doesn’t believe to be true even if he doesn’t have an argument yet. He butts heads with Dr. Goodman in season one when Goodman visualizes the life and death of the man whose old remains are before them, because Goodman’s process doesn’t stick to the facts. He disputes Brennan when they’re trapped underground although the explanation she gives for believing Booth will come for them seems logical. He doesn’t buy it; he knows the truth: “what you have is faith, baby.”

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Hodgins thrives off of praise and positive attention. He loves being the “king of the lab.” He is very protective of all his friends, going so far as to threaten people who come after them. He still chooses to care about Zack in spite of everything that happened and remains loyal to Dr. Brennan even when the going gets tough. As time goes on, he develops the ability to encourage others and even inspire hope.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Hodgins gets upset when certain things change. He has a hard time dealing with Zack never coming back to the Jeffersonian, he freaks out when Cam tells him that the founders’ day party is cancelled. He tends to hold onto anger - there is a point in the show where he just “hates everyone” because he’s so angry about everything that’s happened so far.


You winced, stumbling slightly as pain lanced through your abdomen. It came again and you couldn’t hold back your groan.

Hodgin’s eyes went wide, “Baby?” he asked, voice high-pitched with panic.

You nodded, clenching your jaw against another wave of pain. It didn’t help and you cried out again, panting heavily.

“Baby! Uh, okay! Baby!” Hodgins yelled, looking frantically for Booth or Dr. Brennan.

“Calm down, babe,” you gasped out, taking hold of his hand tightly. “Women have been doing this for centuries. I’ve got this.”

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