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Me bc it’s confirmed that we’re never gonna see Audrey, Brooke, or Stavo ever again.

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Reader X TFW

Request: Hello!! I adore your writing do much! So I have a request. Could you please do an imagine where the reader is afraid of the dark and the power goes out so dean and Sam and Cas have to comfort her? That would be so awesome!! :)

Request: Can you do a fic where you are playing Cards Against Humanity with Team Free Will and you are like there little sister like early teens. And sometimes Cass doesn’t understand what something’s mean and if things get a little to inappropriate Dean try’s to make you cover your ears.

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But guys, Angharad is so, so important

(spoilers for the prequel comic, violence cw, abortion cw)

like whenever you have a narrative like this, a narrative in which a group of women are trying to get away from a polygamous abuser, there will be one that is privileged, that is treated better than the others, that is thee favourite wife, and always, always, she will want to stay.

so inevitably, the moral isn’t “women aren’t objects“ but it becomes “men, treat your property well or it will run away“ and it is scary, disgusting, heartbreaking.

but in fury road, angharad is the favourite, the splendid, the most loved, the first one joe calls for, and in the prequel comic, the only one he is remotely gentle with.

and yet angharad is also the one that wants freedom the most, angharad is the one that hates joe the most, hates him enough to try to get rig of his baby with a coat hanger (also, not feeling the anti abortion vibe i got from that bit, seriously, how dare you imply a rape victim desperate enough to stick a coat hanger up her vagina is killing something that isn’t even alive (tho tbh i can get that as an in universe only thing bc healthy children are so rare but still)) angharad is the one that is furious about her fate (seriously, anyone who thinks that somebody who CUTS UP THEIR FACE out of defiance and spite and a desperate desire to fight back any way possible isn’t a boiling well of well (ha ha) utilised rage, i just don’t know what to tell you), angharad is the one that rallies the others behind the words: “we are not things“

and it’s so important just so important, bc that makes the film follow through, it makes it clear that no matter how gilded the box, how soft the pillows, how clean the container, women are not things things to be had.