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Me bc it’s confirmed that we’re never gonna see Audrey, Brooke, or Stavo ever again.

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future looks good

hello this is part two to let’s hurt tonight. i’ve decided this is going to be a five part mini series so there’s definitely more to this. i hope you like it!!!


questions, comments, concerns

You’re just finishing lighting the last candle when the front door slams. You frown, Harry never slams the door. 

“Honey?” You call uncertainly down the stairs.

“Yeah.” He responds and his voice is rough and sharp.

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Azriel Series Chapter 6:

Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


It has been a few years since the war with Hybern and the Inner Circle are not the same as they had once been. Elain has accepted her mating bond and Lucien is treating her well. When Azriel first met Elain, he knew that his heart would turn to her, mating bond or no but with Lucien courting her Azriel will never be able to be with her. Mor has finally confronted him and tells him that they could never be together because she is attracted to women not men.

Understandably, Azriel has a tough time coping with the new dynamic. However, he has just found a bastard born, half Illyrian child who shares a similar past to the one he has had. And after spending time with Evelina, Azriel discovers that he doesn’t need to be in a romantic relationship to be truly happy and feel accepted.

Chapter 6:

Walking up that hill with Evelina in his arms and arriving at the Golden Theatre was so special to Azriel. It meant so much to him that Evelina wanted to spend time with him. So when they entered the magnificent theatre Azriel had a massive smile on his face. And… he didn’t want to hide it.

The room they entered was the height of the town house Rhys owned and an ancient golden chandelier hung high above their heads. The walls were filled with engravings, each one telling a different story. Stories, Azriel realized that were performed. There were tiny fairies, assassins on their horses and all the beautiful, wicked creatures in the world. There was a fae warrior baring ice with a queen beside him cloaked in flame. There was a leopard, a lion, and two wolves all fighting invisible enemies alongside each other. It reminded him of something…

There was a soft red carpet covering the entire floor and luxurious furniture. The person standing in front of the entrance to the performance recognized Azriel and ushered them to their booth. The booth that belonged to the High Lord and the High Lady.

And just as they sat down in their seats the entire room went dark. Then there was the clang of a pickaxe on stone. And another. Then the rustle of a chain. A whip. Then a scream. Then another scream. And then a light appeared. Only a candle to reveal a lady with striking golden hair and blue eyes with a ring of gold. Her clothes were down to rags and grime covered her entire body. In her hand was a pickaxe and a chain was fastened to her ankles. Another light appeared. Only to reveal another woman in the exact same position. And suddenly the entire room was flooded with light to reveal an overseer with a whip in hand observing a group of twenty slaves mining salt.

And then Azriel realized what the carvings on the wall depicted. They depicted this exact story. The story of a Princess of Wildfire.

All the slaves were commanded to stand and were instructed to leave. But the slave with the Ashryver eyes was taken somewhere else. She had a hood pulled over her head and was lead to a room. A room with the Crown Prince of Adarlan. The empire that had made the entire continent suffer. The golden haired assassin was offered a deal. A deal to enter a competition and win. And once she won she would have to serve the man who had ruined the lives of her people. But she agreed anyway.

She was taken to the glass castle to train. She easily won the competition and had befriended the crown prince, the royal guard and the Crown Princess of Eyllwe. She was commanded to assassinate different rulers but had the heart to disobey the orders. She continued to train in the glass castle and everything was starting to work out but then Nehemia was killed. Brutally murdered. And that was when Celaena’s world started to shatter once again.

She was sent to another continent and that was when she was forced to train with a fae warrior because of Maeve, the Queen of the Fae for answers to Celaena’s questions. At first, they hated each other. But then they learned that they both shared similar stories. Stories full of loss, grief and pain. They both learned to heal together and became friends before having to face Maeve again. The warrior, Rowan was bound to the Queen. So Celaena bargained with the Queen of Fae for her friend’s freedom. Her carranam’s freedom.

She returns back to Adarlan to free her cousin and ended up befriending a previous rival. Lysandra. Rowan also returns and discovers he seeks more than just a friendship with Celaena. Celaena and the Crown Prince of Adarlan, Dorian managed to eliminate the King of Adarlan. But learned there was a greater Enemy. Erawan.

Celaena learns to accept her title as Crown Princess of Terrasen, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius and redeems old debts to help save her continent. She ends up getting captured by Maeve and gets taken far, far away from her mate, Rowan. Rowan comes to save her and together they manage to defeat Erawan.
And the very last scene was the Queen and King of Terrasen holding a young child in their arms, both smiling and joyful tears in their eyes.

Every single time music was played Evelina would stand. She would slowly move with the music and sometimes when she was completely entranced her entire body would harness the rhythm and beauty of the sound. Every time ballerinas appeared on the stage she would copy every movement they made getting better and better each time. Tears were in her eyes when the final movement was played. Such a triumphant, spectacular piece. It was so colossal that the music seemed to fill the entire room and it owned every single breath. Filled everyone’s hearts and movements. Controlled every feeling and thought.

That was what made music beautiful. That was what music was meant to be. Music told stories just like words and actions do. Music could be powerful enough to change someone’s entire life. Music was just as powerful as speech.

But then there was a crash of a chandelier and heavy footsteps. Time seemed to slow down. Every second throbbed in Azriel’s head and when all the lights flickered and the entire room was covered in darkness Azriel covered Evelina’s mouth with his hand. His shadows told him that there were possibly thousands of troops entering that one theatre. He was powerful but he couldn’t possibly fight against thousands of trained soldiers. The entire room was filled with a scent. Gas.

And all of a sudden, Azriel’s shadows disappeared. He couldn’t winnow. And the gas was filling his nose and lulling his head to sleep. He struggled and tried to thrash against the sudden desire to drift off but it was too strong. The gas was too powerful and as he heaved in a few more shuddering breaths… Evelina was ripped from his arms. He tried to scream and fight but he just slumped to the floor and fell into a deep, intoxicating sleep.


Sorry everyone for not posting recently… I was posting every day and I haven’t posted for nearly a week!! Here’s the next chapter. I lost motivation to write recently and I just couldn’t convince myself to continue writing. I have now but I had a lot of difficulty writing this :/ I might end this series a little bit early and start a new one?? How does that sound?

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Little Problems - Kim Yugyeom x Reader

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Title: Little Problems
Author: Haru.
Pairing: Kim Yugyeom x Reader


When was the last time he texted?

Her phone was clicked on once again, staring at her dimly lit screen, hoping to receive a notification from Yugyeom.

Yes, maybe he could be busy learning choreography, or spending the time with his hyungs or maybe not near his phone at the moment - all good acceptable reasons to why he isn’t texting after four hours.

There’s no reason to panic.

She put her phone down in front of her, resuming her studies and homework in front of her, busying herself.

Alright, Mathematics, she thought, hovering her purple mechanical pencil over the lined paper, about to write the equation down from the textbook. “If the absolute value of x minus three plus 10x is equal to–” The words started to mix up in her head. Well great, there goes trying to keep yourself distracted, (Y/N).

Alright, plan B.

Taking her phone, she stuffed it into the back pocket of her jean shorts, slipping on her varsity jacket and shoes and out the door. Ah, fresh air; that should do the trick. She slipped her hands into her pockets - thumb sticking out - and started to walk down her driveway and onto the street of the Crescent she resided in.

Her hands couldn’t help but reach for her phone, tapping her screen and making the phone come to life, showing no new notifications. People called that clingy - what a stupid term for it -it wasn’t her fault her brain jumped to horrible conclusions… Okay, she hasn’t gotten that far yet, but it’s slowly getting there. She then slipped her phone back into her pocket and felt her chest tighten slightly.

God, why did this have to happen? Why did ‘it’ decide to come today? Today of all days? The day was -  to a certain extent - decent! And now, here she is, freaking out over not getting texted. What if he didn’t want to text her anymore because her bad habit to double text? Or what if he finally found someone else? Or maybe he hates her? The possibilities are literally endless.

And there goes her mind going to that side of the scale - full freak-out mode.
Calm down, she told herself, taking in the scenery around her. She then started to ground her surroundings around her. Five things she can see; the blue sky that held white, fluffy clouds, owners and their dogs walking, trees with leaves starting to change color, basketball nets that littered the end of the driveway of most houses and her red dragon she got from her dad for good luck. Four things she can touch; her jeans, the gravel beneath her sneakers, her phone in her back pocket and her ball cap that was resting on her head. Three things you can hear; the birds chirping all around her, the sound of a car’s engine from the busy street beyond her crescent and the sound of kids talking and playing basketball. Two things she can smell; barbeque which was probably coming from her own backyard since her father was BBQ-ing and the manure on the grass which was spread this early morning. One thing she can taste; the saliva in her mouth which was tasteless.

And mind slowly calming down; there is no reason to assume he hates us, no, he’s just busy.

Keep telling yourself that, honey.

“He’s just, uh, busy,” She spoke out loud, not wanting her thoughts to get the better of her. Speaking to herself was - even though she practically looked insane to half the people who walked by her - more calming and much more safer than staying in her mind. “Yeah, that’s all, he’s just busy.”

Or, he’s just over–

Her phone ding-ed. Oh, please be Yugyeom.

Recieved 3:45pm
Yugyeom: Jagi! I’m sorry for not texting, are you alright?

Alright? Uh, yeah, let’s go with that—

Sent 3:48pm
(Y/N): Oh, yeah! Sorry about the double texts

Sent: 3:49pm
(Y/N): I had free time during 4th period and didn’t know what to do so I texted you–

Recieved 3:53pm
Yugyeom: Alright? I’ll be home by 7:00pm, okay?

Sent: 3:57pm
(Y/N): Alright! I’ll see you then, Yugy!

And now, back to trying to do math at home without stressing out or getting de-motivated, Part Two!

“And, done.” The female sighed, finishing up re-checking her work and re-reading her notes she had made in class. Hopefully the way she had done the problems were correct. 

Pushing her chair back slightly, she stood up and walked over to her closet, picking out her PJs, quickly changing out of them quickly. Her phone then buzzed as the alarm went off, signalling that it was now 7pm, around the time Yugyeom had said he was going to be. Great, her smile slowly made its way onto her face as she made her way out of her room, making sure to take her phone with her before going downstairs and sitting on the couch. “What to watch?” She asked no body in particular as the TV was pressed on. Turning on Netflix, the girl scrolled through what was on her list - anime, British TV shows, Supernatural, Superhero movies or Disney - and clicked on Supernatural. That should probably keep her entertained as she waited.

The first episode was halfway through.

A full episode of Supernatural is 43 mins. Half of 43 is–

“Didn’t he say 7pm?” She thought out loud, glancing over to her phone which she had placed next to the table beside her. Clicking it on, the phone displayed the time as she paused the video - which was horribly paused at the wrong time of Dean Winchester making a horrible derp face - and got up, walking over to the window which displayed the front of their house, including the front yard - which needed to be trimmed soon - and their driveway. She bit her lip as she laid the palm of her hand, which wasn’t holding her phone, against the glass.

This is not the time to freak-out. He isn’t that late. Just by a couple minuets. Nothing major. But what if something happened?

“He’s fine,” She told herself, clutching the sleeves of her sweater she was wearing. It was getting to her again, well shit. Her phone fell to the ground with a big thud, which sounded very distant to her.

Please come home soon. She then put her back against the wall, sliding down until her bottom hit the floor and immediately brought her legs to her chest. Her chest tightened. Please get home soon.

Breathing became a little tougher as she laid her forehead against her knees. “In f-four,” She barely managed to say as she started to undergo the breathing exercises she had learned from her counsellor a while back. In four, she inhaled air as best as she could for four seconds, held her breath for four seconds and–

What if he’s with another girl?

Her mind decided to capture her into its arms at her moment of weakness, now in control.

He could be taking long because of another girl, probably on a date with her.

Don’t you think? He wouldn’t be gone this long if it weren’t a date.

He probably got tired of your antics.

“Baby, I’m home,” Yugyeom walked through the door, kicking off his shoes and placing his jacket on the oak coat hanger. “Baby?” He called again, peeking into the living room and found her on the ground. First thing he did, he pulled her into his arms and held her, whispering sweet nothings just to calm her down, running his hands up and down her arms - a little reminder that he’s here - and just held her near his chest, so that her ears could hear his heartbeat, match her breathing with his. “It’s okay.” He whispered over and over, slowly watching her calm down and snap back into reality.


“Kind of,” She whispered, head nestled in Yugyeom’s chest, looking up at him with teary eyes. “Why do you deal with me? You know, all this?” He chuckled at the question, shaking his head side to side at her silliness. He’s answered this a million times every time she’s asked and always gave her the same answer and he would do it every single time she needed to hear him say it.

“Because,” He started off, clearing his throat. “I love you and when I asked you out, I knew what I was getting into.” Yugyeom glanced down at her, wiping the stray tear that had fallen down her cheek with his thumb.

“I knew how you were and I was ready to do whatever I needed to do keep you as mine, jagiya,” He then brought his hands up to her hair, trying to untangle the little knots in her hair. “And I love you to the ends of space and back and nothing, even your mind, will make me run away. No matter what.”

A/N: I really have not been feeling well so I sincerely apologize for everything. Everything’s just a little unbearable right now.


Camarilla [ Jongdae ( O1) ]

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Kim Jongdae x Reader ( Jongdae’s Ver. ) [ Slight Park Jimin x Reader ]  ⇾ Romance

Prologue | Chapter One | Chapter Two

1,140 | Mafia

Warnings: Language + Mature themes

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Today, while I was zoning the infant section at work, a visibly nervous twenty-something year old man decked out from head to toe in camo, and varying degrees ‘i spent my morning hunting deer’ dirt, approached me and with great hesitance, asked me if we had any ‘little hangers, small baby hangers.’ Unfortunately, we were sold out. Upon learning this, he thanked me for looking for them anyway, and with a sigh, informed me that ‘he just didn’t want her little shirts to get wrinkled.’

Reader X TFW

Request: Hello!! I adore your writing do much! So I have a request. Could you please do an imagine where the reader is afraid of the dark and the power goes out so dean and Sam and Cas have to comfort her? That would be so awesome!! :)

Request: Can you do a fic where you are playing Cards Against Humanity with Team Free Will and you are like there little sister like early teens. And sometimes Cass doesn’t understand what something’s mean and if things get a little to inappropriate Dean try’s to make you cover your ears.

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But guys, Angharad is so, so important

(spoilers for the prequel comic, violence cw, abortion cw)

like whenever you have a narrative like this, a narrative in which a group of women are trying to get away from a polygamous abuser, there will be one that is privileged, that is treated better than the others, that is the favourite wife, and always, always, she will want to stay.

so inevitably, the moral isn’t “women aren’t objects“ but it becomes “men, treat your property well or it will run away“ and it is scary, disgusting, heartbreaking.

but in fury road, angharad is the favourite, the splendid, the most loved, the first one joe calls for, and in the prequel comic, the only one he is remotely gentle with.

and yet angharad is also the one that wants freedom the most, angharad is the one that hates joe the most, hates him enough to try to get rig of his baby with a coat hanger (also, not feeling the anti abortion vibe i got from that bit, seriously, how dare you imply a rape victim desperate enough to stick a coat hanger up her vagina is killing something that isn’t even alive (tho tbh i can get that as an in universe only thing bc healthy children are so rare but still)) angharad is the one that is furious about her fate (seriously, anyone who thinks that somebody who CUTS UP THEIR FACE out of defiance and spite and a desperate desire to fight back any way possible isn’t a boiling well of well (ha ha) utilised rage, i just don’t know what to tell you), angharad is the one that rallies the others behind the words: “we are not things“

and it’s so important, just so important, bc that makes the film follow through, it makes it clear that no matter how gilded the box, how soft the pillows, how clean the container, women are not things things to be had.