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Imagine Being Pregnant With Dean’s Child

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Request: I just discovered your blog and I’m like in love! Any chance you could write a one shot, or imagine, where dean’s girlfriend gets pregnant accidentally and they’re both unsure about it at first, but then it turns out to be a really good thing. Bonus points if she’s pregnant with two or more children. And maybe Dean even finds it to be a little bit of a turn on, like he loves her huge stomach and the fact that they’ve made a life (or lives) together. No worries if you can’t, still love the blog! - Anonymous

Author’s Note: Aw, thank you anon! I hope you all like it! Any time I get to write one of the boys are a dad, it makes me so happy. Someone give Dean and Sam a baby that won’t be taken away from them. I can’t handle a Ben situation again.

You could take on the alpha of every monster you encountered and then Lucifer himself and still have more energy than you do at being six months pregnant. That wasn’t even the worst part, that combined with swollen feet, an uncontrolled heartburn and having the most tender boobs that every time you crossed your arms over your chest your cried; pregnancy was going to kill you.

Dean was watching you take your time waddling down The Bunker hallway, with a hand on your belly. “Are you okay?” he chuckled.

“I’m exhausted and everything hurts,” you whined.

“I’m sorry, baby,” Dean whispered, pulling you into his arms when you got closer.

When you told Dean you were pregnant, he was ecstatic and it seemed like his love for you grew bigger. When your stomach grew larger with your child, Dean would constantly rub your stomach and talk to the baby. Sometimes when the baby was kicking up a storm and trying to bruise your organs, Dean would sing softly to your belly, helping the baby calm down so you could get some sleep.

You gasped as you felt the baby attach your organs again with its feet. You grabbed Dean’s hand and placed it where the baby was kicking so he could feel it too. Dean pressed a kissed behind your ear and trailed his lips to your jaw.

“This is so weird,” you giggled as Dean’s mouth got closer to yours.

“How?” Dean whispered, “it’s sexy knowing that we created life.”

You scrunched up your face. “That’s not sexy. Being pregnant isn’t sexy. I feel like a bloated balloon.”

“Even if you were a balloon, I’d fine you sexy as hell and I’d love every minute of it,” Dean said.

You rolled your eyes and kissed him. You hated being pregnant with every fiber of your being but somehow Dean found it amazing. You were going to give him the greatest gift anyone could ever be given, you were going to give him a child.

Dean pulled away and helped you into the kitchen where Sam was making dinner. Cas was going you three like normal, sitting next to you.

“Are you sure you still don’t want to know the sex of the child?” Cas asked.

“Positive, Cas,” You answered him. “We want to be surprised.”

“Well,” Cas murmured, placing a hand on your stomach. “You at least need to know the one thing the doctor missed?”

“And what’s that?” Dean asked him.

“You’re pregnant with twins.”

When somebody says "the man determines the sex of the baby. you can't be trans because it doesn't exist. it's simple science you can't go against biology." this is what I tell them.

“You’re right, and you’re wrong. It’s actually not simple at all. On average, fertilization occurs about two weeks after your last menstrual period. When the sperm penetrates the egg, changes occur in the protein coating around it to prevent other sperm from entering. At the moment of fertilization, your baby’s genetic make-up is complete, including its sex.

If a Y sperm fertilizes the egg, your baby will be a boy; if an X sperm fertilizes the egg, your baby will be a girl. In that sense you are technically right, but gender is determined by so much more than that. We all know that a man’s brain is different to that of his female counterpart, right?” By which point the person who I’m talking to agrees. then I go on to say.

“In month 3 of Pregnancy

the baby has grown from embryo to fetus. by now the baby’s arms, hands, fingers, feet, and toes are fully formed. the baby can open and close its fists and mouth. Fingernails and toenails are beginning to develop and the external ears are formed. The beginnings of teeth are forming, and the baby’s reproductive organs are also developing, but the baby’s gender is difficult to distinguish on ultrasound, because the genitalia start out the same. Differentiation of the male and female reproductive systems does not occur until this crucial fetal period of development.

It is believed by scientists that during the intrauterine period the fetal brain develops in the male direction through a direct action of testosterone on the developing nerve cells, or in the female direction through the absence of this hormone surge. According to this concept, our gender identity (the conviction of belonging to the male or female gender) and sexual orientation should be programmed into our brain structures when we are still in the womb. However, since sexual differentiation of the genitals takes place in the beginning of the third trimester, (The third month of pregnancy) and sexual differentiation of the brain starts in the second half of pregnancy, these two processes can be influenced independently, which may result in trans-sexuality. This also means that in the event of ambiguous sex at birth, the degree of masculinization of the genitals may not reflect the degree of masculinization of the brain. There is no proof that social environment after birth has an effect on gender identity or sexual orientation. Data on genetic and hormone independent influence on gender identity are presently divergent and do not provide convincing information about the underlying etiology. To what extent fetal programming may determine sexual orientation is also a matter of discussion. A number of studies show patterns of sex atypical cerebral dimorphism in homosexual subjects. Although the crucial question, namely how such complex functions as sexual orientation and identity are processed in the brain remains unanswered, emerging data point at a key role of specific neuronal circuits involving the hypothalamus. So yes you are right, it is biology I’m not fighting anything other than ignorance.”

VLD Headcanons because everyone else is sharing theirs

-Lance has like long ass fingers. The ones that look like boney spider legs and are beautiful. He also has big feet and long toes with the second and third being longer than the big toe. He also has toe rings he once got a renaissance fair and never took off
-Keith has tiny little baby feet and hands(much like my own) and he used to paint all his nails black
-Hunk has giant square manly hands, the kind that one could go around your entire neck
-SHIRO HAS GIRL HANDS! Long, thin well taken care of hands (or hand i suppose). With clean well trimmed nails
-Shiro moisturizes like crazy
-“I don’t want wrinkly old man skin, Keith, like you’re gonna get if you don’t start.”
-Allura’s hands are callosed and a mix of Shiro and Lance’s
-Pidge also has baby hands, and her nails are always dirty or chewed to the roots
-No one has seen Coran without his gloves. Ever. It’s like Kakashi’s mask and the paladins keep trying to get him to take them off
-Keith loves the size difference between his and Lance’s hands and how his can easily dissapear into Lance’s
-Lance is still growing, like he’s gonna end up 6'4 I swear. Lance also likes to make fun of others for being tiny
-His older siblings used to make fun of him cuz he used to be pequeñito so when he comes back to earth he’s taller than most of them and he just cackles wickedly
-Keith’s a 2nd gen american. His grandparents are from Korea and moved to Texas and had his dad. So he has a lot of weird tastes in food like kimchi with pork and beans.
-the others discover this and are like ew what stop no. Why do you eat like that Keith plz
-then they discover how Keith’s dad married Shiro’s mom who is an immigrant from Japan anD SHIRO AND KEITH BOTH HAVE THE GROSSEST TASTE IN FOODS AND I CANT EVEN
-Hunk has the best tattoos that are of course a cutural thing, and some are stick and poke. So basically Hunk has a high ass pain tolerance and he woukd hold out the longest against torture just saying
-Lance has an entire back piece of beautiful sea serpent and he was a big ol baby about it, hunk held his hand the entire time
-he also got it without permission and when his mamá first saw it she fucking destroyed him (omg don’t mess with hispanic mothers trust me. Mine is terrifying)
-when Keith first saw his tattoo it was only a glimpse at his lower back and Keith thougHT LANCE HAD A TRAMP STAMP FOR THE LONGEST TIME AND IT BOTH DISGUSTED AND TURNED HIM ON
-Alteans have more than just their face marks and have stuff on their entire bodies(think atla air monk tattoos)
-Keith and Shiro have tight bubble butts I swear
-allura and lance love to squeeze them
-allura can lift shiro and hunk
-everyone can lift Lance even Pidge, he is a literal twig. Doesnt matter how tall he gets he’s still like 120 wet
-he takes advantage of this and makes everyone carry him
-Matt is so manly everyone thinks he’s this little baby nerd cuz he wears glasses but he is the most sporty little shit. He used to run marathons on earth
-he’s also a chicken shit and has the bravery of a nugget.
-Pidge has a fear of puppets/muppets
- Keith is literally fearless it’s stupid. He’ll walk straight into the line of fire and not blink. No one can sneak up on him and scare him (no matter how much Lance tries) however he is TERRIFIED of clowns. If faced with one today he’d still cry
-Shiro and Lance are scared of spiders. Only cuz i think it’s cute
-hunk isn’t scared of anything but he’s not careless like Keith. he’s really chill. However you can ALWAYS sneak up on him and scare him. He can see you or know you’re there but you make a boo noise and he still jumps
-Shiro Keith Hunk and Lance are all weebs. Kpop anime asian dramas manga all that jazz
-Pidge is disgusted that they’re surrounded by these nerds
-also Pidge is genderfluid so their gender depends on the day (boy, girl, nonbinary) so she doesnt really care what pronouns people use for her. Like they’re really chill and couldn’t care less. She also doesnt get hurt if people are ignorant or dont understand
-Lance is forever bi, Pidge is aroace, Allura and Hunk are pan, Keith is gay and demiromantic
-unlike a lot of people’s hc i think Keef is quite clean. He never forgets to shower or brush his teeth. Sometimes he brushes his teeth after each meal (habit from when our baby had braces)
-Keith had braces! His canines stuck out and were pretty prominant (hint at galra blood) and being Korean his dad was like bitch you’re getting those fixed u ugly
-Shiro made fun of him for literal years
-Last one: Shiro is a dick big brother 😂 he’s one of the ones that farts in the younger’s face. He gives Keith so much shit and then acts like a perfect angel in front of others so that no one ever believes Keith. However he slowly started not caring in front of the other paladins anD THEY WERE ALL SO CONFUSED.
-Shiro casually walks behind Keith as everyone is sitting down in the common room and gives him a wet willy. Everyone’s jaw drops as Keith screams at Shiro as he leaves the room laughing. Keith turns to the others is all “I TOLD YOU! AND YOU NEVER BELIEVED ME!”

Saw a man refusing to let his pregnant wife off the porch because he “saw a rat the size of a dog and I will NOT let it bite you, please go back inside darling”. Made me wonder how protective the Maheswaran’s were of their baby.

Molly, English Bulldog (3 y/o), 23rd & 9th Ave., New York, NY • “She’ll do just about anything for food. She’s a typical bulldog. She just became a big sister – we had a baby. She’s been really lovely and just wants to lick her hands and feet.”

Baby Clown Princess Headcanons

Joker making Frost build the crib but he gets to hammer in the last nail so when he says he built it, it’s technically not a lie.

Joker on his knees talking to Harleys stomach while asking her to please not listen in on the private conversations between him and his daughter.

Frost spending hours installing a car seat in the purple lamborghini.

Joker threatening to blow up a school if his child can’t be born in peace in a hospital with the best care.

Joker beating the living shit out of anyone in the hospital who doesn’t give his wife and daughter what they want and need.

The wink Joker gives her after he does it.

Carrying Harley while she carries the baby through the front door into the new nursery.

Joker and Harley sitting on the floor next to the crib fascinated with everything their baby does.

Sticking their hands through the crib to tickle her feet.

Not sending a gift to the new parents for the baby is a death sentence in Gotham.

Joker facing fear for the first time in his life when he holds his daughter for the first time.

Once she’s in his arms he promises to kill any other man who tries to touch her.

Besides uncle Frost, designated baby sitter and diaper changer.

Joker and Harley not being able to stand a moment away from her.

The baby sleeping in between them in their bed as they watch all night.

Taking turns having her sleep on their chests.

The baby always playing and chewing on Jokers gold chains.

Harley singing the lullaby to the baby that she has carved in her bat.

Harley waking up to Jokers side of the bed empty, only to find him on the floor next to the baby’s crib.

Gucci onesies.

Joker puts his smile tattoo on his hand to her face feeling true happiness when she laughs behind it.

The giant teddy bear that Frost can barely fit through the front door but Joker insists his baby has it.

When one of the goons tickles her feet to make her laugh Joker shoots them “those are my little feet”.

Joker calling her princess for the first time.

Full clown baby imagines HERE  and HERE

Tony Stark as a dad - headcanons

*feel free to add and tag me!*

This is compatible with whichever Tony-ship you want (superhusbands, ironpanther, pepperony, stuckony, ironfalcon, ironhusbands, etc)

Fuck the belief that Tony Stark would be a shitty dad just because of his father, because sometimes the victims of abuse want to be the exact opposite of their abusers. Also, I’ve seen so many art and fics going around about Tony being the irresponsible parent as to let his children do anything dangerous; we’ve already seen him interact with children in canon and he is nothing of the sort. So give me a Tony Stark who is wonderful with children, a natural when it comes to hang out with them because well, he’s a bit of a child himself. Give a Tony who is the kind of parent who is careful but also easy going, the kind of father who laughs at everything the baby/child does, you know, all those silly things.

The kid makes a face when they eat lemon? Give me a Tony who laughs his ass off as he gives the kid lemons and oranges to taste.

The kid laughs at the sound of ripping paper? Give me a Tony who gathers all the scrap paper around the house to spend hours ripping it and hearing the kid laugh their ass off.

Give me a Tony who gets a laundry machine just so the baby can sit on it and laugh when the thing vibrates as it works.

A Tony Stark who lets the kid use the very fancy lamp screen as a hat and toddle around the living room until they knock on something and fall on the carpet laughing.

Give me a Tony Stark who laughs himself hoarse as he makes the baby’s gums squeak with the pad of his finger.

A Tony Stark who doesn’t rush to the kid when they fall and overprotects them and forbids them to play again, but rather walks calmly, makes sure the kid isn’t hurt and gets them to stand back up, laughing at the whole silliness of it.

Give me a Tony who lets the kid jump on his bed and purchases a fuck ton of pillows to lie them around the floor just in case the kid falls.

A Tony Stark who’d take the kid of the beach and build a sand castle complete with towers and dungeons and then laugh when the kid decides to play Godzilla and destroy everything.

Give me a Tony Stark who baby proofs all his house but still manages for it to look stylish but still doesn’t care at all when said stylishness if ‘ruined’ by baby toy’s lying around the living room, or the kid’s drawings on the fridge, or the occasional plush toy lying on the couch.

A Tony who wouldn’t mind to say goodbye to the expensive marble floors of his living room and replaces them with soft, hypoallergenic carpet when the baby starts to learn how to crawl so they could do it freely without any restrictions.

Give me a Tony Stark who’d very gladly wake up in the middle of the night and slow dance in his pajamas while playing soft music with a very upset little baby cuddled to his chest because they’re teething.

A Tony Stark who sings their kid to sleep or whenever they have nightmares, instead of telling them ‘good, but go back to your room’, he pats the bed next to him and lets them cuddle up, no matter how tired he is or how early he has to up in the morning.

Give me a Tony who cracks up when the baby tries to take and eat the food from the pages of magazines, so he sits down with the baby on his lap and turns the page saying things like “Oh, look, cake, now that looks delicious” as the baby reaches with a pudgy hand and tries to eat it.

A Tony who sits down on the floor and draws and paints with the kid, maybe he’s getting some work done but since the kid likes to ‘help’ daddy, Tony gives them some scrap paper and sits down with them, and when he finishes he always tells them how much they helped him.

Give me a Tony who laughs his ass off when he catches the kid making a mess of himself and the carpet and the walls and the table with paint, because instead of yelling he would laugh and tell Jarvis to take photos and then take the kid for a bath and gently scrub the paint off their hair and each little finger and ‘how did you even get paint in your ears and your teeth?’

A Tony who gets a ton of cardboard boxes to build the kid a castle they can play in; he also orders styrofoam peanuts and dumps them all over the living room so the kid can play belief that it’s snow.

Give me a Tony who purchases a Roomba so the baby can sit on it and ‘travel’ around the room laughing and clapping.

A Tony who lets the kid decide what clothes to wear no matter his age or gender; if the kid wants to wear a dress and glittery shoes then he’d get him the prettiest dresses and shoes around, if the kid wants to wear shirts and shorts he’d just ask in what color and if they want cartoons on them, if the kid wants a chicken onesie he’d get them the cutest one, if the kid wants to go around naked then well, Tony would explain they couldn’t do it outside but that they can do all they want at home.

Give me a Tony Stark who would go out and play in the rain with the kid, making mud pies and all.

A Tony who’d gently nurse the kid when they get ill, and I’m talking about cuddles and slow-dancing and chicken soup.

Give me a Tony who is a kickass blanket fort architect who would build the most epic blanket forts ever, with soft pillows and blankets and tiny little lights and if the kid wants to live in a blanket fort for a few days that’s perfectly okay with him, hell, he might even sleep with them in there too.

A Tony who would give the kid all the love he has, all the hugs and cuddles and baby talk and silly pet names and all the kisses, kissing chubby cheeks and tiny hands and tiny little baby feet, and he wouldn’t just do it in the privacy of their home, no, he’d do it all the time no matter who was there, let the world know how much he loves the kid.

Give me a Tony who doesn’t care if the kid does or doesn’t turn out to be a genius like him, he still loves them all the same, he is extremely patient with them in a way his own father could never and would never be with him when he was a child. He’d leave everything and anything he’s doing if the kid needs or wants his attention; he’d pick the kid up when they want cuddles while daddy reads some important papers, Tony would take calls and have video calls with the kid whenever he has meetings or he has to go away on business trips, every single day without missing one.

A Tony who would give his kid the gender/sexual orientation/heathy, responsible, consensual sexual life (or lack thereof) talk without making them feel embarrassed and finish it off with a ‘no matter who you are or who you love I’ll always love you’.

A Tony who would patiently explain death to the kid and hold their hand and hug them as they cry when their first pet dies.

Give me a Tony who would laugh his ass off when the kid grabs his electric razor and shaves half of their head by accident because they wanted to shave like daddy in the mornings, he then would proceed to shave the rest of the hair off and explain to them that hair grows and how they can have it of any length and color they want.

A Tony who would give the kid crazy hairdos and beards and moustaches out of foam when it’s bath time.

Just give me a Tony Stark who’s such a good, loving, caring father to his children.

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I kinda redesigned Ko (the kitty bby) and Uni (panda bbbYYyY)

Unko is rlly tall ok- He’s the oldest CLEARLY, Ko is youngest, and Uni is the middle chiLDDD

Imagine baby Damian (like 14-16 months (he develops early and is a menace to Alfred already) (Alfred doesn’t mind) in a onesie.
Imagine baby Damian–supposed to be IN BED in his CRIB–wiggling down the grand staircase.
He toddles to the study where his dad is sitting.
Bruce is looking into the fire, brow drawn painfully. But then he hears behind him a joyous, “Dad-dee!”
And he turns around and Damian is looking ridiculously small in the doorway, grinning with his toothy smile, drooling a bit.
His son clamors onto his lap and pats the wrinkles out of his face, chiming “Papa papa papa” and bouncing up and down. In his little green onesie with padded feet. (This is important okay I don’t know if y'all have seen babies in onesies but it’s enough to convince you to raise a child and populate the earth because it is that cute)
He grabs Bruce’s nose with his little fingers and Bruce grimaces because even though his son has had his bath his fingers are still s t i c k y.
The toddler babbles and slaps the chair arms, rocking back and forth on his father’s lap. Bruce takes his hands and allows Damian to stumble-walk all over his legs, and when Damian slips between and lands on the leather seat, he hoists him up and sits down with him on the carpeted floor.
Bruce sighs and closes his eyes for one moment and when he opens them his reading glasses are warped out of shape with tiny fingerprints on the lens.
He puts them on while Damian giggles and claps his hands. The toddler pushes himself upright by his hands (that funny baby thing where they place their feet on the floor first and push up their upper body with their hands) and toddles toward the fireplace.
Bruce reaches out and tugs on the baby’s onesie, causing Damian to fall on his diapered behind with a bump. He pouts at Bruce but the father shakes his head and drags him closer, offering the ruined glasses as a distraction.
Damian takes them happily, and soon begins gnawing on the gummied ends. Teething, the everlasting nightmare.
Bruce picks him up and sits down with him in the recliner, tucking him in his arm.
And the two of them slowly drift off to sleep as the fire burns out.

(That was dumb I should have actually made a fic out of this. Oh well.)

( safety-dancer here is baby Damian. You speak, I deliver. Bling bling, I’m your fairy godmother!)


I did something for InuKag week! :D Yay! This is for Day 4 family :3 enjoy!

Inuyasha looked at the child in Kagome’s arms with surprise and then curiosity. He even crept forward and leaned over the back of the couch to sniff at the infant, much the way she might have expected a dog to behave.

“Where’d you get the kid?” he asked, giving the pair of them a curious look.

Kagome grinned up at him. “My mom stole her from my cousin until she gets over her flu,” she replied, turning from his startled expression to look down at the baby. 

“Your poor mommy wasn’t feewing very good was she?” Kagome asked the infant in a babying voice. The child cooed back, reaching for a lock of her hair. “I don’t feel veewy good when I’m sick either.”

“The mother has a disease?” Inuyasha asked in a somewhat alarmed voice.
Kagome looked up at Inuyasha a little more seriously and nodded. “Yeah. The flu. But It’s not that big a deal in my time. To most people, it just means a few days of throwing up and general misery. Then you’re over it." 

He looked from Kagome to the baby in her arms uncertainly. "Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I’ve had the flu plenty of times. Trust me, so long as she stays hydrated and gets plenty of rest and medicine she’ll be better in no time." 

She looked back down at the child. "But if little Suki-chan here had caught it she might not have handled it so well, so my mother volunteered to take care of her until it’s safe to go back.”

Inuyasha looked at the baby almost sympathetically and relaxed a bit. "I get it.”
“Why don’t you come sit with us?” Kagome offered, reaching over with one hand and patting the cushion on the couch beside her. “Mom went out to pick up dinner so when she gets back we can all eat.”

He hesitantly nodded and sat beside her, once more looking down at the baby intently. His ears twitched when she made some small noise or movement.
The tiny girl seemed to catch sight of him and her gray eyes fixed themselves on a lock of his long white hair and reached toward him with a pleased gurgle.

“Aww, look at that, she likes you,” Kagome said, flashing the half-demon a grin.
Finally, Inuyasha looked away. “Keh.”
“Have you ever held a baby before?” she asked good-naturedly.
“No,” he replied neutrally.
“Do you want to try?” she asked, smiling wider.
“Er… Not really.”
Kagome’s smile melted a little but she simply shrugged. “That’s fine. a lot of men aren’t very interested in babies. Souta practically bolted away when Mama asked him." 

"It’s not that I’m not interested,” Inuyasha admitted with a look of embarrassment. “I just don’t wanna hurt her.” He looked back at the child with an expression full of worry. “She’s so small.”
Kagome smiled and nudged him with her shoulder playfully. He blinked and looked up at her.
“Then how about this, if you’re worried about holding her you could just let her touch your hand? And then if you feel like it, you can work your way up from there.”

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No Regrets

Pairing: Donald Pierce x Reader

Word Count: 1,542

Warnings: mention of alcohol, some very light grinding, other than that nothing (i promise I won’t break your heart with this one lol)

A/N: So this one I was inspired by the gif below (which isn’t mine) and although it isn’t even from Logan but from Narcos, it caught my attention because my God Boyd has got massive arms and seeing him carrying that tiny baby made my heart swell. I hope you like it and let me know what you think.

gif credit:

The house was quiet, the light in the kitchen casted a soft halo over the expansive area. You’d been out with a couple of childhood friends, drinking and unwinding from the overwhelming few months you had. It was nice to spend a night with them and hear about their lives and to be honest as you listened to their stories you lost yourself in the moments. You were living vicariously through them, a small part of you was envious of the fact that their sole responsibility was themselves. They had no substantial cares in the world and you remembered that that was once your life but things had changed so drastically.

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Warnings: none!


;Children. I always wanted one. Ever since I was young. So did Justin. And when I fell pregnant we were over the moon. Once I gave birth to our beautiful baby boy, I was instantly in love and I knew Justin felt the same. He loved our baby with everything he had. I never regretted having him one bit.

;But moments like these is when I wish I could just shove him back where he came from. Even if I do love him he can be a big pain in the ass, but yet again he’s my pain in the ass.

“C'mon, please Jason.” I pleaded to the five month old. “Just go to sleep.”

He continued to whale about, squirming around, giggling and crying all at the same time. I sighed, looking down at the phone in my hand. “Jason,” I whined. “It’s way past your bed time. Actually, it’s way past my bed time.”

Jason only leaned forward and clapped his hands, giggling as if it where funny he was making his mother both exhausted and frustrated. I rubbed my hands over my face, making sure to put extra pressure over my tired eyes and sighed. “You know what, I’m just gonna leave you in your crib. You can sleep on your own.”

I picked the five month old off Justin and I’s shared, king bed and moved him over to his crib in the corner of the room of which Justin insisted on putting in here. I wanted Jason to have his own room but Justin convinced me to put it in here until he was one.

I placed Jason in his large crib and secured the cage to make sure he wouldn’t roll out. Jason only looked up at me with dreadful eyes and began whimpering. I chose to ignore the boy since I knew what he was trying to do.

He may be young but he’s smart. He knows just how to push my buttons and get my attention.

With hesitance, I ran out of the room and quickly shut the door, instantly regretting my actions. I leaned up against the door and listened out for any noises.

It was silent at first, giving me hope that maybe he had decided it was time for rest. All being heard was slight tossing and turning until Jason’s fidgeting turned into whimpering, then cries for attention.

I groaned on the spot and quickly entered the room again to see the boy standing, holding the sides of the crib for balance while yelling out cries.

I quickly pulled him out of the crib, muttering quiet profanities under my breath and moved him to lay down back on my bed. “Why won’t you sleep?” I whined.

I lay Jason down on his stomach and switched the side table lamp on. I then moved to sit directly in front of him with my legs crossed on the bed.

He stopped his tears and looked up at me with his mouth cascading open and wide eyes staring up at my form. It made me realise just how much I really loved him and how I could not stay mad at my beautiful baby boy, even if he has currently deprived me of 5 hours of sleep.

I sighed, lying back on the bed besides my baby, and he quickly used that as an invitation to scoot over to me and climb on my stomach. He lay over my body, kicking around happily and I then just decided that if he wasn’t going to let me sleep, I could at least try to get a little bit of rest.

I closed my eyes, making sure to keep my hand on Jason, just Incase he scooted off somewhere where he could hurt himself and slowed down my breathing but Jason seemed to not have been happy at my current actions and made quickly to spin around and slap my face with his little hands.

I groaned, finally feeling like I had had enough. I quickly shot up, grabbing ahold of Jason’s body and lay him in his crib. He instantly began to cry, sitting up, refusing to sleep.

I once again was about to give in to his cries and cradle him in my arms until I got a glance at the time on my side table ‘3:18am’, realising that enough was enough and I needed to sleep.

“Go to bed Jason. No more!” I yelled in a babyish but demanding tone.

His cries only became louder at my reaction and he made quick to begin kicking about. Minutes had passed of me just lying in bed, listening to his screams and once again, I got up and placed him on my sheets.

“Oh baby boy.” I sighed “What do you want? Are you hungry?” I asked him. He continued to cry. “Do you want your pacifier?” Still cried. “Blankie?” No use.

"What is it?” I whined. That’s when my ringtone began to go off, and I quickly looked across the bed at my phone to see Justin’s ID plastering the screen. I slowly made my way to answer it, placing the phone on speaker while trying to calm Jason down.

"Hey babe. Your awake? I didn’t think you would be.” He stated, but he soon must have heard Jason’s cries since he asked “is that Jason?”

"Yeah. He won’t let me sleep.” I whined. “I don’t know what he wants.”

“Aww. Is Jason being fussy?” Justin cooed. “I’ll be home soon baby, just try and put him down.”

"I will-” I suddenly stopped mid sentence once I realised that Jason’s cries had come to a stop. I spun around to see Jason laying on the sheets silently.

"He stopped.” I said in shock.

"Good. Try and put him to sleep then.”

Jason began to smile and kick around, but stopped once Justin stopped talking. I furrowed my eyebrows at my sons actions and said, “Justin, say something.”

"What? Why?” Justin asked

Jason giggled.

"Say something again!” I smiled.

“Umm….I love you?”

;Jason began smiling and kicking his legs happily. I smirked slightly. “How far are you?”

“I’m turning Into the driveway now.”

“Good. Hurry into the room.”

I hung up the phone and watched as Jason’s attitude turned from a happy one back to a fussy one. Soon enough Justin had made his way into the room, a massive smile on his face once seeing his son laying on the bed. Jason now shared the smile at the sight of his father.

Justin ran forward and grabbed ahold of Jason, holding him the air while attacking his face with kisses. “Aww my Baby boy!” He smiled.

Jason giggled, waving and kicking his hands and feet around until Justin placed him back into the bed, leaning into to give me a kiss.

"Hey baby. How are you.” Justin asked.

I sighed. “Tired.”

Justin smirked and turned to Jason. “Are you keeping mommy up for attention? Don’t worry son, me too.”

I Chuckled lightly “I just don’t understand. He won’t sleep.”

We both turned around to see Jason smiling in the bed again, looking up at Justin, who had poked out his phone and started recording his son. Suddenly Jason began to roll, getting closer to the edge, I quickly jumped forward grabbing ahold of him before anything could happen but he was so close to the edge, and I guess the shock had caused him to cry.

Justin quickly ran forward, taking ahold of Jason in his arms. He quickly quieted down as Justin rocked him back and forth, in a matter of minutes the room was completely silent.

I furrowed my eyebrows and leaned forward to see Jason sound asleep in Justin’s arms. My mouth fell agape, A look of shock on my face as Justin slightly chuckled. “Wha- how?! What did you just do that I haven’t done in the last 5 hours?!”

Justin smiled with a shrug “Guess us guys just stick together.”

"No. Guess he’s just a daddies boy.”

"He just loves me.” Justin stated proudly.

"No, he’s just a suck up to you. And your a suck up to me, meaning you both can kiss my ass.“ I smiled.

;Justin gasped "did you just tell your five month old son to kiss your ass?” He chuckled.

“It’s not that big a deal, I mean, he practically came out of it.”

"No he didn’t, he came out of your vagina.” Justin laughed. I shrugged.

“same difference.”