baby hae so handsome


Donghae Appreciation Post: One of my favorite photoshoots and interviews: ELLE Korea

ELLE: So regardless, where does this psychology come from?

Donghae: My father always said that to me. Regardless of where, I should always set an example, in the first year of junior high, when I entered SM as a trainee, I alone was collecting the bowls of other people, Leeteuk-hyung saw me like this and asked “Who are you? Who asked you to collect the bowls?” and I said “My father taught me like this.” After that hyung always took care of me and went around everywhere with me.


special1004 : .. Does hyung do his military salute this way? Loyalty !!! Loyalty !!! Now that each of you are taken to the army properly, you will follow closely to the military disciplinary rules right? Because the weather is getting colder often these days, i am worried. Be careful not to get a flu !!! i had seen you grow up, so now i miss you..

special1004:  :.I almost contacted Donghae and said Donghae -ya , lets go and exercise !!!.. Because you went in so bravely,hyung feels even more uneasy about that ㅜㅜ ..  Because you are really sensitive to cold,  wear more clothes, use the tools to keep warm well and you feel quite lonely easily but just hang on for a little while more !!! i miss you… (c)