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orphan black meme ♡ minor characters   G R A C I E  Johanssen 

I was supposed to have children, it was expected of me. Part of me feels relieved, Cosima… Does that make me a monster? 

Gracie loves to cuddle up under the covers as if she were a person, and I’m pretty sure she thinks that the other side of the bed is “her side” lmao. She’s also a friend to any and all ace and aro spec folks that need her. Just look into those beautiful, big, blue eyes and you’ll see what I mean. 💜

Early Morning

Enjoy this work! Hope you like it! (Pic is not mine!)

It was early in the morning at the Styles’ house. While two members were already awake at the time of 8 AM, the missus still was still peacefully sleeping in her king-sized bed that she shared with her famous husband. The sun slowly started to set in and the warm sunrays shone brightly through the large white curtains. (Y/N) shifted back and forth in her bed, trying to find a comfortable position and as her hand touched the space where her husband was usually lying, she found an empty space. She opened her eyes to the realization and indeed Harry was not there anymore, leaving her in the cold of their bed sheets. Bed was always cold without Harry’s warmth.

She ran her hands over her eyes, washing the sleepiness away. When she was fully awake, she wondered where Harry had been but her question was answered as she perceived some music sounds coming down from their kitchen. Standing up, she first stretched her limbs, and then went to her wardrobe to take her robe, slinging it around her body. After she slipped her bare feet into her new slippers that Harry had bought her, she made her way downstairs.

When she finally arrived at the kitchen, she witnessed the most adorable thing that she ever saw in her life. Harry was standing at the kitchen stove, with a pan and spatula in his hand and next to him on her baby seat, there was Gracie who looked at her father with excitement and curiosity in her eyes. Harry sang along to “What makes you beautiful” by One Direction that blasted through the speaker boxes of their radio, a song that he and his band mates got popular with. Occasionally, he would turn around to his one year old daughter, using the spatula as a microphone as he sang the lyrics to her and making funny faces. Gracie rewarded him by clapping excitedly to the music and babbling.

“You don’t know you’re beautiful, oh oh, that’s what makes you beautiful…”

Harry gave her kiss on her tiny forehead and turned back to the kitchen stove to continue preparing pancakes for his family.

“Early today, aren’t we?” (Y/N) remarked with a grin on her lips. Harry faced her with surprise, not expecting his wife being up that early. Normally, she would sleep longer than usual.

“Mornin’ love.” He greeted her. (Y/N) went towards him and slung her arms around his waist, giving a slight peck on his lips. “Blame this on your daughter.” Harry asked. “She refused to go back to sleep. Kept me up for two hours now.”

“Is that so?” The young woman walked towards her little baby girl who was expectantly raising her arms, indicating that she wanted to be carried by her mother. (Y/N) took her out of her seat. “Did my baby not want to sleep anymore so that daddy couldn’t continue his beauty sleep?” She cooed, making Harry chuckle behind her.

“Why you’re up, hun?” Harry asked.

“You were gone and the bed was cold without you. I cannot sleep when you’re not there and you know it.”

“True. But I wanted to surprise you with a nice breakfast in bed.” Harry pouted.” I wanted to be a romantic husband for once but can’t do that anymore because you spoiled it.”

“Hey, who was singing like a crazy through the entire house just to impress his daughter? The whole world had probably heard you, Harry. I know you miss your audience since you’re taking a break but don’t blame this on me, right baby girl?” Gracie giggled at the interaction between her mother and father. (Y/N) went to the kitchen counter and took the baby bottle, handing it over to the little girl who drank greedily out of it.

“Besides I can still go upstairs and pretend like I haven’t seen anything. Would that soothe your ego? We can still have breakfast in bed, if that’s what you want.”

“That would be lovely dear.” Harry answered while laughing, placing another layer of pancakes onto the ones that he already had made.

“I’m taking Gracie with me.” His wife told him and she carried her baby girl upstairs.

Placing her onto her bed, Gracie instantly started to jump around. A favorite hobby of hers recently. The bed was so huge for her tiny body so that she had enough space to have a little bit fun. (Y/N) made sure Gracie was safe and would not accidentally fall to the ground.

“Be careful, hun.” She said, grabbing her by her tiny hands. “You don’t want to get hurt, do you?”

Until Harry arrived with a tray of delicious food, (Y/N) spend some play time with her little bub. Gracie had become a very active child and gave her parents a hard time in many occasions but nevertheless (Y/N) would do anything for her happiness. She was her first child, her baby girl and damn her if she didn’t spoil her with things that she wanted.  Seeing Gracie smile meant the whole world to her.

The same went for Harry as well. He took his responsibility as a father very seriously. Sometimes he was very over protective over her but who could blame him?

She was growing so fast and (Y/N) feared that times like these would be over soon. It felt like it was yesterday when they brought their newborn home and now look at that, she hit her first age. All she could do was to savor the moments that she was able to spend with her.

“Breakfast is ready, my loves.” Harry announced and carefully placed the tray onto the bed. He thought about everything that a heart could crave for. He decorated the plate of pancakes with fruits and a bit of whipped cream and choc sauce on top. Besides, he had made an effort to press some orange juice for his family.

As soon as Gracie was placed on her mother’s lap, Harry cut a pancake into small pieces for the little girl.

“Open up, beautiful.”  He said and led the fork to her mouth, and wiped away a bit of choc sauce that was smeared over her lips.

“Mhmm.” Was her reaction as she was munching on the food, clapping with her hands.

“Yummy, isn’t it baby? Daddy did so well making pancakes.”

“Dada.” Gracie answered, leaning forward to have another piece.

“Here, little bub.” Harry said, granting her wish.

“Any plans for today?” The missus asked her husband occasionally, chewing on her own delicious pancake.

“What about we take her to the nearest park?” The young man suggested. “It’s been a while since she’d been outside and a bit of fresh air will do her well. And we need to go to groceries shopping. We barely have anything in the house. Afterwards, we can go to my mum’s. She’s been asking me to visit her for a few days now. And I think Gracie would love to see her grannie again.”

“Grannie, grannie, grannie.” Gracie shouted as soon as the word fell.

“That’s fine for me, hun.” (Y/N) agreed. “It would be lovely to see her again. I feel like we’ve been neglecting her for a long time.”

After having breakfast was done, (Y/N) noticed that Gracie started to fall asleep again. She was having a hard time to keep her eyes open and a few yawns escaped her mouth. The whole jumping probably made her exhausted and she woke up very early anyway, missing a few hours of sleep that she needed to catch up.

“I’m taking her to bed.” Harry said, carefully cradling his baby girl in his arms and taking her to her bed room. Also (Y/N) had decided to take a little nap again. It was going to be a long day and she needed her strength and power to survive it.

She felt his weight on the other side of the bed and two strong arms were wrapped around her body. He gave her a kiss on the head and nuzzled his face in the crook of her neck, his breath tickling her skin. She thanked him for the nice breakfast and praised him for his effort.

Being overwhelmed by his warmth, (Y/N) easily closed her eyes, peace started to set in and she drifted off to the lands of dreams with the love of her life.



Lil baby Gracie! Still teeny weeny, drinking from a bottle. Our family is loving our newest little member! She was found alone in a storage yard one night, no mother or litter, likely abandoned… it hurts my heart to think of what may have happened to her litter, or what may have happened if she wasn’t rescued!

Part Two, Chapter Five: Raigmore.

Last time, on A Child of the Stones…

Jamie sent Claire and Julia (aka Faith) thru the standing stones of Craigh na Dun. Claire returned to her own time empty handed, believing Julia to have stayed with Jamie and died in the hours before Culloden. Upon being reunited with her husband, she discovers that Julia had not, in fact, done so. This is troublesome as Claire visited Julia’s grave at Lallybroch in 1968. Jamie asserts that no such grave exists, meaning Julia would return to her ancestral home and be buried there sometime between then (1766) and 1968.

How is this possible? Where and when had she gone?

You can find links to previous chapters here.

April 16th, 2007, 7:45pm; Raigmore Hospital, Inverness, Scotland.
Nurse Katie Campbell.

“Abandoned toddler found in Cairngorms National Park by hiker. Unresponsive. Requesting immediate evac to Raigmore Hospital from St Vincent’s.”

The foundling had, of course, been granted permission and arrived post-haste in Inverness ten minutes ago in critical condition.

“She was wearing this?” I nudged the plastic bag containing the clothing the little girl had been found in, an audible squish coming from the soggy outfit. Homespun dress, knit sweater, and cloth nappy had all been hand made along with her crudely fashioned leather shoes.

“Aye, an’ a’ the top o’ Craigh na Dun, no less,” an orderly added.

I rolled my eyes. Granny Fiona had told my siblings and I stories of people and fairies that traveled thru the stones, but I’d never believed them to be anything but what they were: stories.

“Ye ken the standin’ stones o’ Craigh na Dun, don’t ye? ‘Tis an unlucky place, to be sure, Nurse Campbell.” he warned

The head matron snorted in derision behind me, “Dinna listen to Gavin, Katie, lass. He’s full o’ the auld tales.”

“Aye, that I be, Auntie,” Gavin grinned and shrugged, winking cheekily at her. “But who do ye suppose told ‘em to me?”

“Get on wi’ ye,” she shooed him away while trying her best not to smile.

11:30 pm

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, PICU for short, was quiet tonight. I sat and held her hand as I watched her irregular heartbeat on the monitor. The room was dark and silent around us.

A sudden creak of the mattress made me jump.

Still unconscious, it hadn’t been the child. I looked to the foot of the bed and my blood ran cold.

There, sitting and holding the little girl’s other hand, was a woman I had never seen before in my life. Her clothes were as strange as the child’s had been, a green bodice and skirt made up in an ancient fashion. A breeze that I didn’t feel stirred the curls around her shoulders and I knew in an instant that she wasn’t really here.

Before I could figure out what on earth to say, she turned to me and spoke. “Please,” she begged, her voice melodic and almost otherworldly. “Save my baby.”

I simply nodded, unsure of how to respond to a request from a ghost.

The figure bent over the child and placed a kiss on her cheek, tucking the little girl’s auburn curls behind her ears. With this loving caress from her mother, the child’s heart rate became stronger and her eyelids flickered.

“Her name is Julia,” the woman whispered as she stood. Then, looking at me, asked, “You’ll take care of her for me, won’t you?”

“I will,” I vowed without hesitation.

2:00 am

“Julia?” The head matron repeated dubiously.

I shrugged, realizing how strange I must sound, “Call it mother’s intuition, but I think that’s her name.”

“Ye aren’t a mam, lass…” A slow grin spread across the woman’s face. “Unless this is yer way of tellin’ me somethin’.”

“No!” I shook my head, warmth spreading across my cheeks. “It’s just that I feel a sort of connection to her. She doesn’t have anyone, you know?”

“Aye, I ken, poor bairn. Just dinna get too attached to the wee thing.” She patted my shoulder as I left the nurse’s station and headed to my car.

10:00 am

Bzzzz. Bzzzz. Pause. Bzzzz. Bzzzz.

I knocked the phone off the bedside table in my haste to silence it. Sliding halfway off the bed, I snatched it off the floor and glared at the screen.

Six unread messages. Three from the Head Matron, my boss, and three from Gracie, my best friend and fellow nurse at the hospital.

Good Lord, they knew I wasn’t on call, right? I was just there and would be again in a matter of hours. What was so important that it couldn’t wait four more hours?

I scrolled thru the texts on my lock screen, still able to read them in the order received.

9am- HM- Yer bairn is awake.

9:15am- Gracie- OMG she’s so PRECIOUS

9:30am- HM- Any chance ye could come in early?

9:40am- Gracie- paging baby whisperer


10:00am- HM- Need you STAT

“Shit,” I muttered as I hit the button to call my boss.

“How soon can ye be here?” were the first words out of her mouth.

I yanked on my scrubs and ran towards the door, “Be there in ten!”

Fifteen minutes later.

Julia’s screams welcomed me as I pushed open the PICU doors. Thankfully, she was our only patient at the moment and wouldn’t upset any other children, but the sound was quickly tying a knot in the pit of my stomach.

“Katie’s here!” Gracie’s shoulders sagged with relief as she announced my entrance.

“What have you tried to get her to settle?” I asked, looking over my shoulder while I quickly washed my hands.

She sighed, “More like wha’ havena we tried.”

I grinned and winked at her.

I had a good track record of calming young children down when our tried and true methods failed, earning me the nickname of Baby Whisperer. It was a bit of a misnomer, though, as I was as normal as could be with infants.

Julia sat upright in bed, her cheeks red with the exertion of screaming bloody murder. A frazzled nurse looked up as I approached, giving me a thankful smile.

I greeted the distraught child in a sing song voice while still a good distance from her. Her head snapped in my direction and I continued speaking, switching to Gaelic for something new to distract her.

Much, a eudail, chan eil caoineadh.”  Shh, darling, don’t cry.

Eyes wide and suddenly silent, she stretched out her arms to me. I swept her onto my lap as I sat down on the bed. She took a deep, shuddering breath and melted into me.

“That’s the way.” I praised. Humming, I rubbed her back in gentle strokes until she was at last completely calm. I shifted her in my arms so she could see my face and smiled down at her, “You are such a brave girl, a leannan.”

Her dark lashes blinked slowly as she studied me, quite serious. A tentative hand reached out and patted my cheek as if in thanks.

I took it in mine and kissed it, warranting me a shy smile from the little girl who would quickly become my everything.