baby got books

i can’t help but feel a little silly getting my nephew presents because I always end up getting him books and he’s only just about to turn one year. but like it’s really important to me that he loves books because my sister has always hated reading and i’m afraid she won’t encourage it and i’m not around enough to read to him so at the very least i want him to grow up always seeing books around and I want him to play with them so when he finally starts to learn to read he sees them as something fun rather than some grueling school task like i did when i was super young. it feels a little over the top but im really hoping this will help him later in life

“She stood on the roof and made rainbow patterns with her hands against the rabidly bluing predawn sky until it stopped working.” 

The Magician King, p.124

I saw you today. It was the first time we have been in the same room for months now.

We fought and hissed at each other.

Then we were silent.

I tried to keep my gaze from you but I found my eyes drifting to yours every now and then.

My heart jumped when I saw you were already looking. Then I remembered why you left.

You said my eyes reminded you of the ocean and you hated swimming.

—  T Rascoe

Mars in the 1st House Appearance

People with their Mars in the 1st House all look very distinct, with prominent features - especially prominent eyes and eyebrows. Mirroring their general demeanor, their eyes are piercing, assertive, direct, and alert. The have strong facial structure and large lips and noses.

Famous people with their Mars in the 1st House: Megan Fox, Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Nicki Minaj, Adam Levine, Vanessa Hudgens, and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

How do I find what planets are in my first house? Look here!

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