When it comes to sportswear, Laurent is a little tease. He wears shorts just that little bit too high up his thigh and tight t-shirts. At least when he’s in a good and devious mood. When he’s feeling a little shitty he prefers his sweatpants and a slightly looser shirt. Damen likes him both ways of course: the hot tease and the moody and cuddly Laurent. He always wears his hair up, but strands always end up falling into his face, curling slightly from his sweaty temples. He refuses to wear a head band though; Damen looks silly enough in them and Laurent will certainly not be embarrassing himself like that.

Baby Got Back: Tom Holland x Black Reader

Requested: Reader is blessed with extra “ass”ets and Tom always finds himself grabbing her butt or just staring at it. 

You had got back from the gym and saw Tom in the kitchen, “Hey babe.” You walked over to him and kissed his cheek. “Good morning love.” He slapped your butt. “Ow!” You winced. “Sorry, I can’t help it.” He smiled. “I’m going to take a quick shower.”

You showered and threw on a pair of shorts and a tank top. Tom’s eyes immediately went to your ass and he moaned. He never thought of himself as a butt guy but after he meet you, you changed his life. 

He loved your personality and everything about you but that ass did something to him. Every time you wore shorts he would get hard and beg you to help relieve him. 

“Shit.” You dropped your phone and bent down to get it, his breath hitched. “Can you stop doing that?” He whined. You looked over at him, “What?”

“That!” He motioned toward your body. “I can’t help it that I’ve been blessed with all of this.” You smiled slapping your butt. “You need to control your hormones. You don’t see me getting ready to orgasm every time you wear grey sweats and I see that nice dick print.”

“But it’s different. I mean damn.”

“Tom it’s just a butt. I honestly don’t see why guys get ready to bust a nut in their pants every time they see a fat ass.” You said rolling your eyes. He walked behind you and firmly placed his hands on your butt. “It’s just so perfect.” 

You turned around and slapped his butt. “Please don’t do that!” He cried. 

“You don’t like it huh?” You teased. You slapped his butt again and chased him around. “That’s how I feel!” You laughed. “Okay!” He grabbed you hands, “That feels so wrong.” He winced. “But you have a pretty nice ass too. Especially in that Spidey suit.” You winked.  

You were stretched out on the couch, your body drape across his lap. His hands unconsciously moved to your butt and he just started massaging it. You scrolled through recent pictures of you and Tom that were captured by the paparazzi. “Literally every picture is of your hand on my ass.”

“Huh?” He asked breaking away from the from the TV. “Look.” You showed him the pictures of you two on the red carpet and candid photos. Almost every photo his hand was on your butt. “So.” He shrugged. “You’re doing it right now.”

He looked at his hand, “Oh.” He slowly took his hand off of your butt. “I bet you couldn’t last two days without touching my ass.”
“I bet I could.”

“Okay the loser has to do whatever the winner says.” You smiled. “Whatever? Anything?” Tom grinned. “Yes.”

“Okay, bet.” He smiled and shook your hand. 

He was pissed that you were purposely wearing things that made your butt look even bigger. You two went out on a night on the town and you wore a nice fitting dress. 

Tom caught himself as he almost grabbed your butt. “Are you okay Tommy?” You teased. “I’m fine.” He smiled. “Hands to myself.”

You laughed and walked in front of making sure to poke your butt out. He moaned and just looked at your ass. “You wanna go dancing?”

“Nope!” He knew you were trying to set him up because every time you dance together his hands would immediately grab your ass. 

The rest of the night was fun for you because you got to tease him and watch him squirm. 

“Well that was fun.” He quickly got out of his clothes and laid in the bed.”You’re not going to help me unzip my dress?”


“Please!” You pouted. “You’re not going to win Y/N.”

“No seriously I’m not trying to set you up. It won’t count.” You walked over to his side of the bed. 

He sighed and zipped the zipper down,”There.”

“Thanks.” You removed your dress and got in bed. Tom felt tortured in his own safe space. What was he if he couldn’t touch your ass.

 The next day he was hanging on by a thread as he walked behind you while you wore a sundress. He watched as your butt bounced freely in the dress. He couldn’t take it anymore, he grabbed it and let a sigh of relief slip from his lips.

“Yes! I win!” You turned around dancing. “i don’t care.” He smiled fully taking hold of your ass. He got on his knees and pressed his face against your butt, “Get up Tom!” You looked around feeling a bit embarrassed. 


“You missed a spot.” You pointed to the huge glass window. He had lost the bet and you made him clean up the ENTIRE penthouse by himself. “Can I get a break?” He whined. “Nope.” You said popping a grape in your mouth. 

He huffed and went back to washing the windows. “Next I need you to clean the kitchen.”

After a few more hours of cleaning he sat next to you on the couch. “You can be so cruel sometimes.”

You smiled, “I know. Now get back to work.”