baby goldfinch


Orphan season is still well and truly underway here at Wildlife Aid. This beautiful bird is a young goldfinch, and it was brought into us after being found alone and abandoned in Kingston town centre.
Luckily, after a quick check over by our vet team, it proved to be unharmed, and was placed into one of our cages with another baby goldfinch for some food and rest.
Fingers crossed it will be flying high before too long! :)


Baby goldfinch. Go on, you know you want to. #anotherboringbirdtweet

Lots of young goldfinch at the feeders just now. They’re every bit as tough as the adults and see off many an adult bird to get prime spot. Yesterday morning I wasn’t woken up by the noise of fighting goldfinch and I really missed it. (I hope we get a second clutch, but the husband’s wallet doesn’t).