baby girl whyyyy

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So, idea: after the gala with bond!Lexi, the tabloids and media are exploding about Kara and Lena's suave daughter. And Taylor is proud but jealous. But ofc Lexi only has eyes for her. And Kara and Lena are like omg out baby girl is growing up whyyyy

Kara and Lena always shielded Lexi from the media growing up, and how much the public got to see her in the media was extremely limited (and always through James or Cat). Lexi pretty much hates talking to the media - as much as they try to get exclusives. She really only talks about charities or science in public, and her life is like super private - which only fuels media speculation more.

Because of her limited media presence, the tabloid speculation just kind of goes wild - especially after a public appearance. The only problem is they often get things completely wrong - like that she’s sort of a playboy that gets all the girls when in reality she stutters around pretty girls and blushes every time Taylor flirts with her. They also think she’s like this big spender, which is just not true compared to how much money she’s earned from patents - not even taking her family fortune into consideration.

So when the tabloids go crazy about her Bond adventure, Astraid just teases her incessantly about it, and Taylor finds the whole thing adorable.

“Lexington Luthor-Danvers - The Billionaire Playboy Recluse.” Kara says dropping a magazine on Lena’s desk.

“Are you kidding me?” Lena reaches for the magazine, groaning when she sees the cover. It’s their daughter, dressed in an extravagant tux, with one arm around Taylor’s waist. She recognizes the outfits from the L-Corp gala last week, and she groans again as she remembers Lexi’s antics from the event.

“She does all this as a joke, and then of course the tabloids have to take her seriously.”

“And you know she isn’t going to actually talk to them and clear things up.” Kara says ruefully as she sinks into the chair across the desk.

“At least it isn’t bad press, maybe it’ll all blow over soon.”


“I wonder how Taylor is taking it, it isn’t exactly easy just getting tossed into the media spotlight, even if this isn’t the first time.”

“Oh, yeah, so there’s also this -” Kara hands over her phone and Lena sees a picture of Lexington, head bent over a sheet of graph paper, pencil in each hand and one tucked behind her ear.

‘shh, don’t tell her she has three pencils. she needs them all. for science stuff.  #playaproblems #mygirlfriendiscuterthanyours’ the caption reads, and Lena can’t help but laugh.

“Taking everything in stride, it appears.”

“They’re good kids, even if one of them does have issues with hoarding pencils.”