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i aint doing seventeen coz like 13 people ._____.

So enjoy this BTS one bruv ;)


Jin is a literal princess so he’ll love it when you wear his hoodie but he would want to give his baby a reward for being such a beauty but he won’t be one to realise straight away it will take his cute ass a while to even realise you were wearing clothing.

Jin woke up from the sound of the bed creaking. ( I mean it would after last night ). He slowly opened his eyes to see you getting out of bed but slightly struggling. 
“Princess would you like some help(with that pussy ;O)?” 

“It’s okay oppa. I can get out of bed on my known” You said crossing your arms over your chest before attempting to get up again.

“Ahh Jagi” Jin laughing at your attempt of getting up.

Jin picked you up bridal style and took to the bathroom so you could take a shower.

“By the way jagiya you look really good in my hoodie but you won’t be wearing it for long not after i get started with you.” 

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Okay Jin is so adorable and princess like i felt bad for writing this… thank you


He is probably one to not really care but sometimes his hormones get the better if him so like when he sees you in his hoodie he will frickin be daddy as fuck.

He was fast asleep while you were wide awake and you just stared at him for what seemed like years coz bitch u gotta appreciate that beauty damnnn

You felt really cold and decided instead of just sitting there naked while looking at him you might as well get a shirt on while staring at him coz he gonna get horny once he opens then cute little eyes.

The closest thing to you was his hoodie that he threw off before he started pounding into you last night. You slipped it on and by the time you were done u looked back at YOONGIIII and realised oh shit he was awake.

“Baby why’d you put it on?” Suga said slipping his hand under the hoodie and rubbing your back.

“I was cold and also its comfy…” You said pouting.

“Ah Baby girl i could of warmed your ass right up.” Suga said winking before pulling you on his lap and holding your hand behing your back.

“OPPPPPPAAAAA let me go.” You said trying to escape his tight grip (oh tight ;))) )

“Oh your not going anywhere. How come u look better in my clothes then i do?” Suga whispered in your ear.

“Coz im magic duh” You said before giving him a cute pabo kiss on his nose.

“im magic with that pussy”

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ummm okay this gif tho excuse me bitch


Lets all be honest here. He’ll be wide awake before you and would be doing some cute ass shit while he waits for you but he won’t yet realise you were wearing his hoodie until he actually sees your full body but when he does damnnnnn

“jagiya its been an hour…WAKE UP!”


He would then pull the covers off u and then he’d see the lovely view of ya laying down in there in his large hoodie

“OH JAGIYAA.” He said while raising his eyebrow

“Now i know another way of waking you up… you’ll have fun i promise”

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okay this boy is basically daddy material so like expect some hard core sex for wearing his hoodie thank u

You’d be up and were just casually on your phone before you felt a pair of arms wrap around you.

“Hey Baby” the only words he would say to already make you wet. (OH YES DADDY)

“oppa what do you want?”

“I want my baby’s pussy wrapped around my dick” 

Before you can even say a word he would already be on top of you.

“Your fault for wearing my hoodie, you whole bodies gonna get a punishment for it… isn’t that right baby girl.”

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K while i was writing this the only thing i was thinking about what the expensive girl lyrics…


Ah we all know JIMIN as a fucking sex god so he’s gonna be very similar to Namjoon but a bit more fluffy i guess coz he’s also a little squish ball but like it situations like this he’d be one to really love it when you wear his hoodie especially if its short ;)))

He’d be just lying there staring at you for a while you were calmly sleeping he would be rubbing your thigh before slowly going up and finding your underwear (SNEAKY BOY). He would feel the familiar fabric and look down and find his hoodie over your petite figure.

“Jagiya…” He would say calmly while kissing your cheek.

“mmmhmm” You would responding slowly opening your eyes.

“Why you wearing my hoodie?” He would ask while placing his hands under your thighs and pulling you on his lap.

“It’s comfy…” You would respond while placing your head on his shoulder.

In a blink of eye he had his fingers underneath your underwear and rubbing you with his finger.

“Oh jagiya all that sleep was a waste of time wasn’t it your pussy aint gonna get no rest when i slap into it…”

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okay excuse you jiminie… what happened to my cute mochiiii

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AWWW how can someone turn from squishy to a sex god in under 0.0000000000002 seconds.


Okay this boy will be kinda similar to Jimin but like i feel like he’ll be more fluffy but he would also be really daddy about it so imma do the daddy one because like this is a smut reaction soooooo

Okay lets admit it you’d be up before him and like he would still be sleeping there like a little baby omg just i cantttttttttt

Anyway so your like checking your emails and shit on ya laptop (watching porn ;) ) and you would then feel really cold coz like you sleep naked coz u have to cuddle with TAE since he just lovesssssss to cuddle and you would pick up the hoodie on his floor not realising its his and just like throw it on.

After 5 years he would finally wake up and just stretch over u and just be a little cute boi but then but thennnnnnnnnn he would see how concentrated you were and the way your eyebrows raised up and down while you read to emails and he had already had enough and would just lose control of his hormones but he decided to keep them in since u were busy

BUTTTT THENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN he would look at your chest coz like he loves them squishy stuff and he would look at how big it was and would sniff the fabric coz he’s a 4D alien and then look up at you and ask 

“jagiya why are u wearing my hoodie? And why do u look so sexy in it? He would say bringing his head up and looking down at you. You would look up innocently and just give him a cute and sexy wink.

“Maybe coz i want you to see..”

“Ahhh Jagiya you don’t know what I wanna do to you do you…” 


“I want to pound into u while your wearing my hoodie…”

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Now this boi is gonna slap you for wearing his clothes i dont care what anyone says so u already know whats gonna happen when you wear his hoodie…

So like you’d be sneaky and wanna get punished so you would like grab his hoodie and wear it coz like ;)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

He would be sorta awake but like sorta asleep a mix between both but like he’s a seagull so like he would notice straight awayyyy.

“Jagiya what are you wearing?” 

“umm nothing…” you would reply before getting up and running away.

He wouldn’t even bother running after you he would just be shout for you coz like this boi will catch you no matter what because GOLDEN MAKNAE…

Baby girl get back here.” 

“if you don’t get back here in 5 seconds im going to spank you.” 

“Ahhh you’re gonna get punished.”

“Im gonna make that pussy scream for me… just you wait and see.”

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Ah shit okay then kookie stahp it now 


Okay so i hope you enjoyed yes it was really messed up but its okay u know its aight.


Omgggg, Taeyeon and Baekhyun took similar photos, I’m so happy! :)), so I decided to make a picture about that.

And thank you so much for the likes and the other picture, that means a lot for me! :))

Love you baekyeon shippers♡♡♡♡.