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Only A Nightmare [REQUEST]

I feel like I’ve been so focused on my series that I’ve neglected the other members and that makes me sad! But here is a little bit of Baekhyun fluff to make it up to you all. ENJOY!

Jade xo

You didn’t wake up like how you were expecting to. The sheets were clinging to your body, sweat dripping down in beads along your body. The room wasn’t streaming with sunlight so it was still night outside. And Baekhyun was shaking your shoulders, his worried face looming over your body.

“Baby, are you ok?” he asked, as you blinked hard and tried to sit up, wiping the tiny beads of sweat off your brow. “You were having a nightmare or something!” he added, helping you up into his arms, curling you into his chest and kissing the top of your head.

Gasping in shock, you immediately broke down, an avalanche of emotions falling on top of you as your nightmare came back to you. “It wasn’t real,” you murmured through your sobs, feeling tears trickle down your cheeks.

Baekhyun’s grip tightened around you, making you turn into his body so you could cry into the collar of his t-shirt. “It’s ok baby,” he told you softly, running his hand through your hair and down your back soothingly. “It wasn’t real. It was just a nightmare. You’re here and safe with me,” he said comfortingly, dotting little kisses on the top of your head.

“We were in China and I lost you in the crowd and I couldn’t find you and then I fell trying and everyone was standing on me,” you tried to explain, your voice breaking and hiccupping as you worked yourself up into hysterics. “Everything was closing in and I couldn’t breathe.” Crying harder, you wrapped your arms around Baekhyun’s neck and buried your face in the crook of it. The faint smell of his aftershave was comforting. It made you feel safe and at home.

His nimble fingers continued to soothe you, working his way through your hair and down your back. “Everything is alright baby. I’m here and you’re safe. Everything is ok. You’re ok,” he repeatedly told you, saying it like a mantra until you finally believed it and stopped your crying. “We’re alright baby.”

After eventually calming down, the tension leaving your body like a wave of relief, you leaned against Baekhyun’s chest and looked up at his face, seeing his soft smile. “I’m sorry for waking you up,” you said quietly, trying to give him a weak smile to reassure him you were ok.

“Oh baby,” he replied with a light chuckle. His hand moved back up your neck to cradle your cheek, his thumb brushing the tears off. “You don’t need to apologise for anything. As long as you’re alright now, that’s all that matters. Do you feel better now?”

His concern warmed you right down to your toes, making you feel so lucky to have him by your side. “A little bit,” you told him in a small voice, leaning your face into his palm.

Baekhyun nibbled on his bottom lip and made a face like he was thinking really hard about something. “How about you go and make us some hot chocolate and I’ll set up a surprise in the living room?” he said after a little bit of deliberation. The stretching smile on his lips told you he was excited about whatever he was thinking about.

Sharing a little bit of the excitement, you agreed and let Baekhyun pull you out of bed, practically lifting you up under your arms. “Extra marshmallows?” you asked, sliding into your slippers and wiggling your toes at their fluffiness. You already knew the answer but you still wanted to hear it because it always made your heart flutter.

“I love you,” he told you with a smirk on his face. Dotting a little kiss on your nose, he spun you around on the point and gently pushed you in the direction of the kitchen. “Don’t come out until you’ve finished the hot chocolates,” he added.

While you waited for the kettle to boil, you prepared two mugs and found the marshmallows from the back of the cupboard. From the living room, you heard some banging and thudding. “What are you doing in there Baek?” you called out from the door.

“Don’t come out just yet,” he replied panicky.

You laughed a little to yourself and went back to waiting for the kettle to boil, trying to shake off the remnants of your nightmare. It wasn’t real but in the moment, it felt like you were suffocating. You never used to have bad dreams, even when Baekhyun was away for work for long periods of time. It didn’t make sense that you would have such a horrible dream about Baekhyun, despite the fact he was asleep right beside you.

His soft voice from the living room snapped you out of your daze. “It’s ready!”

“One second,” you replied, grabbing the kettle and pouring the steaming water into the two mugs. Giving each of them a stir, you squirted a dab of cream on top and finished it off with little marshmallows that Baekhyun loved. “Ready!” Slowly carrying the tray of hot chocolates, you headed into the living room.

In the middle of the room was Baekhyun, standing in front of what looked like a massive pile of blankets. You looked at him confused, waiting for him to explain why every blanket you owned was in the living room and not in the closet. “It’s a den,” he explained, an innocent smile on his lips as he crouched down and pulled back a blanket, light spilling out from inside. He beckoned you closer and took the tray off you.

On your hands and knees, you crawled under the blankets and gasped in amazement. It was warm and cosy, with the fluffiest blankets underneath you and twinkling fairy lights above. “Wow Baek!” you exclaimed, moving further up so he could slide in next to you. Throwing your arms around his shoulders, you pulled him closer and nuzzling your face into his side, the pair of you leaning back on the cushions and blankets until you were lying on the ground. “I can’t believe you did all of this,” you murmured, still in awe as you looked up at the fairy lights.

“It’s the closest I could get you to sleeping under the stars,” he told you softly, pulling you closer into his side until you were tucked up neatly like a little kitten. “Maybe this will help you sleep better,” he added kissing the spot in the middle of your head where your hair met your forehead.

You rolled on top of him and leaned over towards the hot chocolates, picking a little marshmallow out of a mug. “Thank you Baekhyun,” you murmured softly, feeding him the marshmallow before sealing his lips with a kiss. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he replied, sitting up with you in his lap so he could take his hot chocolate, passing you yours in the process.

For what felt like hours, you stayed up with Baekhyun, drinking hot chocolate and rolling around in the little den he had made. By the time you started to feel sleepy again, you were completely relaxed and at ease … all thanks to your amazing boyfriend. You knew he wouldn’t be there to make a den every time you had a nightmare but you would always have the memories of when he was and that was comfort enough.

As you drifted off to sleep with your head resting on Baekhyun’s chest, slowly moving up and down in time with his breathing, you couldn’t help but sigh softly and hold on tighter, your arms wrapping around his waist. You were on the brink of sleep, with Baekhyun’s soft fingers tracing circles along your bare shoulder blade. The last thing you thought you heard before sleep pulled you in was your beautiful boyfriend’s voice.

“Sweet dreams baby girl.”


Siren- Liam Dunbar

Request-  can you do a liam Imagine where the reader is a siren and the doctors find her and make her shift to full mermaid form and before they can hurt her the pack comes and liam has to carry the reader to deaton bc she doesn’t know how to shift back and idk jujst fluff after that thanks! xx

A/N: So, I have two requests that deal with Sirens/Mermaids and Liam, so what’s going to happen is I’m combining them. This is the first part! Part two, will probably come out tomorrow :)

Other Info: Guys, there is a real difference between Sirens and Mermaids. Sirens are half women-half BIRD, mermaids are half women-half FISH. Culture has forced the idea that sirens and mermaids are the exact same thing, but I promise you they’re not. But I don’t care enough to write about half women-half bird, and I like the mermaid idea anyway.


That’s all you were able to see when you woke up in the cold, dark room. There was complete and utter silence, not even a single hum could be heard. It was like something out of a horror movie, and the sudden realization that this was all happening to you seemed to send you in a frenzy. You struggled to sit up, your arms bound down to the steel table underneath you, fear shooting up your spine. You felt tears leaking from your eyes and down your face, a muffled scream leaving your lips as you thrashed round. There was a thick strap holding your torso down against the table, preventing you from sitting up and moving around that much. You cried out for help again, the feeling of tape wrapped around your mouth suddenly noticeable as you banged your head against the table in a feeble attempt to escape.

You finally went still after a couple of minutes, your body trying to fight the fatigue that was starting to settle into your bones. You stared up at the dark ceiling, your eyes finally starting to adjust to the room, but even so, you were having trouble seeing clearly. You let out a strangled sob and shut your eyes tightly, wondering where you were and who would do this to you. You were a good kid, decent grades and high volunteering records, you had trouble processing what anyone would want with you. You started getting paranoid, was your captor going to hurt you? Rape you? What the hell did they want?

You wiggled around some more before slamming back against the table multiple times, your mind going into panicking mode. Were you ever going to get out of here? Were you going to see your parents or your friends or even your annoying little brother and sister? Were they looking for you? How were they taking it? Did they send out for help? Were Stilinski and Parrish looking around for clues now? Was Stiles losing sleep over you? Was Scott tracking you with his alpha powers? And what about Liam?! Was your best friend alright? Was he worrying and pacing around wanting to do something but unable to help? Was he crying over you?

You let out a strangled scream, knocking your head hard against the table beneath you with so much force, it knocked you back unconscious.



It was weird, to finally be able to hear something after days of being trapped in the room alone with nothing but darkness. A few times you woke up, but immediately you just went back to sleep, never really knowing what to do when you opened your eyes and looked around. A few times you saw shadows, but you just disregarded them, it was a play on your imagination, conjuring up fake silhouettes to calm you down and still give you hope that maybe you would come out. Several times you thought you heard voices, but upon closer inspection, it was just your mind, bringing memories of Liam back to life as your life began to dwindle before you. You wanted solace in your last moments, and having Liam there with you calmed you down.

Like now.

He was standing above you, his warm, crystal blue eyes gazing down at you and his familiar smile peeked along the soft mounds of his lips. He was wearing his lacrosse hoodie, the one he gave you when you got cold at one of the lacrosse games one day, and a pair of black jeans that hugged his legs nicely. His hands were running through your messy and tangled hair, picking out the knots and tangles despite his motions starting to hurt you from how rough he was tugging. He kept getting closer to you, letting his warm breath ghost over your face before standing back up to his full height and continuing his actions. You shut your eyes and leaned into his warm hand when it cupped your cheek, his fingers dancing along the curve of your cheek and over the tape that covered your cracked lips. His words were soft and slow, almost like a lullaby. “How you doing?”

You blinked up at him and smiled to the best of your ability, struggling to grab the hand dangling by his side. You mumbled out your response, not sure if he could understand you or not. “I’m at the brink of death, but I’ve never been better.” You tried to joke, a pained sensation running through your head as an oncoming headache began to form.

He laughed and leaned over, pressing a feather light kiss to your forehead. “You’re strong, baby girl.” He whispered, looking at the love and the admiration in your weary eyes. You felt yourself blushing from his words, he only called you that on rare occasions, and most of the time he did it on accidents. “So strong, and I love that about you. Don’t stop fighting.” He whispered again, leaning back over until his lips brushed the side of your neck. You hummed and let your body relax, letting your eyes slowly close in bliss, feeling his searing kisses giving you goosebumps and making your toes curl.

There was tickling sensation and then a pinch, your eyes opening as you let out a scream. You tried to look at Liam, but he wasn’t there anymore, and instead, a cold, leather clothed hand was gripping your neck, a needle jabbed deep into the vein in your neck. You looked up in fear, seeing a rusty mask close to your face, a red monocle over one of its cold, lifeless eyes. You let out a quiet whimper, and as the plunger of the needle was being pushed down, some sort of liquid entered your body. You arched your back off the table the best you could, tears streaking your face when it slowly left your neck. The liquid was doing something to you, and you could feel it. Your body felt different, almost light and airy and you vaguely wondered if you were about to die.

“Siren.” A raspy voice sounded from your left, your head snapping to look at the figure that materialized from nowhere. It was definitely a woman, but no matter how much you wanted to deny it, she wasn’t here to help you. You struggled in your bonds again, lifting your head to look at the third figure standing by your fee… no, standing by your tail. You gasped and looked around again before focusing on the shimmering tail that reminded you of a mermaid. “What is her condition?” The women asked, her robotic voice piercing your ears and sending a shiver down your spine.

“Terminal.” The Surgeon, who was standing over you said, the needle in his hand coming closer to your neck. You knew what that meant, the fear shooting up your spine when the memories of Tracy ran through your mind. You struggled in your bonds, screaming and crying for someone, anyone to help you. You inched away from the needled when the women, who you vaguely remembered as The Geneticist, grabbed your head to hold you still. You started bucking around, kicking your tail up and smacking the other doctor, the one whose name you always forgot, in the face, sending him sprawling back to the ground.

You smiled in triumphant, flopping around until the needle poked at your neck. You were just about to give up when The Surgeon fell to the ground, a familiar boy sitting on top of his chest. You smiled and called out Scott’s name, tears of joy springing to your eyes again. You thrashed about in The Geneticist’s hold, letting out another scream of victory when she collided with the door behind her, Malia’s claws piercing through her mask, black blood dripping from her claws. The other doctor- The Pathologist, you think – caught Kira’s sword, his hands coming up to punch her when Liam, the boy you’d been wanting to see for days now, jumped on his back, wrapping his muscly arms around his neck. Stiles, who had been sneaking around, swung his bat, knocking The Pathologist to the ground with a scream of victory. Liam leaped away, watching as the doctor fell to the ground with a loud grunt. He tried to get back up, but Lydia screamed, using her new found banshee powers to blow the doctor clear across the room, the sound of metal banging together the only thing in the room that told you they had defeated the Dread Doctors. You smiled at the pack, and thrashed around again in your bonds.

Liam was the first to get to you, his fingers gingerly pulling the tape from your mouth. “You’re alive!” He screamed in excitement, hooking his claws into the straps around your hands. You didn’t trust your voice, and so you just nodded, wrapping your arms around his neck when he got the straps off. He froze before hugging you back, a smile on his face.

Little by little the pack came over, each pulling a restraint from your body, eventually making their way to the tail that was now flopping around uselessly on the table. You pulled away and looked at your tail when you suddenly remembered it, your eyes wide and full of curiosity. You reached a hand out and touched it, feeling the smooth scales with a laugh. “No wonder I was on the dead pool.”

Liam laughed as well, hooking an arm around your waist before lifting you, following Scott and the pack out the dreary room.


They had to take you to Deaton, since you had no idea how to change back. You let Liam carry you the entire way, your eyes closed as you took in his wonderful smell and listened to his somewhat labored breaths. You were glad that he was holding you, but you couldn’t help the familiar disappointed feeling in your chest. He hadn’t called you ‘baby girl’, he hadn’t kissed you, and you were more than sure you smelt a little bit of Hayden’s perfume on his clothes.

Upon entering the Deaton’s office through the back door, you clinged to Liam, not wanting to be put on another table for the rest of your life. The Dread Doctors had abused you, refused to give you food or water, and they had abused you on a table. You whimpered when Liam set you down, his hand moving through your messed up hair. “It’s okay. It’s just Deaton. He won’t hurt you. I promise.” Liam whispered, leaning forward to pepper kisses along your forehead and cheek. You still whimpered, laying flat against the table, your tail flapping against the table impatiently, and somewhat in fear.

Eventually Deaton came out, his warm brown eyes centered on the tail that wiggled and wagged all over the place. “Sirens. Interesting.” He hummed, walking towards you before placing a warm hand on your scales. “Haven’t seen one of these in years. They like to hang around water, lure sailors and men in with their beautiful song, seduce them even, and then they kill them. Let their boats hit the rocks and watch them drown.”

You suddenly felt bad, your cheeks paling and your eyes watering. You looked up at Liam with watery eyes, hiding your face behind your tangled hair. “Deaton!” Stiles snapped, knocking his knuckles against the table underneath you. “She’s a good person.”

“And I suppose she is. But that doesn’t mean, she won’t do the same thing her ancestors used to.” Deaton replied, looking down at you with cold eyes.

“Just tell her how to change back.” Liam demanded, getting defensive of you. You bit your inner cheek, expecting the young beta to lash out, but he composed himself, letting his fingers run over your teary cheeks, calming your cries until you grew silent.

“It’s all in the mind.” Deaton stated, placing his hand on your forehead. “The Doctors have awoken your powers, and it’s your turn to put them to rest.” He whispered loud enough for you to hear before walking away.

You watched him go with trembling lips, looking at the tail that laid still against the table. You looked at it for a long while, letting your mind take control of the situation. You let your eyes close and waited, feeling some sort of fatigue run through your body, until you collapsed back on the table, taking in a gasp of breath. “It’s gone.” Liam informed you, looking at your now human legs with a grim smile.

You knew what he was thinking, but you didn’t say anything, and instead, you rolled over onto your side and shut your eyes tightly, Deaton’s words bouncing around your head like a chant.