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Baby - Jack Maynard

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Pairing: Jack Maynard & Y/N
Word Count: 2.8k
Warnings: None
A/N: This is so long I’m so sorry.

“It’s just not worth it Jack.” You say, pacing up and down in front of the sofa where he was sitting. “You’re busy with YouTube and all your projects, I’m busy with my last month or so at uni and I’m moving back to Brighton soon. We just don’t have time for each other anymore.” You continued.
Jack said nothing, his head falling into his hands.
“But I love you.” He mumbled.
You sighed and sat down beside him, pulling his hands into yours so that he would look at you.
“And I love you too. But right now, if we continue the way we are, this is going to end messily. There’s going to be fights and drama and that’s not something that either of us need right now. I love you, and if we’re meant to be then we’ll come back to each other.” You said, gazing into his increasingly misty blue eyes.
He nodded his head lightly, looking to the ground to avoid your gaze.
After placing a kiss on his head, you got your coat and left your now ex-boyfriends apartment.

After that night, you and Jack stayed somewhat good friends, seeing each other on the odd occasion. But it hurt to be with him, but not with him. Seeing him all over girls at clubs and parties hurt you to see, even if you had initiated the break up.
After you finished your degree, you moved back to your hometown of Brighton. You loved how everything felt comfortable to you, to hear the waves hitting the rocks at the sea, to hear children playing in the playground. But it made you sad, everything around had reminded you of things you had done with Jack. You had grown to be the cliché relationship of childhood friends turning into love. You had played in the playground together, been round to each other’s houses a countless amount of times, your first kiss had been on the beach that you find so relaxing.

You had begun to get nauseous over the past couple of weeks, thinking it was just the flu as you got sick quite often, you just left it. However, while over at your parents’ house to have some company as you lived by yourself, your mum convinced you to take a pregnancy test just to make sure.
You had left the two sticks on the bathroom counter beside the sink, fidgeting with your hands and unable to stand still. After the three minutes were up, you nervously walked over to the tests.
Lifting the piece of toilet paper off that you had to cover them, they both revealed the same thing.


~Time skip to the present~

After finding out you were pregnant you had phoned Jack but he didn’t pick up. Although it was evident he was on his phone from the extensive amount of snapchats he had posted with random girls from a party.
That night after talking it out with your mum and about thirty litres of tears, you decided it would be best to keep it, however since Jack was obviously busy with YouTube and partying, you didn’t want to ruin that for him just as he was getting more successful at his dream job.

Over those nine months, with a lot of help from your family, you set up your own café/bookstore in Brighton. Something you have dreamed of having ever since you were young.
After nine struggling months, you brought the sweetest calmest baby girl into the world, Ella Rose Maynard.

You were currently in the grocery shop picking up some bits and bobs for the house. Ella was now just over one years old and had begun to walk about a month or so ago. She had light blonde baby hair, and the most stunning blue eyes that were just like her fathers.
It was a beautiful summers day outside, so you were glad when you finally got to the frozen section to cool down.
Seemingly, that wasn’t just your idea. While talking absentmindedly to Ella about the things you needed to get you didn’t notice a man standing in front of your trolley.
“I’m so sorry!” you tell him as you watch him leaning down to pick up some of the food he had dropped in the collision.
“It’s okay, don’t worry about it.” He said, standing up from the ground to look at you. When he did he said the words you were least expecting.
Looking at him properly, you gasped slightly.

It turns out Conor was down from London to visit his family for a bit before they went on holiday. As you both were catching up, Ella started to become fussy, not liking to be ignored for even those short five minutes.
You walk over to her side, picking her up out of the seat and placed her on your hip. She snuggled into your neck as you walked back over to Conor.
Conor’s face was priceless when you introduced him to her. But he quickly smiled, holding his hand out to your child.
She looked up at you with a confused look on her face and you laughed.
“Con, she doesn’t know what that is, here.” You said, repositioning his hand so it was flat and upright.
“Can you give Conor a high five?” you asked her.
She giggled and put her tiny hand in the middle of Conor’s much larger one.
Conor’s smile was brighter than you’d ever seen it, but it soon turned to an inquisitive one.
“It’s funny, I thought she reminded me of someone, she looks like Anna when she was a baby.” He joked about, tickling her side.
“Well, uh, yeah…” you trailed off, not knowing what to reply to that.
“Y/n?” he asked, everything now clicking in his head, the age of her, the similarities in both looks and behaviour. “Is she Jack’s?” he asked softly.
Ella nuzzled her head back into your neck as her new friend had stopped playing with her. You ran your fingers through her soft blonde hair, willing yourself to be calm about this all.
You nodded your head, trying to gage his emotions at both you and the situation he found you in.
With a little yawn, you felt Ella’s head start to get heavy.
“Come back to mine? I’ll explain everything to you I promise.” You told him, beginning to walk to the checkouts with what you had gotten.

When you got home you explained to him that you had already broke up with Jack when you had found out about your pregnancy. How you had tried to get in contact with Jack but he hadn’t answered or returned your calls. He was preoccupied with his job and girls that you didn’t want him to resent Ella for ruining a time in his life he loved so much.
“I’m leaving in a couple of days to go back to London, come with me. Just for a week or so.”
You shook your head, “Ella is here and my shop, I can’t just up and go when I want to Con, I have responsibilities.”
“Bring her with you, and I’m sure your shop will be fine to be shut for a week. You need a break. You can come stay with me, I’ve got a spare bedroom for the two of you and everything.”
After a lot of persuading you finally agreed to go up with him in a couple of days.

You drove Conor up to London as he had originally got the train down and so that you could have your own car to get about places.
After a couple of days of getting situated and Ella getting used to a new environment you had agreed to meet up with all your friends that you had missed in the two years you were gone.
The ‘buttercream squad’ minus Jack had gathered in Conor’s living room, waiting for the surprise that he had promised.
“You can come out now.” He called to you after he had finally got them all to be quiet.
You walked out of the spare bedroom, walking nervously towards the living room.
As soon as you could be seen in view, exclamations of happiness erupted from the five boys. They all hurried out of their seats, all coming at once to give you a hug.

After an hour or so of catching up with all the boys you were eventually asked the question of why you went pretty much completely M.I.A. on your social medias and basically restarted life two years ago. You told them that they had to be quiet and you would show them. Standing up you ushered them to follow you into the spare bedroom, urging them to please be quiet.
Opening the door, you gestured over to the crib in the corner. As quietly as five fully grown men could, they shuffled over to the side of it, trying to get a glance at what was inside.
As their eyes fully adjusted to the lack of light in the room they saw the peacefully sleeping baby and gasps filled the room.
You brought them out before they could wake her up and as soon as you shut the door you were bombarded with questions.
“Is that a baby?”
“Is it yours?”
“Who’s the dad?”
“How did you keep it a secret for so long?”
“She’s so cute I just want to squish her little che-“
“Stop!” you shouted at them, “One at a time.”
You answered all the questions they had about her, just in time for you to hear her waking up. You bundled her up in a blanket and brought her out to the living room. All the boys were smiling brightly, her tired eyes darting around the room at the large unknown people in front of her. Sitting down, you turned her to face them and as you introduced them they waved at her, receiving a cute giggle in response.

The boys were as won over as Conor was. She had them all wrapped around her little finger by the end of that night.
The boys came over the next couple of days to get her used to them. And right now, she was sitting on Joe’s lap, laughing at all the funny faces that he was pulling.
He was setting her on the ground to walk over to who she wanted next when the front door slammed open. You heard some degree of a coat being taken off and a shout from him, “Conor? Why is no one answering my calls?”
Because of the loud noise, Ella had waddled as fast as she could over to you, getting you to pick her up so she could hide in your neck.
Conor had a panicked look on his face and rushed over to the living room door to try and stop Jack from coming in.
You saw Conor backing up, attempting to block his view into the room.
“Why are you being so weird? Are you having some secret party I wasn’t invited to?” you head the joking voice.
Conor was pushed out of the way by him and he stood in the doorway looking in on what he was missing.
He was exactly the same as he was two years ago, shining blue eyes, cheeky smile, wavy hair.
But when his eyes landed on you the smile turned confused, and when his eyes drifted downwards to Ella, they turned angry.
“This is what you tried to hide from me then?!” he screamed at his brother, pushing him out of the way and making his way out the front door.
Conor ran after his furious brother, attempting to calm him down.
Lifting Ella up with you, you handed her to Oli, pressing a kiss to her head as she cuddled into him.
You walked out into the hallway, hearing the current argument between the two brothers.
“She’s back and you never even told me?! And she has a baby!? What the hell is going on?” Jack yelled. “Why were you hiding it? Is it yours? That’s why you were wasn’t it! You banged the love of my life and knocked her up!”
You couldn’t take them fighting over something that wasn’t true, so you opened the front door and yelled at Jack who looked like he was about to punch Conor.
“It’s yours!”

Jack’s fist froze mid-air and his head snapped towards yours.
“What?” he questioned, arms growing slack and falling to his sides.
“She’s yours. Conor bumped into me in Brighton, quite literally.” You said, smiling at the memory. “Now will you come inside where I can explain this to you properly?”
He nodded, looking like he was in a daze.
Walking back into the apartment you walked past the living room door, seeing Ella now peacefully sleeping in the crook of Oli’s arms.
Jack took a proper look at her now, seeing the familiar features of his and your own mixed into this tiny human being.

You took him into your room for the past week and sat down. You both sat down on the edge of the bed and he looked up at you expectantly.
“She’s called Ella. She’s just over one year old. I tried to tell you Jack, I really did. But you didn’t answer so I just assumed that since you didn’t want me in your life so it would be better to keep Ella out too.”
You told him how you still kept up with him, watching his and the boys’ vlogs daily. You both just caught up what you had both missed over the past two years, filling each other in on what you had done.
After two hours of talking you had agreed to meet up with him at the park with Ella to get them used to each other.

It was a long day of playing and laughs and picture worthy moments. Jack and Ella had gotten along like a house on fire. He pushed her on the swing, walked about with her on his shoulders and she even let him go down the slide with her.
As you were walking to a nearby coffee shop, Ella fell asleep.
You both sat down at a table near the large window overlooking the business men and women and those who were out and about.
You both began to talk about your past relationship and if there were any current ones. For both the answer was no.
“You can’t exactly go far on a date after telling them that you have a child.” You joked.
He hummed slightly, “I tried to date other people, but no one could even compare to you.”
You looked down at your sleeping angel, running your hand briefly across her head.
“You were my first love, it really hurt me when we split.” You said, not wanting to look him in the eye.
He nods his head slightly, “You were my only love.” He said softly, holding his hand in yours and gently running his thumb across yours.

After that night, you told Jack that you needed to know if he was serious about being in Ella’s life. That she was your first priority. You got into a short routine with Jack over the next week or so and it was very hard to get Ella to go back to Brighton with you.
Jack helped you find a small shop front, moving your business up into London while you stayed in his flat with Ella, allowing them the time that they had missed together.

It was now Christmas; your relationship had quickly picked up where you left off when you moved in with each other. The boys loved Ella and loved the fact that you and Jack were back together.
You were finishing up organising the presents underneath the tree when you heard the door to Jack’s flat open.
Jack had been out with the boys having a Christmas dinner with them all before actual Christmas.
You heard tiny pitter patters of feet coming down the stairs of the girl you had put to bed hours ago.
“Daddy!” she called.
You turned around to see Ella flinging herself at Jack from the bottom of the stairs, wrapping her arms around his neck when he caught her.
“Read book dada?” she said, doing the puppy eyes that she had perfected months ago.
He chuckled and agreed, “Go up to bed and I’ll be there in a minute.” He said, placing a kiss on her cheek.

As she was going up the stairs you came over to where he was standing, wrapping your arms around his waist and putting your head on his chest.
“Good night with the boys?” you mumbled into his collarbone
“Great, but I would have preferred to spend it with my girls.” He replied, kissing your head, and then taking a step back from you.
“The princess awaits.” He laughed, kissing you properly before heading up the stairs.

You thought back to those years ago, that you said if you were to come back to each other if you were meant to be. Evidently you were.

n3sh3r0x : HC!!! RFA + V reaction to Mc's fam being a bag of nutcases? Like they're 24/7 being lame and joking around and really inquisitive of MCs BF/GF

So my friend, @n3sh3r0x asked for this hc. SHE’S AMAZING GUYS!! Please follow her!!!

AND I’M SORRY but i really couldn’t imagine all of the families being a bag of nutcases. SO I DECIDED TO WRITE A “RFA+V+ SAERAN REACTING TO MC’S FAMILY”


- Sweet, sweet yoosung was pretty nervous when you told him that you wanted him to meet your family

-I mean…. who wouldn’t ??

-You father worked at this huge pharmaceutical company,  you mother was a cardiologist and to top it all off your sister was a lawyer at a big firm.

-Even you scared the living crap outta him when he first met you

-So when he first met your parents, he was shaking. Actually he was shaking for all the right reasons. Let me explain.

-Your father was immaculately dressed in his most expensive suit like show off much?, your mother wore a simple but beautiful gown and your sister??? Let’s just say that she wore a pair of sweatpants just to piss you off.

- Yoosung couldn’t stop laughing at this contrast. 

-As your father gracefully gave out his hand for a handshake, he was still laughing cause your sister was sticking her tongue out at you?? And you were being all cute, pinching her and making faces at her?

- Gosh ! Even the intellectuals weren’t any different , were they?

- “GOD DAMMIT! STOP IT GIRLS YOU ALWAYS EMBARRASS ME LIKE THIS!! I just wanted MC’s boyfriend to have a good impression on our family,” your father screamed.

- Your mum giggled, “Pay no mind to them yoosung!! We doctors must stay away from this lot at all times.”

- You mum really liked yoosung as they were both in the medical profession. She was a really chatty person. She blabbered on about how hard it was being a doctor. “I dunno how you did it yoosung,” she said, “I could barely learn how to treat the heart and you’ve learnt about how to treat the entire animal kingdom?” She sighed dramatically. 

- “HEY YOOSUNG!! Did you know that MC peed her pants in the sixth grade?” Your sister chimed in. “NO I DIDN’T,” you screamed and the two of you got into a cat fight. 

-Your dad sighed and apologized to him, “Welcome to the family, son.”

-Yoosung really did love your unique and wonderful family. And your family loved him more. 

Bonus: Your sister kept making passes at yoosung, vowing to steal him away from you when the two of you break up. She was just kidding! Or was she? Yoosung never knew about this. 


-Zen was really excited when you told him you wanted him to meet your family

- You used to tell him a lot about your family and he loved to hear about your two moms and you baby sister

- The whole day he was all like, “MC !! Should I wear this?? OR SHould I wear that??? Will you mom like this better.” 

- “JUST WEAR SOMETHING, ZEN,” you screamed.

-But it was so cute seeing him all excited.

- When you finally got to your house, he was so excited that he hugged both your mums. 

- “Nice to finally meet you,” He beamed, “I’m Zen.”

- “Wow I didn’t know my daughter was hiding such a handsome man,” Your mum giggled. “OH, MC~~” she sang. 

- You blushed so hard, it made Zen laugh.

- Your other mum laughed and kissed her on the cheek. “Oh and Zen,” she said, “We have this really BIG fan, just dying to meet you.”

- Your little sister was clinging to your mum’s leg. 

- “Come on, sweetie,” you called her out ,”Zen has a little gift for you.”

- But she still wouldn’t budge

- Zen knelt down and took her hands. “Looks like there are two very beautiful princesses in this house,” he smiled. He placed a little crown on her head. 

- She gave a tiny little smile. “Lift me !!” she ordered.

- “The shining knight Zen at your service, milady,” he laughed as he picked her up 

-He refused to put your little sister down for the whole day. Your lil sis had such radical fun,  getting a piggy back ride from Zen.

- Your parents loved Zen!! He was so sweet. He always was so well mannered and complimented them on little things.  

-At the end of the day, Zen ended up wanting to create a family like that with you. 

Bonus: Zen calls both your mums as ‘mum’ and ‘mama’, the way you call them. They love it. And they were so happy when zen first called them that


-You pure beautiful Jaehee was only second to Yoosung on the nervousness level when she first met your family 

- “But MC,” she dragged, “Is your family really ok with this? Me being a….. girl and all.”

- “Hush, my dear,” you kissed her on the nose, “I should be asking you if you’re ok with meeting my crazy family.”

- This reassured her a lot. But she was still nervous about making first impressions.

- Your family was a big one.

-I mean a reaaaaalllly big one. With cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

-So when you first got to the door, a flurry of kids surrounded you and Jaehee. 

- “OMG it’s MC!” 

- “IS that MC’s Girlfriend?”

-” MC AND JAEHEE, come play with us!!” 

-The kids were really noisy but Jaehee enjoyed the racket. The kids started introducing themselves and Jaehee was trying to memorize all of their names. 

-”Ok!! YOu twerps !! We’ll come back to you later!! We are going to meet the adults so LEAVE MY GIRLFRIEND ALONE,” you grabbed her hand pulled her out.

- “awwww MC you’re such a spoil sport.” You could hear all the groans and sighs. 

- Immediately after a group of adults surrounded you two. 

- “Is this the Jaehee??? “ your aunt literally screamed. 

- She pulled Jaehee closer, took a good and long look at her.

- “Tell me, Jaehee,” she said, “HOW THE HELL DO YOU PUT UP WITH A WHINY CHILD LIKE MC. We still don’t know.”

-All the others nodded in agreement. 

- “STOP embarrassing me in front of my Girlfriend,” you stomped your foot.

- All of Jaehee’s nervousness dissipated. And she laughed. “Oh no!” she said and looked at you, “It has always been the other way around.”

-You blushed so hard. What did you do to deserve her? 

- Everyone from the teenagers, to the kids , to the adults and the elders took their turns with Jaehee.

- They really loved her. And really couldn’t understand why such a sweet angel like her chose you. You really couldn’t understand that either   

-Although she was drained by the end of the day, she was really looking forward to the next trip.


-Jumin was always so curious about your family

- Whenever he asked about your family, you would brush him off saying that you would tell him when you were ready.

-He also never really got why you were working, when he was there to provide for you?

-Although he was really curious, he respected your wishes and never delved into that matter again.

- Then one day you decided it was time he met you family.

- You were actually from another town. You were from a really poor family, with your father dying when you were only 16 years old. Being the eldest, you had to help your mother raise your younger sister and brother. 

- Jumin now understood why you had to work.

- “But I can provide for your family, Mc,” he protested. 

- But you flat out refused cause you didn’t marry him for the money. 

-So you took the weekend off from work to visit your family with Jumin. 

- “Jumin, just don’t offer my mother any money,” you tell him, “We are doing very well now! And my mother would refuse cause she’s such a hard worker.”

- Jumin nodded. But you were not sure about what his stubborn ass was actually going to do.

-When you got home, you little sister and brother excitedly hugged you. 

- “MC!! YOU’RE HOME,” they shouted. 

- “Mc, look!! I got the first place in my class this year,” you little brother beamed. 

- Your sister got annoyed. “But MC! I got first place on both my tests and my relay,” you sister stuck her tongue out.

- Your brother was about to retaliate when you mother intervened, “Mc and her boyfriend traveled a long way, kids.Let them rest.”

-They went back sighing. You laughed and hugged your mum. 

- “And you must be Jumin,” your mum said breaking the hug. 

-Jumin was so fixated at your house. It was so small. But it really was so warm and wonderful. 

- “Yes mam. I’m Jumin Han,” he said as he took your mother’s hand, “Pleasure to meet you.”

- You and your mum burst into laughter. 

- “You really dont have to be so formal, Mr. Han~~,” you teased. 

- The kids tugged at Jumin’s trousers. 

-They were really curious about this royal looking stranger

-Jumin was really surprised by the kids. They were so well mannered, smart and hard working just like MC.

-He really loved them a lot. And they liked him too.

-And MC’s mother had so much dignity and integrity. He respected her deeply. And your mother loved Jumin for his honesty and manners. And she knew how much he loved and respected you. 

- And the food your mother cooked for him?? Never had he eaten anything so delicious his entire life.

- Just sitting around with your family and eating with them, made him realise that money really wasn’t everything 

-After that, he never did complain about you having to go to work. But he insisted on helping out a little.

- He always did send your family little extravagant gifts and souvenirs. And demanded a monthly visit to see you mum and the kids

-He took you guys on a lot of trips. And the kids really enjoyed their time with him.


-Given his past, Seven really wanted a to be a part of a family

- So when you wanted to introduce him to your parents, HE WAS SO EXCITED, OVERJOYED, ELATED *add any synonym of your choice*

-You were from a middle class family

-Nothing special really

-You were the only kid.

- “Ok 7,” you warn him, “No funny business at my home… My dad is really strict.”

- “You betcha,” he sticks his tongue out.

-You sigh…. This was bad……… Really bad

-So when you get home, your father growls, “And what is the name of this boy MC? What does he do?”

- “Dad, this is Se-.. I mean Saeyoung and hes a hac-.. I mean a computer programmer.”

- “Why hello~~ sir,” 7 sang and let out his hand for a handshake.

- You dad looked at him from his head to his toe and sighed. 

- “I’ll be at my room if you need me,” he frowned. 

- 7 looked a little upset. Your mum sensed this too. 

- “Oh don’t mind that grumpy old man, Saeyoung, my dear,” you mum chimed, “I really dont know how I put up with him for so many years.”

-You giggled and held 7′s hand.

- “Don;t take it to heart, hon,” you laughed, “He’s what I call a Tsundere dad.”

- “TSUNDERE DAD??” he screamed. WTH MC 

- “The more he likes a person, the ruder he is to them,” your mum explained.

- Saeyoung couldn’t stop laughing, “I’m starting to like your dad.”

-So 7 like usual, kept making his lousy jokes. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes while your mother laughed. 

-Your dad crept in. “OH, You all are making a lot of noise. KEEP IT DOWN,” he said as he sat across you guys with a newspaper.

-You all could not help but chuckle. Oh, the things your dad did just to spend time with you, without actually admitting it.

- “So saeyoung,” your dad started, “How much is it that you earn.”

- 7 sat up straight. “See Sir, it actually depends…..”

- “He earns a lot, dad,” you cut in, “Have you seen his car?” You showed him a picture of his car.

-You dad was impressed and interested but he wouldnt admit it. 

- “It’s a decent car,” he frowned

- The three of you were internally screaming. 

- All throughout the evening 7 made small talk with your dad. He followed him everywhere. Your dad actually showed him his precious stamp collection and LET HIM TOUCH IT.

- Saeyoung started called your mother as mum. AND YOUR MUM LOVED IT

- “Don;t call her that,” you father growled. 

- “But DAD~~~” 7 sang

- “DONT CALL ME THAT,” he shouted. But he was very happy, internally. Tsundere dad strikes again

-He really had taken a liking towards your dad.

- You dad called him annoying a lot but deep inside… lets face it! He loved Saeyoung a lot.

- When it was time to leave, your dad gave you a peck on you cheek as he said , “Saeyoung is good guy, mc. I like him.”

- You werent gonna tell saeyoung this but you had a feeling he already knew.  

- Saeyoung sometimes liked to visit your parents alone and spend time with them

ps…… If you;ve seen Saiki Kusuo then you’ll know about the tsundere grandpa…. that episode literally changed my life


- “V!” you proclaimed one day, “I want you to meet my family.”

- V was surprisingly very cool about this, “Ok mc” he said as he kissed you on the forehead.

-The only family you had left was your two brothers. They practically raised you. Everything they ever did was for you. You didn’t have one complaint in your life. One brother was a professional wrestler and the other worked for the government.

- The two of your brothers were dying to meet V. They planned on how they were going to freak MC’s boyfriend out cause they were both so muscular and buff. And not to mention tall. They were both wrestlers in high school and had so many medals, that you learnt how to count with them

-So anyways, they were really planning to freak your boyfriend out. 

-They wanted to make sure that your boyfriend was man enough. You were their precious baby sister after all. 

- Well, jokes on them…. V was blind. 

- There was no way V was gonna be intimidated my their looks.

- Their jaws fell to the floor when they saw V

- “Mc… is he….”

- “Yes, Im blind,” V interjected, “ But I can see a little with one eye”

- They regained their composure. But they still had to make sure that he would treat their precious little sister well

- “Well Jihyun,” you brother firmly held V’s shoulder, “If you ever do something to our sister then God help you.” 

-You were angered my your brothers’ rude behavior towards V. Before you could protest, V said calmly, “Sir, I wouldnt hurt a hair on her head. She is the love of my life.”

- Commence Jaw Drop

-You blushed hard….. as did your brothers. The line was delivered so cooly and calmly.

-”V~~” you hit his hand playfully.

- Your brothers laughed. 

- “I’ve been married for 5 years and never once have I said such a thing to my wife. We should learn a lot from you V”

- You brothers loved him. They were so boisterous and playful… so unlike V. They considered V as a part of their gang

-V loved it! He had so much fun with your brothers. All three of them got drunk in the end and you were left to take a drunken V home



- Your parents died when you were really young

-You were raised by your grandparents. 

-So when you asked Saeran if he wanted to meet your wonderful grandparents, saeran wasnt exactly excited. But he knew how much they meant to you so he decided to accompany you

-The minute you entered the house, there was the lovely smell of freshly baked goods.

-Your grandma and grandpa were so excited to see you.

-They were standing outside for nearly an hour just to see you.

-You were so happy to see them. Saeran saw immediately how your expression changed. Could you get any cuter? chandler voice

-You hugged them both and kissed them

-Your grandparents were equally excited to see saeran.

- They huddled around him.

- “MC told me that you really like ice cream, saeran,” your Grandma said, “So I made a lil cake to go along with it.”

- “Oh and dont forget about the sweater we got him dear,” your grandpa added.

- As you helped your grandma out in the kitchen, saeran and your grandpa took to talking

- You grandpa told him stories about the army. Saeran seemed very interested and excited.

-You could see them talking about random things under the sun

-He absolutely adored the food your grandma made and even wore the sweater they got for him

-He really enjoyed his time with your grandparents.

-He ended up wishing he could stay there more.

- When you went to sleep, your grandpa and saeran talked throughout the night.

-”Saeran…. in case something happens to me… the mc and her grandma…”

“Nothing will happen to you and if it does… I’m always here for them. MC means the world to me”

That’s What Friends Are For

@hamwriters write-a-thon: femslash day (2)

pairing: phillipa soo x reader

summary: Pippa is reader’s childhood best friend and when reader finally gets out of an unhealthy relationship, she is right there for her through all the tears. 

warnings: swearing, very brief mention of sex, i think that’s all?

words: 2894

a/n: this is going to be a little two part bit of fluff. i was just going to make it into one part, but that was a LOT of writing to finish in one night, so i decided to split it up. i hope you enjoy!!

tags: @bluesnowyangel @hamrevolution

“Luke, I can’t keep doing this!” You snapped as your boyfriend came stumbling through the front door of your shared apartment. It was 1 am and he reeked of alcohol and another woman’s perfume, but you were so exhausted you couldn’t bring yourself to care.

Falling limply into your arms, Luke let out a loud groan from the back of his throat then mumbled a few incoherent words. You grabbed onto him tightly to drag him over to the sofa just a few feet away and tossed him there with a sigh.

“You were supposed to be at a meeting for work,” you hissed at the dark haired man.

His response was much less coherent, but you were able to figure it out through the slurs. “But baby, I was!”

“Don’t fucking lie to me! I have proof right in front of my eyes that you weren’t at a meeting!”

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anonymous asked:

A bit of a different question but how would Yui approach the each of S&M brothers and announce that she was pregnant in a scenario in which she was with them.


Shu: Shu sat drifting between a state of sleep and consciousness as he rested outide on a bench, Yui laying by his side. His music leaked from his buds and into the still night air. Yui shifted uncomfortably. She hoped to God he wasn’t picking up on her unease. Not yet at least. It was about to happen and she was very nervous. That’s when his music changed and the song “You’re Having My Baby” by Paul Anka came on. Shu tensed. A certain smartphone addicted vampire helped Yui plan this scheme out; they messed with his ipod while he was snoring away.

The blonde lazily shifted an inquisitive gaze to the smaller girl. “Yui-san, do you have something you’re trying to tell me?”

“U-uhm, that is..” Yui started.

“Hmm?” He prodded.

“Shu,” Yui began. “I’m pregnant.”

     Shu’s eyes widened in surprise. “Yui..” Her name rolled off his lips as his body came to embrace her, no longer tired and instead full of excited passion. “That’s great,” he breathed into her neck, kissing it. “You’ll make a wonderful mother.”

Reiji: He had noticed the signs pretty early on. Yui was more emotional lately, every snide comment he made seemed to affect her when they usually had no effect. Her chest had become full and shapely. She no longer got her monthlies. It didn’t take long for Reiji to pop the question on her.

“Yui, excuse my imprudence, but if I may ask, are you pregnant?”

     Yui recoiled in surprise. She had been planning to tell him, but she never expected him to beat her to it. “Yes… I’m sorry Reiji, I was waiting for the right moment–”

“It’s okay, I’m pleased to hear my suspicions were correct. Don’t worry, you are the best suited to care for my child.”

Laito: Yui and Laito were preparing to go swimming and Laito was already dressed and waiting for her when the door opened and Yui stepped out.

“Wow Bitch-chan, you’ve gotten fuller,” he teased insensitively.

     Yui only frowned at this and rubbed her protruding belly in a loving manner. “And guess who gave me this belly,” Yui retorted sassily.

     Laito was about to make a comeback until her words sank in. “U-uh Bitch-chan, are you saying what I think you’re saying? But I was sure I used protection–”

Kanato: Yui and Kanato were at Build-A-Bear, one of Kanato’s favorite places to go in the entire mall. The purple-haired boy continued to blubber to his Teddy about how they were getting new friends, who we should make this time, and all that. While he was preoccupied, Yui created a small stuffed teddy bear without him noticing. 

     Kanato finallu did notice her missing, proceeding to come behind her with wide, accusing eyes. “Yui-san, who’s bear is that?” He questioned. “We were supposed to make ours together.”

     Yui turned to him with a shy expression. “Well Kanato, this one is for the baby…” Kanato’s eyes widened in surprise and he seized the girl’s shoulders.


Ayato: Ayato was in the middle of an intense basketball game and Yui watched from the crowd with adoration. The boisterous redhead was dominating the game, pulling his team into the lead with numerous consecutive scores and he was definitely full of it. Every time he scored, he turned and to give Yui a wide grin seeming to say “Look, see how cool I am.”

     As Ayato dribbled the ball towards his teams victory, Yui decided this was the opportunity to hold up her banner. Ayato turned to look at Yui a little early this time and that’s when he saw it. His jaw dropped and the ball slipped out of his hands before it could be slammed into the net. The crowd, confused by the sudden turn of events, all followed the redhead’s gaze to Yui’s banner. On it, the words read, Ayato, we’re having a baby!

The crowd cheered and Ayato’s face went as read as his hair.

Subaru: Subaru grunted unenthusiastically as Yui guided their grocery basket around the food market. “How much more food do you need, woman?!” He exclaimed hotly. “You already got so much, baby carrots, baby peas, baby back ribs, wait Gerber baby … are you trying to tell me something?!”

Yui only laughed at his dumbfounded face. He continued to stare, trying to determine if his suspicions were correct. 

“Are you… pregnant?”

“Yes, we’re having a baby, Subaru.”

Ruki: Ruki sat in his favorite chair and was about to open his equally favorite book when a small note slipped from the pages. On it read:


I’m pregnant with your child



     Ruki’s eyes stared unbelievingly at the note. This couldn’t be true, could it? It was a prank, it was too good to be true afterall. Ruki stood and began searching for his wife. “YUI!” “YUI WHERE ARE YOU.” Ruki muttered under his breath, “I’m going to be a father.”

Kou: Kou woke up to find Yui in the kitchen cooking breakfast. He yawned sleepily, coming up to hug her from behind. “Whatcha cookin?” 

Yui smiled at her cute husband and took the still hot pancakes off the griddle to put on a plate. “Pancakes. Sit down and I’ll bring them to you, okay?”

As Kou sat down, Yui prepared the plates, then carried them, placing it before Kou. He gasped loudly shooting out of his chair to look at Yui. All sleep had been slapped off his face.

“S-since when did you know…?” He asked loud enough to wake up everyone else. “Yui… I’m going to be a father!

Yui came to hug him and he hugged back, twirling her around in his arms and laughing uncontrollably. His plate of pancakes with the words “We’re having a baby” written on in chocolate syrup long forgotten.

Yuma: Yuma’s chickens were finally starting to lay eggs so this morning Yuma was cooking everyone a nice scrambled egg breakfast. Ruki, Kou, Azusa, and Yui all sat in the dining room, anticipation filling them whole as they waited for what was coming next. And it surely did. Yuma screamed comically loud and Kou burst into laughter. Ruki only quietly chuckled and Azusa smiled gleefully. Yui only nervously shifted in her chair as Yuma came running in holding the egg. On it the words “I’m having a baby” had been written in pretty letters.

“Is it true we are having a baby, Yui?! Is that why they’ve been smirking so much lately?!” Yuma exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at his brothers.

Azusa: Yui sat across from Azusa in the chinese restaurant. They were in the downtown area of the city and a soft glowing sunset was cascading down the sky, giving every building and tree an orange tint. Soft elegant music and the light clinking of silver tableware filled the large dining room. Azusa was dressed handsomely in gray-toned semi casual attire, his wild and unruly hair was somewhat tamed and groomed. Not too long ago, Yui told Kou about how she was pregnant with Azusa’s child and needed help spilling the beans to him. The blonde had nearly choked on his biscuit and was undeniably excited to help her out. That was how Azusa and Yui ended up going on the fancy date to said restaurant. Yui and Azusa quietly chatted, Azusa shyly smiling and Yui laughing jubilantly. The meal was ending and it was about time to discuss payment for the meal.

“Hellooo⭐ how are you doing this evening~?” the waiter appeared, smiling cheerfully. Only it was Kou dressed as a waiter. He was holding a platter of fortune cookes. “Have one of these as you wait for your ticket, pleeaase.”

     And without another word, a fortune cookie was popped in front of both of them. Yui’s hands sweated nervously and Azusa, who had been confusedly distracted by his brother’s appearance, pryed his eyes away and cracked open the cookie. He read the fortune the paper held, paused, then read it again.

“I’m… pregnant,” Azusa said. He then looked up, eyes squinting confusedly. “I’m… ..pregnant?”

Kou smacked a hand to his forehead, audibly mouthing ‘so pure’ under his breath. Yui gulped loudly then took Azusa’s hands into her smaller ones.

“Azusa, I’m pregnant,” she told him nervously, not knowing how he would react to such big news. Understanding dawned on the vampire’s face and his eyes lit up happily. 

“You… are?!” He squeezed her hands with giddy excitement. “That’s great, Yui-san! I’m… so happy! What are we going… to name him?” Or… is it a girl…? Either would be fine… Should we look for… a house to raise the baby..? When did you find out…. about the baby-”


“But Cullen, see here-“

“Did I stutter?”

“Anyone would think you didn’t want to share them.”

“Not with the nobility of Orlais, I do not.”

“I think you are being rash. This is an excellent reason for a peaceful, joyful gathering, as well as winning ourselves some influence with the nobility. Recently, things have been tricky to say the least. An evening reception could be the turning point for this.”

They are not bargaining chips.

“But they attract much attention-”


“The children of the Herald of Andraste and the Commander of the Inquisition. Surely you understand the interest that garners; the people are curious.”

“They can stay curious, and preferably several miles away from Skyhold.”

Josephine let out an indignant huff, pointing her quill at him from across the war table. “You are being insufferable, and pig-headedly stubborn about this.”


“Cullen, it will be a fine evening!”

“They are children! One of them barely an infant, three months old!” Cullen’s lip curled as he snarled his response. “They will have no idea what is happening, other than being peered at and patted and prodded, on display for your politicking. I won’t agree to it.” He folded his arms firmly, glowering across the room at her, fully intending that the conversation be over.

“That’s a pity, because the Inquisitor already has.”



“I’d like to voice, once again, that I am entirely against this entire idea. Maker knows why you ever agreed to it.” Cullen’s scowl was fixed as the procession of caravans and trailers made their way into the courtyard of Skyhold, mingling with the welcoming party, the sounds of laughter and conversation rising in the air. Their daughter sat in his arms, young eyes watching the arriving banners and colours with fascination from the safety of the parapets.

“Is that why we have more guard on duty than the entirety of Val Royeaux?”

The displeasure on his face was evident. “Inviting half of Orlais in to our home, even just for the evening, is asking for trouble. Andraste preserve me, I will have lost my patience by the time the end of this debacle comes around.”

Elicia rolled her eyes, moving to stand at his side, gently leaning into him. The infant tucked in the crook of her arm squeaked at the movement, but continued to slumber on. “Cullen, love. You are overthinking this.”

She felt the soft scratch of stubble as he kissed the side of her head, free arm linking around her waist, pulling her in close, chest heaving with a sigh. “It makes me nervous.” The stark confession came as his previous stoicism slipped. “It is too easy, too open and exposed. It is bad enough having to agree to place you on a pedestal for all to see, to leave you so exposed, that I cannot control. But for them too…I know I cannot hide them here forever, but…To wish for some normality for them, to be safe in this uneasy world…”

“I cannot think of any way they will ever be safer. Skyhold is their home.” She let the silence hang for a moment before continuing. “We need to appease these families and win some favour for ourselves. I know you understand it well enough, and I know that underneath you distain for our ambassador’s posturing, you recognise the reality we face. This is difficult, but our duty to the Inquisition must also be a consideration. It is one evening.”

The sigh that began his reply told her he understood fine well. “They will be safe, because I have stationed guards at every possible problematic area within Skyhold, and will have all on high alert for any issues. I will not allow anything other than a trouble-free evening.”

“They will be safe,” Elicia countered, turning her gaze upwards to meet his, “because their father will be less than a breath away at all times. No would-be trouble maker would dare to do anything with that particular threat hanging over them.”

She allowed herself a coy grin as she felt his chest rise and fill with pride, the low chuckle that fell from his lips more relaxed. “At least we are in agreement about something.”

Any further response he had was interrupted by an excited cry from the toddler in his arms.

“Daddy, look! Flags!”


As it happened, the reception was undisturbed and typically boring. The nobles fawned over the new arrival (yes, he repeatedly answered, he had taken his eyes and hair from his father), whispered hushed remarks about the blessed second infant of the Herald (Connor, he did have a name, sweet Maker!)  and marvelled at how alike their young girl was to her mother (Maker’s breath, was that really a surprise?). Frankly, the events of the day did little to change his opinion on the uselessness of pomp and circumstance of nobility, and only further served to reinforce his belief that a few good soldiers was better than any damn party. He was polite, however, Josephine’s warning eyes often finding him, and he spent the early evening fielding questions with ease, and sheltering a shy Imogen in his arms from the squealing noble women attempting to pinch her cheeks.

But when she began to whine, and rub at her eyes, and the baby grew restless, even with a full stomach, Cullen merrily volunteered to commandeer the bed time effort. Elicia had thanked him as she had passed the boy, the look they shared telling him there would be an admittance later on that perhaps he had been right about inviting so many people at once. But it was gone in a flash, and she was drawn into another conversation with another masked noble. Cullen slipped from the Great Hall with ease, leaving instructions with the guard should his presence be required, before disappearing into the quiet of Skyhold and the safety of their personal quarters, the warmth of the embers from the fire glowing in the dark of the evening.

As the door closed, he felt the invisible burden slip from him. Complete. He could relax, now that privacy was once more theirs, that the peering eyes and sickly-sweet voices had disappeared. Elicia was capable, more than capable, of handling an evening reception full of finery and indulgence. She was, after all, noble blooded, born into that world, far more attune with it and less noticeably irritated; Cullen, despite valiant attempt, had yet to ever find the patience, and often fought to control the sarcasm that awaited on his tongue. For all that the Inquisition was, and had, the Ferelden farm boy at his core still yearned for the most peaceful life he could muster.

He kicked off the leather boots that so pained his feet, setting the baby down amongst the covers on the bed before shedding the heavy dress jacket and waistcoat, and loosing the collar of his shirt. He set about changing Imogen from the ridiculously ruffled dress she had been subjected to, cladding her in fresh nightclothes and freeing her ever-growing hair from the confines of the plait Elicia had so carefully put in place.

“Come now, how about some peace from all that madness, hm? You have done a fine job as our newest ambassador. You look a little more like yourself now though, little one, and I fear I shall always prefer you to do so.” The soft giggle from her as he tickled under her chin made his heart swell, and he planted several kisses on her cheeks, peals of light laughter ringing out in response. Bundling both her and her brother back into his arms, he settled amongst the pillows on the bed, Imogen curling under one arm, the baby, with his golden tufts and rosy fat cheeks, nuzzling into his chest, breathing settling as calm descended. Cullen’s eyes closed almost automatically, the peaceful bliss addictive, and the content feeling of having both close, safe and quiet.

“So little, so new here, but so loved. Endless possibility, wrapped with hopes and dreams. Must protect, too innocent, too much evil in this world for them. How such little people have such hold over a heart.”

The sudden voice made him jump, eyes snapping open; even now, the Hedge mage could catch him by surprise. “Cole.” It was a rather obvious statement, and the boy, perched on the chair opposite, tilted his head.

“I was not aware you were sleeping. Did I frighten you?”

“I wasn’t, I…never mind.” He sighed, raising an eyebrow. “What do you want?”

“The Inquisitor asked me to check you had escaped in safety. She is trapped within conversation, mask after mask, words, words, words. It is so busy, but nobody notices Cole. I slipped up here very easily for her. She was worried it was too much.”

“Did she now?” He relaxed, returning to gently patting his son’s back, lulling him into a peaceful slumber with the quietest of sniffles. “Well, you can tell her that all is well, and she is free to continue with her evening. Although, I doubt I will be rejoining her, so please pass on my apologies.”

“Warm arms, broad chest, hands that guide, eyes that adore. Safe from all here, with my father, my favourite place in his embrace.”

Cullen’s eyes snapped up once more, following Cole’s gaze to his sleeping daughter, a dainty hand curled amongst his shirt, dark curls splayed as she found sleep, peace on her face, cheek resting at the arch of his shoulder. The creeping familiarity of fierce love wove into his chest as he watched her sleep, Cole’s words ringing in his ear, and a soft chuckle escaped him as he closed his eyes, knowing the spirit would be gone, leaving them in blissful peace once more.

Closest Thing To Heaven

Chapter One

His lips are my absolute favorite part of him. Apart from the array of tattoos that splatter his forearms or the way his chest and biceps look fresh from a hot shower, his lips are the closest thing to heaven for me. The way they wrap around mine, so impeccably soft like the warmest hug that could make my skin vibrate and my heart soar every single time. Time almost stood still every time I kissed him.

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A (Big) Slice Of Happiness

The always lovely and super talented @kawereen requested Cullen and Demetra fighting over a slice of cake. My hand slipped, I wrote this thing (beware: fluff everywhere!), but I hope you like it anyway!

Plus, let me wish you all my dear followers and friends, a great HAPPY EASTER!

Cullen Rutherford X Demetra Trevelyan

“Hands off!”
She jolted, hearing his strong command, her fork falling on the floor. His chuckle made her blush and infuriate “You’re not nice scaring me in that way!”
“Oh,” he grinned, leaning against their kitchen’s wall “instead you are so nice trying to steal that last piece of cake.”
“I wasn’t stealing.” she replied, a bit offended, ready to knee and pick the fork up.
“Wait,” he said doing that for her “let me help you.”
She smiled, grabbing his shirt and pulling him closer “You’re so kind. The kindest husband. And you need a bath!” she said, wincing, after her quick peck on his sweat cheek. He laughed again “Well, the new horses arrived this morning and Branson was more than happy to have me there to help.”
“And returning home you stopped to help the workers at the Shelter.” she smiled, noting a slight track of calcimine between his hair. Cullen nodded “The works are proceeding quicker than expected. I think that in four – five months we’ll be ready to open the Templars Shelter. Cassandra’ll be relieved, I think.”
“Yes,” Demetra agreed, remembering her friend’s words in her last missive “now that the word got around and that Leliana is promoting the permanent abolition of lyrium in their ranks, I’m not surprised that so many Templars want to try and change their life.”
“I think Cassandra and her new Seekers are doing well, travelling around and spreading the news.”
Their thoughts flew to the Seeker, busy in offering Templars a new way to live, a new method to cover their role without the lyrium, and training the one who were willing to give it a try in techniques very similar to the Seekers’ ones.
With the approval of Leliana –  the Divine Victoria, Demetra reminded to herself – Cassandra was ready to help Cullen in giving the Templar Order a chance in the new world.
“Anyway,” her husband voice interrupted her reflections “we still have a couple of things to settle down before opening it, right?”
She followed his tender glare, nodding again.
“Where’s Grace?”he asked, looking around. She couldn’t hold back her smirk. She was actually surprised he didn’t ask earlier. Since their first daughter was born, the former Inquisitor loved joking that now she was at the third place in his husband’s list of most loved ones, after Grace and his Mabari. Maybe the fourth, after his chessboard. Of course, Cullen protested everytime, usually sat in his favorite armchair, with Grace on his lap and Inquisitor barking happily at his feet. It suited him, that serene, domestic atmosphere, as she had always suspected when her dream to share a life together had to be put aside for facing all the battles they did.
“Grace is in the garden, with Inquisitor of course.” Demetra answered, her voice playful “I fear you’re not his favorite member of this family anymore.” He looked beyond her shoulder, probably catching a glimpes of dark red curls bouncing between the flowers.
“Yes, well,” he chuckled, shaking his head “I can’t blame him. She’s lovely. As her mother.”
“Oh, stop it, you sweet talker.” she tutted at him. Noting he had taken the plate with the last piece of cake which Mia sent them, she quickly moved to grab it back. With a half smile, half huff, Cullen kept the plate out of her reach. She looked at him in disbelief. Cullen’s love for cakes and butter cookies was well known everywhere, but this didn’t give him the right to not share with her!
“Cullen, that’s my slice!”

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Sehnsucht - Chanyeol Part 1

Originally posted by ohhsenshine

Requested by @pcyspurrs

Request: I’d like to request a scenario where the reader is a single mom and Chanyeol is the kindergarten teacher the child goes to. To get things spicy, Suho is the dad and ex-husband :D Slay me with your writing sweetie, thx 💕

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Member/s: Chanyeol, Suho

Warning: Sensitive topic such as divorce mentioned.


“Another one, please,” Chanyeol says, lifting his empty glass to the bartender which soon gets refilled with more whiskey. He didn’t know how many glasses he had after losing count around glass number 5. After drinking another glass in one go, he roughly put it back on the bar table, asking the bartender for another refill. Running his hands through his hair, he groaned loudly, pressing his palms against his forehead.

“I’ll have whatever he’s having,” Chanyeol heard a voice next to him and the sound of somebody taking a seat next to him. He looked next to him and saw a well dressed man, looking emotionally drained, just like himself.

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Fight or Flight- J-Hope(Smut)

Originally posted by hugtae

An empty dorm and a horny Hoseok. This should be fun. 

Req: Could you please do hobi and you hanging out at the dorm when no one else is home and taking advantage of the empty dorm ;)

A/N: Okay, I had the most requests for Hobi earlier (one more than Jin actually) so Hobi it is! Enjoy and as always, much love~

You barely get through the front door before Hoseok pounces, shirtless and hair a wild mess.

“What took you so long?” He exasperates.

“I live twenty minutes away.” You defend as he makes grabby hands for your jacket, taking it off. “Why what was so urgent?”

He shifts, eyeing his pants before looking back up at you, a question in his gaze. You follow his toned muscle down to his sweats, swallowing when you see the very large bulge between his legs, causing you to whistle. “Wow, Hobi. What gave you that?”

He narrows his eyes at you. “You did. I’ve been sitting alone with it for almost a half hour.”

You raise your brows in denial. “How did I do that?”

“I was thinking about you.” Hoseok growls. “And you were taking so long I just kept getting harder and harder imagining all the things you could do…”  

“What are those things?” You smirk as he leads you to the couch, enjoying this feral side of him very much.   

“Getting below me, wrapping your lips around me, taking me in your mouth and looking up at me as I moan your name…”

Heat flashes through your core and you release a breath. “That sounds like fun.” You murmur, taking your bottom lip between your teeth. “Good thing we’re alone then, right?”  

Acting out his fantasies, you get on your knees, pulling down his pants and boxers to reveal his hard cock, springing to life in front of you. You meet Hobi’s eyes before licking your lips, using one hand to grip him and the other to suck on as you slowly move your hand up and down.

His eyes don’t know where to go, on the way your finger disappears then reappears from the warm cavern of your mouth or your hand pumping him in perfect time, firm yet gentle against him. You moan around your finger, watching Hoseok’s eyes roll back as you push him down on the couch, getting better access from the new angle.

You can feel yourself getting wet from jerking him off, clit beginning to throb with need as saliva drips from the corners of your mouth. Using the hand that’s not on Hobi you push your skirt to your knees, the thin cotton of your underwear falling with it.

“Fuck, baby.” Hoseok growls as you reveal yourself to him, standing up so you can kick them away before spreading your knees, hearing your wetness part with a satisfying sound. You want to touch yourself, you want him to touch you, but by the way he’s gripping the edges of the couch you don’t think that will happen any time soon so instead you take matter into your own hands.

You part your lips, giving him one final pump before going down with your mouth, licking around his tip as you begin to circle your clit, moaning at the wetness you find. Precum beads from me and you lick up the salty flavor, beginning to take more of him in your mouth. You tease your slit slowly, slipping in a finger in time to the ministrations of your mouth, the further down on his cock, the deeper your finger goes, a heady connection that has your body blazing.

Hobi’s eyes flutter in pleasure, hands moving to tangle in your hair as he looks down to watch you, growling as he notices you fingering yourself while latched onto his hard shaft. “Baby girl.” He groans, your eyelids closing as you moan in response.

You hollow out your cheeks, sucking him hard and rough as you push your finger back into your tight hole, going faster as you stretch and rub against your walls. Saliva is dripping down your chin from the blowjob, tongue tingling with the taste of Hobi’s skin as he hits the back of your throat, earning a sultry groan from his lush lips.

“Stop.” He growls and you release him with a pop, looking up with a finger still inside your drenched pussy, curious and inquisitive.

“Did I do something wrong?” You ask, slowly pulling from yourself.

“No, baby you’re perfect.” He brushes hair from your face, easily plucking you from the floor and laying you on the couch beneath him. “I just really want to fuck you.”

His words send shivers up your spine and he opens his mouth so you can stick the finger that was just between your thighs inside it, closing his thick lips around your finger and tasting you, breathing increasing as you watch him with hooded eyes.  

He rolls his hips to meet yours, not penetrating but rubbing against you. You love the feeling of his hardness against your soft folds, relishing in how good he feels against you, moving your hips and whining for him to do it again.

He obeys, rocking into you as you moan, feeling his hard erection in every pore of your body, tingling and moaning and throbbing for his cock to be buried deep inside of you. You can’t wait anymore, spreading your legs wider to give him the hint as you beg.

“Please, Hosoek.” You moan, rubbing your swollen clit into his stomach. “I need you.”

He grinds against you again, giving you deliciously torturous friction as he leaves wet sloppy kisses down your neck and the valley between your breasts. Your eyes roll back and you’re seeing stars as your body gets ready for his thick cock, burning with intense need and-

“Hoseok! Why is the door locked?!” Voices come from the front door and your stomach drops, whimpering as you realize with a start that this time is over just when it was getting started.

Hobi freezes, looking down at your naked form beneath him with wide eyes before he curses, putting his forehead against yours. “Go to my room, baby girl. I’ll be there.”

You nod and pout, letting out another light moan as wetness slides down your thighs upon standing.

“Hoseok what the hell are you doing in there?! Open up!” The boys bang. 

“I’m coming!” Hobi yells, throwing on his sweats and a long shirt to try and hide his hardness before giving your ass a light slap. “Go on, sexy girl. I’ll come soon to help you, don’t worry.”  

I aim to tease please.

~Admin Eggplant

Little Surprises (Suho x Reader)

Request: In which you attempt to hide your pregnancy from your husband Suho because you aren’t sure how he’ll react and because he’s very busy, but he finds out anyway

Toot toot! All aboard the fluff train! I loved writing this scenario, it was completely adorable and I just couldn’t contain all the feels. Suho is going to be the best father ever in my opinion. I mean come on, he’s $UGARDADDY $UHO. My gawd, this boy is just so perfect. He may not be my bias, but he’s a complete babe and sweetheart! Look at his angelic smile! How can you not love him?!?! Hope you all enjoy this one! 

The early morning sunlight swirled through the curtains of the bedroom you shared with your busy, but loving husband Suho. You twisted your lovely wedding band around your ring finger, a nervous habit you did whenever you felt guilty. You shook yourself furiously at how ridiculous you were being. Just because you had skipped a period or two didn’t mean anything, right? You read somewhere that if a woman is stressed or overworked she has a chance of skipping her period. You let yourself believe that for a while, but then after you went and skipped another month, you began to worry.

You gingerly reached far back into the drawer of the nightstand beside your plush bed and retrieved a single pregnancy test, something you didn’t think you would have to use so soon. Biting your lip, you slipped quietly into the luxurious bathroom that was connected to your bedroom. Even though Suho was away with EXO at a photo shoot for a popular magazine, you still felt the need to remain silent, afraid that even the sound of your breath might alert the world. 

You felt so dirty and sneaky as you quickly took out the pregnancy test, following the directions as stated on the box. Rising from the toilet, you slipped your modest but cute, knee-length skirt back on, your hands beginning to tremble as you peeked down at the test.


You sucked in a quick gasp, collapsing to the floor of your bathroom, a whirlwind of emotions swirling through your head. You were definitely shocked, but you couldn’t quite discern what else you were feeling. Were you happy? Much to your surprise you felt a small, almost secretive smile grace your features. Yes, definitely. You placed a hand on your stomach tentatively, thinking of Suho. After your engagement and marriage about a year ago, the two of you hadn’t really mentioned what plans you had for starting a family.

You tried to think of how you’d gotten pregnant in the first place, since the two of you usually used protection or birth control. You suddenly blushed a violent scarlet, remembering the day that Suho had returned from his three month long tour. He usually dealt with the problem he had with long term separation fairly well, but as soon as he had come home to you, he looked completely lost in lust and need, instantly ravishing you into sweet oblivion. It was a possibility that you had forgot to take your pill and he had forgot protection while the two of you were caught up in each other.

You sighed while caressing your stomach gently, thinking to yourself, Would he be happy? Suho was just always so busy and he had his leadership duties to take care of the other EXO members. Plus, he already balanced his time with you with his schedule. It’d be close to impossible to raise a baby on the side. You decided that just for now, you’d keep your pregnancy a secret, only telling him when the timing was right.

For the rest of the day, you went on with your usual activities of grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, and, finally, relaxing. As you sank into the downy couch of your living room, you breathed a sigh of relief, not realizing until now that your pregnancy was farther along then you first thought. You’d also changed into some looser clothing than what you usually wore, so as to hide your slightly rounder stomach. A favorite below the knee black skirt, a soft, light cottony v-neck, and an over sized wool sweater to keep out the early spring chill of the day.

You heard from down the hall the sound of the front door unlocking and froze where you sat. You closed your eyes and whispered to yourself reassuringly with small amount of reprimand, “Easy girl. Just act natural.”

You smiled widely as Suho appeared around the corner, his own gorgeous face lighting up in happiness, “_____!” He hurried over to the couch and enveloped you in the loving warmth only he could give to you. He peppered your face with kisses as he sat down next to you, letting your body curve into his perfectly, his eyes looking down at you adoringly, “So what have you been doing all day?”

You let your hand stretch across his stomach and nestled your head into his shoulder, “Oh just this and that, the usual,” you gave him an inquisitive look, “I was wondering why you didn’t wake me up before you left though.”

He chuckled, his hand stroking your hair, “I was going to wake you up before I left, but you just looked so cute in your pajamas all snuggled up under the comforter. I didn’t want to disturb your sleep because you seemed to be cleaning and working around the house more often then usual,” he looked down at you with eyes full of worry, “Have you been okay? You just seem to want to do everything by yourself lately.”

You’d looked up early pregnancy symptoms and one of them had been over activeness on things like cleaning and cooking. You attempted to look innocent as you pressed a kiss to his jaw, “I’m fine, honey. It’s just that you’ve been so busy lately that I want you to be able to come home to a delicious dinner and a clean house.” Which wasn’t a complete lie, you were worried that he might be overworking himself. Even if you felt drained at the end of the day, it was always worth it to see him happy.

Suho cupped your face with one hand and turned it towards his own that was full of concern, his thumb brushing your porcelain cheek, “I do love when you do that for me. But I’d rather come home to my beautiful wife that is not exhausted and able to see in front of her own two feet.” As he leaned in to kiss you, your tiredness starting to take a toll yet not completely as he caressed you lips slowly with his own. He wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you closer, kissing you earnestly and without abandon, making you press into him wantonly, knotting your hands into his shirt. An overwhelming sense of love washed over you as you received every tender caress from your husband. Without realizing it, tears began to slip from your eyes and run silently down your cheeks, guilt and love mixing into this one strange emotion. 

Suho pulled away, startled and confused as he grasped your face in his warm palms, “_____? Honey, what’s wrong?”

You shook your head, your eyes clouding with tears as you began to sob loudly, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

He shook you gently, bringing you close to him, “____! Please tell me what’s wrong!”

You leaned your head into his chest as you wept into his shirt, knowing you were acting ridiculous, “I’m sorry I can’t take care of you better, Suho! I-I always try so hard, but it always ends up being you who takes care of me. Y-you work so hard all the time and I feel so powerless when you come stumbling home exhausted from work or practice. I just wanted to take care of you for once!”

Throughout this time, Suho had listened patiently, his arms wrapped around you, and a hand rubbing your back soothingly. After letting you regain your composer, he pushed you away slightly, watching sadly as you wiped furiously at your cheeks. He could hardly believe what he was seeing, you rarely ever broke down like this. He took hold of one of your trembling hands, as he softly spoke, his voice barely above a whisper as he looked deeply into your eyes, “_____, beautiful, perfect, kind, _____. You don’t need to worry about anything and nothing is or should be your fault. You already try more than you should for me, and I don’t want to see tears like that again. You’re my wonderful, gorgeous wife that is perfect just the way she is, okay?”

You hiccuped, melting back into his waiting arms, “Okay,” you sighed, looking up at him, “You know what? I just decided that you’re too good to me.”

He laughed, the two of you standing up, “Nothing’s too good for my princess, alright?”

You folded your arms, shaking your head with a small smile, “Fine, now why don’t we go get some of the delicious dinner that I prepared? It’s already on the table waiting, piping hot, just the way you like it.”

He looked positively giddy as the two of you sat across from each other at the table. You watched in amusement as he scarfed down his food eagerly, showering you with compliments on your cooking ability. All the while you pushed your food around, taking tiny bites, not feeling like eating at the moment, you stood up to go wash your plate. 

Suho looked up from his food curiously, “Aren’t you going to eat, honey?”

You shook your head, “No, I think I’m just going to settle for some tea-,” you suddenly clutched at your stomach, dropping your plate. Your eyes widened in pain, your insides feeling like they were twisting into painfully tight knots, you groaned, “No, why does it have to be like this? Is it ever easy?” Suho was instantly by your side, his arm wrapping protectively around your waist, “____, are you alright? What are you talking about?”

Heaving a huge sigh, you looked up at your husband, deciding that now was better than ever, “Can I tell you something, Suho?”

“Yes, honey, just please sit down first,” he guided you over to a chair and helped you ease back into it. 

You bit your lips as he knelt down in front of you, his hand grasping your knee comfortingly. Swallowing you looked right into his gorgeous dark eyes, as you murmured quietly, “I’m pregnant.”

Suho’s eyes widened to the size of saucers as they darted between your face and your stomach, his hand coming to rest on it silently. You felt tears rise in your throat as he dropped his head, his other hand pressing to his face. You managed to choke out, “I’m sorry, I didn’t think-,” you froze realizing that his shoulders were shaking and he was wiping at his eyes.

He looked up at you again, this time his eyes were full of joy, a brilliant smile shining on his handsome face, “_____! I’m going to be a father!”

He suddenly picked you up into his arms and twirled you around, making you laugh and cry relieved tears at the same time. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him happily, “I’m so glad that you’re happy Suho.”

You knelt down in front of you again and pressed his forehead to your stomach, a smile plastered on his lips, “Of course I’m happy, sweetheart.” He leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to your stomach, “I just can’t wait to get started!”

young wild cub

I love doing kidlet collabs, and this is one I’ve been working on with the lovely Raefton (whose art is almost as perfect as she is). It’s the product of our mutual love of Varric/Cassandra, and so we give you our cub, Calliope Antonia Pentaghast (Tethras?), cutest half-dwarf that ever did live in our collective imaginations. 

I brought fic to the table, but here is Rae’s accompanying art, so you can see how adorable she is

They name her Calliope, for she’s very much her mother’s daughter, but she’s his, too, and her stories will last as long as his own, if not longer.

She’s four when she first asks the question – “Daddy, can you tell me the story of when Mama saved the world from dragons?”

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The plot is based on a true story that a friend of mine told me. (The actual true story has nothing to do with Joe, though.)

Credits to: bands-and–tvshows for the idea. Thank you, love! Go follow this little Hufflepuff, guys! She’s awesome!

“What?! What’s wrong?”

He looked up from his phone and locked eyes with the worried girl in front of him. Her normally immaculately tidy hair was only half-curled and she was still wearing her sweatpants and her favorite comfortable “I May Be Wrong, But I Doubt It” shirt that she only wore around the house.

He was motionless. Frozen. Her troubled eyes searched his own guilty ones for any trace of discomfort or any kind of problem. In fact, there was none. He nervously twiddled his fingers, looking away from her.

Perhaps he had gone too far this time.

Joe Sugg wasn’t exactly sure when he had fallen in love with his best friend, (Y/N). Perhaps it was the longing hugs whenever they’d been apart for too long. Perhaps it was was the inside jokes they shared that no one else understood. Perhaps it was the long nights spent watching movies together and then waking up in each other’s arms. He honestly couldn’t really pin-point it. But what he could pin-point was the moment he’d realized he was in love with her.

It only took one look and one touch to send his heart racing and his mind wondering about the prospect of what could have been if it had been. That one deciding moment took place on a crisp and chilly October afternoon when they were sitting on a park bench, laughing about some silly seemingly random thing one of them had said.

Suddenly her part in the laughter came to a halt. He looked at her then, trying to search her eyes for the unasked question that was now on his mind. But her eyes gave no answer, because they were not focused on him. Instead, they were firmly fastened on a relatively faraway figure coming toward them. Joe looked at the figure. It was that of a male. Tall, muscular build. Confident stride. Head thrown back in laughter.

Suddenly his gaze was torn from the male approaching them due to (Y/N) urgently shaking his arm. He looked at her with an inquisitive gaze.

“I need you to do a favor for me. Please.” she begged, her tone of voice evoking a dire need. Her eyes searched his desperately, trying to get an answer to her plea.

He nodded vigorously, an unfamiliar pang going through his body as a reaction to the sudden glistening he saw in her eyes. Pushing the feeling aside, he began to ask what he needed to do, but he needn’t have bothered himself, because she was already giving him instructions.

“Put your arm around me and call me ‘baby.’” she said quickly.

“What?” he asked, even more confused than before.

“Pretend to be my boyfriend in front of that guy.” she said, stealing a look at the guy who was fast approaching, before refocusing her eyes on Joe. “Please, Joe.” she said, squeezing his arm, the act sending jolts of electricity through his body.

He didn’t have much time to ponder the curious chills down his spine. He only nodded and placed an arm around her shoulder, pulling her petite frame close to him. He noticed the sudden change in the pacing of his heart, but he pushed that thought aside for now, sneaking a glance at the girl next to him, who was already putting on an act. She threw her head back in laughter and then looked at him lovingly.

“Oh, Joe, you are so funny.”  she said, giggling at a joke he’d never told.

He grinned, joining in on the act just as the mystery guy approached their bench. The male surveyed the scene and then smiled from ear to ear as he 'accidentally’ 'just so happened’ to 'suddenly’ glimpse (Y/N) sitting next to Joe.

“Oh, hey, (Y/N)!” he said, expressing the greeting jubilantly. “I didn’t think I would bump into you!”

The guy’s friend, who was standing next to him, shifted his weight from one foot to the other awkwardly. He gave his friend a look, which his friend waved off. (Y/N)’s gaze betrayed nothing of the truth that obviously everyone except for Joe was familiar with as a smile plastered itself on her face.

“Hi, Andrew! Long time no see!” she said happily as if she’d just met up with a loved old friend, and not someone who’d she’d staged an elaborate show for beforehand. “How have you been?”

“I’ve been good. Thanks. How have you been?” he asked politely.

“I’ve been good.” she answered, the smile never leaving her face. Joe watched her in awe as she smoothly maneuvered through the situation as if none of this were staged.

“I’m glad to hear that. What have you been up to? I haven’t heard from you in such a long time. You never did get back to me about that third date.”

(Y/N) visibly cringed, but she quickly changed her posture as if the action had been a reaction to an awkward sitting position. “Oh, you know how it is. Life gets in the way. College and obligations and things.” She pretended to just realize that she’d forgotten to do something and then said, “Oh, how rude of me. Andrew, this is my boyfriend, Joe. Joe, this is Andrew, a guy I used to date.”

Oh, so that was it. She was avoiding someone she used to date. He wondered what was wrong with the guy that made him so unappealing that she had to invent a boyfriend to introduce to him.

“Hi! It’s nice to meet you.” Joe said, smoothly acting after his cue. He extended his hand toward Andrew and gave his hand a firm shake. Andrew looked over Joe as if questioning his very existence. But Joe never wavered. He kept the smile on his face and his gaze steady on Andrew’s face. He swung his arm around (Y/N)’s waist and pulled her closer to him. Not missing a beat, she put her head on his shoulder.

“I wouldn’t really say I was a guy she dated. More of an ex-boyfriend.” Andrew said, his eyes boring into Joe. However, Joe was not uncomfortable under his gaze. He was too focused on the fact he’d just realized. Why (Y/N) had stopped dating this guy… He was clingy. Joe knew for a fact that (Y/N) hated anyone who was clingy. “But I wouldn’t want you to think of me as a threat.” His tone of voice begged to differ.

“Oh, don’t worry. I won’t.” Joe said through gritted teeth. He quickly gave Andrew a sugary smile as if he found the whole thing a joke. This guy was unnerving. He could now see (Y/N)’s reasons for asking him to be her fake boyfriend.

Andrew returned the obviously fake smile, before turning to his friend next to him. “(Y/N), this is my friend, Kevin. Kevin, this is my ex-girlfriend, (Y/N).”

Joe couldn’t help but note that he was still indirectly referring to himself as her ex-boyfriend and the fact that he had blatantly ignored Joe when doing the introductions. For some yet unknown reason, Joe felt annoyed by this.

“Nice to meet you, Kevin.” (Y/N) said, shaking Kevin’s hand.

“Nice to meet you too.”

An awkward silence descended upon the group as they all searched their minds for a reason that either pair might have to leave. Surprisingly, Andrew was the one that decided to end the uncomfortable situation.

“Well, we’d better get going. It was nice seeing you, (Y/N). We should meet up sometime.” he said, already turning around to leave.

“Yeah, sure. Sometime.” she answered, as Kevin and Andrew both waved their goodbyes and headed on their way.

Joe and (Y/N) waited for a while, watching them both walk away. Once they were out of earshot, Joe felt (Y/N) relax.

“'Yeah, sure. Sometime.’ means 'never’ when I say it. For future reference.” she said, not taking her eyes off the retreating figures of the two friends.

Joe just chuckled and shook his head disbelievingly.  

“I went on two dates with Andrew.” (Y/N) turned toward him and quickly started explaining. “The first one sucked just as the second one did. Before you ask why I even went on the second date if the first one sucked, I’d like to point out that my biggest flaw is giving out second chances. Anyway, after that he kept calling and asking me out no matter how many times I declined and made up excuses. He stopped after a while, but I knew that after he’d seen me there was a chance he would start again, so that’s why I asked you to do this for me. If he knows I’m taken, I don’t think he’ll be bothering me again.”

Joe nodded in understanding. There wasn’t anything else he could do. He had met the guy and he understood what she meant.

Suddenly, at the same moment they both seemed to notice that Joe’s arm was still around her waist.

“It’s over, Joe. You can let go now.” she said with a sincere smile.

He quickly removed his arm from her waist, feeling himself blush. “Uh, yeah, right.” he answered awkwardly. Suddenly he caught himself missing the way it felt having her so close to him. He wanted her to be so close to him again. He wanted to keep his arm around her. He wanted her to rest her head on his shoulder. He liked the way it felt. He’d always liked her company, but never in this way. He couldn’t help but wonder what this meant. He was worried that it might progress, but he quickly scolded himself, reassuring himself that it was only because of the heat of the moment and the little show they’d put on for Andrew and that everything would go back to normal as soon as that passed.

“Thanks, Joe. For doing this. It means a lot.” her voice pulled him away from his internal monologue. He looked up at her then and into her eyes.

He smiled. “No problem.”

“You’re a good friend.”

And those were the words that sent his mind and heart into a whirlwind of conflicting thoughts and emotions. He was only a friend. He had to remember that. His heart needed to come to terms with that instead of doing somersaults.

Instead of expressing any of his strange newly found feelings, he only smiled at her. She came forward and he prepared himself for the hug, but it never came. Instead she made a fist and fist bumped him. He caught the disappointment he felt and quickly shoved it aside, repeating a few comforting words to himself again. Everything will be back to normal tomorrow.

But it never quite was after that day. Each day he started noticing more and more of these feelings toward (Y/N). He couldn’t wait to meet her each morning when they both got their mail, just to see her smile. He longed for the long afternoons, which passed by a lot faster now than before, when they lay on the couch together at one of their apartments and watched movies. And it didn’t help that she had asked him to act as her boyfriend a couple of more times now. It turned out that she had dated quite a few guys before he met her. It also turned out that they had all been just flings of a couple of dates, but never an actual real relationship.

He once asked her about this, dazed after a kiss they’d shared when one of her exes had walked by.

Shaking the static off he’d asked jokingly, “Do you have a secret past I should know about?”

She’d only laughed it off and shaken her head. But she never really talked about her past much when it came to mentioning love and relationships. He wondered how much he actually really knew about her.

“Maybe I could be part of your secret past sometime.” he’d said as a joke, but also with a bit of hope for a positive answer or something along the lines of, 'Maybe you could be part of my present instead of my past.’, but she’d never said anything like it.

She’d only laughed again and said, “Yeah, sure. Sometime.” The words were accompanied with a knowing twinkle. He noticed the disappointment wash over him, but he didn’t let it show for her sake. He returned the grin and pretended that that was the answer he’d always expected and that there was nothing else he had hoped for. He was her friend. He had to keep reminding himself of that.

More often than he would like to admit, he found himself fantasizing about what it would feel like if he were actually her real boyfriend instead of just her fake one. He played out quite a few scenarios in his head. Too bad he couldn’t tell her any of it. He feared that he would ruin what he had with her. And as it turned out, she really wasn’t the type of girl that liked having a steady boyfriend. He didn’t want to be just another fling. He felt like what they had was too special to lose like that. So, he would keep it. Even if it was only with a friendship. She would just have to be his pretty secret.

But bottling up emotions has never been a permanent solution. Soon enough he became aware of this fact. The little jolts of electric energy he would feel at her touch had now turned into currents of exhilaration coursing through him. He yearned to tell her how he felt. But whenever he was about to do it, he reminded himself that he shouldn’t.

However, he couldn’t help but interfere. Whenever she showed interest in any other guy he would make subtle little jabs at the guy, slowly convincing her that he was no good for her. “Oh, he’s a smoker. You don’t like smokers.”, “He already has a girlfriend, though.”, “Oh, yeah, I know him. He’s gay.” were all little excuses he’d make to get her away from them. He wouldn’t have liked to admit it, but some of those excuses were actually bald-faced lies. Even though that was the case, it had all been pretty harmless. Up until a certain point. Up until she’d met Lucas.

Lucas was a student at the university she attended and he was in her Psychology class. Joe could not stand the guy. Lucas was always primly dressed and he seemed oddly pretentious. He hadn’t even graduated university and yet he already acted like a certified psychologist. Although, the fact that he was so annoying to Joe might have been jealousy, although Joe would never admit it.

Joe had met Lucas at the cinema when he and (Y/N) had bumped into him while buying their tickers. After that they’d all met up a couple of times as (Y/N) had invited him along to hang out with them. It was obvious that (Y/N) was infatuated with Lucas and in this case there was nothing Joe could do. He didn’t have the upper hand. (Y/N) was the one who’d introduced him to Lucas, not the other way around. He’d tried finding other things, but oddly enough the boy seemed to have no faults or flaws that could be directly pointed out. So, anything Joe said seemed a little ridiculous and (Y/N) always laughed it off and told him to stop being silly.

The moment everything hit its limit was the moment (Y/N) told Joe that Lucas had asked her out on a date. He could feel his heart drop, but he faked a smile anyway and told her that that was great. But later on, after she’d left he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Looking back to it now, he would probably realize that telling her how he felt a lot sooner would have been a much better idea than what he actually did end up doing.

On the night of the date, thoughts were running through his mind much faster than he could handle. The only distinct fact he could notice was the one that had been on his mind since he’d started bottling up his feelings. I do not want her to go on this date.

Before he could realize how ridiculous and how creepy he was acting, he grabbed his phone off the bed stand and texted her. He wasn’t sure what it would accomplish and he didn’t fully realize that it would only be a temporary diversion at the time, but he did it anyway.


He never got an answer, but approximately a minute later he heard footsteps running up the stairs along with his roommate, Caspar, who had obviously opened the door for her, yelling, “(Y/N), what’s going on?” in confusion.

She pushed Joe’s bedroom door open and stood there, slightly breathless, “What?! What’s wrong?”

He guiltily looked up from his phone and locked eyes with her. Perhaps he had gone too far this time.

Scratch that. He had definitely gone too far this time.

Caspar ran into the room, a flurry of confusion around him, “What the hell is going on?”

Joe looked guiltily in between his two best friends for a few seconds and then quietly and hesitantly said, “Caspar, could you please excuse us for a second? I need to talk to (Y/N) privately.”

Caspar seemed even more confused than before, but he obliged anyway, leaving the two of them alone. Joe looked up at the girl standing before him, hands on her hips, and gulped. What should he do now?

“I, uh,” he started, rubbing the back of his neck distractedly, “had an emergency?” he finished, his voice rising up in a question. Right after he had said it he visibly cringed, realizing how stupid that had sounded.

“Yeah, you said so in your text. What is it?” She still looked confused, but there was an obvious hint of annoyance in her demeanor that was growing each second he stayed silent.

“Don’t go on the date.” he suddenly blurted out.

“I’m sorry?” she asked disbelievingly. “And why shouldn’t I?”

He had gotten this far. There was no going back now. Nothing he could make up would sound believable and in all honesty he was tired of lying to her.

“Because,” he paused for a second. How could he put this? Suddenly no words seemed good enough. So, he finally decided on being honest. “I’m in love with you.”

She burst out laughing, but it wasn’t one of those sincere and beautiful laughs he loved to hear from her. It was a mean disbelieving kind of laugh that he had hoped he never would have to have directed at him. He’d heard her laugh like that before. Whenever she had an argument with someone and they said something that was completely over the line, she would laugh like that. He didn’t think it was something she did on purpose. It was probably a defense mechanism in a way. But it was still oddly frightening. He knew what came after that laugh. As far as he was aware, no friendship or any kind of relationship she’d had with anyone survived after that laugh.

“You’re in love with me?” she asked incredulously.

“Yeah?” he answered, suddenly feeling very unsure of himself. He’d never meant to make her angry. That was never his intention. Why would he want to make one of his best friends and the girl he had unwillingly given his heart to angry? But thinking back to it now, he could see why she would be angry at his actions.

“Oh, yeah, Joseph? You are? And when did you decide that you were in love with me? Did you just wake up one day and realize this little fact or did you analyze me for a while and finally decided 'Oh, yes, this is a satisfactory mate.’” she said, her voice drenched in sarcasm.

He noted her use of his full name. He knew for a fact that that wasn’t a good thing coming from her. She only called people by their full names when she was very angry at them. She used nicknames for each and every one of her close friends. If she didn’t have a goofy nickname for them, she used a shortened version of their names. She had never once called him 'Joseph’ before.

“You’re not in love with me.” she continued. “You just like the thrill of the chase. And I’m unconquered territory.”

She turned around to leave, but he stopped her by speaking up.

“Is that really what you think?” His voice caused her to stop in her tracks. Apparently she had not expected him to push the subject. She turned around to face him again.

“Do you honestly think so lowly of me? Do you honestly think that I would go out with you, have my fun, and then toss you to the side? Do you honestly not believe that I could actually be in love with you?”

Now it was her turn to be speechless. She seemed to find her composure after a few seconds and began speaking again. “I’m sorry, but I honestly can’t believe that you are in love with me.”

“And why not?” he pressed.

She shook her head and sighed. “I have to go. I’m running late for the date.” she said before turning around to leave again.

Perhaps he should have let it go then, but a damn had broken and he couldn’t seem to stop himself from saying what was on his mind and in his heart. He had been hiding it for too long.

“Maybe you think that I would do that to you, because that is what you do to people. You never really give anyone a chance. You say that your greatest flaw is giving people second chances, but it’s actually not. Your greatest flaw is not giving them even one chance. You never start a relationship with someone thinking it’s going to be something beautiful and that you’ll have an actual connection. You always expect there to be nothing. And of course, there is nothing, because you never let there be anything. The truth is, you’re scared. You’re scared of being vulnerable. You’re scared of getting hurt. Love is like a flower. It’s beautiful and it has so much to give, but it’s vulnerable. One harsh step on it and it can die. You want to be like a rock. Hard to crack. Unbreakable. But rocks don’t have anything to give and they don’t have the beauty that flowers have.”

She stared at him, not being able to believe the things he had said to her. He stared back, his gaze unwavering.

“I’m sorry.” she just said. “I’m going to be late.”

And with that she left the room. He heard her footsteps descending the stairs quickly and then the front door close. He sighed and lay back down on the bed. In retrospect, this was exactly what he had been afraid of.

A few minutes later, Caspar precariously entered Joe’s room, opening the door ajar, and peaking through. “You alright, mate?” he asked.

Joe sat up and sighed. “Yeah, I guess so. I mean, I gave it a shot. I put myself out there. There’s nothing more than that I can do, is there?”

Caspar was the only person Joe had told about his feelings toward (Y/N) and once he had exited the room a few minutes earlier it hadn’t taken him long to decipher what was going on.

He closed the door behind him and sat down next to Joe. “Don’t worry. She’ll come around. Give her some time to think.”

Joe shrugged. “Maybe you’re right. It’s kind of strange, really. She’s never afraid of anything. She’s very daring. And yet she’s so afraid of falling in love.”

Caspar squeezed his shoulder reassuringly before getting up from the bed. “Just give her some time to think. It’ll be alright.” he repeated before leaving the room.

To be honest, he didn’t expect her to talk to him that fast or at some point even at all after that, but it was only the following morning when he heard a knock on his bedroom door.

“Come in.” he called out from his bed, scrolling through his Twitter news feed. The door opened almost noiselessly except for the slight click as the person who had entered closed it behind them. He expected it to be Caspar, but when he looked up from his laptop he was surprised to lock eyes with (Y/N).

“Oh, hey.” he greeted her precariously, searching her eyes for any more resentment on her part.

“Don’t worry. I’m not here to yell at you.” She shook her head. She gestured toward the empty spot on the bed next to him, for the first time in all the years that they had known each other wordlessly questioning if she could sit next to him and be close to him. It seemed as if the tension of the night before was still upon them.

He nodded and she sat down awkwardly. There was silence between them for a few moments, both of their minds loud with emotions, waiting to be spilled out, but neither of them knowing how to put them into words.

“You ruined my date.” she finally said.

“I’m sorry?” he said unsure of his words, raising an eyebrow at her, not knowing where she was going with this. When she didn’t say anything in reply, he let out a heavy sigh. “Look, maybe I was a bit too hard on you, but-”

“No.” she cut him off. “It’s okay. I deserved to hear it. You were just being a good friend by telling me. It shows that you do care about me. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have cared enough to tell me what you thought I was doing wrong. You wouldn’t have looked out for my well-being.”

“Of course I care about, (Y/N).” he said, looking at her. But she refused to meet his gaze. She was looking at her sneakers instead, tracing the pattern on his carpet with her foot apprehensively.

“Anyway,” she continued, still not taking her eyes off the ground, “I couldn’t go through with it. I did go to the restaurant, but after an hour I asked him to take me home on the pretense that I had an essay for class that I’d forgotten to finish. Lame excuse, I know.”

Joe couldn’t help but laugh. She finally raised her gaze off the floor and met his eyes. “It’s really not that funny, Joe.” she said, but he could see the hint of a smile on her lips. He noted the use of his nickname again, making him relax. That meant that this was heading in the right direction.

“The truth was I couldn’t stop thinking about what you said to me.” she explained, starting to avoid his gaze again. “Maybe I am like that. Maybe I am afraid to fall in love. I don’t like being vulnerable. That is true. I’ve never liked being that open to the world. I like being on the sidelines. Not fully feeling anything, you know. It’s kind of like having a demo version of your feelings. You get a whiff of it, but never the full thing. It’s safe. There are no risks.”

He opened his mouth to speak, but she cut him off again. “I know what you’re going to say. What’s life without risks? And it is me we’re talking about. Yes, I do take risks a lot. I’ve never been the type of person to cower away from anything. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that you were right. And I’m going to work on it a bit.” she smiled a bit, quickly meeting his gaze and then snapping her eyes back to the ground again. “I’m sorry that I reacted like that last night. Can you forgive me?”

She felt a bit of pressure on her chin and then her head was slowly lifted, just enough for her to face him. “Of course I can forgive you. You’re one of my best friends, (Y/N). Plus it’s not like I handled the situation very well either. I should have talked to you earlier. I shouldn’t have staged a fake emergency.” He let out a light chuckle and she smiled at his words.

“I guess we both could have handled it better.”

He opened his arms and she wrapped her arms around his torso. The closeness felt nice. It felt comfortable. It felt familiar. It kind of felt like home. She closed her eyes and breathed in his scent, flashes of all the times she had hugged him like this in her mind. He’d always been there for her. Whenever she had needed a bit of comfort, a bit of fun, a friend… He’d been next to her through it all. She honestly couldn’t imagine what she would do without a friend like him. She could honestly call him a true friend. But now… She wasn’t sure it could all be the same. Not with the way he felt about her.

She played with the thought of a relationship with Joe for a second. It didn’t seem so impossible. She could certainly imagine waking up next to him. She could imagine spending her days with him. She could imagine cheering him on in his accomplishments and him cheering her on in her accomplishments. It wasn’t foreign. It was familiar and it was comfortable. Just like this hug.

But one thought terrified her. What if it didn’t end up that way? What if their relationship wasn’t the same as their friendship? What if she lost him as a friend as well? It wasn’t a thought that she could bear.

She pulled away from him and met his eyes, focusing on the tranquil blue in them that had always made her feel better. She took and deep breath and exhaled. “Joe, about what you told me yesterday…” she paused for a second, letting her words drift off. She wasn’t sure how to say any of this. “I’m sorry, it’s just… It’s you. I can’t do this… with you.”

She saw his features change. He had obviously understood her wrong. She quickly went to explain herself. “You’re too much of a close friend. You know everything about me.”

“But isn’t that a good thing?” he asked. “All the awkwardness of the first stages has gone. We would have a smooth ride.”

She shook her head. “I don’t know, Joe. It just seems a bit too risky. I really don’t want our friendship to come to an end because of something like this. I just… I can’t believe that romantic love or whatever is stronger than what we have now. I love you. I truly do love you. And I don’t want to lose you as a friend, as this special person you’ve become in my life… Just because this relationship didn’t work out.”

He looked at her briefly and then smiled. “Is that what you’re afraid of?” he asked and she nodded, looking a bit ashamed of herself. Looking back, she’d never really told him how much he meant to her.

“You’re never going to lose me as a friend, (Y/N). I’ll always be your friend no matter what happens. We’ve been through so much already.” he paused for a second and looked into her eyes. “Look, I know you may not believe in romantic love. But you do believe in friendship. We both believe in friendship. And we’ve got that no matter what. The rest would just be extra. It’ll always be extra. You’ll be my friend foremost no matter what. I know that you don’t say this stuff a lot, but trust me, I do know how much I mean to you. You may not say it, but I know that your side of this friendship is just as strong as mine. I know you care about me a lot. And I care about you as well. So, don’t you think that our friendship is solid enough to get us through anything? Isn’t this - whatever it’s going to be end up being - worth giving a try?”

“Well, I guess the fake relationship was working out fine, so why shouldn’t the real one work out?”

He laughed and she joined in. And suddenly everything seemed to be in its place. It all felt so natural and it all felt so easy. That’s when she knew that she had made the right decision. At least she knew that that was the decision she wanted to make. She could never be a hundred percent sure that it was the right one. But that was a risk she had to take. It was a risk they both had to take, but it was worth taking. She would no longer be his pretty secret. She would just be the pretty loving amazing girl next to him now. And he would be the funny quirky amazing boy next to her. Maybe they weren’t each other’s perfect matches. Maybe they weren’t a match destiny had made. Maybe they weren’t each other’s soul mates. But that was okay. They didn’t believe in soul mates anyway.

They would just settle with sharing all the lovely experiences life has to offer. Together.

Warm, Wet & Wild 2- BTS(Smut)

Warm, Wet and Wild 1

//Enjoy the second part with the rest of the members! Much love~//

Careful What You Wish For- Jin

Req: Jin rough smut please! You tease him while having dinner with the members and he gets really flustered and he makes you regret it at home. Thanks! 

Originally posted by hugbin

I sit at the table with the boys, half listening as Taehyung drones on and on about how awesome this new anime he’s watching is. And maybe I would’ve been more interested if it weren’t for this growing problem in my pants as Y/N traces her hand up my thigh for the tenth time. Flashing her warning looks, she keeps her eyes on Taehyung and appears to be completely enthralled in what he has to say.

“Y/N.” I growl under my breath, placing my hand over hers as it continues to journey north. “I’d stop right there if I were you.”

“What are you gonna do, Jin?” She says through her teeth, giving me a small side smile. “We are in public after all.”

I inhale deeply through my nose, tingling with anticipation at the feeling of her fingers tapping up my thigh. The pressure is light, just enough to feel it through my sweatpants, but still heavy and weighted.

If she keeps this up for long enough, I’m going to lose it. I can already imagine the cuffs now, tying her down naked beneath me, having her at my will as I lick and bite and please her until she’s screaming my name in pleasure…

“Jin?” Her innocent voice calls my name, biting her lip as I shift in my seat. “Jimin asked you something.”

“Oh- um yeah?” I clear my throat, surprised at the gruffness in my voice.

Y/N’s hand stops right before the tent in my jeans, trailing back down my thigh as Jimin asks me what I thought of our performance, to which I give a short good before turning back to my food in a state of lust and need.

Back into the land of fantasy. 


He’s been trying to resist me for over thirty minutes now, breathing heavily increasing with each second as I come closer and closer to his hard on each time I sweep upward.

“Seokjin?” I whisper in his ear once the members aren’t paying attention, only earning a rough growl in response. “How long are you going to try and resist how much you want me? How hard you are and how bad you want to feel my tight pussy around you and feel how wet I am under this dress.” I bite his earlobe softly, just how he likes. “I’m going to ruin my panties soon if you don’t touch me.”

The innocence in my voice ruins him, gasping slightly as my hand finally runs far enough to graze his member. “Fuck.” He curses, earning a confused glance from Suga, who then just shrugs and turns away once more.

Taking him between my hands I add more pressure, startling when Jin shoots up so fast he shakes the table. “We’re leaving.” He shoots me a dangerous look before gripping my wrist and pulling me from the restaurant without a word, ignoring the curious questions from the boys.

“Jin, ow, you’re hurting me.” I try to pull myself from his grasp to no avail.

“Oh, baby just wait. I’m going to make you scream my name until you can’t breathe.” He growls, low and sultry, pushing me into the car before shutting the door. “I’m going to make you regret trying to tease me.”    

Rough and Ready-Jungkook

A/N: No request for this one so here’s an extra story of my creation;)

Originally posted by b2utygot7

I can’t feel anything else but Jungkook, how his fingers wander across my skin, how his lips suck on the supple skin of my neck. He groans against me as the pad of his finger brushes across my wetness, staining my skin with obscene need.

I run my fingers through his hair for purchase, moving my hips with his ministrations as he begins to drench himself in me, sliding a finger in and out of my folds with intense satisfaction, loving how easy I’ve gotten wet for him.

“Jungkook.” I moan, feeling him begin to grow hard through the material of his boxers.

“I know, baby, I know.” He reassures me with his strong voice, giving me what I want by guiding a finger into my entrance, so tight around him. I can’t believe how good this feels, too scared to do this before for fear of pain. But as he begins to move slowly, curling and twisting I drown in a maddening pleasure.

“Does this feel good?” He murmurs, pulling from my neck to look at my eyes, fluttering closed.

I cry out his name in response, sinking my teeth into my bottom lip as he wiggles another finger into the tightness of me. It barely hurts from how wet I am, his long digits easily slipping in and out of my pussy.

My eyes open up to a blurry ceiling, stars dotting my vision and shapes molding in front of me as euphoria steals my senses. As Jungkook completely submerges me in his sweet touch. If his fingers feel this good, I bet his length feels so much better, hard and ready against my thigh.

Pressing my hips against his I feel the entirety of his erection, gasping lightly at how long and thick it seems to be as it rubs against me. I can hardly take the waiting, just wanting him to fuck me until I can’t breathe anymore, until nothing matters but him.   

“Is this what you want, naughty girl?” Jungkook breathes in my ear, rubbing against me once more.

I moan in answer, gripping his neck and grinding into him, loving how deep his fingers go inside of me with the motion. “Yes, Daddy.”

He smiles down at me, licking his lips sensually. “Are you sure you’re ready?”

“Yes, Daddy.” I repeat. “Please just fuck me.”

He bites his lip, looking at me with a heated stare. “I knew you liked it rough.”

Baby, Be Mine-J-Hope

Req: Date night with hobi?!?!? Please please please thank you !!! 

Originally posted by jijams

He sits across from me at the table, the restaurant’s fancy menu in front of his face as he reads it, peeking his head out every so often to give me a cute and funny look. He’d asked me on this date suddenly, knowing we both had to work tomorrow, but not seeming to care, telling me to get all done up in my best dress before pulling me out the door and bringing me here.

“Hobi?” I say softly over the pianist, catching his attention.

“What’s up, buttercup?” He smiles, setting down his menu and leaning over the table to take my hands.

“Why did you take me here?” I lick my lips, cocking my head inquisitively.

“Yah.” He gives me a face splitting smile, spreading from ear to ear. “My jagi is so curious and impatient. You’ll have to wait and find out.” He boops my nose, going back to browsing the menu as the waiter comes up to take our drink order.  

“You know?” I look up to find Hobi staring at me, a sweet look on his face as he speaks. “You’re beautiful, you know that?”

I blush, looking into my lap and fiddling with my dress. “Hobi, stop it…”

“I’m serious.” He leans forward again. “Even though you are a terrible dancer and so bad at cleaning up after yourself, even though you always want to cuddle and take showers together and even though you always squeeze the toothpaste from the top instead of bottom I don’t care. I love you with all my heart and I hope we can spend an eternity together.”

He gets up and comes next to me, turning eyes in the quiet atmosphere as he does so.

“Hoseok what are you-”

“Y/N?” He gets down on one knee in front of me, my eyes widening to the size of saucers and tears threatening to spill. He pulls out a velvet box from his pocket, snapping it open to reveal a beautiful diamond ring, expression hopeful and full of love. “Will you marry me?”  

I love writing these drabbles guys no lie~ hope you enjoyed the last segment!

~Admin Eggplant

Take Me Home

TITLE: Take me Home


AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki bringing home an abandoned child and you immediately fall in love with the little bundle.

RATING: General

NOTES/WARNINGS: None, unless you count my (hopefully not failed) attempts at fluff.


    Marissa was used to strange things. A thousand years of observing and living human history will do that to a dryad, and marrying a god of mischief certainly didn’t help.

    Or did, depending on how you look at it.

    They had met a year ago, when Loki had quite literally crashed into the trees she’d been living in, followed by a particularly angry Thor. Marissa had no idea what they were fighting about, who started it, or who was in the right, and she hadn’t cared much; she had stopped them both by conjuring vines to wrap around them with vice-like grips and told them off for destroying her dwelling before poisoning them with spores from the deep red flowers that adorned her dark brown hair. The brothers had been sick for a week, though Loki, whose jötunn physiology had an allergic reaction to the spores, was worse off by far.

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anonymous asked:

Love modern Glasgow AU, imagine Claire and Jamie meeting Ferguson.

anonymous asked: I love this blog! Thank you so much for writing it and giving it so much of your time and creativity. I always thought that we didn’t get enough of Fergus in the books. Can we please get a scene of a young Fergus with Jamie and Claire? Complete fluff or humor welcome!

Anonymous asked: Could you please do a modern au where J/C somehow end up, I guess in this era Fostering Fergus

Modern Glasgow AU

Claire settled William tighter in the crook of her arm as she unbuttoned her blouse. She gently caressed the tender curve of his wee cheek, and he rewarded her with a gummy grin.

“He’s smiling again!” she exclaimed as the baby lay a chubby hand on the curve of her breast and began to suck greedily, impossibly tiny fingers kneading gently.

“That’s because he knows ye’re feeding him.” Jamie shifted on his knees, crouching beside the bathtub, constantly checking the temperature of the water streaming from the faucet as Brianna and Faith happily splashed their toys in the shallow water. “He’s no’ an idiot.”

Perched on the closed lid of the toilet beside the bathtub, Claire tucked back the brown wisps of William’s fine baby hair, his piercing blue eyes – Jamie’s eyes – boring into hers. “He’s like his da that way,” she teased. “He loves my breasts. And especially my milk.”

Jamie whirled to face her, eyes narrow, face flushed. “Dinna say such things in front of the girls,” he warned through his teeth. “That talk is no’ suitable for –”

“Milk?” two-year-old Faith asked hopefully, looking up from her plastic horses. “Can we have milk before bed?”

“Milk,” one-year-old Brianna nodded, her wet red curls nearly black against her fair skin, smacking the water around her wee hips.

“Well, we’ve had such a long day – I suppose we can find some milk in Jared’s refrigerator.”

Jamie shook his head and closed the tap, reaching across the bathtub to the bottle of baby shampoo.

It had been a long, tiring day – the train trip from Glasgow to London, and then a second leg from London to Paris, had worked out logistically but had been a very taxing experience. With three small children, plus suitcases, it had been very ambitious. And she’d been so glad when Jared met them at the train station and helped with the kids and luggage, driving them the short distance to his flat in the heart of the old city.

Jared Fraser – Brian Fraser’s elder brother – had moved to France as a young man, setting up a wine exporting business catering to Scottish clients at a time when most Scots had zero interest in foreign alcohol – let alone French wine. But time and patience had paid off – and Fraser Exporters was now one of the most prosperous companies in the industry. Jamie had visited his uncle periodically over the years – but hadn’t seen him in some time. And now that wee William, aged two months, was old enough to travel – he’d finally taken Jared up on the offer to come to Paris.

So they would be visiting for about a week. Claire was still on maternity leave, and Jamie was able to take some time off from the printshop. Faith and Brianna had been on trains before, but never for so long. They were well-behaved, but active, and inquisitive. Brianna had slept for most of the way – as had William, thankfully – but Faith had taken in every single moment with her bright, questioning eyes. Asked questions the whole time, watching the English countryside glide by.

By all rights, the girls should have been exhausted – but they were still full of energy and excitement at the novelty of being in a new place.

And with new people. Jared had taken immediately to his great-nieces and –nephew. Having never married or had children of his own, he’d been immediately charmed by the three wee Frasers. And of course he’d showered them with ridiculous gifts – to the delight of the girls, and the bewilderment of William, who had promptly tried to stuff part of his new plush Highland Coo into his mouth.

And then for dinner, there had been a special guest – the nine-year-old boy Jared had been sponsoring for the past few years. Fraser Exporters participated in a program with a local charity, where employees could mentor, spend time with, and provide financial sponsorship for a child living in a home operated by one of several social organizations. This boy had had a rough start in life – father unknown, mother a drug addict – and he’d been rescued from a filthy apartment, aged two, the victim of severe neglect. He’d grown stronger with the love and attention provided by the home – and by Jared, who had come to regard him almost as a son.

So Fergus had come for dinner – excited at the prospect of spending time with the small children. He was polite, charming, and a bit reserved – but had utterly blossomed in the company of Brianna and Faith. And William, whom he’d held so gently, crooning soft things in French.

Seeing him with the kids had touched something deep inside Claire. Had brought back all her memories of living as an orphan, with dear Uncle Lamb her only family in the world. Of the bone-deep longing for parents – for a true mother and father – and for siblings. And for a home, full of love and laughter.

It had given her an idea.


He shielded Faith’s eyes as he rinsed the shampoo from her long dark hair. “Hmm?”

She gently slid William’s wee lips from her nipple with a soft ‘pop’ and moved him to her other breast. “What do you think about Fergus?”

“What about him? Here, Brianna – take one of Faith’s horses.”

She bit her lip, considering, watching William’s tiny eyelids starting to drowse. “He needs a home.”

Jamie sat back on his knees and just looked at her – so serene, nourishing their precious wee lad. He badly wanted to give her another child to love – but they’d already discussed that William would be their last. Three bairns in three years had taken a toll on her body – and it wasn’t fair to her training as a surgeon, either.

But perhaps there was another way – a way which also provided a family for a loving child who so desperately needed a Mam and Da.

“He does. Ye see yerself in him, don’t you?”

She nodded, not surprised at how perceptive he was. How attuned he was – always was – to her, and her feelings, and her desires.

William’s lips slid from Claire’s nipple – fast asleep. Gently Claire hoisted him over her shoulder, rubbing his small, solid back.  

“Do ye want to talk to Jared about it?”

She met his eyes – and in that one moment, their decision was made.

“Yes. We’ll make it work. We have to. He’s a sweet lad, and he loves the kids already.”

Jamie nodded and turned back to the girls. “Tomorrow, then. Let’s make it happen. And quick.”

She nestled William’s dark head closer against her shoulder, her heart already blooming with love for this slight, French orphan who, God willing, would be coming back to Glasgow with them.

Preference #5- Child asks for another sibling but your already pregnant

**Can you please write a pref where your child ask for another sibling/s but you’re secretly pregnant please**

** I apologise that this might be late but things have been happening all at once; Typical. Also I’ve been suffering form really bad writers block so if the endings are not totally brilliant…well that's why. You can tell the order I wrote them haha :) Still loves ya. Ta very much xx**


That day you had come home from work early, not feeling well. Your next door neighbour had suddenly gone into labour so you’d agreed to look after their daughter Poppy until her grandparent could fetch her. Luckily Zayn wasn’t working so could watch over Poppy and your only daughter.

“My dad said I can go and stay with him any time I like when the new baby comes.” Poppy boasted.

“Did he?” Zayn asked, uninterested as he watched the girls colour at the table. He grabbed 2 mugs and a started pouring hot water into them from the kettle.

“Yes. Because the new baby isn’t really my sister. She’s just half.” Poppy continues scribbling on the page. Zayn walked over to the table with the mugs and placed them in front of the two girls.

“Daddy…you forgot the hot chocolate.” Your two’s daughter laughed. “It’s just water.”

“Guess it’s just you two girls running me ragged.” He smiled and your daughter giggled. “Not used to having so many.” He grabbed the mugs off the table and attempted to make the hot chocolate again.

“My dad is really good with children. He has a lot.” Poppy said once again. Trying to outdo her supposed friend.

After a few hours of Poppy being annoying her Grandparents came and picked her up.

“Poppy has lots of brothers and sisters.” Your daughter stated, still drawing at the table but now with her dad rather than the snotty little girl from next door.

“Hmm.” Said Zayn, listening but focusing on the picture he was drawing.

“She has 7. She tells us a lot at school. But now she has 8 because of her new sister.”


“I don’t think I’d like Poppy to be my sister.”

Zayn laughed to himself. “No. I don’t think I would.” He smiled.

“I think I could be a good sister if I tried. Can I have a brother or sister?” Your daughter asked very innocently.

Zayn was slightly taken aback by her forwardness. “Well it depends on mummy doesn’t it?”

“What depends on mummy and me doesn’t it.”

“I think you’re better than Poppy’s dad.”


Liam wandered past his sons room, taking a quick look in and realised that he was writing something. He popped his head in and leant on the doorway watching him write.

“Whatcha writing there?”

“A letter.” The little boy said bluntly.

“To who?” Liam asked, begging for more information.


Liam was confused. “It’s only April.”

“Yeah but if I get it in now, I’ll definitely get what I want.” He stated.

“And what’s that?” Liam asked again, not moving from his position in the doorway.

“I need a new brother because this one isn’t very nice.”

“A new brother?”

“Yes I thought Santa could talk to the big birds that bring babies.”

“The big birds?”

“Yes, goodness dad, don’t you know anything.” He then turned to his father and looked at him. “The big birds bring the babies for the mum’s and dad’s to look after. Like in Dumbo.”

“We don’t have Dumbo.” Liam thought out loud.

“No I watched it when I went to stay with Uncle Louis. He told me that’s what happened with his new baby. And he wanted to send them back and swap them at the baby shop. That’s where the birds get them from.”

Liam chuckled.  “Ok little man. Whatever you say.” Liam began to leave his place in the doorway, when the little boy ran after him.

“Santa will send me a new brother won’t he?”

“Maybe.” Liam shouted back as he entered your bedroom.

“I think Santa might be listening.” You said, sitting at your mirror next to the door having heard all of the conversation.

“He wants a new brother.” Liam laughed.

“Well maybe he’ll get one. Or a sister…”

“Yeah but it won’t be for Christmas will it.”

“Just after, all the same.” Liam smiled remembering your conversation about your third child that was to be expected just after the new year.



You sat looking down at your best friend’s new baby. They were so adorable, you always thought babies were. You two children sat beside you and (b/n) across from you chatting to your best friends other half.

“They’re so sweet.” Your 9 year old daughter whispered to you cooing over the baby.

“OK but don’t get so close.” She backed away a little and sat with her back against the sofa.

“I don’t like them.” Said your 4 year old little boy. “Why is it wrinkly?”

“It’s not wrinkly. It’s cute.” Your daughter began to argue with her little brother but Niall stopped rather quickly with just a look. 

“Can I hold them?” Asked your daughter, eyes full of hope. Your friend nodded slowly, though you were slightly apprehensive. 

“Aww Mummy can we keep them?” Your daughter said holding onto the new baby

“I don’t think (B/F/N) will be very happy with that.” You laughed.

“Ok then…” she thought and then “Can we have one then? A brother or sister? Please?”

You looked around nervously throwing a ‘maybe one day’ her way.

The little bundle in your daughters arms began to make little noises, wiggle and suddenly the noises became a scream. (B/F/N) came from the next room where she had just disappeared to and took their baby from the young girl, jiggling the new-born around to try and sooth them.  Your boy next to you covered his ears and pulled a face.

“Eli, come here.” Niall called, beckoning for you son with his hand before the crying had stopped. 

“You’ll have to get used to it sweetie.” Your friend laughed.

You opened your eyes wide and looked at her, shaking your head notifying her that she had said something she shouldn’t have. Niall looked at you inquisitively and mouthing to you as not to alert the children.

“Are you….” He didn’t need to finish his sentence; you knew exactly what he was going to say and he was right. You just nodded adding “I’ll talk to you later.” Before exchanging small smiles before Niall was abruptly needed again when your son fell off his knee.


“Dad?” Your 12 year old daughter questioned as she entered the living room where Louis was sat watching TV.

“What?” he asked her back as she came up behind him.

“Does it ever bother you that I’m an only child? I mean you have loads of siblings don’t you.” She slid herself in next to him and hooked her arms around his.

“Well we always said we wanted more. But you, life doesn’t always plan out like that unfortunately babe.” He pulled his hand out from under his leg and slapped it onto her knee. “I was always working and babies are a lot of work, I mean you were enough for your mum when I wasn’t here, let alone another one or more.” He rubbed her knee with one hand and tried not to drop his drink with the other. “What brings on all these questions?” he asked suspicious.

“ Well I just wonder because, my aunt is having another baby and well I’m old enough now to help now if mum was to get pregnant…I mean I’m just saying I wouldn’t mind sharing my room with a younger sibling one day.” She suggested, shrugging her shoulders.

You entered the room, coming in from the shop, buying milk again; the second time that week and it was only Wednesday. You saw your daughter fluttering her eyelashes at her dad before seeing you and swiftly getting up and running up to bed as per your agreement before leaving.

“What was that about?” You asked, removing your coat and hanging it on the coat hooks next to the dark wood door.

“She was asking why she was an only child.” Louis raised his eyebrows tipping his drink towards you.

“You didn’t tell her anything did you?” You panicked. He shook his head taking a sip of his drink and swallowing it slowly. You took a quick walk to the fridge to place the milk you had bought where it belonged.

“I don’t know why you’re so worried anyway.” Louis said as you rentered the room and parked your bum next to him much like your daughter had minutes before.

“I just want to wait until the scan. Just to make sure everything is alright. Keep it between us for now.” You said snuggling down into his side.





“But Mummy said.” you little boy winged entering the kitchen where you were baking, following his father. Harry swung him up onto his hip lifting him high in the air.

“Well now I’m home and Mummy changed her mind.”

“But Simon is my bestest friend ever.” He moaned again.

“I thought I was your bestest friend ever.” Harry gasped acting hurt. He put his free hand over his eyes and pretended to cry.  Your son pulled Harry’s hand away from his face and wrapped his arms around his neck.

“You are Daddy. And Mummy says that you and Mummy are not my friends.”

“And when did she say this.” Harry asked setting your 5 year old on the kitchen counter.

“Last day because I said she wasn’t my friend anymore and she said that she isn’t my friend she is my mummy.” He picked up the rubber spatula that was sat next to him and began waggling it around.

You swiftly removed it from his hand and placed back down, not wanting more mess than was already there.

“Well ok. I’m not your friend but we can still play can’t we?”

“No. I want to play with Simon. I miss him”

“I’m sure he misses you too honey.” You interjected.

“He doesn’t. He plays with his brother. Why can’t I have a brother? Simon’s brother is really fun to play with.” he exclaimed sticking his lip out in front of him.

“Nothing wrong with having a sister either. Well they aren’t fun really. You have to share and be nice to them.”

“But I don’t have any. Why can’t I have one?”

Harry looked at you and smirked slightly. “Well that depends matey.” He said coming in front of your son, picking him up off the side. “I’m at work a lot and I’m going away again soon. So it depends on if Mummy wants another little one with you doesn’t it? Babies are a lot of work.” You watched them wander into the living room holding each other’s hands shutting the door behind them.

When washing up you felt something wrap around your waist.

“He keeps asking if we can get him a sibling.” You soapy hands reached down into the washing bowl to fish out the big mixing bowl you had been using minutes before.

 “Why don’t we?” he whispered in your ear. He pushed his face next to yours kissing your cheek and squeezed you tighter causing you to drop the bowl in your hand. “Are you ok?” Harry asked backing away from you a little.

“Yeah…yeah.” You told yourself backing away from the sink and wiping your hands on the tea towel attached to your trousers. You turned and leant on the sink facing Harry. “We just…I mean he might not have to wait as long as long as you might think.”

Harry’s face lit up questioningly as if to ask ‘really?’ When you nodded he ran up to you, taking you in his arms and swinging you round in a circle making you squeal a little like a child.

The kitchen door opened and a little head popped in. “Mummy can you please be quiet. I’m trying to watch Cbeebies.”


Song Preference: If I Could Fly

Hey guys! This is Day 10. For Day 9, I planned on a part 2 for Holiday Blues. Please let me know if you still want that. LLove you, xoxo!


“For your eyes only I show you my heart. For when you’re lonely and forget who you are. I’m missing half of me when we’re apart, but now you know me. For your eyes only…”

The past few weeks were undoubtedly the worst weeks of my life. Desolation consumed me in every aspect of the word, making me incapable of doing anything except wishing Harry was beside me. I knew however that he couldn’t be even if he wanted to. However, that didn’t stop the loneliness from taking over and making a temporary home in my heart.

I opened the facetime call, my mood merely descending as I took in the dark circles engulfing his eyes. The pale ghost before me wasn’t the man I came to know.

He smiles softly at me. “Y/N… I miss you.”

My heart thuds harshly against my chest. I just wanted to break down right then and there. I clear my throat, my voice barely above a whisper. “I-I miss you too.”

“What’s wrong, love?”

There were so many ways to answer that question. He was there, and I was here. I hadn’t eaten or slept properly in days. According to his unkempt appearance, neither had he. It felt like we were worlds apart while life simply paused, unmoving and eerily still without him here.

“I don’t feel like myself.” I sniff, my eyes glazing over slightly. “I need you here so badly. The worst part of it all is… I don’t know who I am without you.”

He peered at me, his emerald eyes almost remorseful. “I’ll be home soon, love. Then we won’t have to be this way. Neither of us will have to suffer anymore.”

I nod. I felt vulnerable before him, but it no longer mattered. I wanted him to see how miserable I was because in comparison to before…his presence really made much more of a difference than I was comfortable to admit.
Either way, both of our hearts were on display. His and mine both beating with anticipation for when we would see each other again.


“I’ve got scars even though they can’t always be seen. And pain gets hard. Now you’re here, and I don’t feel a thing.”

I absently tap the pencil against the pad of paper, looking across to my patient. It was an hour now that we had been sitting with no resolution. Much had been said, but I had yet to reach his breakthrough… the one I was so inquisitive to discover.

“Niall, do you know why you’re here?”

He shrugs. “The past, I guess.”

“And what about the past? The session is nearly over, and the only thing we’ve talked about is how upset you were. What about now? What are you feeling right this second?”

“Now…” He smiles. “I don’t feel a thing. You make me feel better, Y/N.”
I clear my throat as I feel my cheeks firing with a tint of red. I don’t know how many times we had been over this, but each time my resolve had weakened. I have to constantly remind myself that our relationship could never go beyond this office.

“That’s my job.”

He shakes his head, gazing at me intensely. “It’s more than that. You and I both know that it is.” He pauses. “I’m not sure what’s worse…not being able to tell my therapist how much I’m in love with her or having the woman I’m in love with be my therapist.”

I couldn’t deny the flash of desire that ran through me. As much as I wanted to play on feelings and leave all morals aside, he was dangerous. Loving him was dangerous. I wanted to help him in more ways than one. In this case, I was uncertain as to whether or not that was a good thing.

“I’m not just your therapist. You’re right.” I exclaim slowly. “I’m a person who wants to help you, a person who sees potential in you rising above your past.” A person who loves you…

“I’ve got scars that run deeper than trenches, Y/N. It would take me forever to delve into what the true issue is. I’d much rather use this time to take advantage of the happiness you give me. Can we do that even if it’s only today?

A smile slowly stretches along my lips. “Okay but only for today.”


“I can feel your heart inside of mine. Lately, I’m goin out of my mind. Maybe I’m just wastin time. Yeah, and I… I hope that you don’t run from me.”

I sighed in exasperation as I felt my body being turned to face Liam, his hold firm but gentle. “Y/N, you can’t do this! Please. I know I’m late, but I-“

I shrug out of his grasp and shove him slightly. “You’re right! You’re a little too late, Liam. I can, and I will do this. My ticket is booked. My bag is packed. The only thing standing in my way is you.”

His expression was heartbreaking, and it was as if he was prepared to get on his knees and beg me to stay. Even if he did… I don’t know if I could.
I was so fed up with being put second and having to jump when he says so. I put my life on hold merely to support him, but then he took advantage of me. He took advantage of us. If I stayed, I was afraid I would end up losing myself where he’s concerned.

“Y/N, don’t run from me. I can do better. I can give us the life that you deserve. It’s just a matter of time-“ He begs, reaching out to me.
“And you’re out of it.” I snatch my arm from him. “You still don’t get it. I didn’t care about what you could offer me. I cared about you and only you.”

“As in you don’t anymore?”

I avert my gaze from his eyes, looking down at the bag beside me. My mind was set. I felt so determined to just go and not look back. It was a hell of a distraction from the fact that I actually would be leaving something behind. My heart. It belonged to Liam, and there was no question about if I could always get it back.

“I do.”

His eyes glimmer with hope. “I knew you loved me.”

“I do.” I nod, picking up the strap of my bag. “That doesn’t mean it’s enough.”


“If I could fly, I’d be coming right back home to you. I think I might do anything you ask me to.”

I smile as I answer the phone, moving away from the crowded and loud confines of the airport. I heard his beautiful voice just as I entered the rest room.

“Hey, beautiful. I was just checking to see if you had landed.”

I nod, although he can’t see me. “I have. I just got my stuff from the baggage claim. I was just about to call you. How are things over there?”

I heard the gurgling of your little girl in the background, and it made my heart constrict in my chest. Oh…how I missed them already. “We’re alright. The little miss won’t go down for her nap, but I don’t mind. I just wish you were here.”

“I know, I know. I wish I was there too. I feel so bad for leaving you with her on such short notice.”

He laughs his carefree laugh, lighting up my mood significantly. “You had to do what you needed to do. I completely understand. Just make sure you kick their arses in that board meeting, okay? Y/D/N and I are rooting for you.”

I chuckle softly, although I wanted nothing more than to be home with both of my babies. “Ask me to come home, Lou.”


“Ask me to catch the next flight back, and I will.”

I would do anything he asked me to. He and I both knew that. I just wanted to make him happy, and it was a bonus that I could be with our little girl. I missed the both of them so much it hurt.

He sighs, and I hear shifting over the line. “ I can’t ask you to do that. This is important to you, Y/N. That means that it’s important to me too. I get it. Y/D/N may not, but she won’t even remember it. You’re doing this for her, and I’m sure she would know that if she was old enough to.”

“You’re right. I just feel so bad-“

“Don’t.” I could hear the grin in his voice. “You’re a great wife and an even better mum. Y/N, you do so much for us. Do this for you and try to have fun. Yeah? Don’t let the office swallow you whole.”

I smile and nod. “Alright. I love you both.”

“We love you too.”


“Pay attention. I hope that you’re listenin cause I let my guard down. Right now, I’m completely defenseless.”

“I have a secret to tell you.”

I giggle as I look over at Zayn, a wild grin on his face. I whisper back to him after seeing the teacher was occupied. “Okay. Spill.”

He shakes his head and smirks. “Can’t. We have to pay attention.”

I narrow my eyes at him and roll them, turning my body back to the front of the class. He could be such a goof sometimes, and he knew it.

I attempted to pay attention to the teacher, but I couldn’t stop my own thoughts from pestering me. I bite my lip and turn back to Zayn. He was feigning focus as he looked straight ahead. I subtly tap him, which he doesn’t respond to. I tap him again. Nothing.

I huff, kicking his shin slightly. “Zayn!”

He laughs and muffles it with his hand. “What, Y/N? I’m trying to learn here.”

“What’s the secret?”

He frowns. “What secret?” I glare at him, and he smiles. “Fine… I’ll tell you, but you have to actually listen when I say this. You’re the only one I want to tell.”

“You’re my best friend.” I smile. “Of course you can tell me. You can tell me anything.”

There was an interminable pause as if he was savoring the remnants of his secret before he could relinquish it to me. “I think I’m in love with my best friend, and I couldn’t wait to tell her anymore. I’m just not…I’m not sure if she feels the same.”

I slowly smile. “Your best friend, huh?” I watch as he nods, a hopeful expression on his face. “Hm… I think the feeling is mutual. Don’t worry. What you should be worried about is how we’re going to pass this test tomorrow. My best friend that I’m in love with just couldn’t shut up, so I have no clue what’s going to be on it.”

He laughs and leans over to kiss my cheek. “Sorry.”

‘Blossom In My Hands’: the newest addition (part 2)

Here we go my little blossoms! Part 2 is here! There’s a lot of important ground covered here and a lot of sweet moments between our mister and missus. Please, please be sure to let me know what you think so far! I can’t wait to here your favorite parts, lines, predictions, etc.. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

How Long Will I Love You

(rated ma)

Any links/songs, etc. will be italicized and linked within the text.

Parts: one


September-October 2030 (Month 2)

5-8 weeks

5 Weeks:

Over the years, you’d discovered that the human body was capable of doing some odd things. Normally, you didn’t think much of those said things. But when the ‘period’ that you’d been certain had started early suddenly stopped later that same night, you’d almost chunked up the bathroom sink trying to brush your teeth the following morning, and Harry getting a little handsy in the shower just after that, had you in near tears, you knew something was definitely off.

“I’m sorry, baby,” Harry apologized profusely, still dripping wet, with only a towel knotted at his hip. “I thought I was being gentle. I’m sorry. I forgot you were on your period, I’m sorry.”

“I’m not…It stopped, I guess it wasn’t it.” 

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No Matter Where I Run (The Past is Always There)

A/N: This was originally going to be a part of my still-needs-to-be-completed sequel to “A Fraction of Your Smile (A Fragment of Your Mind)” but I kept writing more and more, and before I knew it, I had cranked out almost 3000 words on this scene alone.

While I fully accept that Killian will be able to move past his well, past, with Emma, I truly believe he will hit his own emotional roadblock with any future children, even if his fears are all in his head. This explores that.


“What’s a My-lah?”

His daughter had been previously stuttering over words in her book, sounding out vowels and tripping over consonants as she attempted to read to him and her mother. Now she looks at his arm studiously, blue eyes squinting as she attempts to make out the name branded on his skin. Not even five, and her teachers have noted that she is ahead of the curve when it comes to her literacy skills, a fact that he boasts to anyone who would listen. In this moment, however, he curses her abilities, not at all ready to open that can of worms on this Sunday night. Killian’s eyes rise to meet Emma’s, silently pleading for help.

Emma, his hero – his Savior – rises to the task, wrapping her arms around their little girl, attempting to return her attention back to her book. “Eliza, honey, why don’t you finish telling me about Frog and Toad? I really want to know if they stop eating those cookies.”

“But I wanna know what a My-lah is…” Eliza whines, large blue eyes darting between him and her mother, confusion etched on her features.

“Um.” Emma Swan – the woman who broke countless curses, fought numerous monsters, and literally marched into the Underworld – is somehow felled by persistent preschooler.

Killian sighs. It’s a conversation he knew he couldn’t avoid forever. Eliza is at the age where almost every other sentence out of her mouth is a question, her favorite words being “why,” “how,” and “what.” She’s an inquisitive little thing, that daughter of his. It’s another trait of hers that he normally admires, one that seems to do him in at this moment. They long ago addressed his tattoos, leading to an adorable moment where she sloppily colored her arms with markers to be “just like Daddy,” but that was before she could read. Now her questioning nature is driving daggers into his heart.

But just as he is with her mother, he cannot deny his daughter anything.

“It’s Milah, little love,” he corrects softly, his voice just above a whisper. He feels Emma reach around and squeeze his hand in support. “Milah is the name of a person I once knew.”

“Oh. Okay.” Eliza nods, eyes returning to the book sitting on her lap. For a moment, Killian believes that his daughter is satisfied with his answer. He is wrong. Much like her mother, she does not make things easy for him. “Do you have a tattoo of Mommy?”

“No, I’m afraid I do not.” He isn’t sure where this line of questioning is leading, and is afraid to find out.

“Why not?”

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