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Would you mind creating a Stony fic rec where they have a daughter, or even single dad Tony? I love your blog so much, you are absolutely amazing ❤️ thank you!!

Hi! Awww ♥ Thank you so so much! *hugs* Stony + baby girl has to be one of my fave tropes so here you go (btw, two things: 1. This is just a ‘Stony have a daughter’ rec. Will do just a single dad Tony one if anyone wants me to. 2. Not all of these fics are fluffy, most are though. Just a few with a lil bit of angst.):

To start all the ficlets by the amazing @captainstarkreportingforduty​ (all of hers are ridiculously fluffy)

  • The one where… Tony buys a ranch for his baby 

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  • The one where… Tony doesn’t mind a little weight on his chest 

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  • The one where… Steve takes care of his family 

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  • The one where… Steve and Tony undertake their biggest mission 

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  • The one where… Steve and Tony enjoy a lovely tea party

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  • The one where… Tony has no regrets, and in the end, neither does Steve

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  • The one where… Tony really should be used to this by now

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  • The one where… Steve and Tony bring home the best present of all

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  • The one where… there are some early morning family moments

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  • The one where… Steve and Tony get more than a glimpse into their future

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Summary:Tony hadn’t slept the night before and he knew Steve hadn’t either. They’d just laid there, side by side, listening to each other breathe and thinking their own thoughts. Somewhere around dawn Steve had rolled onto his side and splayed his fingers over Tony’s heart.

Summary:“On a scale of ‘make me sleep on the couch’ to ‘take Sarah away from me and kick me out of the tower,’ how angry at me would you be if I told you our infant daughter’s first word was a swear word?”(Or, Steve and Tony raise a kid. Shenanigans ensue.)

Summary (of part one): It’s just another Sunday, until it isn’t, and Tony’s own life becomes the very last thing he’s concerned about.

Summary: Raising a girl has it’s challenges, but Steve and Tony manage with aplomb. Kind of. Sometimes.All right, maybe not at all. But they’re trying, okay

Summary:Evidently, aliens aren’t the only thing that come out of wormholes. Future children also happen to fall out of them, too. Or maybe alternate universe is more likely.Because there’s no way this is Tony’s future daughter that’s just appeared in his workshop calling him ‘Papa’ and talking about people and things he’s never heard of. And there’s absolutely no way he broke up with Pepper only to end up marrying some ‘old man’ that probably can’t even get it up. That Tony Stark might have been that desperate for a ring, but he sure isn’t.And Bruce and Rhodey are absolutely nuts if they think he constantly talks about the Cap because he’s secretly attracted to him. No, the guy is just a sanctimonious jerk that needs to be taken down a peg. It has nothing to do with attraction at all. Nothing.OK, not too much.

Summary:Steve wakes up to a third body in his shared bed with Tony. Frigga, the goddess of prophecy and midwifery, apparently gave them a gift - one that Tony doesn’t know how to receive.

Summary:When the Avengers raid a very dubious scientific installation, they come across something they’d never expected to find. Their discovery turns out to be even more surprising than first suspected, and it leads the team - especially Steve and Tony - to some new and very undiscovered territory.

Summary:It wouldn’t be Christmas if Steve wasn’t having an existential crisis of some kind.On this year’s agenda: Confronting the horrible realization that the serum that kept him alive in the ice for seventy years now keeps him from being able to age past the moment when he was first transformed into the peak of human perfection.Which maybe wouldn’t be horrible except for the fact that this means he’ll remain exactly the way he is as he watches his loved ones grow old and die. And Steve Rogers has no desire to outlive his family.

Summary:When Steve falls asleep in the middle of the Alps on Christmas Eve 1944, the last thing he expects is to wake up over seventy years into the future in a sleepy, snow-covered New York village right out of Currier and Ives.And father to a toddler.And married to a man.

Nanny Protects

Imagine Castiel protection you as a baby while your father Dean and uncle Sam are gone on a hunt.

“Okay, Cas, you remember what I told you?” Dean asked for the hundred time.

“Yes, Dean. You don’t have to worry, I’ll take care of her” Castiel replied.

Dean nods, even though he doesn’t feel good leaving you, he’s one years old daughter alone with an angel in a motel room.

“You remember, the diapers are in the bag beside the bed, her food for supper is already on the counter and she goes in bed by seven, okay?”

“Dean, I think he will remember” Sam assured adjusting his bag on his shoulder.

Dean looks down at you in his arms. You play with his shirt with your small little fingers.

“Okay, okay” Dean sighs “see you soon baby girl”.

He kisses your forehead and you giggle.

“Here you go” Dean passes you in Castiel arms.

“See you later” Sam said before exiting the room.

“Call if you need anything” Dean added.

“I will” the angel assured.

Dean nods and takes a last glance at you before leaving the door. He doesn’t know if it is a good idea to leave you alone with Castiel, but he and Sam have been aching for this hunt. Since they got you, they haven’t done a lot.

“So, what do you want to do?” Castiel asked.

You make a few baby noise and glance at the door, realising that your father is gone, this is something Dean didn’t warn Castiel.

You start crying, Castiel bounces you in his arms, something he saw Dean do a few times. Though, you continue to cry, and Castiel doesn’t know what to do.

“Are you hungry?” He asked “what is wrong?”

Obviously you don’t answer, you don’t really understand quite what he is saying, you just feel like you need the strong arms of your Daddy.

“Da-da-da-da-da” you cried.

“Dada?” Castiel repeated “you want Dean?”

Now he understands, he remembers Sam saying that babies love to have their parents nearby with them.

“Okay… shhh” Castiel hugs you closer to his chest.

Finally, hours later, Castiel had managed to calm you down, make you eat and put you in your crib. He sits on the couch, wondering how can a human do that without being exhausted, how can they do that each night? Each day?

The angel surfs through the few channels of the television, seeing learning things about humans.

Suddenly, he hears a noise coming from outside, his angel senses feeling something is wrong. He gets out, taking a quick glance at you, still sleeping. He checks the salt lines Sam had made before leaving and see’s one is broken.

“How?” Castiel asked to himself.

He moves to you, taking you in his arms, only to be safe.

He takes out his cell and calls someone “Dean, I think something is wrong”.

“What? What is it?”

“Salt line been broken, I don’t know how, (Y/N) is fine, but I think someone is here, more of a demon”.

“Okay, Cas, I’m on my way” he hangs up.

Before he can think about anything, the door gets knocked down, waking you up and of course cry.

“Oh, well” the female demon laughed “I’m so sorry little one”.

“What do you want” Castiel snapped.

“I want the baby of course, we want to make the Winchesters suffer for what they did, so… an innocent little Winchester, daughter of Dean, it’s perfect”.

“You won’t get her” Cas said.

Holding you with one hand, he makes his angel blade fall out of his sleeve.

“Oh, come on nanny” she smiles evilly.

Dean enters the room with his gun out.

“Cas! Cas!”

“Yes Dean”.

Dean stares at his friend for a second and glances at the crib where he sees his little girl, sound asleep.

“Cas? Did something happen?”

“A demon came, but I took care of the body and I took care of it and the body”.

“Thanks Cas” Dean sighed relieve.

Finale fix-it fanart.

Because Danny freaking Williams deserves cards, and balloons, and flowers, and thank yous! So actually IC Steve (who is good with gestures but not words) went down to the hospital gift shop and got those things. And then there was a heartfelt discussion. OKAY?!

Her eyes

So I have a pregnant Gency fic waiting on the back burner but I couldn’t get the image of Genji and Angela just holding their new baby girl so here you go dolls!

Also, here’s my headcannons about Gency kids if your interested: Gency Kids

Gency. Fluff. Babies.

In the back of Mercy’s mind, she sees Genji’s brown eyes, and dark hair, on a little face. A baby boy that looks just like his father. Genji doesn’t care either way, he’s just excited to meet his little sakura, no matter if it’s a girl or boy. Secretly, though, he hopes the baby has Mercy’s eyes.

They go in for the ultrasound, and Mercy cries when she finds out it’s a girl. Genji stands stone still, taking in that he’ll have a daughter. They both celebrate that night. Her giant bump receiving constant kisses and rubs from Genji.

When the day finally arrives, Mercy’s terrified. Genji’s her constant rock that she holds onto. No one’s in the delievery room besides Genji and Tracer and of course the doctors and nurses do their best. As the time come, Mercy gets her epidural shot, and the pain relaxes somewhat. Still, Mercy is still stressed, everything bubbling up as the time draws closer.

She grips Genji’s hand so tightly he wonders that if it weren’t metal his bones probably would have been crushed. Tracer’s as light as ever, and constantly reassuring Mercy right along with Genji. Yet, she still fears that she won’t be a good mother. That her daughter will hate her. That she’ll fail as a parent, but Genji quickly quietens these fears. Reassuring her that their baby will love her no matter what.

Genji is just excited, no fear (not yet) and he just wants to see their little baby. He remains calm for Mercy, and she latches onto that. Tracer keeps cheering her on, saying she’s almost there, love!

Then everyone crowds her, and it’s time to push. Mercy does beautifully, and Genji quietly whispers loving things into her ears the whole time. Tracer is nearly jumping up and down, asking where her little niece is.

The nurses quickly clean her and wrap her little body up, and hand her to Genji first while the doctor finishes helping Mercy.

The baby girl is actually quiet, and blinking slowly against her new environment. Genji holds her tiny body in his arms, looking down at her without his face plate. He’s in complete awe, looking at the dark mop of black hair onto of her head. His mouth open in silent wonder that this tiny beautiful thing is his and his angel’s child.

“Hello, little Sakura.” He whispers softly. “I have waited a long time to see your beautiful face.”

As if responding to the familiar sound that had told her stories and tales all through the night, the baby blinks, and finally looks ups at her father.

Ocean blue eyes take Genji away, and he lets out a sound that’s between a sob and a laugh. He leans down and kisses her nose, her little head, her black hair. Laughing gently against his little baby girl.

The doctor finally gives the okay on Mercy. She’s finally ready to meet her daughter. She lifts her head, looking for her baby, Tracer grinning right beside her.

“Genji?” Mercy asks softly, as if looking for a secret.

“Let’s go see your momma,” He coons softly as he walks over to his wife’s bedside. He ever so gently gives her the baby, and Mercy takes her with steady hands. As she rests her in her arms, the tears slip down her cheeks as she stares at her little miracle.

“Hello, Valentine.” Mercy whispers. “I’m your momma, and you’re my little sweetheart.”

Genji presses his lips to Mercy’s hair, before pressing his cheek against hers.

“Look, Genji. She’s our Valentine. Our little baby.” Mercy voice trembles, her fingers gently going over her forehead.

“I know, Angela. She’s perfect.” He breathes. “She has your eyes.”

“She has your hair,” Mercy runs her fingers softly over her daughters black locks. “She is absolutely perfect.”

“Valentine, huh?” Tracer chirps, grinning. “That’s the name you guys finally decided on?”

The naming part had been much more troublesome than anticipated. Angela throwing Swedish names left and right while Genji add his own Japanese names into the mix. They only decided the night before Mercy was due at the hospital. Valentine was Mercy’s picked, but Genji loved it nevertheless. Thinking it would fit the lovely miracle just fine.

“Are you ready for her full name?” Genji asks Tracer, excitement sparkling in his brown eyes.

“I’ve only been waiting for nine months, love! Get on with it!” She cries in exasperation.

Mercy wipes her tears away as she laughs, but doesn’t take her eyes away from her little baby. Genji laughs too, but says with the utmost of pride and happiness their daughter’s full name.

“Valentine Sakura Shimada.” Genji smiles.

Tracer grins right back and asks, “Sakura?”

“It means Cherry Blossom in Japanese.” Genji supplies, looking back at his own little baby.

“Well, she’s beautiful,” Tracer announces, gently rubbing the baby’s cheek with her finger. “Val’s going to love me, I just know it. I already love her.” She grins.

Genji gently wipes the fresh tears from Mercy’s face, softly whispering, “Our baby is perfect, Angela.”

“I know, I know,” Mercy murmured, looking down at her little miracle.

Ich liebe dich,” She whispers softly to Valentine.

Genji grins as he leans in close beside Mercy, his head right over his daughter.

Aishiteru, Sakura.” He speaks as Mercy presses her lips against his cheek.

Mercy holds her baby, while Genji softly coons over his daughter as they both let their happiness lift them and hold them in that moment.

Their little Valentine is finally here.


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Exo reaction to seeing you again after a fight and confessing to you

Here you go baby girl  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


oh my god Luhan i-is that y/n??

*During your argument*

Y/n: You know what I’m so happy we haven’t seen each other in such a long time, I hate you Xiumin!!

*kisses you* Why can’t you see that I love you, please don’t leave me again, please stay with me.


Wow is that her? 

*During your argument*

Y/n: This why I left you are such a pain!

Luhan: No no no I have to tell her

*Kisses you*

Luhan: You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this moment 


Y/n: Hey Kris, is that you?

Kris: Oh hey y/n I didn’t see you 

*During your argument*

Y/N: You know what I’m sorry for trying to make up. Bye

*Kisses you*

Kris: No look don’t leave me, I’m sorry for being an ass, I want to make it up to you. Here’s my number I’ll call you and take you out when you’re free


Long time no see, I missed you. You look beautiful as ever

*During your argument*

Y/n: You still haven’t changed, well I have to go now

Suho: No wait here *kisses you* and I got you this. Please be with me and be the mother to my kids again. *Sorry but mama Suho needs help with those annoying ass kids of his*


Oh hello y/n, it’s been a while, I missed your pretty smile

*During your argument*

Y/n: Look I wanted to apologize but it looks like I don’t anymore

Lay: *Kisses you* Y/n I wanted to say I’m dearly sorry for everything I’ve done to hurt you, will you find it in your heart to forgive me and start all over



*During your argument*

Y/n: What the hell is your problem!

*Kisses you*

Baekhyun: Look sorry for acting this way, can you give me another chance


Hey girl hey, how you been

*During your argument*

Y/n: Holy shit Chen, why are you such an ass

*Kisses you*

Chen: I love you y/n, just hear me out and give me a chance


Y/n hey, how have you been its been ages

*During your argument*

Y/n: You are something else aren’t you

*Kisses you*

Chanyeol: Look I want to be together again, even if it’s friends just give me a chance y/n


Hey I missed you

*During your argument*

Y/n: What happened to you Kyungsoo?

*Kisses you*

D.O: I changed for you that’s what happened, it’s hard not seeing you y/n. I-I miss you


You still look beautiful since we first meet, nice to see you again y/n

*During your argument*

Y/n: What is your problem Tao, why are you like this

*Kisses you*

Tao: Stay with me


Hey baby girl

*During your argument*

Y/n:You know what let’s go back to never talking to each other again!

*Kisses you*

Kai: I can’t go back to that again, don’t do this to me again. I love you y/n


H-hey y/n, you have no idea how happy I am to see you again

Y/n: How can you be so selfish Sehun

*Kisses you*

Sehun: Look without you I can’t function. I got worst when we stopped talking. I think I love you y/n

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First boy who breaks TenToo's baby girl's heart. GO

First off, fuck you Sam :(

Okay, here we go:

The Doctor is angry. He is so angry. He is livid that anyone would have the audacity to hurt his little girl.

She’d been so excited about having her first boyfriend, and while he knew teenage relationships didn’t typically last long, he hoped that if her relationship had to end, it would end smoothly and cleanly.

No such luck.

She and her boyfriend and a group of their friends all went out together to the movies. Typical Friday night. The Doctor and Rose had a date night themselves too, not expecting their daughter home until like 11pm. So when they stumble home at 9 o’clock, slightly tipsy and more handsy than was proper for a couple their age, and they see their little girl sitting on the sofa in her jimjams with a tub of ice cream, they know immediately something’s gone wrong. She takes one look at them, and her eyes well up and she runs from the room, slamming the door to her bedroom shut.

He casts Rose and panicked look and he rushes down the hall to his daughter. Of course she won’t let him into her room, and that breaks his heart. It breaks further when Rose knocks on the door and their daughter lets her enter. (Rose looks at him apologetically for just a minute before slipping into their daughter’s room and closing the door behind her.)

The Doctor is at a loss as to what to do with himself. The night had been going so wonderfully. His daughter was happy to be going out with her friends and boyfriend for the evening. He and Rose had a lovely night of dinner and dancing, which they were planning to continue when they’d gotten. But now he felt like utter shite.

So he goes back into the living room and starts to tidy up. He puts the half-melted ice cream in the freezer, he straightens the stacks of newspaper and magazines, he organizes and reorganizes the bookshelf, he washes the three dirty dishes in the sink, and after all of that has been done and Rose still hasn’t emerged from their daughter’s room, he starts to worry again. What if something truly awful happened to his little girl? What if her no-good boyfriend had pressured her into doing something she didn’t want to do?

He clamps down on his panic and on his anger, and he starts to make tea. He takes his time making it just the way his daughter likes it, and he makes one up for Rose and for himself, and he grabs a box of biscuits from the cupboard for good measure and he walks down the hall again. He knocks on his daughter’s door with his foot. Rose answers, and he helplessly shows her the tea and biscuits he brought. She turns and asks their daughter if he can come in. The Doctor peers around Rose’s shoulder and see’s his daughter on her bed with red-rimmed eyes and a running nose, and his heart breaks. She mercifully lets him in. Rose takes the treats before he can spill them, and he gathers his daughter into his arms.

She sobs into his chest for a few minutes and he just holds her, thinking horrible thoughts he should not be thinking about her boyfriend.

The Doctor sits on the bed beside her and Rose hands them their tea, and their daughter snuggles up against the Doctor and thanks him. She finally tells her parents that she and her friends weren’t going to the cinema, but had gone to a party. She had drank a bit, and so had her boyfriend, and he had started getting handsy (the Doctor about has a coronary) but her boyfriend backed off when she told him to. But a few minutes later, she caught him making out with her best friend, and the two of them were even more handsy and grope-y than she had ever been with her boyfriend. She’d left immediately.

The Doctor scoops her into his arms and holds her tight, saying he is so sorry and she deserves so much better.

“You deserve the world, darling.”

Their daughter calms down enough to fall asleep, and they leave her be for the rest of the night.

Once in their own bedroom, the Doctor goes on a long-winded rant about teenage boys being no bloody good and God help that poor kid if he should ever see him again. Rose just hugs him tight and tells him that this, unfortunately, is part of being a teenager.

The (ex)boyfriend comes round the house the next day, trying to apologize. The Doctor has an entire litany of curses and “who do you think you are”s lined up, but his daughter beats him to it. She slaps him across the face and tells him to leave now, and she never wants to see him again. 

The Doctor has never been prouder.

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