baby girl had fun

the weirdest part of adulthood thus far is when people you knew Back In The Day start having babies and their personality & social media presence jst dissolves into “i have a baby”. granted it’s not all of them, but it’s weird to see someone’s feed descend into “mommy & memes” like that when you knew them before

// i remember i made such a shitty little tissue box that was supposed to look like a dog in school and then you had kids come by and put valentines and candy into the little box aAA that’s so cute I rolled with that!

{ Valentine’s Day Special }


- His girl has to have the most extra valentine’s box there is. It’s so over the top, there’s jewels– beads, glitter. Everything. Its not even an animal or anything really. Just a mess of glitter– But it’s pretty!

- He loves spending time with his daughter regardless, as long as gets to have a strict talk with all the people who send her valentine’s. Gotta scare ‘em all off.

- Dresses her in a cute little red sweater and white pants with a big red bow in her braided hair; sending her off with their monstrosity of a valentine’s box. Mainly just a pile of glitter and beads– but he loves spending time with his baby girl anyways. He’s glad his she had fun with him.

- When she comes home she shows him all the valentine’s day cards she got– Aka, A lot. Thankfully most of these kiddos are too young to even spell correctly so he’s not too worried.


- He doesn’t get the concept– so when his son asks him for a box for school you better believe he gets a h u g e box from his office for him. Why? No one knows. It’s way too big, but they work with it anyways.

- Jumin wants it to look like a cat, but his son wants it to look like a dog. It ends up looking like some sort of hybrid. MC finishes off the creature with a little bow tie, making it look.. slightly less terrifying.

- Since the box was huge and looked so.. Unique– it brings a lot of attention from the other kids. What does that mean? More valentine’s of course. Jumin is proud when his son comes back with his box full of candy and valentines. Ruffles his hair and sneaks a few pieces of chocolate out of it for MC.


- He’s totally the dad that will ‘help’ his kid with this but ends up getting carried away. Yoosung does most of the work for the boxes.. only realizing it when his kids start to complain. Apologizes before letting them finish up, they’re two little heart shaped boxes with lace and ribbon.

- They come back with lots of valentines and candies, allowing their dad to have some since he did his fair share in helping. He gives them each a kiss on the cheek as a thanks before sending them off, claiming that you and him need a bit of alone time to.. uh, make your own valentine’s day crafts..? Thankfully the excuse works– much to Yoosung’s relief lolol


- She loves helping her son with this kind of stuff, crafting and drawing is something they do together often. Digs around to find a smaller box from the cafe to work with. They clean off the table together, placing down newspaper of course– keeping the mess to a minimum.

- It’s fairly simple, a light pink color with lace and beads. It’s not too fancy, but that’s how both of them like it.

- Her son brings back a small amount, but he’s still happy with it regardless. Thankfully he has Jaehees graciousness. He shares his chocolates with her and MC while showing them the cards he got, it’s nice to see him so excited.


- As soon as his kids bring it up he’s ready. Gets two huge boxes, spends hours with them making it into two cars. Lovebugs actually, He thought it was fitting. It took forever and they all went through hundreds of honey buddha chips, but in the end it looks pretty badass. Hearts with flames coming out of them, nothing less from the Choi family.

- His kids come home with piles of valentines and candies. Even the teachers piped in and gave them some extras on the side for the creativity. Seven pretends he’s going to take it away for himself, but feels bad when his kids nearly start to cry. Cheers them up but having ice cream and candy for dinner, but much to MC’s displeasure. He’ll make up for it later tonight.


- He loves to help his kids with things like this, he’s glad they came to him. He has some old smaller boxes that once held film and camera equipment, as well as getting some acrylic paints and beads.

- He has like 4 kids honestly, So it takes forever to get everything perfect, eventually they all have something a little different. He didn’t help much, he wanted them to be creative. Very proud at the outcome, gives them all high fives before setting the boxes up to dry.

- Having a ton of kids has perks– He takes a bit out of every box for him and MC without telling them. Sneaky bastard stealing candy from his kids lolol


Pairing: Jungkook X Reader ft. Jimin

Genre: Smutty Goodness

Word Count: 3000-ish

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“Jungkook not here, ah-” You exclaimed as your breaths become more shallow and your heart beating faster than it ever had before.

“Why not princess, you’re dripping wet.” He whispers into your ear as he takes his fingers out from between your thighs, soaked in your juices he puts them in his mouth with any hesitation and sucks them clean.

“Because we’re on a fucking train you pabo” You scold finally gaining come composure as you catch your breath.

‘Oh how did I end up here especially like this?’ You thought to yourself recalling everything that had happened.

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Requested: can you do one about nick giving you hickies? btw I love your writing 💗

word count: 491

Rating: PG 13+

Remember my requests are always opened and feel free to ask me any questions about me or Nick! :)))

Do we have to go out tonight" You felt his soft lips pressing against your neck as you tied up your necklace Nick had gotten you for your birthday. “How about we stay home and have a little fun” He laughed the vibration weird against your neck.

“No we agreed to go out now get dressed” You said making sure he removed his lips before he could start a hickey on your neck.

“Babe, I don’t want to go out” He crossed his arm as he whined as if he was a toddler who didn’t get the toy he wanted. 

“Two hours please?” You sighed not wanting to give into him and his childish ways. Quickly he nodded before grabbing a clean shirt before announcing it was time to leave. “So now you want to go?” You giggled at your cheeky boyfriend.

“Let’s just go, we’ll be back in two hours” He winked before hopping into his side of the car. As you both buckled up your seatbelts you couldn’t help but admire his beautiful face and the way his face lit up as the radio played his favourite song.

After 10 minutes of driving you arrived at the restaurant you were meeting your parents at. “Can’t wait to get you home” He whispered in your ear as he grabbed your hand helping you out of your seat.

“Nicolas” You scolded as you found your parents sitting at a table waving at the two of you.

“Nick, y/n how are you both” Your Mum asked as she kissed your cheeks before greeting Nick properly.

“We’re good” You smiled as you gave your Dad a hug.

“Has he been treating you okay” Your father whispered in your ear.

“He’s been lovely” You smiled at your boyfriend who was grabbing the chair out for you.

As you waited for the meals you had just ordered you felt Nick’s hand rest against your knee. “What are you doing?” You whispered before looking at your Mum nodding at what she was saying.

You pushed Nick’s hand off your knee before it could get any higher. “Guys dinner is here” You mum announced before the conversation ended and everyone started eating.

As you and Nick arrived home after having dinner with your parents Nick was looking a bit horny. “Okay hickey time” He smirked before attaching his lips to your neck sucking hard before a loud moan left your mouth.

It only took Nick a few seconds to find your sweet spot as he had left hickeys on your neck multiple times.

After a few minutes of nick leaving multiple hickeys he pulled away. “What are you doing?” You asked confused.

“We’ve had our fun, now cuddle me baby girl” He teased before hopping into bed.

“I’m good with that” You told Nick before getting into bed with him not caring in this moment that you hadn’t changed. Although you knew when you woke up that you’d regret not changing.

“Goodnight” You and Nick both said before drifting off into a peaceful sleep.

L$D (d.l.)

▹Short imagine 

A/N: Hey!!! okay I’ve just realized this is my first derek short imagine, which id crazy bc i love him you would think i would have already done a bunch. in this imagine there are some drugs named so don’t read if you aren’t comfortable with it. this is definitely part one.  there will be a part two coming soon.  love u -i


Request stuff here 

(warning: drug usage) 

“I love you” he said as he popped a random pill in his mouth 

 "you don’t, that’s the drugs talking" I giggle as I sip on my purple mixture 

“baby, I do love you” he says as he comes closer to me 

 "then show me" I smirked “show me you love me”

 he grabbed my leg and pulled me down on the leather couch, attacking my neck with kisses while rubbing my sides. I moan softly in his ear while gripping the back of his hair. his lips touch mine and he kisses me. I close my eyes as the kiss deepens. 

 my eyes flutter back open. he’s gone. it was all a dream. I sigh softly and look around the dark room. another sleepless night. I look to my side to pick my phone off of the table. it’s 5:34am. I click the off button, place my phone back on the table. then I lay back down on my side. 

 I start to think. think about everything. everything I’ve been threw and the things I’ve been going threw. I wish I could go back to my dreams, maybe even stay there forever. after about an hour my alarm goes off, I roll eyes and turn it off. now off to school, I rather die. I mean will I remember any of this stuff. no. do I need this stuff in life. no. so why do I go? 

 I started to get dressed and do my morning routine. I stand in front of the mirror eyeing my choice of clothing and smile. if there was one thing I had. it was style. 

once I finished getting ready I walk downstairs to my mom who is talking on the phone with who seems to be her boss. I smile at her quickly and she does the same. 

 "bye love you" I say quickly before walking out of the door 

 "love you too" she replies I walk to the bus stop. 

there was a slow breeze that passed by as I stood there with my phone in my hand. I sigh. it was Manhattan in the winter I’m going to regret wearing this little amount of layers. 

 "you good ma?“ a voice asks 

 I look up to a beautiful brunette. it was him. how did he get here. he was in my dream. my face shows a dumbfounded look. I quickly wake up from my little trance. 

 "yea, yes I’m fine thank you” I said 

 "you sure you look a little cold" 

 "y-yea" “here” he says taking off his jacket 

“no you don’t need to really” I said 

 "it’s okay, with a mom like mine I have 3 of these on" I chuckle and grabbed his jacket. 

 "thank you-“ I say but stop 

 "Derek” he helps me 

 "nice to meet you, I’m (y/n)“ I smile 

 "so you just moved here or something” I ask 

“yea, from California” he replies 

 "ohh that’s nice, it’s a big change right?“ 

 "yes, it really is, it’s so cold here" 

 "ha well welcome to New York!” he chuckles the bus arrives. 

I walk on with Derek behind me. I plop onto a seat, he sits beside me. I smile and look ahead. I could feel him staring at me but I never looked over. it would be embarrassing, I would probably blush then melt on this ugly bus seat. 

 we make it to school and I want to throw up. I hated school. everyone slowly exits the bus, slow as ever. the same thing every single day. Derek is in front of me and I examine his back. I notice his tattoos. I didn’t see them before. they’re hot. really hot. once we get off of the bus I pull him by the back pack. 

 "you have tattoos?“ I ask 

 "yea, ma" 

 "those are fire, how many do you have?!?" 

 "enough to ask you on a date so you can look at them all" 

 I blush 

 "then ask me" 

 he gets on one knee and grabs my small hand. 

 "my dearest, (y/n) I know I’ve only known you for an hour but will you please go on a date with me?” he asks 

I hold back my laughter 

 "oh!! Derek, I would love to" I say he gets up from his knee and levels Himself. 

“well, that- that was amazing” I say 

 "thank you" he playfully smiles 

 i part ways with Derek and head to my locker. Jordan runs up to me. 

 "have you seen that kid Derek yet?! he’s a god!“ she swoons 


 "well he might be a god but he’s also a devil" 

 I slightly chuckle. 

"what do you mean?” I ask 

 "he has been caught doing drugs in the bathroom of his old school, he’s mom moved to start over" 

“…how the hell do you knew this” I question 

 "i know people" I roll my eyes playfully, then the bell rings. 

“see you later, jay” I say before making it to my class 


 I cross my leg over the cafeteria bench and swing my other over. I sit at the table and take out my phone. I didn’t have an appetite at all. I haven’t had a real one since freshman year. look at me now a senior who eats nothing. you can call that depression. 

 Derek comes out of no where and sits across from me. I smile at the sight of him. 

 "so I heard you got caught doing drugs at your old school" I say 

 he looks directly at me. 

“wow, bad news travels fast” he says 

 "so, what was it?“ I question "pot, xani, coke?" 

 he chuckles "how about I ask why you aren’t eating” he says 

 "how about I ask you what you were caught doing" 

“LSD, baby" 



"I what?" 

"what do you do?" 

 I chuckle 

 "how do you know I do anything?” I ask 

 "because I can read you" 

 "Xanax and ecstasy really" 

 "ow, that’s hot" i roll my eyes 

 "so why aren’t you eating?“ 

 "because I don’t feel like it duh" 

 "don’t duh me" 

 "I duh who I want to duh, Derek" 

 "how about instead of the last periods we go to my friend’s house and do some stuff”  he asks 

 you would think stuff would be sex. but no. drugs.

 I nod my head, he gets up and grabs my hand to bring me to the parking lot. a car pulls up and he opens the door, I hop in and he follows. I know I shouldn’t be getting into cars with strangers but there was something about him. we arrive to a house, I intertwine my fingers with his and we walk into the house together. 

 "Derek, my man!“ A light skin guy says hugging him 

how does he have friends so fast? he just moved here. 

 "this your girl?!” the guy asks 

 "yea" Derek nods I blush a bit 

“I’m Kevin but call me KDL, baby” he says 

“I’m (y/n)” I reply 

 I follow Derek to the living room and there are three other guys. 

“this is my girl, (y/n), baby this is Nate, swazz and Tyler” he says 

I melt at his words but I have to keep my shit together. I smile and wave. 

“so what do you like ma?” Nate asks me 

 I give him a confused look. 

 "pot? or you poppin’ pills?“ 

 "oh I like both" 

 "you like lean?” Tyler asks 

 "I’ve never had it" 

 they all looked at me like I was ghost. 

 "what? oh my gosh Derek your girl hasn’t had lean?! oh baby you gone have some fun" Nate smirks 

 "damn, I had some lean on me when I was like twelve" Tyler said making everyone laugh 

 KDL hands Tyler a bottle of pineapple Fanta. Tyler pours a purple liquid from a bottle that see threw red. KDL handed me the styrofoam cup. I take a big gulp and stare at the pretty purple drink. Derek places his hand on my thigh as I talk a big gulp of the liquid. 

I can feel it rushing threw my body. all of the guys watch me but soon go back to smoking and talking. but Derek he looks at me. I smile sloppily. he tucks a strained of my hair behind my ear. 

 "you’re so hot" he says near my ear i giggle and go back to my drink. i take a few big gulps and I’m met with nothing but ice. 

“I don’t think you were suppose to drink it that fast” Derek says 

“me either” I giggle I move closer to his face. 

 my lips close to his, almost touching them. he grabs my bottom lips with his teeth and begins to suck on my bottom lip. I hum as we kiss in sync. he releases from the kiss and looks at me. 

 "your lips taste good" he says 

“I taste better” I wink as I bite my bottom lip 

“well, I would have to try for myself”

hours passed. I pull out my phone I read, 8:44pm.  

“shittttt” I say aloud catching Derek’s attention  

“you good?”  

“no, I need to get home”

 He nods and grabs car keys.

my mom was going to kill me. I didn’t even text her or anything. 

“here” Derek says handing me a small plastic bag “a gift” 

I look, there were three small colorful tablets with smiles on them. they looked like kids vitamins. but I knew they weren’t. it was LSD.  

he looks down at me and smiles. I smile back, then stuff the small plastic baggie in the pocket of my jacket.  

we get into the car and head to my house.

“well thank you, Derek”

“no thank you, baby” 

I quickly peak his lips but he pulls me back in for another kiss. his fingers go to my neck and he pulls, deepening the kiss. his tongue finds away into my mouth. my hands lay on his chest as we kiss. 

I release for breath but began to kiss him again. I cross over him so I’m sitting on his lap. he kisses my neck as I grind against him. 

his hand goes up to my shirt and he grips onto my right breast. I slow down the kiss, my hands roam down to his buckle. I fiddle with his buckle with frustration and he chuckles on my swollen lips.

he moves my hands and unbuckles his belt. I break the kiss to tear my top off. I start to leave wet kisses on his neck. he leans his back and groans. my tongue swivels of his skin.

I put my hand on the side of the seat and pull down his seat so he is leaning back. I unbuckle me bra. he admiringly watches me do so. I go down his abdomen and begin to kiss upward. i reach his collarbone. I kiss him slowly until I reach his lips. his large travel to my ass and he grips it tightly causing my to whimper in his mouth. 

he flips us over so he’s on top. He starts to slid off my jeans but stops when there is a knock on the window.  its Jordan.  

I scatter around to find my clothes and put that back on, Derek does the same. Jordan does not seem pleased.  but wasn’t it my life? and cant i do what i want with it?

“Thanks again” I say to Derek before exiting the car 

He nods 

I close the door and walk up to Jordan. I could hear him drive off.  

“Were you about to have sex in the front of your house, in a car?” She asks 

Before I could talk she cuts me off.  

“What if your mom caught you and it wasn’t me”

“Jordan, you cant tell me what to do and how to live, it’s simple as that” 

“And you smell like weed, are you high?” 

“No I’m not high, Jay, chill and stop trying to be my mom! Why are you being like this? You are usually the one doing these things so I wouldn-” I say but was cut off by Jay hugging me 

She begins to cry but they it is muffled by my jacket.  Correction, Derek’s jacket.  Man, I forgot to give it back!

“Jay baby, what’s wrong?”

Healing [Collab]

Group: BTS
Pairing : Bxngtansmut x Jamlessvanny Yoongi (suga) x reader
Genre: smut. fluffy
Warnings: Explicit contents

We had a lot of fun writing this piece. Personally, it’s the first time I do a collaboration and I’m so honored to have worked with such a cutie. I hope we can do more things together in the future (like a new chapter for this ff).
Please, let us know what you think of our work and Enjoy … your smut ahah
we love you cuties! 

The cheers of the public were so warm… You could never forget that feeling. It was the first time ever you perform in Asia with your band and their excitement made you insanely happy. You were new on the business back then, you have just released your first album and it became extremely popular worldwide in just a couple weeks. You could not believe it, one day you were in your garage having fun with your best friends, just making what you love most, write music and the next day you are performing in a Korean talk show the same day as BTS, your favorite kpop group! It’s a crazy world in which we live in. You felt all the eyes on you, and you were blushing, it was so new to you, but since you were the only girl of the group you always received an especial attention.

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anonymous asked:

Any fic where they are just friends but like they get jealous when the other one is with someone


Ride It Out

Learning to Let Go

Your Number’s Up

on my mind

I still get jealous

The Green Monster

Cry Baby

Just a Little Jealousy


it’s my right to be hellish, I still get jealous

you’re good at being bad (cis!girl ziam)

what if the sky and the stars are for show (cis!girl ziam)

Like a Record Baby

It’s about time we had some fun

startin’ fires

This is Mine (or Step the Fuck Off, Bro)

He Wants To Try For A Baby- Nate Maloley Imagine.

Request by: Anon.

Originally posted by silkynaloley

You was sitting on the couch on your phone when you heard the door slam shut, and Nate walked in with a grin on his face. “Hey babe, how you doing?” he said sitting beside you, pulling you onto his lap. “I’m doing great, you?” you said giving him a kiss, “I’m good” he said. “How was work?” you asked, “ It was fun, one of the stylist’s had her baby girl of almost one year with her, she was so cute” he said smiling like a little child “I have a picture, here” he said letting you see the picture of the little girl on his phone. “Aww, she’s so cute” you said, “Y/N, I was thinking…” “about what Nate?” “ I really want a baby and I know we are both busy with our carriers but our moms can babysit sometimes, right?” he said looking at you, you was surprised but happy at the same time.   “ I really want a baby with you too Nate” you said, Nate walked up to you and grabbed your hand and dragged you to you guys’ bed room.

- One week later-

“Nate come here for a sec” you said, you just took a pregnancy test and guess what?; it’s positive!! “yeah whats up babe” he said walking into the bathroom. You gave him the pregnancy test and smiled, “Yes! we did it!, I’m so happy” he said running up to you and hugged you tight.

A/N: Sorry it’s so short but I hope you liked it! I did! I think Nate would be a awesome dad tbh, he seems like a fuckboy but I think he would be a great and cool dad. :). I actually laughed at that sentence omg.


Nice shirt.  Well, thanks. Somebody burned my other one.
Which was awesome, by the way.

Mall Date {Cameron Dallas} -Requested

Ooo let’s go here!” you say excitedly dragging your boyfriend Cameron into Forever 21.

You had just seen a movie and now you’re walking around shopping with Cameron.

You look through all the clothes and pick out a few things to try on. 
You try on a black dress and show Cameron.

“I like the front but the weave in the back looks weird,” Cam says.

You love shopping with Cameron because he gives really good fashion advice.

You try on a blue form fitting dress. 
“I love it. Especially on you Cam says standing up to kiss you.

After an hour of shopping for both you and Cameron, you decide it’s time to go home.

Cameron rests his hand on your knee while he drives home.

You walk in carrying shopping bags even though Cameron wanted to carry them. But you insisted you could do it.

You throw the bags in your room and Cam trails behind.

Once you get your bags down and he drops his you turn around and Cameron grabs your waist pulling you closer.

“I had fun today baby girl,” Cameron says.

Your noses are touching and he connects your lips sparking a fire in you.

Cam kisses you slowly and roams his hands up and down your body.

His kisses gradually come with more passion. Your hands tangle in his hair causing him to moan.

Cameron grabs your thighs indicating for you to jump up.

You jump into his arms never breaking the kiss. He turns around an slams you up against the wall.

You lift your shirt up and over your head. You toss your shirt down and Cameron behind a trail of kisses down your torso.

Cameron walks over to the bed and lays you down. He takes off his shirt quickly and starts pulling down his sweat pants leaving him in his grey boxers.

Cameron starts unbuttoning your pants and then slides them down. You unhook your bra and toss it to the side.

Cameron massages your breasts and sucks on your neck which will definitely leave evidence later.

Cam makes sure to sprinkle a couple of love marks around your chest too.

He reconnects his lips with yours, sliding his tongue in.

Your tongues dance around while you palm his hardness.

You flip over so you’re on top of Cameron and slide down his boxers. His erection springs out of his boxers which gets you excited. You rip off your panties and kiss Cameron again. You sit onto his dick and start to ride him.

“Fuck,” Cameron moans.

“Harder baby,” he groans.

You continue to ride him until Cameron lifts you off of him.

“Let me have some fun baby girl,” Cameron says flipping you so that you’re under him.

He thrust into you fiercely keeps one hand on your breast.

Cameron’s motions make you go crazy. His moans fill your ears with pleasures as you let out multiple moans and curses.

“I’m gonna c-come,” you tell Cam.

“Oh fuck yes,” Cameron says throwing you over the edge. Your body shakes in pleasure. Cameron comes soon after, collapsing next to you.

“You always feel so fucking amazing around me baby,” Cameron says panting.

“I love the way you fuck me senseless babe. Ready for round 2? I just got new shower head,” you say smirking at Cameron.

“Oh boy.”


Should I write about round 2 or nahh?

Always taking requests!💕

Endless Love

wordlessthoughtsofwonder said: My heart is gone… I have no words. Unspoken brought me to tears! I loved it!! Thank you so much!! Keep them coming. Your the best ☺️

i-am-a-tiger-ninja-goalie said: Oh my God!! My heart has been shattered!! Please write another part!! I’m crying right now!!!!

nonexistancewouldbeapleasure said: I just read your accidents happen series and omg. I just. I can’t believe how amazing it is, I can’t wait to read the next part! There will be a next part right? I absolutely /NEED/ to know what happens or else I’ll go insane. But anyway! You’re an amazingly talented writer while I was reading I felt like I was somewhere else and not in my bed anymore. You are truly amazing and I can’t wait to read more of your work! ☺️

Anonymous said: Is there going to be another part to the AH series? Unbroken was so good!

elenawrit said: YOU HAVE FIVE SECONDS TO TELL ME THAT THE LATTER PART “Unspoken” IS NOT FINISHED, AND THERE WILL BE SOMETHING BEHIND !! Otherwise, I turn into a bear ice, and I find you and sing to you ALL SONGS BY BROTHER BEAR !! I AM FRENCH, I AM COMPLETELY CRAZY !! I know it makes no sense, but do me a favor and pretend to be scared just half a second! Please do.

Anonymous said: If Accidents Happen doesn’t end well I’m not sure what I’ll do. Probably cry and reread it five times. Keep up the good work sweetheart!


And well, you guys get the point….

A/N: Okay, I know I said one more part, but the length of this is more than what I usually publish, so I’m gonna split it in two. Anyhow, I promise that now there is just one more part. Also, a special thanks to whiskeybrothers for inspiration of this! 

Word count: 2,627

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: swearing, mentions of death.

The “Accidents Happen” series

Unspoken (Previous Part)

Misnamed Fate (Last Part)



Your voice was a sweet whisper in his ear, filled with love and gentleness. It was the feeling of falling asleep on the couch and waking up with a blanket. It was smelling the coffee in the morning and knowing that there was already a cup perfectly made for him. It was inhaling the smell of your clothes when he hugged you. It was love. And it was the most painful pierce in his heart.

He didn’t want to open his eyes to find the side next to him empty, as it had been for the past month. He didn’t want to open his eyes and see that there was a frame missing from your bedside table. He didn’t want to open his eyes because everytime he did it would only remind him that it was all real. You were gone.

Dean didn’t like real.

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Daddy Luke

(Hey, it’s Elizabeth again! I wrote a Luke Daddy superlongblurb, I hope you like it! Feel free to post, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Thanks so much! I’ve had SO much fun writing!)

Your baby girl whimpered in her dark bedroom, the wind howling outside the window, her hands reaching up, up, up toward the ceiling, the only word she knew (“mama”) repeatedly falling from her lips. Luke, half asleep in your bed, heard her cries from down the hall. Instantly he sprung from bed, noting the dark alarm clock faces. He tried turning on the hallway lights, flipping the switch and being met with continued darkness. The storm outside had gotten worse, causing the power outage, and he could only silently hope that you’d be home from your parent’s house soon.

“Hey, baby girl,” he whispered as he entered his little girl’s room. Her big blue eyes shone with tears, her lip quivering. “Everything’s fine, you’re fine.” Luke reached into her crib, softly cradling her against his body. She hiccupped softly with tears, whining for “mama” again. Luke smiled softly, assuring his little girl: “Mama will be home soon. Don’t you worry, munchkin.”

He softly rocked his baby back and forth, back and forth, humming mindlessly as your little girl grasped to her daddy’s t-shirt with her small hand, her thumb in her mouth, eyes still wet with tears. The minutes passed, and Luke couldn’t help but feel unsettled that you weren’t home yet. Your parent’s house was pretty far, and you stayed pretty late, and the driving conditions definitely weren’t good, but he couldn’t help but worry.

“Should we go wait for your mum in the living room?” Luke asked his little girl, raising his eyebrows, her blue eyes watching her daddy adoringly. The two of them ventured into the living room, tree branches rattling against the house, the white noise of rain on the roof above their heads, filling the house with noise but emptying them both of comfort.

Luke lay out on the couch, covering himself and his baby girl with a blanket, her head laying on his chest, the rhythmic beats of his heart and rise and fall of his chest slowly lulling her eyes to flutter shut. Luke hummed a quiet lullaby, urging his girl further to go to sleep. Soon they lay asleep, tucked under the covers, protected from the storm outside.

Headlights drew across the living room wall through the blinds, your car slowly pulling up to the house. You sighed, releasing your tense hands from the steering wheel, rubbing your neck. The only thing you could think about while making the stressful drive home was your family, the two people waiting for you inside the house. You entered the front door as quietly as possible, your chest filling with the warmth of love as you saw your husband and your baby girl fast asleep on the couch, their lips parted, faces flush with the comforts of sleep. You leaned over, giving both a kiss, and Luke’s eyes fluttered open.

“You’re home,” he whispered, a sleepy, yet genuine, grin enveloping his face.

“I’m home,” you said, the word ‘home’ applying more so to the two people in front of you rather than the house you entered. “I love you, so much.”

You both helped carry your baby girl back to her crib, tucking her in, and settling yourselves in your own bed, the sound of the wind not nearly as scary now that everyone was safe and sound.