baby girl had fun

the weirdest part of adulthood thus far is when people you knew Back In The Day start having babies and their personality & social media presence jst dissolves into “i have a baby”. granted it’s not all of them, but it’s weird to see someone’s feed descend into “mommy & memes” like that when you knew them before

Of course we are not iconic.
You are not my Romeo
and I am not your goddamn Juliet.
Of course we are nothing but two lost
souls; history doesn’t even know about us.
Distance may detach us from one another but
what I feel for you consumes me more than this
breadth between us do.
But the way Romeo killed himself
thinking Juliet killed herself,
reminded me of things I would do for you.
I am more than willing to die for you,
my love, the same way I am also more than
willing to live for you again in my next life.
I would take bullets straight to my spinal
column and I would even use my very last breath
to ask the gunman to shoot me one more time if ever
I don’t die immediately. I would even eat Snow White’s apple
even knowing it has poison just to save you, still smiling as I do.
To be able to breathe boundless times with a heart that’s destined
to sync with the resonance of your heart, my love,
is the most beauteous thing—
as well as to die just to keep you safe and sound.
Here is my heart and life, it’s all yours, my love.
I’d wait for you up above.
—  s.a., & i.v.c., the new shakespearean love.
Freestyling Part 2 (Brunette 😉)

Really hot girl, “I had fun tonight. We should do this again. ”

Me,“ I only hope we are looking for the same thing. ”

Really hot girl, “What are you looking for?”

Me, “ I’m not looking for commitment. ”

Really hot girl, “ good. Neither am I. ”

Me, “ I am looking for commitment when we are together. I would also like to make your life a little easier. ”

Really hot girl, “That sounds perfect. ”

I had always thought this would be so much harder than it really is. So I’m barely on SA anymore. I’m so sick of the bullshit. Freestyling is actually a lot of fun. I can weed through the girls before they even know what I’m looking for. Girls on SA seem to be there with an idea. A plan of what they want out of the site. They set a target and work towards it. Freestyling is convincing a girl who has no plan that this is a mutually beneficial arrangement. I set the terms. There are so many benefits of Freestyling.

1. You don’t have to worry if the pics are real or hiding something. 👍

2. You can casually chat about finances and figure out what kind of allowance would be required to convince her to consider an arrangement.

3. Girls on SA are on their guard. It’s a game to them. Their objective is to maximize allowance. Freestyling is more about newbies and convincing them that we are going to have an awesome time together. 😙

So I have a new pot who is open and honest about what she wants. Is open to the idea of an arrangement. She has realistic expectations out of this. I’m actually looking forward to seeing her again. 😊 I’m going to take her shopping. I think for the first time in a long time, I’m actually looking forward to a pot date. I guess it helps that she is super hot!!!

This is going to be fun. 😬


Asked my cousin to be my valentine date since I don’t have anyone to go out with. She kinda hesitated but said yes anyways. We went to Boston Pizza for supper and stayed there for 3 hours. We pretty much just talked and laughed the whole time. (So grateful to have someone who I can open up to about anything). Anyway, the food was delicious, we were so full after. We didn’t want to leave yet, but we had to (It was getting a little late and we have school tomorrow). So we just went home.

Surprisingly, today was perfect. Who says you need a man to have a good valentines day? Because that’s a lie. Good conversation, fine food , and a great company is all you need, really!

Thank you, baby girl, for accompanying me today. I hope you had as much fun as I did. Love you always 💕😘


Nice shirt.  Well, thanks. Somebody burned my other one.
Which was awesome, by the way.