baby girl


12/01/2016 | December 1st

Today Matt, Bri, Kahli and I had fun decorating the tree and putting up some lights. Our tree is all finished now and it’s so festive I love it. After that we went out specifically for these cookies.

If you’ve never had them you seriously have to try them. I’ve been to 3 stores in search of them and we finally found a store that carried them, they’re literally so delicious. (Me and Matt ate all 24 while watching four Christmases, which was what we did next)

Tomorrow we’re going to the tree lighting at robson square so I’m super excited about that. It’s almost midnight and Brielle just finished her bottle so now I get to pull out som Christmas books and start reading them to her. Yay.

Today Violet is 10 weeks old☺️

Things we are working through with her:

Lots of appointments with the dermatologist and the gastroenterologist to monitor her hemangiomas. I think we are going ahead with the oral medicine because she scheduled a ton of scans and a cardiology appt which you need for the medicine. For now we have been using a topical ointment to treat the ones on her skin.

She has a reflux issue with the current formula so we are trying a gentle one over the weekend to see if it helps. If it does I have an appt mon with wic to get my benefits changed so I can get that kind instead.

She has been favoring one side with her head so I have been having to stretch her and rub her shoulders and make sure when she is sleeping her head isn’t all off to that one side.

Ugh I feel like I’m failing her again and again. Mommy is trying to fix all this stuff for you. Despite it all she is a sweet and smiley baby almost always.

(tw) littles with anxieties

a lot of littles regress to cope with their anxiety, but what do you do when little space doesn’t completely take it away? here are some tips to help littles defend anxiety while still staying small.

calm jars | with just a jar/bottle, glitter, glue, & water, you can make a cute way to settle worries. shake the container up then little can watch the glitter fall down while taking deep breaths. littles are usually steady once the glitter reaches the bottom. find the diy here.

faulty counting | counting in order requires almost no mental capacity so little needs to say random numbers slowly for their brain to focus on counting, not anxiety. have them only use numbers 1-50 without repeating. this is my favorite technique to use not only for my little but for my own panic attacks as well.

“you’re safe” | over and over again. hold them, rock them, & whisper “you’re safe, i’m safe, everyone is safe”. this is very helpful for littles with inevitable phobias; i personally have death anxiety & get triggered easily when i’m not reassured people are safe so this is a must. for littles who don’t have caregivers, repeat it slowly to yourself while rocking side to side or write lines.

lollipops/suckers | the same concept of pacies except lollies trigger the stomach as well, causing your brain to switch focus on hunger. our favorites are tootsie pops because blow pops cut the mouth, but you can use any brand.

white/brown/pink noise | if little loves rain, crackling fire, wind, etc. those same sounds could help them relax during anxious episodes. you can play audio through speakers to set a calm mood or have them lay down with headphones for a more direct experience. visit here to play around with background noise (note that some sounds may irritate little one so it helps to know what they like before hand).

things little one loves to hear ♡

➳ once upon a time…
➳ i love it when you’re yourself !
➳ you’re perfect to me
➳ accidents happen, it’s okay
➳ why don’t i help you with that ?
➳ does someone need a nap ?
➳ tell me what’s wrong, i’m listening
➳ i love your laugh so much
➳ let’s cuddle
➳ you make me so happy
➳ guess what ? it’s snack time !
➳ i have a surprise for you… 
➳ do you remember our rules ? 
➳ hold my hand, please
➳ come on, stay close
➳ let me kiss it better
➳ you’re such a good little one
➳ i’m so proud of you !
➳ don’t cry, i’m here now
➳ i love you so much