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Daniel Gillies: I would Love to see the Klaroline *sarcasm* As you know I’ve always been an avid supporter from the word go *more sarcasm* to me it’s just the vertebrate *obnoxious facial expressions* of what makes The Originals, The Orginals.

Me: *Clears throat* I just Loved to see Hayley Marshall and the ridiculous magical baby plotline *sarcasm* As you know I’ve always been an avid supporter from the word go *more sarcasm* to me it’s just the vertebrate *sips tea* of what makes The Originals, The Orginals *pours the entire pot down my throat*

The Game of Thrones Fandom vs. Me:
  • 10% of the GoT fandom: Lol, I hate but also relate to Theon just "nopeing" off that ship.
  • 9% of the GoT fandom: *Actually worrying about theories/Yara's fate/the women representation and in yesterday's episode the brutal exchange between Nymeria and Arya.*
  • Me, the 1% of the GoT fandom: Samwell Tarley only traveled far away from his brother of the Night's Watch (Jon Snow) to serve his king and help out a friend. His first intention was to discover information from his research on ways to kill White Walkers and save the Seven Kingdoms from the year-long winter. However, he was bogged down with tons of book-stacking/cleaning up people's shit (literally) and being used for medicinal assistance by the Grand Maester. Through all this, he still managed to discover that Dragonstone sits on a mountain of dragonglass which can be used to killed the White Walkers and the dead army. He also managed to keep his family (Gilly and baby Sam) alive through what he does as a maestar. And finally, he sought out to help Ser Jorah Mormont in secret, a man heavily infected with Greyscale, WHEN NOBODY ELSE, INCLUDING THE GRAND MAESTAR (because it was too "dangerous") did. If Samwell Tarley isn't the true hero of tonight's episode, I don't know who is.

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Let daniel hate klaroline all he wants its his choice just like its the fandoms choice to be a pack of hitches tob

Oh wow! I didn’t know we were a pack of hitches? That’s a new one, how novel…😒

Listen, DG is entitled to his opinion but let’s be clear, Daniel doesn’t hate Klaroline.

What he hates is the fact that since The Originals was announced (this shiny new spinoff that was supposed to be sooo good) all anyone could talk about was Klaroline. Will Klaroline get together? Will Caroline be on the show?

So you see Daniel has been pressed because he expressally ensured everybody that everyone would magically forget all about Klaroline when they met Camille which obviously didn’t happen.

The show’s ratings tanked - not because of the KC fandom - but because of Julie’s writing, the stupid baby plot diminishing a show based within the vampire genre, counterfeit kl*mille, Halijah (and PT’s acting probably).

The show'a slot was changed, S4 was cut short and now TO’s on it last season and DG is salty AF because not only is Klaroline going to be a part of the show but it’s practically the only thing keeping it on the air.

It was Julie’s last card and she pulled it, if not to save TO then to end things on a slightly more positive note.

If there had been a large rallying for SC or DE in relation to The Originals then DG would have thrown shade at them.

Klaroline just happens to be a popular ship that was conceived during an era of TVD when the writing was still decent. It was one of Julie and Kevin’s better ideas. So DG is mad not the because he objects to Klaroline as a ship but because it is outshining TO’s mediocrity.

Furthermore, I fail to see why people like you feel the need to come here and insult the members of this fandom. I cant speak for twitter but literally all I’ve seen from KCers on this site is us celebrating in our own tag and minding our business? Find a hobby anon.