baby geronimo

Nothing throws me for a loop quite like people referring to 15 hand horses as ‘tiny’. It’s no tiny, its rationally sized, ain’t no need for a two ended death trap that I can’t get on without a step ladder, son

anonymous asked:

Hey do you know of any really good clexa fanfics?

Hello, anon! Check out the other posts I’ve made for my recommendations (HP AU, Clexa AU, Childhood AU, The Fic Rec Project). And here are the others I haven’t mentioned before:


crazywisdom’s Rise Into Ruin - don’t know why I took so long before reading this; this is so good, characterization-wise, the layering of the plot, portrayal of the harsh reality of war

@theahhamoment’s The Commander - Lexa as she becomes the Commander; written in that deceptively simple way which makes it even more potent. Hurts.

adventurousfeather’s make this leap (say geronimo) - canonverse baby fluff, one I didn’t know I needed til I read it


dance_tilyouredead’Ground and Pound - MMA AU; hilarious and oh so wonderful

thesummerofrain’s Help, I Need Somebody (Not Just Anybody) - Lexa coping with loss and Clarke helping her with it; gotta say I love the friendships here


Blackrising’s My Bones Have Found a Place - I still don’t know how I feel about Omegaverse but this fic’s plot development is great

Just read everything written by:

brickroad16 (cute Clexa AU fics)
firetestsgold (great canonverse fic and even more amazing AU fic)
chrmdpoet (quality fics all the way)
nightshifted (their fics are so good I have to reread them over and over and over)
onemilliongoldstars (be it canonverse or AU, their works are awesomesauce)
someonelsesheart (especially the Clexa AU fics, cheesus!)
unicyclehippo (make sure to check out both their ao3 and tumblr–you don’t want to miss anything)

Also, it’s a good idea to keep checking the page of the fic writers whose work you liked and the ones they bookmarked. I find my faves that way. :D