baby gargle

Baby says papa for the first time

Hoseok: Will sit for hour cuddling his little girl, because he so proud of her. It will be hard for you to let her go if she needs a clean nappy or a bottle. She herself has no objection until Hobie starts weeping into her hair.

Jimin: Chim sits beside his daughter and marvels at her for a good half hour before asking her to say it again. Her young brain has long since moved on and she instead gargles some baby words at him.

Jungkook: He wants to be manly for his little boy and his wifu, but he is actually breaking down, pride pushing tears down his cheeks. 

Namjoon: Just loves it. His little girl can literally do anything to wrap her dad around her little fingers, but her saying papa literally breaks him. That is the moment he realizes this is all real.

Seokjin: It gives him all of the fuzzies. Every little step of his childs life needs to be documented, but when papa is uttered, Jin can’t even move.

Taehyung: “My son just called me papa for the first time, I am fucking king of the world!!!” Nothing can break V’s groove!

Yoongi: Is literally awestruck. He will sit there, staring at his boy as if this is not real. 

Ways To Tell Your Hetero Life Mate That You Want To Make Sweet, Sweet Homosexual Love To Them: A list by Wade Wilson

  • Tell him you want to have his butt babies
  • Offer to gargle with his jizz
  • Confess your undying love after painting your brains on the wall for the umpteenth time.
  • Leave dead rodents on the back of the toilet (works for cats!)
  • Eat lots of phallic fruits and veggies (healthy and fun!)
  • Slowly gut anyone who touches him
  • Sleep without pants on in your tiny apartment