baby garbage


I can relate

UGHHH i am so sorry. JUST… i’m speechless. words can’t describe how much i love this scene

I always imagine that Nick and Judy adopt children

And not just children. Oh no. 

They adopt runts. And they end up with this assortment of animals who are almost all classically eaten by foxes, so at the end their family looks like a morbid cooking book

and that reminds me

Family Christmas Cards are a fucking horror show

Lining up their babies in a sauce pot and stuffing Judy in the oven and Nick is standing there with his apron with fake blood (courtesy of Judy) everywhere and a thumbs up like THIS HOLIDAY SEASON, I’M BRINGING MY LOVED ONES OVER FOR DINNER! and their family life is a fucking riot and a half.


so i wasn’t around Tumblr when this first happened but in July I saved a baby opossum after being hit by a car, after a few months of care and love he was able to walk and be a little dude again 🖤 today I got to see him after months of not being with him and he’s doing wonderful and in a wonderful home. 😭😭😭 everyone meet GARBAGE THE OPOSSUM 🖤🖤🖤🖤

Kingsman Aesthetics: Merlin

“My idea of ‘help from above’ is a sniper on the roof.”

Diamond City’s littlest detectives