baby gagette

Happy 2nd Birthday, Baby Girl

I can’t believe that just two short years ago you were a tiny trembling infant, staring blankly at me as I welcomed you into the world.  Now you’re a non-stop chatterbox with a twinkle in your eye, abundant personality, and an overflowing sense of style.

In keeping with our (brief) tradition, the first half of December 24th was dedicated just to you and your nuclear family, before joining the rest of the family for Christmas Eve.

This year to celebrate your birthday we took on the challenge of Mount Bonnell.  It was an arduous hike up a bunch of steps (hey, gotta keep it toddler-friendly).

But the reward was the prettiest view in Austin.

We took some beautiful pictures and relaxed at a stone picnic table eating kolaches, one of your top breakfast choices.  The mild polish sausage kolache was your clear favorite…

…but you were gracious in willingly sharing it with your brother.

What a difference two years can make. I love you, little lady!  You impress and amaze me every day.