baby fruits

Fruits and Veggies

Fandom: Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy

Prompt: The guardians getting Baby Groot to eat his fruits and vegetables (requested by @grootiez)

“Come on Groot, if I had to eat them then you can too!” Peter said, pushing the plate closer to the little one. Groot looked up at him with sad eyes, he just didn’t want to eat that apple slice or that tiny pile of peas. Everything else off his plate was completely gone, and had been very quickly.

“That look won’t work. Be healthy, eat the healthy foods,” Peter said. Groot narrowed his eyes and shook his head. 

“I am Groot,” he said.

“You are not full, you asked for seconds of everything else! And you can have them after you eat everything on your plate!” Rocket said, crossing his arms.

“I am Groot!” he said.

“Don’t take that language with me, mister,” Rocket said. He forced Groot to take a bite of the peas. This made Baby Groot very upset and caused him to spit the peas out into Rocket’s face before flipping his plate onto the floor.

“Groot! Clean this up! Then you’re still gonna eat your damn fruits and vegetables!” Rocket screamed. Groot let out a yell. He held it out for a solid minute until at least Peter spoke up again.

“Just go to your room, Groot,” he said. The yelling stopped and Groot went to his room.

“He’s never gonna learn if you keep doing that,” Rocket said to Peter, “so I guess now you have a mess to clean.” He walked off.


I don’t know why but I love this place

~cheeky nymph tips~

take a walk outside every morning
keep a journal for writing and sketching
scented bubble baths
eat lotsa fruit
baby powder
brush ur teeth twice a day
eat meals with ur best friends
learn to play an instrument
sing and dance badly
its okay to be selfish sometimes
eat strawberries before u make out
hair ribbons
flavored lip balm
think deeply
do whatever u want

me: i’m an adult i can take care of myself

also me: sleep-deprived, suffering from multiple vitamin deficiencies, literally cannot remember the last time i ate a full meal