baby foxes!!!


Imagine Nick telling you a story when you wake up crying.

Nick rubbed the sleep from his eyes and fumbled for the light switch. “Coming, kiddo,” he promised as he made his way to your crib. Your little face was scrunched up in displeasure as you bawled and kicked your paws.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay, it’s okay,” Nick crooned as he gathered you into his arms, bouncing you lightly against his chest. “Daddy’s here, daddy’s got you.”

Gradually, your wails quieted to the occasional sniffle and whimper but, for all of Nick’s efforts, he couldn’t get you to go back to sleep. He sighed and curled up with you in the nearby rocking chair, “How about a story? Will a story make things better?” he hummed, running out of ideas.

He was still getting used to the thought of being a parent and the lack of sleep was starting to get to him. He fished through his memory, trying to come up with something. Eventually, he remembered a story book he had read as a little fox himself. The title made him chuckle. It seemed oddly appropriate given his recent adventures. “How about The Runaway Bunny? How’s that sound?”

You blinked up at him, head tilted slightly to one side, your ears perked upwards.

Nick took that as a yes. So he recited the story as best he could recall. “The Runaway Bunny said to his mother, ‘I am running away.’ She said, ‘If you run away, I will come after you…’” 

Gif Credit: Nick


The cutest fox


Flashback to a few of the furry, bat-eared fox families that we’ve had born at the Safari Park. With oversized ears and puppy-dog eyes, they can easily steal your heart. But these ears are for more than looks. They’re used for communicating among the group and finding underground prey.

 Learn more about these little, big-eared foxes. 


[[ well would you look at that, i finished another long-response-comic-thingy… ain’t i productive i should be doing coursework what am i doing with my life
so, due to the majority vote… sansby will be canon on this blog - don’t worry, this is still baby BONES, aka, sans and papy, so to all you sansby haters… just skip a few posts every now and then, okay? ;w; 

ironically i was listening to ‘helpless’ whilst drawing this 

also papyrus is totally bs’ing about knowing sign language. he probably looked up that one term and ended it at that… sans is too much of an awkward pudding to research sappy phrases like that anyway, so good going paps. ]]