baby fits right in

Julian bonding with team flash and fitting right in, because who better than him knows the feeling of being powerless, almost trapped in your own body when powers greater than yours are in control of your every move. Caitlin is not alone in this.
Because who better than him knew a loss so great, he had done anything to get them back, setting aside all logic.. chasing ghosts. Cisco feels less alone, knowing they shared the same pain.

Flashpoint robbed Caitlin of control over herself, it robbed Cisco of a beloved one.

Flashpoint robbed Julian Albert of both.

So I got a Fitbit

Right, I got a Fitbit for my birthday from my mum - it’s a very expensive gift and I was a little worried that I wouldn’t really ever get the use out of it because I am a very unfit and lazy person, I have depression and issues with food, and I work in a call center that times your toilet breaks, so getting up and walking about is… not happening.

Anyway. I got the Charge 2:

and this was the one I wanted, because of three things:

The sleep monitor. I feel like I never get enough sleep and I’m always tired. I wanted to know how i slept at night.

The heart rate tracker - I thought it would help when I have a panic attack I could SEE proof I wasn’t about to die.

The Guided breathing - ditto for above, I thought it would help me calm down if I was on my own.

I’ve had this for 17 days. I downloaded the app.

(more in the cut)

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Our Little Princess (Caledori x M!Corrin)

She was the most precious thing Corrin had ever held in his arms.

Kana’s eyes hold a look of wonder and innocence in them. Between plump, rose colored cheeks is a smile so pure that tears welled in Corrin’s eyes.

Upon the crown of her head, he placed a kiss so gentle that he wasn’t sure if his daughter could feel it. Kana giggled, and in return, her father let out a small chuckle of his own.

“What’s so funny you two?” Caledori asked, resting her chin on her husband’s shoulder to gaze at Kana’s smiling face.

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her hand fits just right in my palm,
her head curls into my shoulder perfectly.
she is so beautiful, only God knows why she chose me.

her eyes sink into mine and make me question why I can’t spend every second gazing into them.
her laugh fills me with warm fuzzies and keep me warm on a cold night.
her stories put me to bed at ease and I have trouble sleeping without her voice.

She is my angel, my princess
my protector, my happiness
my sweetheart, my one and only
but most of all my girlfriend.