baby fey


My third year attending the UKS panel at Upright Citizen’s Brigade on Thursday was so unfudging believable that when I woke up this morning, at first I thought it had been a dream. If you don’t think these writers and cast actually care, you’d be wrong.

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gregs EXTREMELY SUDDEN plunge into single parenthood ultimately led to a few very memorable trials where teeny miles was situated in a makeshift baby sling while gregory edgeworth, sleep deprived as he was, still managed to kick the prosecutions ass

miles edgeworth, something-month-year-old infant, was Delighted whenever greg pulled off a turnabout. there was no possible way he knew what was going on around him at the time, being an infant, but he was delighted all the same.


Great News promo: “Who’s the New Boss? Tina Fey?”