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when you’re watching shortland street and then you just realize that this is what the clones would look like

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Okay so Boba wouldn't be caught DEAD doing something as ridiculous as singing, right? Except that one time Jonah would. Not. Sleep. And dear dad finally had enough, so he pulled out the last trick he had. And Leia caught him. Can I get this in one shot format? If you can't tell, I'm a sucker for Leia catching Boba doing that ONE THING that ONE time. It's definitely my kink, if I have one. Also, bonus points if Boba sings something his dad sang to him... Just saying.

The most amazing thing that Leia has learned from motherhood is that a ten-month old baby can give every appearance of being sound asleep, and yet when their parent makes an attempt to slip from the room, the baby’s head snaps up as if pulled by an invisible sting, and that’s when the crying starts.


And again. 

Finally she went to her own bed, exhausted and on the verge of tears. “Just let him cry,” she snapped to Fett, who nodded without opening his eyes. 

Surely Jonah will put himself to sleep eventually. 

One hour passes.

And then two. 

He’s still crying. 

Finally she sits up with some desperate hope in mind that if she goes to him now, if she gives him a comforting pat or covers him with the blanket that he has most certainly kicked off, he’ll settle down and go to sleep. 

He has to be tired.

He has to be. 

Fett touches her arm. “I’ll go,” he says, and she doesn’t question it. Her head is already on the pillow, her mind devouring the thought of sleep like someone starved for food or water. 

She doesn’t know long she sleeps, time has been lost in her addled brain, but when she does wake, her husband is still gone from their bed. 

And then she hears it, and her first thought is that Jonah is whimpering, but it’s not a baby’s voice.

She leaves her bed. It’s not a distressed noise, necessarily, it’s just-


Someone is singing in a low, toneless voice. The words are Mando’a, but it’s not difficult to translate. It has the simple cadence of a children’s song. 

There’s a tree

In the woods

Cut it down

Carve it well

Make a spear 

There’s a rock

In the ground

Dig it up

Forge it well

Make a sword

She can think of only place Fett would have heard a Mandalorian children’s song. His father must have sang it to him. She peeks around the door into Jonah’s room. 

Her husband is sitting on the floor, his back to Jonah’s crib. His eyes are shut. He drags through the words as if he’s just barely awake. She touches his shoulder and his eyes open. There’s a question in them. 

She looks down into the crib. Jonah looks asleep. She shrugs and then holds out her hand to help him up from the floor. 

In the morning she’ll ask him about the song. 

He’ll say he doesn’t remember. 

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a blessing.

My baby finds your lack of faith disturbing.

“Seriously, Dad?” my baby asked me, exasperated. “People are actually legitimately upset about Disney buying Star Wars?”

“Seriously, baby.” I replied, mashing up a banana in a bowl. “It’s not being received well, generally.”

“Oh come on!” my baby cried. “It’s not like the last three movies were any good, amirite??”

“You’re completely right, baby,” I nodded.

“And really, if we’re splitting hairs here,” my baby continued, struggling valiantly against his high chair restraints, “Return of the Jedi wasn’t a real standout either.”

“I don’t know if I agree with you on that one, baby.” I tried to stare him down over his bananas. “Fans have a lot of good memories of that one.”

“Dad!!” my baby yelled. “That dance? At the end? With all those Ewoks? Undignified!”

“Ok, ok baby.” I conceded the point.

“And also, Star Tours has been at the Disney parks since the late 80s, DAD!” my baby wagged his finger at me.

“Honestly, baby, how do you know that?” I asked him quizzically. “You’ve never been there. And you’re also a baby, you wouldn’t be able to get on the ride.”

“Oh my god, Dad, you don’t remember that time??” my baby started whining.

“…No. You’ve never been. I would know.” I said firmly.

“NOT THAT, DAAAD!” he insisted. “That time I put on that hat, and you and Mom started laughing and said I looked goofy, and I didn’t know what that meant, so I looked it up on Ask Jeeves, and it said I was a weird anthropomorphic dog-thing, and I was SOOOOO upset??”

“I fail to see what this has to do with Star Tours, baby,” I admonished him.

“Well…” said my baby, tugging on his ear for no reason, “..after that I kind of got stuck in a Wikipedia hole about Disney attractions. I KNOW YOU KNOW HOW THAT IS, DAD.”