baby fabray

Progression of Lesbian ships:

The “Wow, whats this?” and realization on your own gay as you watch Spencer figure it out:

The ship that was full of side glances and cut scenes but so undeniable: 

The one after Glee destroyed your soul but IRL people told you it was okay to ship them and the fan fiction was brilliant and you let it consume you:

The one you decided to give a shot and fell into head first: 

The one that gave you everything you ever wanted and Tiny Gay Laura got her vampire:


Can we just admire the damn perfection that is Skank Quinn Fabray? I mean c'mon…I’m just in love…
(ah those are not mine, I’m not that talanted)

P.S: Any good fics with Skank!Q and Rach or San? You know Quinntana or Faberry?