baby dumbo rat

just rat things #465
  • lil hands with razor claws
  • turning your food 7 different ways before you begin eating
  • burying your food, leaving your owner to think they haven’t fed you, so they refill your bowl
  • curling up and letting your tail drape across your face
  • flinging your bedding everywhere for nO REASON
  • staring at your owner while licking your lips/teeth
  • carrying things that are SO BIG by lifting your head and trotting
  • getting offended by kisses
  • climbing into pockets/sleeves/hoods
  • never staying still for pictures
  • climbing on top of cups to steal your owner’s beverages
  • responding to stupid nicknames but never your own name
  • preferring the boxes your toys came in rather than the toys themselves
  • grabbing anything close to your cage just because it’s there
  • using the bathroom everywhere but your litterbox