baby dropped

Whatever you do, don’t think about Makkachin being a protective puppy with Victor and Yuuri’s baby. Don’t imagine their baby toddling around after Makka and pulling on the poor poodle’s ears and trying to ride her like a horsey and Makka just taking it because her people seem to really love this loud, squishy thing they brought home almost as much as they love Makka and, therefore, Makka loves the loud, squishy thing. And don’t think about some of the baby’s first words being, “Ma, maaa,” and people being really confused because this kid has two dads and no “mama” to speak of and Victor and Yuuri having to explain they’re pretty sure the baby’s trying to say, “Makkachin.” Don’t even consider Makkachin  waiting under the high-chair for the baby to inevitably drop food or Makka licking the baby’s face clean or Makka and the baby falling asleep together on a blanket while Victor and Yuuri coo and take pictures.

Don’t. Just don’t think about it. Don’t do that to yourself.

And He’s Off

Dropped my baby off at the vet around 8AM this morning. They gave me an estimate for his operation and it’s even less than I was expecting. He’s in for a dental cleaning and inspection to start with, but if/when they decide some of his teeth need to be extracted, they’ll take care of it then and there. I was worried I might have to make another appointment later on this week but I won’t. He’s also getting his vaccinations as I’m a bad cat mom and forgot to do them in November… I’ll update you guys when I finally get him home, but for now all I can do is wait and do homework.

That’s not a super recent picture of him, but he was really happy that day. 

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It's kind of rich coming from you, all of this fake concern towards the bullying that gay people face, when you're out there bullying people for liking the orange mclaren

Please, PLEASE, tell me you did not put the persecution that LGTB+ ppl suffer through on the sAME LEVEL AS BEING LITTLE BITCHES OVER THE DAMN COLOR OF A CAR.


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Imagine Harry being SUPER excited and happy when the baby is finally born. Like you're holding them for a few minutes and he's already got tears in his eyes but he's smiling at the same time and when you ask if he wants to hold it he's like YES but he's also super scared he'll drop the baby. When he finally has the baby in his arms he can't stop leaving kisses all over their face and he says "A beautiful little thing you are, just like your mumma."

He’s so soft, and his eyes are puffy because neither of you have gotten much sleep since you first went into labor. (They’re also puffy from the crying he’s done, and he’s not ashamed to admit that.)

“Hi thereee,” he says, with a quiet and shaky voice that sounds on the verge of cracking. “Hi precious baby giiiirl. M'your daddy.” The tiniest of baby noises comes from her mouth, and Harry kisses her bald head. “This is still very new to me, little bug, so you’ll have to give me some time. But m'gonna be the best daddy you could ever have. I promise.” He reaches a finger up to trace the outline of her tiny lips, and his eyes get damp. “Y'the most gorgeous little thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Y'very lucky you got mumma’s good lucks.”

You giggle through your tears. You’re exhausted and emotional and you’ve never experienced love like this– for Harry and now for this tiny precious human you brought into the world. Seeing him with your beautiful baby daughter has you over the edge, and you reach forward to stroke his cheek.

“I love you Harry,” you say quietly. “We did it.”

I feel like a bloated whale carcass, Baby has dropped all the way down into my pelvis and every time he moves it pushes on my ligaments or whatever and causes shooting pains, my contractions are too irregular to bother calling my doctor about…. He is overdue and I am uncomfortable.

Plz tell me I’m cute or something. Help.


((This… prooobably isn’t what you meant hahaha))

((Headcanon that the UF!Bros would be super protective of the Sanses and Paps from other universes because they’re technically family and, ‘Oh my GOD, you guys are waaay too easy-going!! You’re gonna get killed if you’re not more careful!’))