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Pregnant Lindsay: Evolution - Part 2 of 2

Congratulations to the whole Jones crew and their loved ones during this special time. Special shout out to @lindsayjones for being a badass build-a-baby machine for the past 35 weeks. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pregnancy with all of us; we know that you’ll be the best kind of mom. 

bruce uses his Dad Nicknames when he’s exhausted. Some examples to explain what I mean:

“Damian, baby, kiddo, please drop that sword.”

“Cassandra, my only daughter, my sweetheart, if you could just stop for one short moment.”

“Dick, my first born, my rock, get off the chandelier.”

“Jay, lad, you’re driving your old man insane, chum.”

“Brilliant, brilliant Tim, please go to sleep.”

“Stephanie, honey, you don’t even fucking live here.”


Ok future daughter 👸🏿

onwardmotley  asked:

Top ten Hotaru outfits, please? (your lists are HILARIOUS by the way, I love them)


I have done too much research on this topic and I find that there is a stark divide between “outfits Hotaru chose herself” and “outfits Hotaru definitely did NOT choose herself,” so these are listed more or less in order of the personal autonomy involved

10. “Hey Michiru, what do babies wear”
“I’m thinking ruffles, and a bow that is also a pompom”
“Oh cool. Hey Michiru, are babies supposed to have hands”
“No dear those grow in later”
“Right of course”

9. This HAS to be a hand-me-down from Chibiusa. There’s no other explanation.

8. Haruka bought this pale yellow cardigan under the mistaken impression that this is what all young girls enjoy wearing (making zero exceptions for the fact that this young girl is the guardian of death) and Hotaru only sometimes puts it on to make Haruka feel good about herself 

7. We used to have sunhats that perfectly matches the trim of our sweaters, but not since The Accident

6. Quick and easy DIY Kiki’s Delivery Service cosplay

5. Goth on top, Lolita Fashion Doll Maker Online on the bottom

4. Some Hotaru Classic™, but with a floral twist, which in retrospect seems like the obvious choice, since nothing represents death and rebirth better than a perennial plant

3. I could easily make a “this kid only shops at Hot Topic” joke, but Hot Topic only WISHED it had Hotaru’s simple clarity 

2. I just want to point out that Hotaru almost never even leaves her house, but when she does it’s gotta be the “a woman in the Victorian era was buried in this shawl” ensemble

1. This is the ultimate Hotaru Tomoe aesthetic. I would totally believe that this is a French schoolgirl growing up in early-to-mid-20th century Paris running through the cobblestone sidestreets with a heel of bread, using the tall smokestacks as a landmark once the sun gets too low. 

This seems pretty good, except for the fact that the Vietnam War was over by 1975. In 1973 the US decided to pull out from Vietnam, POWs were released in January and the last combat troops left from the country in March *Edit* if there was any year that Logan would be in Vietnam, it would be in 1968 when shit really hit the fan for American troops

i just wanna hold donghyuck in my arms for all eternity n tell him everything will pass my lil baby come into my arms it’s okay im so emo im actually crying my boy had his head down someone come hold me

bts scenario: they give you a hickey

i hope you guys like this scenario! i love hickeys so much tbh, anyways enjoy! xx

requests: open



jin: jin would press feather light kisses to the skin of your chin and neck before finally finding the perfect place to leave his mark. he would softly kiss the spot before latching onto the skin and sucking. “jinnn,” you would moan at the feeling. “yes baby?” he would smirk knowing exactly what he was doing to you. wrapping your arms around his neck to pull him closer, he would continue his ministrations until he felt you were thoroughly marked. 

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yoongi: “f-fuck,” you would moan at the feeling of yoongi’s soft lips sucking onto the skin under your ear, a growl would escape from yoongi’s mouth as he sucked harder and harder. your fingers curled around the bed sheets under you as he moved to mark a different spot. “so pretty baby, you look so pretty covered in my marks,” another harsh suck, “all mine,” his words made a shiver run down your spine as you moaned again. 

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hoseok: it would start out as simple kisses all over your face and neck before it became more, his tongue would run flat over the base of your neck and a gasp was caught in your throat. “hobiiiii,” you would whine, and he took that as a sign to continue. his lips softly parted on the skin beneath your chin as he began to lightly suck. a groan left your lips and his sucking continued, sure to leave a dark hickey that would show everyone you were his. 

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namjoon: as his lips moved from the spot beneath your ear to your collarbones, you knew you were in for a long night. “moan for me,” he would say as he sucked harshly on your collarbones. “n-namjoon,” at your moan he bit down on the spot he was sucking and made you gasp, “you know that’s not what you call me right now baby,” he growled. “daddy,” you corrected and moaned under his touch as he moved to another spot to leave a mark. 

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jimin: “chim chim,” you teased as you straddled his lap. “yes baby?” his arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer, lips just centimeters apart. “i love you,” you whispered before connecting your lips. jimin quickly began to kiss back as he pulled you closer. as jimin pulled away, his lips began to trail down your face and onto your neck before harshly sucking onto the skin. you groaned and pushed your hips against his, to which he just sucked harder. “that’s right baby,” another hickey, “moan for me.”

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taehyung: it started as playful kisses and nips as you and taehyung were cuddled on the couch. taehyung had been down a little harder on accident, and when you let out a moan he smirked, “kinky huh?” he teased. you smacked the back of his head and blushed. “i’m kidding baby,” his voice dropped an octave, “do you want me to mark you?” you gasped and nodded frantically. his lips latched onto the soft skin of your neck before sucking and leaving a gorgeous mark, just like his baby. 

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jungkook: soft sheets could be felt under the skin of your hands as jungkook ravaged your body. jungkook’s lips could be felt everywhere, on your face, stomach, thighs and as of currently, on your neck. “shit,” your fingers wrapped in his hair as you pulled his body closer, desperately craving more of his touch. jungkook growled before attaching his lips to the skin above your breast, harshly biting and sucking, marking you as his. 

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