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New Years baby 2017! BB-TECHIE!

Leader Snoke decides to make a clone of General Hux to test the first order’s cloning technology… they ended up with a cherishable little slip of paper with some itchy blue space allergy eyes, who loves blue milk and his new space daddies. co-commanding and co-parenting Hux and Kylo begrudgingly get romantically closer as they raise Techie as their own.

here’s hoping for hux. 2017 dont be as cruel as 2016. LET HUX LIIIIVE.


Went to an aquarium meet a while back but I had nothing to fit the theme, so I went with doughnuts.✨🍩

JSK, HB, OTKs: AP Melty Cream Doughnuts
Cardigan & Earrings: KokoKim
Beret: BTSSB
Shoes: Bodyline
Accessories: Star Glazed Delights & JapanLA
Bag: Milk
Bag Charm: Ladurée

A Negative Positive (m)

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Word count: 5158

Summary: You’re about to tell your husband you’re having his baby but you’re scared of his reaction.

A/N: My first attempt at smut (lord help me)

You sat on the bed, a million thoughts racing inside your head. Your hands quivered, holding a plastic object. You looked closely to the indicator. Two lines? Holy shit. Two lines. You can’t believe your eyes. Holding that positive pregnancy test, you start to pace around in your room. You begin to feel apprehensive and anxious, trying to think of ways of telling the father without it ending with him shouting and storming out of the house in anger. Your heart is beating so quick, you can practically hear it. It’s as if you ran a marathon or being chased by a dog. You’re immensely scared, hoping the best would come out of this. Well, obviously for you, this is good news. You know he won’t feel the same, because both of you talked about this before. He made a point when he said it’s too early to start having kids because all he wants to do right now is to concentrate on his career. You paused in the midst of your thoughts when you heard the sound of your front door opening. This made you jumped from the bed and dropped the test on the floor.

“Namjoon?” you asked, your eyes rapidly looking around for a place to hide the pregnancy test where he won’t ever find it. After searching for a while, you decided to put it in the laundry basket, because you know he doesn’t even try to do the laundry anymore since the last havoc he created after turning all your white clothes yellow when you specifically said ‘Don’t put your Ryan socks in there’. There’s no time to waste, you’ll change the hiding place later.

He entered the room with a big grin on his face, you can tell he’s in a good mood. “Babe, I had the best day today! Guess what happened?“

“You went back in time and met Kanye before he was famous?” You interrupted him mid-sentence. You’re trying to hide your nervousness by masking it with a joke. Thankfully, he has no clue.

“You know when I say 'guess what’, I don’t really mean you should guess, babe.” He said, pinching both of your cheeks in the process. “Anyway, I was walking to the usual kimbab store and I saw a doughnut place, just about to open. So naturally I greeted the owner. The ahjumma probably liked me because she tried to set me up with her daughter.”

“Oh, looking for something on the side, are we?” you jested.

“Nah, I’m sure she was just kidding. Plus, her daughter is like, eight years old. Too young for me don’t you think?“ He chuckled and gave you a wink. "Anyways, in the end I got 5 free doughnuts.”

“Where are these glorious doughnuts then?” You asked. Truthfully, thinking about all this baby business made you crave sweet food.

“I felt hungry while going on my usual walk at the park so I ate them all.”

“Babe, you got me hoping for doughnuts!”

“Sorry baby I was really hungry but you can still taste it,”


He leaned forward, positioned his hand behind your neck and kissed you. You were surprised by this sudden kiss that you licked his lips by accident. He saw this as a sign to continue, so he deepened the kiss, letting the taste run inside your mouth. You chuckled in the middle of the kiss and pulled away.

“I still want doughnuts…” you pouted.

He replied to your pout by giving you a peck on the lips. “How was your day? You looked a little off.”

“Oh… Nothing. Just thinking.”

There was no way you were going to tell him today. Not while he was in a good mood. Frankly, you felt an extreme amount of guilt rush within you.

A few months ago, your mother-in-law texted you, wanting to meet you privately. You were surprised and at the same time nervous. You’ve always had your other half with you whenever you meet your in-laws. But this time it’s just you and her. You brushed the thought aside and agreed to meet her in the cafe near the place you worked. Upon seeing you, your mother-in-law’s face lit up and this made you think that she has great news.

“Wow!” she said while eyeing the rest of you “You’ve gotten a lot slimmer. Have you not been eating?” You answered with a simple explanation on how you were busy and had no time to eat much. Both of you proceeded to talk about menial things like the weather when she suddenly changed the topic.

“Have you ever thought about having a baby?” She said calmly. You almost choked on the bread that you just put in your mouth. “I’m sorry for bringing this up, but I really want to have grandchildren. Do you know how hard it is to see my friends bringing their grandchild to my house and showing off?” She paused for a while. “I really want to have one, before I die…” She confessed, making a sad puppy face.

“Eomoni, you are still young. You’re not going to die.” You tried to comfort her. “We have talked about it but Namjoon thinks it’s too early to have a child. Plus, he’s concentrating on his career right now. A baby might make him lose his train of thought.”

“Are you two using birth control right now?” She interjected.

“You know, I feel awkward having this conversation with you,” You said. “What if he finds out? He’s scary when he’s angry…” That was an understatement. Truthfully, you’ve experienced one of his frantic episode where he gave you the silent treatment for almost the whole day. You never want to get on his nerves again after that because the silent treatment only made you felt like you disappointed him greatly and that was not a good feeling. Sure, you apologized and he forgave you but you never ever want to make him that mad again. This –you carrying his baby without his knowledge– would definitely struck a nerve in his head.

"Yes, he will be mad. But it’s only for a moment. Maybe a few days. He’s always like that, even as a child, he can’t stay mad at a person for so long. He has a pure heart.” Hearing your mother-in-law describe Namjoon like that made you smile. He does have the purest heart. A big reason why you married him in the first place.

“Eomoni, you know I love children. I do, I love babies so much. If I could have a baby right now, I would do it! But I don’t think I can go and do this behind his back. He trusts me,” You said. “And this a thing that would break his trust.”

“Look, I’m not saying you should be having a baby right this instant. I just want to know whether having a grandchild is a possibility for me. If it’s up to him, it’s will probably be after I die.” She pouted and you laughed at how funny she is being at that age.

“Eomoni! You are not going to die! Stop staying that.” You chuckled at how childish she is being. It’s like you’re trying to comfort a toddler.

“I’ll take all the blame. Call me once he throws a fit. I promise I’ll tell him I was the one who made you do all these things. Please give me a grandchild. It’ll be so cute! Imagine the little fingers and little feet,” She said, making gestures with her hand. “And the little shoes!”

That night, you contemplated over and over about your mother-in-law’s plan. She wasn’t wrong about some things. You did want a baby and knowing Namjoon, it will be a long time until he would agree to it. By that time, your eggs would have shriveled up and died. Unconsciously, you picked up your phone and dialed her number. She picked up at the first ring.

“Hello my sweet daughter-in-law! Did you think about it?”

“Okay. I’ll do it…”


“Um yeah. Okay…”

“Okay! Okay okay! Go now and lie as husband and wife!”

“Eomoni!” Your cheeks flushed red almost as instant as she said that. Does she really just sit around and think about you and your husband having sex? Really, is this how a mother-in-law should act like? It would be so awkward to be having sex with Namjoon now. Now that you know she’s somewhere at home thinking about you doing it with her son. God, that is so terrifying.

“What? You have to work hard now. Don’t let me down.”

You politely hang up the phone and smiled. There’s so much resemblance between Namjoon and your mother-in-law, both of them are always too forward but that’s a good quality you hoped that your child would have. The phone call was three months ago. The rest is history.

“Baby? Babe. Bb-babe!” You regain your consciousness and saw him waving in front of you. “Can I have this?” He gestured to your untouched fried chicken. You nodded, grinning from the thought of this food-crazed maniac being a father. He’ll probably fight with the baby to have the last piece of chicken nugget. The mere thought of it made you feel so warm and unknowingly you start to pinch his cheek while he’s eating. “Ouch!” He retorted. “What was that for?”

“Your cheeks are so chubby I might just eat you up instead of the fried chicken!” You chirped.

“You are so weird.” He said under his breath and rolled his eyes. He is used to having you saying random remarks at the most unusual time. You’re still pinching his cheek chanting “chick-in, chick-in, chick-in” which he responded by continuing to eat the piece of chicken.

The next morning, you were woken up by this deep feeling in your gut. The urge to throw up everything you ate, even though you didn’t eat much. You quickly rushed yourself to the bathroom and feel everything come out of you. It feels like your own body is rejecting its contents. You wondered why didn’t you have any morning sickness before this. This must be a psychological thing. Ever since you’ve known you’re carrying a life inside of you, your appetite changed and you cannot seem to keep the contents of your stomach. You must’ve made so much noise, because it woke him up and you find him standing at the door, eyes half opened but at the same time his eyebrows furrowing in concern. “Babe, are you sick? What did you eat yesterday?”

You wanted to answer him but your stomach felt otherwise. You started throwing up again but this time you felt a pair of hands massaging your back. “Do you want to go to the doctor?” He said, eyes now fully opened but his voice is still hoarse.

“Nah it’s okay. I think it’s the chicken from yesterday.” You lied blatantly.

“But baby, I was the one who ate your chicken. I feel okay.”

“That’s because you have a strong stomach. Maybe it’s not the chicken, maybe it’s something I ate at work during lunch.”

The urge to vomit eventually stopped but you still feel extremely dizzy and light-headed. You could feel the room moving and you can’t balance yourself so you decided to sit at the dining table. You tried to massage your temple in an attempt to relief the pain, but the pain refused to subside.

“Baby… Are you sure you’re okay? Because I can skip work today if you’re not feeling well.” He said, hands already holding his jacket. You’re not sure whether you can continue this charade anymore. “I’ll be fine. Trust me, just go to work.”

You, on the other hand, didn’t go to work. You told your boss that you’re sick with the flu and surprisingly he believed it. Maybe it’s because you rarely skip work. You spent the whole day reading articles on the early stages of pregnancy and start to look at famous cute babies on Instagram. You fell asleep on your couch, leaving the TV on. He came back from work, finding you lying on the couch, sleeping. He came closer and brushed your fringe aside and kissed your forehead “Are you feeling better, my love?”.

You slowly sat up, leaning against the couch, “Yeah… So much better”.

“I’ll take a shower first then,”

You continued watching the TV, this time it’s showing Man Vs Wild. You must’ve been so engaged with Bear Grylls lighting up a fire in the snow because you didn’t even notice your husband standing at the door, looking at you.

“Babe.” You finally heard him after the third time he called you.

“Mmhmm?” Your eyes still locked on the TV.

“What’s this?” You immediately looked up and saw him half-naked, his lower half wrapped in a towel. He had a stern face, and then you noticed he was holding the pregnancy test you hid. Shit. You forgot about that. He must’ve seen it when he put his dirty clothes in the laundry basket. You meant to change the hiding place but you forgot. Why do you always forget?

“That’s uh-,“ You started but was immediately cut by Namjoon.

“Is this yours?”

You gathered all your courage and sighed. “Yeah..” You eyed him. He looked confused.

“How did this happen? Weren’t you on the pill?”

“Yeah I was, b-but something happened and I stopped taking it,” You could feel a lump forming in your throat. This is not going to be pretty.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Were you having some side effects from it?”

“No.. it’s not that.” You explained. “Your mom. She was the one who—“

“My mother? What is happening right now? Why are you mentioning her?” his voice is getting louder. This is it. You know when his voice got louder, you’re going to end this argument with tears.

“She asked me to stop taking it. Because she wants me to get pregnant.”

“When did this discussion take place?” He’s not even trying to cover his anger now. "Why do I not know about this? Now you’re pregnant? Weren’t you going to tell me at all?”

“She asked to see me alone.” You try to resist the tears that are trying to come out from your eyes but they fell anyway. “I did plan to tell you! I just found out myself!”

“I didn’t mean the pregnancy, Y/N. You didn’t even talk this out with me. You went around my back! You know I’m not ready,”

“If I didn’t do this, you will never be.”

“What if I don’t want the child?”

“Namjoon!” You shouted, covering your stomach as if to block the little ears from hearing those mean words.

“I can’t believe two of the people I love the most betrayed me like this. You know what? I can’t even look at you right now.” He went inside the room and put on his sweater and jeans and quickly stormed out of the room without even sparing a glance at you.

Almost an hour passed but you still don’t hear the sound of the front door opening. You start to get worried so you took your phone out and texted him.

You: Joonie… pls come back home..

Tears are pouring out all over your pillow. How could he say that he doesn’t want the baby? This is a product of your love, not an old rug about to be thrown out. Was it a mistake marrying him? You know he wasn’t into the baby business, he made it clear early in the marriage. Well, he said it was possible but it was way in the future. Now you’re crying all alone in the bedroom without the one person who could comfort you. Simply because the one who usually comforted you is the one who hurt you. After 20 minutes, he finally replied.

Joonie💖: I just need some time to think

The next morning, Namjoon woke up early, head full with thoughts. He crashed at his friend’s house, but this friend doesn’t have an extra room for him so he crashed in the living room instead. He barely slept, as he kept thinking about you and the small life you’re carrying inside of you. He knows that you really wanted a child, and he even agreed to having children. However, he made it clear to you that he will decide when it’s time to expand your little family. He will decide when he’s ready. He didn’t think you would betray him like this. He wondered since when you decided to stop taking your birth control? Was it a month ago? Two months? How long have you been planning this? Even without birth control, Namjoon knows he has always been careful. Except for a few occasions where he obliged with your pleads to come inside of you when things get really hot. In the heat of the moment, how could he resist? Especially when he can’t really think?

Without even realizing it, it’s already morning and he’s walking to his favourite park. He sat on a bench, contemplating by himself when he saw a family having picnic. His mind wandered to the doughnuts he ate yesterday. Were you already craving things? Man, he felt like such a jackass for having them all for himself. He made a decision to walk to the doughnut shop and buy 2 boxes of doughnuts for you. He arrived at the shop and placed his order.

“Why are you buying so much doughnuts?” The owner interrupted his thoughts.

“Ahh, no. These are all for my wife.”

“Oh you’re married? At such a young age?”

“Yeah.. She’s pregnant, but we had a fight last night so I want to make it up to her by buying her doughnuts.”

“Wow congratulations! You must be really happy!”

“Yeah…” He said, not wanting to disagree with her and make this conversation longer.

“I know I was very happy when I was pregnant with her,” The ahjumma pointed to who her 8-year old daughter, who was busily colouring pictures in a colouring book. “Finally, god has given me a miracle. I waited so long to have her. I almost gave up.”

“Gave up?” Namjoon asked.

“Yes, can’t you see that I’m kind of old to have an 8-year old daughter? It took me so long to have my baby.”

“I didn’t realise it could be that difficult to have a baby.” Namjoon said under his breath, almost a whisper. Well, it’s true. For him, it wasn’t that hard. Last summer, he could’ve made a dozen babies just from the baby-making activities you did, if you weren’t on birth control. Or were you? Namjoon didn’t know when you stopped taking your pills. It must’ve been recent.

“Well, it was very hard for me. You see, I waited so long before I started trying. I was too busy with my business that by the time I started trying, it was already too late. After a few years of doctor appointments and fertility clinics, I finally had her… I thanked god every night for 9 months until I delivered her. She was a miracle sent from the heavens.”

“Wow, that’s amazing. I’m so amazed by your determination.”

“Here, have some cookies. Tell her I said congratulations. And I hope you have a healthy baby.”

“I will.”

You are now at work, head dizzy with morning sickness. You’ve been spewing out of control since you arrived, there literally nothing to expel out of you now. You try to focus on your computer but the headaches are too painful to ignore. You decided to sleep on your desk for a while until it stopped. You managed to keep it under control and breathe a sigh of relief when it’s finally time to go home.

You walked to your house, seeing Namjoon’s shoes already on the shoe rack. A sense of happiness swept in you and you hurriedly took off your shoes to go inside. Fights don’t really last long between you. Usually one or the other will forfeit their ego and apologise. This time, he didn’t sulk for long and you made a promise to yourself last night that you will make it up to him. You know this is a big betrayal from you and he had all the rights to be mad with you. You did break a big promise you made.

You see two boxes on the dining table and opened it. They were doughnuts with fillings, and you see the icing on top of the doughnuts that spelled “S-O-R-R-Y”. You smiled, knowing that Namjoon had thought it all through. You picked the ‘Y’ doughnut and took a bite. The raspberry jelly filling is really what you need right now after throwing up so much at work. The taste is as good as he says. You sensed footsteps reaching from behind you and unexpectedly, there were hands wrapped around your body.

“I’m sorry baby. I shouldn’t have reacted that way,” He said, hugging you tighter. “I shouldn’t have shouted at you like that.” His body felt so warm and comforting, you leaned back into his embrace unknowingly.

“I’m sorry too… Namjoon, I’m so sorry for breaking our promise.” You turned around and embraced him as close as you can. “I just– I just let my desire come before yours. And that’s really selfish of me. I should’ve talked to you first.” Your cheeks are wet without your realisation.

“It’s okay, baby. I know how much you yearned for this. I couldn’t live my life knowing that I kept you from having what you wanted most. I can’t live with the guilt if I’ve kept you waiting for me, just to find out it’s too late to have a baby, just like the doughnut ahjumma. You deserve everything, beautiful. Now let’s wipe those tears and eat those doughnuts huh?”

You don’t even know what Doughnut ahjumma he was talking about but at least he has forgiven you and that’s all that matters. He took another doughnut and fed you. However, you being you, ate doughnuts while crying, wondering how could you possibly land a husband so understanding and forgiving like Kim Namjoon. You were the one who was supposed to apologise and make it up to him, but now you’re eating his forgiveness doughnuts.

“Baby, I think you should focus on one thing right now. Why are you eating and crying at the same time? God, you’re such a mess right now.” He laughed, and wiped the mess on your cheeks. “Yet, you’re still the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. You’re such a wonderful being.”

You realised that you must’ve looked so ugly right now. With snot dripping from your nose, and the raspberry filling all over your cheeks, not forgetting the tear stains that’s mushed together all over your face. You can’t believe this man loves you to this extent.

“I’m so emotional right now, you don’t even know.” You said. “Plus, everything hurts so much right now.”

“I know baby. Sorry for putting you through that.” He stood, walked to you and started kissing your neck from behind. This always happen whenever both of you are apologising to each other. Both of you would say sorry over and over again until you forgot what you were fighting for in the first place. “So, have you told my mom?”

“Tell her what?” You asked. “That her plan succeeded?”

“Yeah. I was hoping you would tell her.“ He grinned. "You know, since she was the mastermind and you’re her little minion.”

“I’ll tell her later when I’m not too busy throwing up everywhere,“ You admitted. "Maybe that’s my punishment for going behind your back. But hey, at least I finally bonded with her.”

“You bonded over an evil plan. That doesn’t count.”

A few doughnuts later, you dragged him into your bedroom and pushed him on the bed. All he does is snicker at your failed attempt to look sexy to him. You slowly took off your blouse, and of course it’s always amazing to have you strip for him but Namjoon can’t help but laugh because you don’t even realize you have a raspberry stain at the side of your mouth. Nevertheless, both of you started kissing passionately, but Namjoon can’t stop from smiling in the kiss. He deepens the kiss, holding the back of your neck with one hand and grazing his thumb at the back of your ears, slowly enjoying the moment. But then he remembers the stain again, resulting in a hoarse laugh inside your mouth.

You groaned and pull away from him, “Ugh, why are you laughing?” As if angry with him, you grind on his lap mercilessly and bite on his earlobe. Namjoon does not have much time to reply, his mind already focusing on the pleasure of you grinding a tent in his pants. “You just got some raspberry there.” He panted. “Here let me help.” He leaned forward, hands softly trailing your back, unclasping your bra while licking the stain and continuing to suck a trail at the side of your neck.

“Ohh… that’s nice…” You gasped, when he suddenly kneads your nipple and the skin under your breast. “Ahh!”

Namjoon looks at you, “Better?” He asks you. “God, I always love how soft your skin is.”

You crush your mouth to his, teeth clashing and all. Without a second to waste, you yank his shirt up revealing his golden godlike body. You can find no excuse for being so drenched even though you’ve only just started. Everything just feels so sensitive and oh so good. You’re so horny and sensitive from being pregnant. 

You rise up on your knees and got off his lap to take off your skirt and panties. And then you lie down on the bed with your legs spread. With his eyes widening so big and his mouth droops, Namjoon looks in awe at your action as if surrendering yourself to him. You feel like you might laugh, knowing that even little actions could rile him up. “Why are you still wearing pants, mister?”

“O-ohh right!” He hastily took off his pants and boxers as fast as he can. Seeing this, you’re filled with so much excitement, as if the both of you are two teenagers about to lose their virginity (but you know you’re so far from that). You can’t even wait a second. He rested his tip at your entrance, testing to see whether you’re wet or not. Satisfied, he looked at you for approval (which you nod while smiling) and slowly entered you. The stretch felt amazingly good that it sent tingles all over your body. Even when he’s at the deepest part of you, he didn’t move to let you adjust yourself to him. Your body is more than ready so you tell him, “You can move now, baby.” He rocked his body, moving at a glacial speed to relish the moment at hand. Namjoon can be rough and fuck you senseless at times, but you primarily love when his takes his time and adore you. He was taking so much time, so you finally try to figure out what’s going on. “Why are you going slow today, baby?” You moaned.  

Namjoon just stared at you with his blank eyes. “Y/N, you be on top,”

“Huh? Why? Is it something I said?”

“No, no. I just–” He took out his index finger and traced a line from between your chest to right underneath your navel. “I’m scared I’m going to hurt the baby…”

“Aww, Joonie you’re not going to hurt the baby. Just get to it. I need more…” You whined. He listened, but he only moved a little faster than before. It wasn’t enough for you, “More, Namjoon… Harder!” He insists on moving with his slow pace, which you were fine if it was another day, but today you were hornier than usual and that made you desperate. He was enjoying it, burying his face in the crook of your neck and leaving grunts. He wouldn’t budge even as you try to buck your hips into him, so you slap his butt as hard as you can. “Fine! I’ll be on top. God you’re so annoying, Namjoon!" 

In a matter of seconds, you changed position and grabbed his erection to line with your entrance. You quickly sit on him and rocked your body against him. The rapid swaying of your hips are so brutal, making Namjoon curse nonsensically, "Oh Shitfuck-ing hell!” It was too easy. “Slow.. down. Hnnggh– you’re gonna hurt the baby,” He said in between your thrusts.

You peck him on the lips, as if to say 'Don’t worry’ and continue your onslaught. After a few thrusts, you feel a coil tightening in your core. “Namjoon, I’m so close. Just a little bit more…” Hearing this, Namjoon immediately thumbs your clit in the figure of eight. After a few flicks of his thumb, your orgasm hits you like an express train full off people, blinding you with white lights before the impending crash. You unconsciously clench on Namjoon so hard that his body has no choice but to follow you through the bliss. His length twitched after a few hard thrusts and he explodes in you. Both of you ride your orgasm until utterly drained without energy, and you flop down beside him.

After regaining his breath, Namjoon was the first one to break the silence, “Wow, you haven’t fucked me this hard since that Halloween night when I dressed up as a vampire.” He turns, hugs you snugly and scatters kisses all over your face. “We made a mess, though.”

You nodded, understanding what he meant because you could literally feel his cum dripping all over the sheets. “We’ll take care of it later,” You said while looking up to his face. “It’s all your fault anyway for being such a nuisance.”

“Why is it my fault? I just really didn’t want to hurt the little one.”

“You know, for a smart man, I think you’re really stupid.”


“Pregnant people can have sex, Namjoon.” You stated smugly. “Your dick’s not gonna reach the baby, you fool. Look it up.”

“Hey, be careful or that mouth is gonna get you in trouble.”

You smirked at him. “Bite me.”

Road Trippin

Pairing: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader, and some Cas

Warnings: Mentions of food..lots of it and Fluff.

The three Winchesters head back home from a hunt but decide to make a road trip out of its topping a few places along the way.
Master List

Sam, Dean and their little sister Y/N that’s only fours years younger than Sam have finished a hunt in California. It’s gonna take hours to get back to the bunker so the siblings thought it was time for a break, so they aren’t in any rush to get home so Y/N and Dean decide to sleep in. It’s morning at the motel and Sam comes in the dark room to his lightly snoring siblings. He stands at the foot of the bed chuckling seeing Y/N’s head pressed up against Deans back.

“Rise and shine!” He yells.

“Fuck off.” They muffle in the pillows. Sam chuckles and walks to the curtains and rips them open. Their eyes widen and lift their heads up. “Close the curtains!” They hiss. Dean rolls over on his back on top of his sister letting his dead weight fall on her. “Get off me lumber jack.” Y/N hisses gasping for air pushing Dean off the bed. She grabs the covers and buries herself under. Sam yanks them away and she hides her head under the pillow. “Oh no you don’t. If I’m up, you’re getting up.” Dean says as he grabs the flat sheet of the bed and Sam grabs the other side and they pull it, dragging her off the bed. “AAAHHH,” she screams and hits the floor with a thud. “Fuck you guys.” She huffs flipping her hair out her face and grabs her bag to change.

After she changes Dean joins her in the bathroom as she’s brushing her teeth. “Move over bubble butt.” He says bumping his hip with hers moving her over so he can see himself in the mirror. “Don’t fancy yourself.” She mumbles with the brush still her mouth. Right as she goes to spit the toothpaste Dean puts his head down to rinse his face and she accidentally spits in his hair. “You. Did. Not.” He snarls. She puts her hand over her mouth biting her tongue to cover her laugh and darts out the bathroom as Dean goes to chase her. Sam left to check out and comes in the room to his siblings running around the table and to his sister screaming. “Sammy!” She yells hiding behind his tall figure.

“What the hell is going on I was gone for three minutes.”

“She spit in my hair!” Dean yells back showing the back of his head. “It was an accident Dean!” She can feel Sam shaking as he begins to laugh. “Not funny dude.” Dean scolds and walks away. Y/N gathers her things and heads outside to Baby. On the road they stop at a diner to get some breakfast. Sam watches in disgust as his siblings scarf down their pancakes adding whip cream and other foods. “Can you two slow down before you choke.” They stop chewing and look up at Sam then to each other and laugh shaking their heads and continue to eat. “Would it kill you to order waffles.” Y/N ask pointing her coded fork to Sam’s plate that’s filled with fruit and an egg white spinach omelet. “It may.” He mumbles looking down at their plates.

Once they throw the check down they’re on the road. They all sing along to Dean’s music that they’ve heard over a billion times now, knowing word from word. After a while Y/N climbs over to the front seat in the middle between her brothers. “Alright time for a pee break.” She says as they pull up to a gas station. She runs out going inside to the bathroom. Sam goes inside to pay for gas and sees Y/N come to the counter with junk food. “Seriously? I’m not paying for mini powdered donuts and jerky.” He scolds. “You don’t have too, plus I got you some carrot sticks with ranch.” She says reaching into her back pocket slapping a five dollar bill on the counter. Sam rolls his eyes and grabs the bag of donuts as they walk out reading the ingredients.

“Have you’ve read this, it has so many bad things for you.”

“All I read is Krispy Kreme, Powdered Sugar Doughnuts, and $1.99 and the rest is blah,blah,blah.”

“And the jerky?”

“Eh.” She shrugs before they climb back in baby. “Awesome powdered doughnuts and jerky.” Dean beams digging through the bag and Sam just rolls his eyes. A couple hours later they’re in Vegas. “We have to go on the strip.” Dean tells Sam. “Oh no we’re not, cause I’m not gonna be stuck outside while you too are at a strip club.” Y/N protests. “Fine, we’ll go down town.” They find somewhere to park and walk below some people who are zip lining. “Dude.” Dean says stopping in his tracks and grabs the back of his sister’s shirt making her fall back, but he catches her holding her by her armpits. “Oh my gosh!” She gasp. “What?” Sam ask confused.

They both simultaneously point to the restaurant in front of them. “Heart Attack Grill?” Sam reads. “I just drooled.” Y/N says as Dean helps her up on her feet. “We gotta get a burger from there.” Dean says turning to Y/N. “Guys, there’s no way you can eat that.”

30 mins later….

“I can’t believe you guys are going along with this?” Sam scoffs in disbelief looking at his siblings wearing hospitals gowns provided by the restaurant and the huge burgers placed in front of them.”

“At least we’re not the person getting stared at for eating a salad.” Y/N mocks looking at Sam’s bowl of salad. “She’s right Sammy, live a little, not like it can kill you.” Dean chimes in.

“Yes it can! The place is called Heart Attack Grill for a reason Dean.”

“Pfft, whatever.” Dean says grabbing his burger taking the first bite. “Oh my god!” He moans chewing. Y/N smiles digging into hers. Once they finish their burgers they head back on the road. Four and half hours later they find themselves standing in Grand Canyon National Park and Dean is struggling with Y/N’s camera trying to take a picture of her and Sam. “Hurry the fuck up Dean it’s hot, my god damn vagina is sweating.”

“Ew too much information.” Dean says and snaps the photo. “Well you know what they say it’s hot as balls outside.” She chuckles taking the camera looking at the picture. They walk around a bit before heading back on the road again. Y/N is soon shaken awake by Dean. “Huh?” She ask shooting up confused to why she’s on the floor of Baby. “You were singing in your sleep again.”

She squints seeing Sam in the back seat, both brother’s are laid back on the doors. “What happened? Why aren’t we on the road?”

“We thought we enjoy the view.” Sam answers pointing out the window. She looks behind her seeing the galaxy of stars.

“Oh my Chuck!” She gasp climbing out the car accidentally stepping on Sam’s leg. “Ouch, watch how you get out.” They join her and they sit on the hood of Baby. “Remember when Dad would take us out to see the stars for my birthday every year?” She ask and they just hum in response. “We never seen it like this before though.” Dean says. “Where are we anyways?” She ask.


“Oooo like breaking bad.”

“Hell yeah bitch.” Y/N and Dean quote simultaneously and laugh. The siblings stay in a comfortable silence star gazing enjoying the light breeze. A few minutes Y/N gasp and points. “A shooting star, make a wish.”

“You really think t—

“Sshhh” Y/N hisses at Dean. The boys admire their little sister who closes her eyes tight with her head up and her hands inter winded together like a child as she wishes to herself for her brothers and Cas’s wellness and safety. “What you wish for?” Dean ask when she puts her hands down and opens her eyes again. “If I tell you then it won’t come true.”

“Pfft whatever, come on let’s get going.”

“Wait five more minutes!” She says grabbing her camera. Their soon back on the road and roll into the next town before they get back to the bunker. “Let’s get some grub.” Dean says parallel parking. “Not much open at this time.” Sam says looking around. “That place is.” Y/N says pointing to the restaurant across the street. They cross the street and stop reading the red neon light.

“Looks a little sketchy.” Sam protests.

“Burritos as big as your head.” Dean and Y/N read and look at each other “We’ll see about that.” They walk in and sit in the corner booth. “Please tell me you’re gonna order a burrito.” Dean ask Sam.

“I don—

“Oh come on Sam do it!” Y/N whines. Dean and Y/N give Sam pouty faces and he just chuckles and shakes his head. “If you get a burrito I’ll run with you tomorrow morning, and you know I hate running.” She negotiates.

“Fine bu-

“Yes!” She fist bumps the air. Their burritos come and their eyes widen.

“Dude these are huge.” Sam says staring down at his plate. “Let’s dig in.”

45 mins later….

“Move, move!” Dean pushes Sam and Y/N running down the stairs of the bunker straight to the bathroom. “Maybe burritos were a bad idea.” Y/N says holding onto her stomach looking up at Sam who’s also feeling like crap. “You think?” Sam says frowning. Cas comes from the library greeting them. “What’s wrong?” He ask seeing their faces. “We went to this sketchy place that was only open and they had these huge head size burritos and it did not settle in our stomachs right. Dean is currently blowing up the only bathroom in the bunker. I mean he and Sam were farting up a storm on the way over here.

“Oh my gosh I can’t hold it.” Sam says and rushes back up the stairs. “What are you going to do shit outside?”

“I have no choice!” He screams as he runs out the door. “You know I can easily take away the discomfort.” Cas says touching her forehead and she felt better. “Oh my gosh thank you Cas.” She sighs in relief giving him a kiss on the cheek and goes to her room. The following morning Y/N gets up to use the bathroom and peeks into Sam’s room seeing he was sweating bullets. “No run huh?” She ask pretending to feel like crap too, and he just shakes his head. She turns around smiling, happy that she doesn’t have to run and heads to the bathroom seeing Dean come out waving his hand in front of his face. “I wouldn’t if I were you.” He warns.

Short Trimberly fluff


The one where Trini always has really warm hands and Kimberly has bad cramps

She keeps me warm

Kimberly Hart was fast asleep in her bed when she heard a knock on the window. This could only be one of the Rangers, her friends, because who else would climb up to her window instead of just using the doorbell like any other normal human being.
So she begrudgingly rolled over, got out of her bed and went to open the window. When she saw her girlfriend waiting outside a small smile came onto her lips.

‘Good afternoon princesa’ Trini said and climbed into the room. She went over to give Kimberly a quick peck on the lips. When she didn’t feel her lover reciprocating the kiss she leaned back and looked at her.

'Are you okay amor?’ Trini asked with a frown on her face.
'Just not feeling that well baby…’ Kimberly said while holding her stomach.
'Aww cramps?’ Trini gave her lover a look full of empathy and a kiss on the cheek. She guided her over to the bed and both girls sat down.

'Good thing I brought doughnuts then’ Trini pulled a bag of Krispy Kreme doughnuts out and handed it to her girl.

At that Kimberly’s face lit up and a small grin broke out on her face.
'Did I ever tell you that you’re the best girlfriend ever?’ She said and kissed Trini before pulling out one of the doughnuts. She bit into it and started moaning. Trini’s eyes went wide but she started giggling.

'Raspberry filling…my favorite. Thank you baby’ Kim finished the doughnut and kissed her girlfriend again.
'You know I brought something else that could help’ the small Latina said and waved her hands in front of Kimberly’s face.
'You know I’m not really in the mood to-’
Trini started laughing which only confused Kimberly.
'Baby you know I would love to do that right now because it could actually help but…you know how my hands are always burning up?’
Kim still looked at her with a frown on her face. Trini started to blush but said 'well maybe we can watch a movie and I could use my hands to…you know…help with the cramps. They’re practically like a heating pad’

Kimberly was speechless. She never thought that anybody would ever care about her like this. She never thought she would find love, didn’t think she deserved it after what she had done to Amanda. But here she was, with Trini, her wonderful and thoughtful girlfriend. The girl she met and became friends with 'by accident’ The girl that ultimately became her girlfriend. That girl cared more for her than anybody ever before had.

'I love you Trini’

Kimberly couldn’t stop herself, she just blurted it out. And although they hadn’t said it yet she wasn’t scared that Trini wouldn’t say it back. Actions do speak louder than words and when she heard the quiet 'I love you too Kimberly’ she launched herself at the other girl and smothered her with kisses.

They continued to kiss for a while and only stopped when Trini heard a small wince.

'Come on princesa, let’s lay down. I’ll even let you pick the movie’ Trini said and smiled at her girlfriend.
After the smaller girl settled down behind Kimberly she put her hands on the girl’s stomach.
'Oh wow you were right…they really are hot!’

Trini just scooted closer to Kimberly and whispered into her ear: 'Told you so princesa’ She also gave her a kiss on the cheek before they started watching 'Sing’.

After half an hour Trini could only hear Kimberly mumble:
'Thank you again baby…for everything. I love you’

'I love you too’

And with that they both fell asleep. Cramps gone, and even more adoration for each other in their hearts.

the-original-unclaimed-posts  asked:

!!!!!!!! I just watched a video of a fisherman saving a harbor seal from a bunch of tangled netting and what if that is how mer!AU sidgeno found their little powdered doughnut baby and adopted her!!! Sid and Geno finally get time to spend leisurely on the water. It's all going good until Sid pops up out of the water frantic "Zhenya get me a knife!" "Sid-" "DON'T ASK QUESTIONS SHE RUNNING OUT OF AIR!" When sid resurfaces again, holding a squirmy arctic seal baby covered in old fishing net (1/2)

Sid talks to her calmly so she stays still enough for geno to get it all cut away from her neck. They try to release her so she’ll go back to her family but she sticks around the boat. After a couple days of her finding them every time they go back onto the water Sid finally says “I don’t think she has anyone to go back to, it’s not uncommon for selkies to loose family to predators, especially the smaller species” and so they adopt her, but every year they go back to the waters they found (2/2)

Her in so she’ll always know her first home (3/2 oh god im sorry i didnt thing this would be this long)